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Started by Marc.Knight, March 20, 2010, 01:13:07 PM


Quote from: aldousburbank on September 26, 2014, 07:19:10 PM
Drunk drivers are likely to leave little white memorial crosses on the highway while stoners are more likely to
...to uh, stay home and
...and uh, post junk on the interwebs.

Sometimes I find myself stopped at highway historical markers, waiting for them to turn green.

i can probably find some cactus that will do that for you aldous ...

George Drooly

You fukkin blazers still blathering about passing the bong and giving each other mouth herpes? Good times, keep on trucking.


Quote from: DigitalPigSnuggler on October 26, 2014, 11:08:54 PM

I'd ask for my money back if someone sold me an eighth like that, but then I have small hands...  Wait a sec, that's a miniature model of the alien that busted out of the guy's chest in the first movie right?  Nice, funny too now that I get it...


Holy shit, I must have already died about 4.20 million times already. 

Quote from: Paper*Boy on October 27, 2014, 12:07:59 AM
How is that an eighth?, it's not even a gram.

How did you manage to zero in on THAT as the problem with this message?


Quote from: George Drooly on September 21, 2014, 03:52:42 AM
Jesus but pot-heads are the fucking worst. I'd rather be around meth addicts than reefer freaks.

Respectfully disagree. Meth addicts teeth are the worst. Potheads you just have to deal with ugly shirts and facial hair.


I say everyone should drive like they are drunk and stoned- but do neither while driving at least (on public roads.) Go slower, but not too slow, be paranoid about hazards or cops around, but be bold enough to not jerk the wheel or freak out by some headlights.

Everyone should, really, drive like an illegal. Not the way they ACTUALLY do (thank you kind sirs 2X but thankfully I have uninsured rider on my policy so I was covered) but how the illegals SHOULD if they were rational, have another criminal warrant on them, and not drunk:
Pretend, when driving, that you live in one of the few states who cares about it and you are an illegal,-- you have no license, you have no insurance, and you have no inspection sticker or registration so you are a sitting duck for a cops that cares. And that redneck cop is going to wring your neck if caught and then send you back to old Mexico. In other words: drive at appropriate speeds, keep eyes moving and being alert to any danger, switch lanes appropriately, and obey traffic signs.

Or pretend to be a spy in some foreign locale. Keep an eye on everything, front, back center, who is following, what turn can I make to get out of here, have I seen that car before, am I boxed in, are these one-way streets if I need to cut off, etc.

You will be a better driver and it makes it a fun game!


Quote from: Marc.Knight on September 16, 2014, 07:49:41 AM
Ok pot heads... tell me how pure and harmless pot is.  Makes you smarter and more focused, right?
Your freedom is ok, right, and proper... but not granny's? Live and let live mofo, you need an mj brownie! Go Washington!

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time: http://youtu.be/IRBAZJ4lF0U


Quote from: yoego on November 19, 2014, 04:21:11 PM
... Live and let live mofo, you need an mj brownie! Go Washington!

Haha, you go, yoego.   :D

As someone who is involved with the marijuana industry, I love all this bitching because it's just going to keep the price high and taboo enough to keep it out of the mainstream for a few years.

God bless America.  ;D

The bias against marijuana on here is unbelievable and flat out wrong. I really had no idea a lot of this sentiment or myth still existed. Marijuana is the only prospering and new American industry and is creating a dot com like explosion in the local economies that welcome recreational and legal marijuana. It's also a literally homegrown purely American business. This is a god send for the middle class. That is until the government comes in and fucks it all up like they're trying to do in Washington State. But like I said I don't care, the more bitching and fear mongering, the better.



do we really need to have a further debate or discussion?  It's fully been proven the benefits of this entire plant are there for all.  Everyone should be able to use, and grow this product for their own private consumption should they see fit (within age and parental guidance of course).  It should be as legal as alcohol is and yadda yadda yadda - I'm for it lol.


Quote from: DigitalPigSnuggler on October 26, 2014, 11:08:54 PM

LOL how does it kill them?  From laughing at the junkie trying to pass that off as an 1/8th...3.5 grams??


