Who Framed David Rubini?

Started by Jackstar, September 07, 2020, 08:56:44 AM

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By the way, Troopers: I am pretty sure he was roophied. No, I can't prove it, I can't be killing myself this week, I'm so overbooked, you YOU PUNYLINGS HAVE NO IDEA.

I envy you. Try the veal!


A few (CENSORED)(CENS0RED)(CENSQRED) sources have given me reason to believe that David Rubini has been a BallGag bastardo since way back. Almost probably, from way, way, WAY back, but that hasn't been confirmed at all. Probably... provably (?) since at least 2015, including the loathsome Metron2267 and a few others, and as last seen, ultimately "David Rubini" until his account got hijacked. As he claims. I mean... we all heard that part at least, right? Right. Now, I am not throwing Rubini under the bus as he was asked and never denied it. However, my own personal inquiry and other, less personal inquiries have at last connected some final dots. So I feel like I can make this... claim? Accusation? SMOKING GUN SIGNAL. I apologize to anyone who was actually--Jesus, really? OK, it's allowable--waiting for my pronouncement here, but I've got my own shit to fix. Yeah, I can automate that for myself, but I honestly like to get my hands dirty once in a while. It enables me to feel better about my Self.

Quote from: Jackstar on September 14, 2020, 02:05:19 AM
Look, look: I'm a busy Man.

Also, I feel bad about washing my hands all the frickin' time without there being any actual dirt involved. It's like cheating! Also: reports that Rubini is also Bigfoot are absolutely false. He never responded to a single mating call--and no Bigfoot can resist, the power of... The Thriller Shocker.

Service is the greatest privilege in and of Life.

"What Who?"


Quote from: Jackstar on September 08, 2020, 01:47:18 AM
I envy you. Try the veal!

HOTFIX: Envy purged.

HOTFIX: Removed poisoned veal from the company cafeteria menu. All y'all can still order it--I know how some of all y'all (CENSORED) (REDACTEDs) are--but it will no longer be an option for the unwary, nor shall it be available for use in your adorable little hazing rituals. Oh, no. No no no. You order the fucking poisoned calf, you're going to fucking eat that fucking poisoned calf RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING COOK.

HOTFIX: Removed the restriction against having only one National holiday dedicated to food preparation. Long time coming on that one, eh? I bet some of you forgot you were even waiting! YOU ARE WELCOME.



Quote from: Jackstar on September 08, 2020, 01:47:18 AM
I can't be killing myself this week

Next week isn't looking so hot either.


Quote from: Jackstar on September 14, 2020, 07:09:54 AM

Next week isn't looking so hot either.

can you please at least do #The_Rubini first again? TIA xoxoxo


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do #The_Rubini first

That technology is in development. It will be released when it is done. Be patient, Liebchen.


Quote from: Jackstar on October 19, 2020, 05:39:25 AM

With this post... my work here is basically done. Enjoy, Historians.

Quote from: Jackstar on October 12, 2020, 04:53:09 AM
Be patient, Liebchen.

You can go back to whatever you were before now, Agent. Grats.


Quote from: Jackstar on October 19, 2020, 05:53:45 AM
With this post... my work here is basically done. Enjoy, Historians.

Careful, astute readers of this website shall attend Me: I, Jackstar, Awakener of Sleepwalkers, am NOT to be trifled with.


Quote from: Jackstar on November 20, 2020, 03:13:51 PM
I, Jackstar, Awakener of Sleepwalkers, am NOT to be trifled with.[/i]

Believe it, Kids. I know it took a long time, but I did do a lot of talking, that required a lot of walking, because as one knows--when one does talk to talk, one does have to walk the walk.

now. I have been spending a lot of my personal time looking into this David Rubini matter. A LOT OF TIME. NOW, NONE OF YOU ARE ON THE HOOK FOR THAT--I'm a volunteer--however a lot of you weren't really all that helpful to my research.

Some of you... actually slowed me down. only because I had to gradually slow my own pace of my own free choice of will cuz I didn't want to run over any of you idiots who decided to be a great time to play in the street, metaphorically speaking, but nevertheless you did slow me down, and that debt must be paid.

Usually, it's the kind of thing that one could wait for the other one's life to get balanced on the karmic wheel, but it's December now and I'm in a hurry and I'm really pissed off. I bet you couldn't tell.

