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Ian Punnett

Started by sillydog, April 06, 2008, 04:15:35 PM

What do you listen to when you can't take C2C anymore?

Mainstream talk radio
Progressive talk radio


Yes, I know he doesn't exactly have the same style as Art, and he does do some very silly shoes, but he does ask some hard questions.  If his guests are waffling, he'll call 'em out.  In fact, he might actually be a bit better at exposing his guests than Art is.  Perhaps that's why some of the more frequents guests that GN (or Ass Hat, as I like to call him) has on don't get Ianized.

That said, I wish he treid a little harder during the first hour.  Still, I appreciate his midwestern sense of humour, that I know some others don't get.  I really like that he's freindly and rigorous at the same time.

What do y'all think about Ian?  I was really hopeful that he'd have been Art's replacement.  I occasionally listen to GN/AH shows when he's got an interesting guest, but can be heard to groan outloud whenever he asks one of his patently dumb questions.  It's like tortue, unless the guests actually make fun of him (George Ure and Cliff from 4 March 2008 leap to mind) and he doens't even get that he's just been smacked down.  Unlike GN/AH, that's good stuff.

You know, I'd really like to have Ian interview the banned guest, David John Oates.  I saw him shortly before he was banned and, I thought it was fascinating.  Some of his reversals of Bush Jr. and Cheney are super creepy.


I like Ian also but won't be listening to him anytime soon, his guests recently don't interest me in the least, plus I am a little miffed at the way he starts the show now, doesn't greet his listeners anymore, have a feeling he isn't happy with the show any longer, know he wasn't happy when he lost the earlier time slot on Saturday evenings and his Coast to Coast Live, can understand that, he works all week and probably doesn't want to be up all night on Saturday.  Come on Ian get back to where you started from, a little too mainstream for me.


i agree with you about ian.  while i do not specifically seek out his broadcasts, i will give them a few minutes when i stumble upon them in order to see if it's something interesting.  he seems well-read, intelligent, genuine and is not afraid to drop humor into seemingly humorless conversations.  and yes, he's tougher on all the guests than any other host, art included.  did you hear his interview around halloween with that douche who was buddies with some guy who invented a machine with a "100% success rate" in contacting the dead?  bullocks, i say.  and ian was really calling this guy out on a lot of things, which in turn let callers in on the fact that it's ok for them to do so as well, hence the fact the guy was an embarrassment by the end of the show.

i remember waaaaaaay back when mike siegel was announced as art's replacement, i sent ian an email telling him i was shocked he wasn't named as the replacement.  i think if he had been, the show would still be something i include in my life.

speaking of david john oates... i interviewed him one time.  VERY nice guy.  if you'd like to hear the interview you can go here:
click april 21, 2006.
*ADMIN* correction:  click Mar 24, 2006.  hope the april 21 show i initially told you to click wasn't too horrible.
there were a couple "odd" moments in the intervew that cause me to feel embarrassed when listening to it, but otherwise, it's listenable i guess.


Thanks so much for the link!  The implications of his research are profound -- if it were widespread it'd be like a society that was suddenly introduced to telepathy -- the implications for civil society are incredible. 

When dating a few years back, I seriously considered asking any potential suitors to send an audio clip describing themselves.  Sanity prevaled and I shortly met a fellow who started one of our first converstaisons by saying, "ever listen to Art Bell?"  Four years later we still live together w/ our twin BayGen radios.  ;)


    The only time I can listen to C2C anymore is when Ian or Art are hosting.  Maybe if GN has a guest I really want to hear.  I also was dismayed when Ian didn't get the top spot when Art quit in 2002, but I guess Ian had other things going on.  I like Ian because he knows how to conduct and interview.  He has a style that lets the guest go where s/he wants but can quickly reel the guest in and call them to account. He does indeed seem very knowledgeable about many subjects. It is a pity he only does one night a week.


