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Your Supernatural Experiences

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The stories were great MV - but you got an "On the Money" form me for your imagined dialog with George


thx, evb.  i could use it.  looks like i've been douched a couple times.  heh heh

The closest experience I've had to the supernatural has occurred at my work (concierge at retirement facility, which shall go unnamed).

There's a room where for unexplainable reasons (maintenance, other workers have checked it out for problems), the emergency call button has alerted me on three different occasions.

Once when the room had no one living in it and two other occasions when it did have someone living in it but they weren't present when it happened.  And if it was a prank, it's a pretty goddamn good one because I and the people that live there are the only ones with keys, and it remains otherwise locked.

And the room only does it when I'm working, fortunately the first time it happened though I had a few witnesses so at least I'm not the only one who's experienced it.

Frys Girl:

--- Quote from: Max on May 08, 2008, 01:41:53 AM ---besides listening george noory.... no I have not :(

--- End quote ---

Same here.

Camazotz Automat:


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