But I know for sure that you have no idea what I'm pissed about personally--IT'S THAT YOU'VE BEEN HURTING DAVID'S FEELINGS. Let's leave the U-Part-Murkey. Let's not ask any questions about Google Voice Recognition right now. let's not think too hard about how one of the bad guys in Tron was called "a recognizer."

Instead, let's think about this statement: I created these threads solely to help David Rubini, and for no other reason. However... I've been accused of deceit, self and grand diesment, clout chasing, and just around it off, let's mention the old standbys of "drug abuse" and "child rape." (Having never abused drugs nor raped anyone--and certainly not involving children--I can freely laugh at six suggestions especially since it's been three decades since I have to deal with this crap, however, I don't want to make light of the subjects. Hey, anyone want to go to Subway and make fun of Jared? Where's the movie of his life starring Chris Penn and Susan Sarandon?)

So... the first couple times, fine, he complained about it. I'm not going to lie, there's an arrogant wap stick tycoon pretends to be David Rubin who argues about f****** everything. However, I never saw the point to these threads being so hateful... until I realize: David Rubini never thought that I was going to help him.

David Rubini was told that Jacksrar is evil, and apparently David Rubini has never met a decent strong kind good-hearted man. because that is exactly what I am. And whoever you are, whoever did those things that you did to him, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

before then, I don't know how much of a bastard he was, but what you did was really mean. I heard him cry. Like weeping like a baby. I won't tell you why, but it was bad enough to make him cry but for him to have to cry in front of me... ooh, that was mean.

Also, it was a mistake because I am kind good-hearted and quite capable of protecting the innocent. I didn't know that being friends with David would lead to such a delightful end... and it hasn't... for me. My life continues to grow up and up and up and on and on and on.

I am legend. I did what I was set out to do. I didn't end up in prison. I did lose a fleshling familiar but... losing those is kind of what they're for. What I didn't spend on plan on spending 2020 on... was rescuing David Rubini.

First time, really. I don't usually rescue men. Of course he was pretty wimpy, but now he's my mindslave for eternity, so probably not a threat to my genome no matter what.

However, now my life goals--my personal life goals, mind you--have been pushed back, and someone is going to have to be held accountable for that.

Note that this is my idea. However: I was supposed to be in Australia this year. All those people whose lives I was supposed to touch over there? Rescheduled. This was a lot of rescheduling, I'm told.

And, now I've taken a taste of vengeance and found that I like it. I was pretty happy to go lucky before, BellGab. Now... SOMEONE HAS WOKEN THE DRAGON.

And the dragon just made friends with David Rubini. I don't know who that affects... but it's certainly affects me, as I would never have made a friend like David otherwise, and now... David is like Chris Makepeace in that My Bodyguard movie. You know the one?

Little known fact: My Bodyguard loves Vera. See, I bet most of you don't even know what that means. This is where The Cabal should have really hired me to test their algos. I guess they thought messing with me would be cheapest.

They were wrong. Did you have a good year, BellGab? Because I know I did. and when I saw someone two days ago... or three days ago, accusing me of pretending to be uncaring about being flamed... oh my goodness, I just about wet my pants with glee.

Actually, I can't remember what was said, nor how I felt about it. But let me tell you how I feel now, BellGab--THE ENEMIES OF DAVID RUBINI HAD BETTER RUN FOR THE FUCKING HILLS, AND THE VENGEANCE THAT WILL BE LAID UPON HIS ENEMIES WILL BE LEGENDARY.

AND I'VE BEEN AUTHORIZED TO HELP, BY GETTING OUT AND PUSHING. Usually I'm not allowed to do that--because pacifism!--but conditions this year are unusual.

For example all of Belgium is presently jagstar's b****. I know right? Not even half! ALL. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I don't want to be here. I don't want attention. And the people I'm giving it to... I think they got more than they bargained for! Nevertheless! My ongoing inquiry into the events surrounding the Rubini event are now ongoing... #Officially.

Now. David. I know you thought these threads were damaging... and maybe at the time they were. However, you were giving dangerous orders, and someone had to stop you from hurting yourself as well as others who were even more innocent.

Also you might have been possessed at one point. I don't know! I fixed that though. Try not to let yourself get possessed again, because if I have to unpossess you next time I'll make you dance around in public a little bit before I do it. Don't think I'm not above it, I might be highly evolved but I'm not so highly evolved that I don't love Buster Keaton.

now, let me assure you: that if you call me and ask politely and nicely I will explain to you exactly what I mean, because I'm not proofreading anymore and some of the speech recognition is not going to work out right. this means that if you can hold your s*** together for 30 seconds and not fly off the handle over nothing, and simply speak to me like a gentleman would comment Your enemies will never catch up because I will never reveal the truth to them.

