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Jordan Sather
« on: September 07, 2020, 01:58:46 AM »

Get on your (CENSORED) knees and start (CENSORED) this (REDACTED) man's (CENSORED) (REDACTED), (CENSORED). He's here to help too.

Jordan Sather
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Jordan Sather
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Jordan Sather
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I think we can all agree, as thinking feeling conscious beings, that these people reprobates deserve more suffering than even a fully operational Sinistar could even bring to bear. These reprobates are scum. I'm fucking horrified that I might not be able to reactivate and then volunteer to suspend all of my twelve Facebook accounts at $30 apiece. When you add that up, that pays for a lot of Starbucks.

Believe me, trust me, Attend me, Class: you think you've got Starbucks all over the place now? Hah! The infiltration has barely hardly begun. Nothing can stop what is coming. NOTHING.

I've got seventeen alts to feed, Mang. Don't you fuck with my income stream or I will cut out your Fournier's gangrene--as a preventative measure. Just to be sure.

Just to keep it all in one place.