I like Ian and agree that he can do an intelligent show. He asks questions that are relevant and calls his guests out on anything that catches his BS detector. It did take me a few months to get used to him, I have to admit. In the beginning, I felt he was too goofy and was trying too hard to be funny. I have gotten used to him now and compared to Noory, is a pleasure to listen to. His guests as of late have not been very interesting, however. Still, he manages to do a good interview and at least I get to hear two grown ups having a discourse. Something that is not possible on Coast Monday through Friday. I also enjoyed Rollye, while she was there and am in heaven when that sexy voiced John Welles fills in once in a very blue moon.


Regarding the Oates interview, I listened to the whole 21 Apr 2006 show and didn't hear it.  Another date, perhaps?


Quote from: sillydog on April 06, 2008, 09:17:42 PM
Regarding the Oates interview, I listened to the whole 21 Apr 2006 show and didn't hear it.  Another date, perhaps?
i'm sorry.  click mar 24, 2006.  my bad.

I was trying to get into Ian, since a lot of people seem to appreciate him and I thought maybe he's not so bad. Then the next show I heard him do -- interviewing some rather flaky woman on a rather flaky topic -- he really sort of berated her whole gig throughout the interview. If I was her, I think I would have considered hanging up on him. Does he do this often?


Quote from: Art is the Best on April 12, 2008, 06:30:23 AM
I was trying to get into Ian, since a lot of people seem to appreciate him and I thought maybe he's not so bad. Then the next show I heard him do -- interviewing some rather flaky woman on a rather flaky topic -- he really sort of berated her whole gig throughout the interview. If I was her, I think I would have considered hanging up on him. Does he do this often?

Yes he does berate his guests, used to like Ian but there has been a major change in him this last year, especially since he lost his Coast to Coast Live time slot on Saturday evenings, his guests leave much to be desired also......he has gotten so far away from what Coast was all about, I see he is hosting this Sunday with Charles Ostman on UFO's but since I have come to the conclusion that Ian doesn't believe in any of this stuff it more than likely won't be a good interview, he also thinks he is funny "NOT"

Sprinkled throughout this site are references to Ian, but as even his most ardent supporters have noticed as of late, something is.... afoot, and it is no longer enough to simply state, "He's better than Noory any night."  (Who isn't?)


There was a great greenish ocean.

And it sucked fiercely, riding that heifer.

Tossed like flotsam and jetsam were those souls - all in perpetual fear of becoming a strange effluvium - a film of protozoan spunk splatter, a consequence from the Harsh onslaught of that Bitch Mistress, the Noorygian Sea.


A raft.

And we did cling to this raft called IAN PUNNETT.  The raft was obviously from the supply closet of a seminary school, but we didn't complain.

We were drowning, God Damn it!

But something is wrong.  Is it waterlogged?  Is it becoming portly in its self importance?

Ian, my friend - We hardly knew ya!  Now it seems you have the corner on religious interpretation and your tasty Canadians no longer simmer in a show of camaraderie.  You are on the cusp of alienating your fans/supporters and your Hebrew puns fail to rescue you from our Essenic judgment.

Yet, you seem unaware, fancying yourself as some ersatz Melchizedek while the Tree of Life withers.

Some of us (well, perhaps just myself) fantasize about Bishop James Pike rising from the dead and replacing you.

I wrote you a funny letter and you ignored it, you callous pretender.  How could you do this to a faithful member of your army?  Yes... Ian's Army.  Ironically, I now feel less loved than when I joined the KISS ARMY back in the day.  At least they sent me a keychain.

(I recall in my formative years attending a KISS concert that was being picketed by religious fanatics, actually carrying large wooden crosses.  "God loves your soul, KISS loves your money!" they shouted through bullhorns.  My response was "And?")

Ian, are you possessed by George?  What's up with your change in attitude?  Your defenders are beginning to turn...

like the infamous screw...

"Where have all the good times gone?" - (Socrates/Francis Bacon/Van Halen)

And ... please.... I know you are invisible via radio, but put some hours in on the treadmill.  I mistook you for a rotund Elton John and embarrassed myself by singing the beginning of Candle In The Wind in front of my date as we were using my laptop.

"You really like him?" she asked.

"But he's a kickass host," I replied, trying to recover, before clicking onto Facebook. 