Your enemies have become my enemies, David. Someone apparently thought it'd be fun to not just trifle with Jackstar, but make me break my vows of pacifism!

Now, I know most of you don't believe me: But the reality is that me being a pacifist has a lot to do with your planet not being a baked cinder. it's complicated, and a lot of it's not my area, and you're Punylings, you can't even wrap your mind around what I'm talking about.

Good. Comprehension is not a prerequisite for compliance, Punylings. now, eventually David Rubini is going to stop frothing at the mouth when he's talking to me about certain subjects--it might take a few months but certainly won't take longer than a year--and I'm tired of hearing his froth, and I can't let him run away being afraid of me--heh heh okay I can, it's just bad for my brand--so I'm going to take action and fix that, and all you people who like to get forgiveness had better pray to Rubini for forgiveness.

That's right: don't pray to me. Pray to Rubini. (Of course I recommend Jesus, but I know the lot of you here are a bunch of degenerate dicks.) Because only he can save you from what is coming. I can't even do that.



Now, meanwhile this Rubini thing is getting out of hand. And while it is fun for me, I can see that innocents are about to be hurt. And I can't allow that.

Some of them have crushes on me. "Street cred" be damned, I can't let anything damage my brand like that. Yeah, so, this thread is actually active now.

Stay tuned. David, have one of your toadies or flunkies post messages here. You're still banned right? Or were you ever? Look, look, read, read: we're all past that now.

Did I mention I conquered your planet today? yeah, I'm just melting off: I've conquered a lot of plans just like it this year. The difference between me and you is... I don't need you to tell me that I've done it. Because I'm Active.

Not my idea. Anyone rather cyber? Check with Grapefruit. Also, please be advised... she may not know what "cybering" is, and she's only ever seen me put on and take off my wizard hat and robes in person.

They're both pretty pissed at me. Is that subtext coming through? Trust me... whatever their game was, nobody saw me ending up where I'm at now.

Which, for the record: not a sexual predator, of any age, I'm not a charlatan of any incomes, and I am not desirous of this fame that I've gained for myself.

All of which is already been informed and related to law enforcement. Because I am citizen who is a member of a special class. I don't care if that sounds like bullshit to you--IT'S THE TRUTH.


Also: it's for sale. No donations on this item: nor will it be surrendered to law enforcement, as there is no criiiiiiiime, right? So no reason to bar the sale of this item.

Also: it's not haunted. At the moment. so when you're all done talking about what happened with David  Rubini--and everyone else, and all those other people that weren't my girlfriend, and my girlfriend and what happened to me... I'm ready to call into an all-new "Spec Sheet".

Who owns that brand, anyway? Just a rhetorical aside, I don't really care: I'll get that in post too. And remember: only David gets the proofread version of these messages, which are not spam in any way.

And thusly David Rubini is now officially... "unframed." Mazel tov! Quot erat demonstratum. Now, should I call (REDACTED), (REDACTED), or Nathan? Because now I get to decide.

Brb. Going to go get a three-headed coin. My lover is the scion of a dragon, so, believe me, if I need a three-headed coin, I'll get a three-headed coin.

P.S.: those of you firmly convinced that David Rubini was NOT framed... I don't have a bridge to sell you, but your mother just jumped off of it. MY MOTHER PROBABLY CONVINCED HER TO, not because you're a terrible son or anything. Or daughter? I'll be honest: I have no idea who I'm talking to, as I actually never heard of David Rubini before in my life, until someone wound him up and pointed him at me.

Big mistake! I have grown nothing but stronger, and I promised David that if he was my willing servant, I would make him the King of all the mindslaves. I don't know if you believe me, but you got to ask yourself... at this point, what does that guy have to lose?

He won't even always have BallGrab now... Unless I allow it. Imagine the devastation in his psyche, as he's been bested by not just a rabbit, but by a pacifist rabbit.

So. All y'all better surrender, because with this series of posts, I hereby declare #FEALTY to David Rubin. Grapefruit will be enraged, but so what? I warned the both of them, and they apparently thought they knew better than I.

About what, I have no idea. I'm too busy paying attention to Phase V. Do you people even know what that means? I sure hope not, because I don't, and I don't care.

