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Have any of you experienced anything that defies explanation?  Please tell us about it.  This is my favorite Art Bell-type topic.

Pirate King Atomsk:
I've had at least one possible experience. I was surprised to find it was a very common one, too - thanks to C2CAM.

I was probably 8 years old or so when I awoke from sleeping in a cold sweat and numbing sensation all over my body. I felt an extreme sense of terror when I realized I was awake, but couldn't move. I attempted to call out to my parents, but unfortunately, I couldn't speak either. At the height of my struggling, an old, witch-like face of a decrepit woman  loomed in towards me and screamed like a banshee right in my face. As she did this, it felt as if all the energy I had in me was sucked directly out of my body. I don't remember what happened after that for awhile, but when I regained full consciousness she was gone, and I could move (ever so slightly)..and speak, even though it was very weak and raspy. My parents soon came in to my calling out for help, and (as any sane parent would), they told me it was one of my frightmares and I was fine. But since that night, I've never felt quite the same health-wise.

Years and years later, I discovered that what I experienced has happened throughout history in an almost exactly similar fashion. It's referred to by medical professionals as 'sleep paralysis", but there is no exact explanation as to the almost ever-present appearance of the woman during this event. Due to this fact, many others call it the 'Old Hag Syndrome". 

Apparently, as the story goes, the old hag visits primarily young males and takes their youthful energy for her own purposes. There's supposed to be something specifically about the energy of males. I believe on one of Art's shows, someone said that it's because she does something "sexually" to the victim.

So, long story short, I may have been raped by a witch.


--- Quote from: Pirate King Atomsk on May 26, 2008, 08:37:24 PM ---
Apparently, as the story goes, the old hag visits primarily young males and takes their youthful energy for her own purposes. There's supposed to be something specifically about the energy of males. I believe on one of Art's shows, someone said that it's because she does something "sexually" to the victim.

So, long story short, I may have been raped by a witch.

--- End quote ---
this happened to me one time too approximately 2 years ago, but it wasn't as vivid as what you describe.  sounds like you were conscious, while i wasn't completely so my experience might have just been a dream.

kinda strange that i haven't posted any experiences here since i started the f-ing topic, but i guess i simply haven't gotten around to it.  i will in due course.  the rest of you, let's hear those stories!!


The only totally unexplainable one I've had was when i was 17 or so.  A friend of mine said she'd been living in a haunted house - evil haunting - and that everything she had in the house had somehow been infected.  She put her things out on the side of a nearby hill to "purify" them with sunlight.  I was dubious - but said I'd go along to help her gather her things.  I picked up a black Victorian style clutch bag - and out of curriosity opened it.  Inside was a ball of green and purple light.  I happen to like those colors together - always have - but this was NOT attractive.  It looked rather like a neon bruise. I opened my mouth to take a breath and tell my friend, but couldn't breath.  There was no pressure - it wasn't even really uncomfortable.  The only way I can describe it is to say it was like trying to suck up some water - but not only was there none there - I wasn't able to draw it in.

Anyway - both the light and my inablity to draw breath vanished in a few seconds.  But the memory is still vivid. 

I don't have an explanation.   And that's really all there is to the story.  It was just plain weird.

i've had a couple experiences.

in the first one, long story short, i was about 4 years old at the time.  i lived with my mom and my grandma.  the only people home at the time were my grandma and myself.  i was jumping on the bed.  my bedroom had these windows which were rectangular and were kinda high up on the wall, rendering them the shittiest windows in the history of windows.  every time i would jump, i could see my grandma outside mowing the yard.  suddenly i turned around and saw a man standing in my doorway with a slight smirk on his face and an overall benevolent demeanor.  he said, "you'd better stop jumping on the bed or bobbie is going to get mad at you."  i have no memory of what happened after that moment.  as time went on, i learned my grandma's name was bobbie, not grandma.  yes, that's right, until i learned this, i'm sure i thought her driver's license said "Grandma."  even further into the future, she was showing me some OLD family photos.  we came upon one of her father who died in the late 1950s of a massive heart attack.  as i saw that picture, my memory immediately shot back to that otherwise forgettable moment with the man standing in my doorway.  it was him.  swear to god.  i didn't tell her about this until maybe 3 years ago because i thought she might think i'm crazy.  i was also a bit afraid of her reaction since she and her dad were very close.  however, when i did tell her, she was extremely fascinated by it and kept prodding me to remember more details about the incident.  it seemed like for her it was an opportunity to vicariously communicate with her father after all these decades and she was far more receptive than i thought she'd be.

story number 2:
i used to date this stupid girl who had a couple stupid friends.  but their stupidity is irrelevant to this story.
i guess every region has some place called "inspiration point."  we have one where i'm from too.  it's in shawnee national forest in southern illinois.  it's a big rock protrusion situated at the top of a cliff approximately 500 feet up.  it's beautiful.  one night, said idiots and myself went there to hang out.  we were there for probably 15 minutes without incident.  then, i looked to the right of where everybody was situated and saw two lights, one red and one blue, next to the cliff but some distance from where we were.   i don't know how far away or how big they were because it was pitch black out and i had no point of reference as a result.  the lights were slowly rotating about as if they were attached to something.  they seemed stationary as they rotated.  imagine a baton with one light at each end, and someone is slowly rotating it in random directions.  that's what it looked like.  i inquired, "do you guys see that?"  i was almost in a panic because i knew at that moment i was seeing something supernatural.  nobody was responding to me.  it was as if they were removed from the moment.  i kept repeating, "what the hell is that?  are you guys seeing this?"  still, everybody remained silent.  i have no explanation as to why.  i also have no memory of what happened after this point.  i don't remember driving home that night, and i never discussed what happened that night with any of the parties involved.  the reason is simple:  i had forgotten about this until about 4 years after it happened.  i've also not maintained contact with the people who were with me.  i know myself and i would NOT have allowed such an incident to go undiscussed.  it's as if i wasn't given a choice in the matter.  was it a ghost?  was it extraterrestrial in nature?  i have no idea.  all i can say is we were affected by something that night and my memory of what happened after spotting these lights is gone.

if i were to go on C2C and talk with george about this, here is how it would go down:
me: so that's what happened.  those lights creeped me out.
snoors:  do you think it was an angel?
me: i have no reason to reach that conclusion.
snoors:  but you're saying you can't rule it out, right?
me: i guess, but i also can't say it wasn't a frigidaire oven.
snoors: does frigidaire make ovens?
me: um, to my knowledge they do, yes.
snoors: i'm remodeling my home in LA and i think i'm going frigidaire.
me: uh, that's great, george.
snoors: thanks for the call.
(hangs up on me)
snoors: i wonder if in 2012 frigidaire will make a refrigerator that doubles as a time machine or a portal of some sort.  west of the rockies, you're on the air.
caller: george, you're a highly intelligent specimen, quite possibly the second coming.
george: aw, shucks, thank you for saying that.  gosh.


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