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AZZERAE'S conspiracy I'm not a Bipolar 1 nor the Holyghost

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--- Quote from: AZZERAE on July 28, 2020, 02:32:36 PM ---You treat "being Bipolar" as if it is a joke. Its as if you're testing everyone's kindness to see how much you can get away with - by detailing all the joy rides you embark on - hospital visits, stealing your Grapefruit's car et al.

As I've said before, it is a disgrace that you are taking up very much needed hospital space (especially at this time) as a lark, just coz you want to have some shit to post on BellGab.

Calling yourself the Holy Ghost is another thing I don't think you can appreciate the severity of. I'm warning you, regular blasphemy is ONE THING, but blasphemy against THE SPIRIT OF GOD is another. You are literally damning your soul to an eternity of suffering - of being mauled and slaughtered by demonic entities without the grace of dying and not feeling the pain.

You lack the ability to write about your life experiences for a literary standpoint, with flair that makes it engaging for the reader. You will learn a very hard lesson sooner or later, and when you do, you won't have time to waste shitposting how cool it is to "have" mania or indulge in hours upon hours of conspiratorial hogwash - coz you'll be paralysed, and wheelchair bound.

If I ever met you in person, I'd smack the shit out of your disgraceful waste of human flesh and blood. I hope you die in a fire, and pay for the mockery you've made of genuine mental illness.

People who have legitimately suffered through REAL LIFE psychosis can tell you're a fake. The regular population can't, so you keep fooling them with your games. But I will call you the fuck out until the truth gets through to everyone concerned.

And for anyone who wants to have a good old boy style chuckle about my permatriggered state over this shit, have at it. I give a fuck.


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My Dearest Delicate Azzerae,

I forgive your very vicious post, wishing me so much pain.  I have endured incredible pain due to my condition which I would never imagine or wish on you or others.  The fact is I love God and I have an immense faith in the work of Jesus.  Maybe my Bipolar 1 or mania has something to do with me labeling myself as the Holyghost due too voices.  I would like to think of these voices as a telepathic gateway to heaven.  I do try and seek out the truth in all matters and I admit me getting it right at times on all topics may cause fear in yourself or others!


--- Quote from: Stellar on July 28, 2020, 03:48:26 PM ---

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HALO pair A doll.

Works as advertised. A friend told me.


--- Quote from: Stellar on July 28, 2020, 03:48:26 PM ---Azzerae
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Is a hateful, trolling dick.

That's looks like a peaceful place you have! I like the deck and the view. Very nice.


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Quote from:



Is a hateful,

trolling dick.

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Y-y'know we... up...



--- Quote from: AZZERAE on August 09, 2020, 03:03:37 PM ---

Y-y'know we... up...


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We shall never speak of these troubled times again.

The best thing to do with feelings are to push them deep, deep down and don't ever talk about them.


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