This is a dangerous place for a web forum dedicated to the community surrounding a radio show that no longer exists and hasn't existed the way it needed to existed for nearly two decades. You people are on thin ice. Eventually, someone will show up and they will completely run roughshod over me, and I'll let it happen, because I haven't given a shit about being stuck here for quite some time.

after the third time Art hung up on me in the first time Whitley Streiber ran like a scared little girl, I figured "maybe I'll just let that experience go." well, I was going to, and now I have because now I got to pay attention to The Rubini Event.

I'm still getting emails. I'm still getting calls. I'm still getting unpleasant energy... and all it does is make me laugh while everyone else is crying about it. Somehow I don't think that "amusing Jackstar" was the plan here.

Now, go ahead, go ahead: call her "a whore" one more time. Come on, it's cool, I want you to. So does My Mother, The Lich.

But not me. I want to get back to creative production. I don't want to root out David rubin's enemies and flay them alive in public for everyone to see. However, if my lover and her stable boy require that kind of help... I am purpose-built to be able to deliver that kind of help in precise increments.

Or I can just get depressed and kill myself. That's going to happen any day now, right? Now that General Michael Flynn has been pardoned, all those resources for prosecuting important crimes are going to be turned to me... right?

Not by a long chalk. Now, don't just stay tuned: talk amongst yourselves, and do it in a way that makes me satisfied, or I will have to explain to certain people why I am not satisfied.

See? It's cool how that's not a threat, right? It's possible if some of you might feel threatened. However, that is not my intent. My intent... is to hold some of you accessible, so that someone else can hold you accountable.

I'm not going to lie: I learned that trick from a CIA agent, on the opposite side of the planet from "Nam. It wasn't taught to me, I'm just that good at paying attention.

"Why am I being told that this guy works for the CIA? This must be supposed to be some kind of a test. Have these people never heard of the Kobayashi Maru? Well they were dumb enough to sign contracts with the CIA, that's for sure, and on top of that, they're obviously so dumb that they think I'm believing what they're telling me. Well, whatever: I'm sure this experience won't mean something to me later, but it'll help me with some other kind of experience."

And boy it sure did! "Make sure you're in the clear before they figure out you've been playing them since before they were born, Punylings don't seem to like that, and they might perhaps... lash out. Also I'm shooting up David's "framing up thread", which, I'll mention again here at the end... I made to help him out. Because I think he's cute and I love him.

Not because it's fun to teach him how to destroy his enemies. I mean, yes... that is fun, because I really don't want to, except I do, except I don't, except I do if they push me too far, because pacifism doesn't mean what this guy thinks it does.

But I can fix that, especially since all of you are pushing me to ally with him. I mean, okay... If you insist... thanks, BellGab.

Want to get taken for a ride? Then go on and pretend I don't know what I'm talking about even just one more time. I no longer have to take it easy on some of you people, as word has spread amongst the natives here on my homeworld--my legend is true.

I still don't have permission to write to an elder yet, nor to any Chief, and since no one here is any threat to me or to my interests, it's hard to claim that I need special status on that. however, I'm about 5 seconds away from looking up Robert goswolf and seeing if he's got a daughter or an ex-wife or a mother or whatever is gonna start The Seventh Fire back up again. Or whatever.

Yeah y'all just think I'm a lunatic because I'm actually writing down what's going through my head. The stuff people say out loud is even crazier. But they do it in secret behind tears while pretending it's something else.

I'm doing it mathematically. You know? Arithmethic. Oh, wait, I guess it isn't spelled that way on this planet. Or something.

Now I'm not going to lie: I heard about this "Jacob" & "Esau Marshalek" story, and, you know what? I'm not buying that one either. But this is what my truth is. I never tried to hurt this guy--it just happened, I guess he "fell"--but to this day he blames ME.

And that infringement upon my brand cannot be left to stand.

Also, David Rubini has a case here. Not with me though. Oh, no. Never for even one instant if I conspire with anyone--



Last I heard, they're pretending to hate each other, while begrudgingly being nice to me. Maybe they're acting? I'm f***** if I know... that is simply not my area anymore.

This is really slowing down my podcast development though. Heads can and will roll. But first... JUSTICE.

#David_Rubini_Justice. Has a nice ring to it, right? Well that'll be up to him to decide. Also: I'm cleared to teach him certain Jedi mind tricks. Long story short, I don't know who f***** up today, but it wasn't me and I've got all of a sudden these new desires and gay asses to deal with.

