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Math & other thoughts Woman and Men

Started by Stellar, August 08, 2020, 02:30:59 PM


This is a correct statement, because the format has it expressed from symbols to guide you into a new understanding.  Some would say this is incorrect because the #2 should be the outcome.  Yet we could have just as been easily raised to understand the #3 is the outcome just based on the image of the symbol alone.  Like red could have been interpreted a blue according to if we were all raised that way.

If God confounded the language, did he have a hard time confounding the language of math.  Math is supposed to be a universal language yet that would depend on what part of the brain a person has greater faculty for its use.

The deepest question is why are their more Male Chess players than Woman?  Do we clash because of our education systems deal more with semantics and logic then art and culture?

Could I say this?

1man + 1woman = ?

Whats your answer to the above statement it may shock you. its not a baby!



A lot of men think with their little head and not their big head.

Actually -- True Fact -- Men only have enough blood circulating to run one head at a time.

You can quote Jackstar on that.

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