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The Results of Equity

Started by Dr. MD MD, February 23, 2023, 03:04:46 PM

Asuka Langley

>FCSO deputies responded to the high school after reports of an employee being physically attacked on campus. Upon arrival, officials found a woman on the ground with severe injuries, according to the arrest report.

>When deputies spoke with the student, he explained that he was upset because the teacher took his Nintendo Switch during class.

>He also told officials he will "beat her up" anytime she tries to take his game.

>Investigators were able to review the attack when they reviewed the school's surveillance footage. Deputies say the 6'6" and 270 pound student can be seen walking quickly towards the teacher before knocking her to the floor, leaving her unconscious.

>The student is then seen kicking and punching the unconscious woman in the back and head around 15 times, according to officials.


Asuka Langley

University of Alabama basketball star Brandon Miller supplied gun to teammate used in fatal shooting, police say



Here's one of the few awesome results:


But I identify as black and am willing to move there.


Quote from: Dr. MD MD on March 01, 2023, 03:10:10 PM

But I identify as black and am willing to move there.

Also one notes that they use the term 'resident,' not 'citizen.' So our Haitian and Somalian friends can also reap rewards. It is odd though that they ignore the LatinXs and Chinese, considering California history. And what about those Okies? Where reparations for them?


Meritocracy?! I think Joe's getting a little too rational for his own good. I'm sure the thought police will be onto him soon enough.

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