Quote from: Marc.Knight on September 20, 2014, 11:04:30 PM
In some respects I favor legalization as it will probably mean a reduction in the percentage of people fascinated by the rebellious allure of pot.  I grew up in an area where over 50% of the people smoked pot regularly.  With that many people high all the time the ripple effects of societal and individual degradation become much more observable.  I can sum up the effect of unbridled pot use on our society in two words: "people suffer".  Starting with the domestic and international criminal activity to grow it, distribute it, to the effects on families,  - people suffer.  But, if you're just sitting there and lighting up, happy to get high one more time, none of this analytical shit matters, just - you - matter. 

I can also say that people love pot.  They love it so much that they will buy it instead of buying food and clothing for their kids.  They love it so much they'll drive for miles to buy it from some greasy shit head who does nothing but sell weed all day, and who knows the more serious criminals who sell it to him.

Intrinsically, I am not against pot, nor am I against those who want to innocently, privately and responsibly enjoy it.  But one has to be a seasoned pot-head to ignore the societal damage that we endure because of pot and other drugs (including booze, prescription drugs... you name it).

There is an argument to your points you bring up.
The analytics matter, if you want to go down the road of illegal growers and distributors, but in the states where it's legal, that should become irrelevant.

Now whether or not that means the same 50% of the pop becomes "burnouts" or lazy, go after anything to get a reefer madness kick, I cannot say.  But the numerous "potheads" i've lived around my life, have rarely gone out of their way to buy the stuff, and def, have not let their families go hungry or clotheless lol for the drug, or booze, or prescription drugs....

And we are seasoned vets, we can agree that in some form pot can have an adverse affect on any population if left unchecked, but both sides have their merits to debate the law.  That's what makes this country great...and bad...we can debate it for 50+ years and give it all the "proof" we need, but still end up spinning ourselves up and in circles.  Until it's outta the "gang control" and into the pharmaceutical gangs, some peeps just wont be happy to let us enjoy a simple herb.  Responsibly of course. :)


Quote from: Catsmile on September 18, 2014, 04:13:41 PM
TV induces and projects it's trips into your mind.
In USA... inducing your own trips, illegal! 

Check out the trip TV induced into OPs mind.
Where Faux News O'really is yammering the same old "the pot" propaganda.
I've heard, seen, read the same propaganda all my life.
I seen it on TV, it must be true.

10,000 years and "the pot" hasn't destroyed the world, or society.
Just a bunch of demonization since prohibition.   

This is also your brain on TV... any questions?
This Is Your Brain On Drugs (Original)
Just one....who puts their brain in a fucking skillet?  Hannibal Lecter that's who, and only who!

Yorkshire pud

Its unfair that the little boy's face is shown; he didn't ask to be (and I use the word very loosely) parented by this pair of low life pond scum who should have both been sterilised before they had chance to procreate. But then I'm a leftie liberal and think drug addicts should be weighed down and thrown in the sea to feed the fish.  Imagine if I had stong feelings about it?

I hope the little boy is fostered out and later adopted by caring adults and not these wastes of oxygen.


Quote from: Philosopher on September 09, 2016, 12:48:50 PM

The street price has fallen sharply over the past 8 years...it's easier and cheaper for kids to get H than booze...sad...


While this is tragic I object to the title of the thread, which is obviously meant to associate heroin with all other drugs (or at least the ones you don't like). Nice try but Mr. Mackey already beat you to it.



Quote from: Philosopher on September 09, 2016, 12:56:22 PM
Hmmmm... legalized pot = more heroin use?


Yep, here we go. If two things are happening in the same place one must be causing the other, right? Laughably bad science. The report is quoting a drug counselor, not any scientific studies. Heroin is a dangerous drug and whenever they want people to start dying from it they just increase the potency and then bingo, people start dying. It's just that simple. Your assumptions, however, are even simpler...as in stupid.

Drugs wreck so many families and I include marijuana use too.   That was the gateway drug for my brother and it set him on a course of self-destruction.  We have friends who have used pot in the past and they became very hooked on it and were practically worthless.  They couldn't hold a job and they didn't give a rat's ass about anything.  They have since gotten off of the pot and are leading productive lives once again.  I've tried marijuana and it didn't do much for me.  Sure, it has positive uses for those beset with certain medical conditions and it should be prescribed to those patients who might be helped.  Otherwise I have no use for it.

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