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Kevin Mitnick shows torrent
« on: July 14, 2020, 03:53:58 PM »
I'm collecting all of the Bell Universe shows with Kevin Mitnick as guest (reformed hacker and author of several books, including his autobiography Ghost in the Wires which I just finished, great read).  Sometimes he was the main guest, others he is relegated to the first hour (most of these are from the 2000s with Snorge). 

I've managed to snag a good number of these shows, but I am missing at least two that I am aware of.  If anyone can help me locate these, please hit me up. I plan on uploading a torrent when I'm finished. (Before anyone asks, they aren't in the Ultimate AB torrent, which I am aware of and contributed to, and they aren't on any links I could find at  I got these dates from the Coast website, but depending on the time zone they were recorded in sometimes the filenames can be off by one day.


2002-10-22 Art Bell (also with Linda Moulton Howe)
2003-08-23 George Noory (First Hour) 


2001-12-19 Art Bell (Full Show)
2003-02-03 George Noory (Full Show)
2004-02-10 George Noory (Full Show)
2004-06-18 George Noory (Full Show)
2005-03-26 Art Bell (Full Show)
2005-06-08 George Noory (First Hour)
2006-01-28 Art Bell (Full Show)
2006-04-30 Kevin Mitnick Filling in for Art with Guest Steve Wozniak (Full Show)
2006-07-06 George Noory (First Hour)
2008-02-11 George Noory (First Hour)
2010-11-30 George Noory (First Hour)
2011-08-23 George Noory (Full Show)
2013-07-25 George Noory (First Hour)
2015-10-08 Art Bell (Midnight in the Desert) (Full Show)
2017-02-27 George Noory (First Half)
2019-01-07 George Noory (First Half)
2019-10-30 George Noory (First Half)

Oh yeah, if anyone has any audio from the radio show Kevin hosted on KFI in the early 2000s called the Darkside of the Internet, PLEASE hit me up (I haven't been able to find a trace of this anywhere).  Yes, I checked the Internet Archive.  Thanks.

Kevin Mitnick shows torrent
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2020, 02:24:30 AM »
Thanks for not helping at all, slackers!  Just kidding.  Since I didn't hear from anyone about the missing shows, I decided to go ahead with the torrent.  There are 17 shows in all, 4 hosted by Mr. Bell, 12 hosted by Snorge (sorry) and one hosted by Kevin Mitnick himself (filling in for Art on one of his many vacation days).  His guest for the show is Steve Wozniak, which is great (the man is in manic storytelling mode).  Here's the link, share and enjoy:

Or if your ISP blocks the most resilient BitTorrent site in the galaxy, here's the direct magnet link to paste into your torrent client:


Kevin Mitnick shows torrent
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2020, 03:35:52 AM »
I uploaded the Steve Wozniak interview show to YouTube.  I made this video 8 or 9 years ago and it eventually got taken down, so if you are interested you should watch/grab it now.