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Started by Jackstar, August 30, 2020, 08:26:40 PM

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You... people, know exactly what to do here. I do not recommend leaving me any open crack in any open window--I'm about to leap right out and start pulling. Trust me, you wouldn't like me when I'm pulling. Here's how I know: I don't like it.
And if I don't like it, YOU DON'T EITHER. RAWR.

I'll be back in two hours. THAT MEANS TONIGHT. IN TWO HOURS. I expect to see some traction going on--doesn't have to be here--and you can expect that if I don't, THERE VERY WELL WILL BE.



Dear Friend,

It is distressing to me, yet they continue to push for the censorship of all forms of media that are not approved by the liberal media establishment. Do your best and your duty to let people know that there are other opinions. Not every American agrees with burning down our cities and starting fresh.

There are distasteful reasons for wanting to dismantle law enforcement across the United States. Those are the reasons we need to stand firm and not let this happen. If we allow our law enforcement to become marginalized, then the criminal cartels will replace them, and American life will never be the same.

Ahoy! The Ship Show; You know where we are going.

Please share these links with your friends. I would appreciate that.

Yours truly,



Oh now they are talking about Quantico! LOL and listening to Xerxes talking about throwing Codemonkey into the water to teach him to swim, and then for 5 years he wouldn't go near the water KEK

I'm getting hungry though, all they ever talk about is food ;O)

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