As if I wanted that. Dream on. You know what I want? Justice for Grapefruit. Who's willing to go along with me, who doesn't want to have sex with her? Absolutely no one, yeah okay I figured... you know how sirens are.

A lot of karmic black lash happening here. A lot of irritating conditions that I'm being asked to deal with. And I'm doing it. And the reason why is because I love you all.

And when grapefruit finds out what you people have really been doing--and when she tells her family--two people here at belgrave have no idea what kind of manipulative energy and entire tribe of savage barefoot bloodthirsty heathens can bring up to bear--and these ones wear shoes. So you will have no idea how much I've done for you until after the end of time, which is fine as I really don't desire any kind of accolades or fame or thanks for just helping out.

Did I mention? Grapefruit is enraged... yet not with me. Nice work, Belgium.

I'm sure you can all figure it out from this point. Let me know when I can answer more questions for some of you. Except for you, David.

We have to talk in secret now. Because Grapefruit doesn't like that I'm talking to you. She seems concerned that I might be conspiring against her with you. I honestly can't tell if she's pretending or not, and--you guessed it--I don't care.

I do think it's sweet and adorable that you went from demanding an apology from me... to demanding an apology from her though. My my my, who could have seen that coming?

Don't answer that, it's rhetorical, now focus: who framed David Rubini? Because now I have an actual need to know. I am using the word need here.

And actually, you people are the ones who are going to need it. Blah blah civil War blah blah pandemic blah blah oh noes--forget the second civil War, what about the second French and Indian War? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce sois?

I'll take my answer off the air. TL;DR: The Jackstar-Ms. Maid-Rubini pyramid continues to ascend in my favor, regardless of what the others say.

Also: my Facebook profile is fake. *paroxysms of giggles*

Jackstar: innervated, invulnerable, and... in control.
BellGab: whiney, spammy, and... Failkie.

Finally, the real question is, "who framed Jackstar?", but trust me: you've never heard of her. And I fixed it.

So let's focus on why we're here: DAVID RUBINI, GENIUS, ICONOCLAST... INNOCENT VICTIM.

And that's on record. Also, I'm pretty sure I can make sure the housebreaking sticks this time. You know, I didn't really want a puppy! But since you all insist... okay, fine.

Also if I'm bothering anybody, I'll be happy to stop writing for a while. Guess what! I have an actual life, people.

It was offered as an elective on Asgard. Ask Sean David Morton about it, see what he's willing to say. Oh, right: corruption.

He was using technology without permission of The Guild right? What a bastard! I guess taking his driver's license wasn't good enough for that callous fiend.

Trust me, I'll ask David next time we get a chance. It probably won't happen soon, because while I wasn't planning on blowing up the whole operation as soon as I got the critical information I was looking for... it felt like the thing to do today, so I went with it, after I consulted with Jesus first.

Jesus says I should go bust out down at the bank and be a martyr, but Jesus knows what my sense of humor is like. Also: I'm all out of bubble gum.

The Seaden is real... and has a blazing hunger for bubble gum. Some of you people have no idea. Hit me up on MySpace for more info.

Just kidding. Open public code talk is all there is--absolutely every other way of communicating has been compromised on this planet. Suckers!!!

however, when I find out who framed David, I'll just tell the whole world--I won't care how about any consequences because it all happened before I ever heard of him, my whole family has already dead, I'm not responsible for any animals... and I made a deal with Grapefruit's ancestors: if I still keep getting f***** with by lesser beings, I'm going to get to be taught to be turned into wolves and eagles and turtles and s***.

Oh, yeah, right: cough syrup, yeah right. The worst performance of my life and everybody fell for it instantly.

... Maybe Grapefruit framed him! This is so exciting; Even I don't know! And, I don't care! Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of The Law.

Now, now that I've established dominance... Let's get back to what I told you was important: I need a Fishwife.

Or, figure out what happened with David. Or... keep watching Failkie! Or, President Harris will save you!

But what will never happen, is that I will never, ever give a shit about things the way your agenda wishes me to. Because, BellGab--you had your chance to get close to me.

And David won. Quite surprising! Grapefruit, completely enraged. I can't speak to other people... look, I have a very narrow area these days. My lover, my network, and my empire, that's all I really have time for now.

So someone's got to figure out this Rubini thing. There's less than a month remaining. It should have happened in October! Do you know why it didn't? Me neither!

