What do you listen to when you can't take C2C anymore?

Mainstream talk radio
Progressive talk radio

Author Ian Punnett  (Read 703156 times)

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Ian Punnett
« Reply #3600 on: June 21, 2020, 07:31:55 PM »
Yeah, he can fight back against guests and callers. And is a good interviewer but shy away from controversial topics. And also I get sick of him always pushing his far-left,ecumenical liberal agenda and still find it a bit 'off' how some kind of deacon is so into subjects of porn, drinking, weed, rock music, and sordid "true crime" tales. But I guess he is trying to be "hip and with it," Phil Hendrie reference.  ;)
Yeah, I'm not down with his liberal crap and, along with it, the usual elitist attitude, but he does put on an entertaining show.  l wouldn't mind seeing him take Snorge's place.  Maybe that's one of the reasons he came back.  Unfortunately, I don't see Snorge leaving until they drag him away.  Doc Wallet, the woo woo women, and the numbers nut can breathe easy.