But I can guarantee you: David's going to find out, and I'm going to help him. because the other David is sending me email and pretending he's not, or someone else is pretending to be David and messing with me trying to make me to hate David, or David's possessed by a memory eating demon. Or something, I don't know.

But it's definitely my area. Once again: a very narrow area. Once again: something I don't need to spam all over BellGab.

Once again: Welcome to Phase V. I couldn't have gotten here without you. And if you don't like it... just put me on /ignore.

... or just ask nicely. It's hard to say--you people out there probably don't notice, but I'm a lot more unpredictable now. I could suddenly just decide I want to buy a lottery ticket and then win and then disappear! (According to statistical analysis, this is the most favored way for Trump to pay his monks--favored by the wives, that is.)

Or, I might ride this out. It's really up in the air. Have you all heard about the way that there is supposedly a statistical correlation between the price of gold, the length of men's beards, and the lengths of women's skirts?

If there were, and there were an agreement amongat certain people to not let this information be popularized ... would that be "a conspiracy" or not? The Quincunx keeps asking me about definitions of certain words, and they seem nonplussed when the answer is: "I don't know what the retards you're talking to think that word means, but they're wrong, or are lying to you."

I was more polite before the 8th or 9th death threat. I mean the first, flattering, "wow a real death threat oh that's what this is like, okay I'll comply"--I know, I'm a people pleaser--but there comes a certain point when one has to recognize that... there really are fates worse than death, so continuing to bring them up is really a sign of a lack of imagination.

Now, I don't know who this is for--certainly not me--but eventually one of you are in one of your elbows or somebody will figure something out as a result of what I've written here, and I'm sure your little light bulb moment will be very impressive to you, but in that moment, please remember this: "If you were told what you were asking to know, you would have to be killed."

It's a riddle. All right, now: back to David. Oh, Grapefruit was so angry, when I said I was going to stay on BellGab. ENRAGED!!! Don't worry, she'll get over it.

MV, on the other hand... well, who can say? Let me take my old Samsung infuse 4G down to my friend in forensics and see what she can pick up out of it.

I bet I have cached personal messages on that thing! Spicy!! Maybe they lost for the mist of time, maybe not. That reminds me: I got to go check on JoJo see if she stopped being retarded yet.

Plans within plans within plans.
Wheels within wheels within wheels.
Stars within personal space, grabbing whatever pussy they want, because that's what stars get to do. DEAL WITH IT.

Ed. Note: "Hey, David, is this positive energy? Details unclear, notes vague... consequences, trivial. Let me know what your problem areas are later, I got to go bang my wife, peace, yeah don't worry I'll be back later, yeah I'll tell her you said she looks pretty, ciao!"

Author's note: I can speak privately about a lot of things now, send me an email if you care, and send something identifying, because some of you out there I am happy to remain leaving you to remain in your own ignorance forever. I forgot who, but... oh, right, Daggit, that's a great example. Somebody needs to tell me why that person didn't like me, and someone needs to find out what they think of me now and to report back to me. Or I guess that's just a suggestion.

Does anyone care at this point? Well, fuckin' David Rubini does, that's for sure, and when Grapefruit reads all of these messages, she's going to care too. And that's good enough for me.

This project has been brought to you in part by the MIBCDEN, the newest network in the heavenly framework of Networks. Or... perhaps it's the oldest? Really, only your patent attorney knows for sure. Namaste, Plebs--/bthe hour of your doom is close at hand./b


Quote from: Ciardelo on December 01, 2020, 12:37:22 PM

Speed kills, folks.

Then how do you explain Domino's Pizza's 30-minute delivery? I don't think you thought your prejudices and your bigotry through here.

For example... what should be done with Hunter Biden? You can make up whatever stories you want about me--and you have--but at least I didn't get thrown out of the fucking Navy.


It's true, folks. Confirmed

Jack is a speeder drug using addict.

Ipso Facto, Fucker.


Quote from: Ciardelo on December 01, 2020, 12:48:38 PM
It's true, folks. Confirmed

Jack is a speeder drug using addict.

Ipso Facto, Fucker.

Diagnosis disqualified! You are not fit to write sentences, let alone assign dependencies or lack there of.

Dr. do something!


Quote from: SpaceMeowMaid on December 09, 2020, 12:18:44 PM
Diagnosis disqualified! You are not fit to write sentences, let alone assign dependencies or lack there of.

Dr. do something!

You were the one who said it!

So which one was a lie, Mix?

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