I fear I will not get laid now, because you let yourself go!

~Exercise to spite the deadly sin of Gluttony.~  Put that in your seminary pipe and smoke it and let me know how the smoke tickles Yaweh's nostrils.

The rest of us are watching our weight and exercising  - and some of the more occult minded busy exorcising and banishing - but what of our once steady raft that defied the Georgian Maelstrom?  To whom do we turn if Knapp isn't on?  What's it all about?

I'm about to excommunicate myself to Sirius Radio if something doesn't quit sucking soon.

I fear it's all going down the vortex.  The Earth is hollow, and it is pulling everything inside.   

The Hollow Earth - displaying the George Noory Effect - sucking from down there with all the Nazi flying saucers amid the Smokey God and wee folk and giants and all those coins we accidentally dropped through street grates and the occasional lost straggler from a Carlsbad Caverns tour gone awry.

For God's sake Ian - your God or anyone's - get your groove back.

(spurning glance)

Classic. As always, entertaining and educational. As James Cagney would say, "You're good Kid, Real Good."

Quote from: PhantasticSanShiSan on April 18, 2008, 09:41:00 PM
Classic. As always, entertaining and educational. As James Cagney would say, "You're good Kid, Real Good."

Thanks, Phan.

I'm just an Angel with a Dirty Face, so to speak. 


haha i just noticed since you are typing a lengthy post about ian punnett, stupid google thinks it would be a good idea to put an "Ian Ball Ringtones" advertisement up.  stuuuuupid google.  sorry about this otherwise off topic post, but i just had to remark.


 Punnet doesn't like to do paranormal C2C shows. . You know, a lot of Ians favorable reputation stems from the impression that he is just "such a nice guy". But the truth is that he isn't such a nice guy. He gets shrill and testy very quickly. And he is just not going to do shows on the paranormal topics.


Quote from: Disgusted on April 20, 2008, 11:53:51 PM
Punnet doesn't like to do paranormal C2C shows. .  And he is just not going to do shows on the paranormal topics.

yes I agree thats why he should not be on the show as a host.

Ian Punnett's downward spiral reversed direction Saturday/Sunday, April 19/20.  His guest, Steven Quayle, must have come on the show believing he would receive the automatic affirmations Mr. Noory so readily dispenses like rubber stoppers at a cane convention.

"Tweren't meant to be," said great great great great grandfather Pirate Punnett.

Our raft, the IAN PUNNETT, saved our briny carcasses from the Great Sucking Eye of the Goat, and we found ourselves aboard a masterful ship, known simply as THE HOST (an appropriate seminary title for a ship bearing three TAU-styled masts.)

The show was to be about new attitudes toward preparedness.  No longer was it just your crazy Uncle Horus stockpiling water, food, and weapons, but average post-911 post-Katrina post-Michael Jackson individuals.

Uncle Horus believed we were slowly spiraling away from the Sun.  (A reverse cosmic maelstrom.)

"Just a matter of when," he would say confidently.  "Then it's lights out.  Cold as a giraffe's ass on Pluto."

As Punnett focused on Survivalists: The Next Generation, Quayle kept trotting out the four ponies of the Apocalypse, along with the dog "Fear."

(Here boy!  Here boy!  That's the scary Hound of Hell I adore....)

Ian made a brief stand, early on, but deferred, allowing the robotic drool of Quayle to shine through.  The resulting monologue was as effective as any Sharper Image Sound Soother in almost knocking me out for the night.

The show just wasn't working.

Ian went to open lines an hour earlier than what is typical.  A few crazy guests called in.

Suddenly, Ian was on the attack, spiraling inward if you ~Will~, countering Quayle's Mad Max scenarios regarding A) money, B) food  & C) your spouse (and killing your neighbor who wants A, B or C.)

One non-crazy guest called in and said Quayle was like Maria Antoinette.   I didn't quite get the connection, but it was an effective thrust, because Quayle blew a fuse and quoted some Latin about ad hominem attacks.

To give a blow by blow here would take at least two more pages.  Six pages the way I write.

To sum it up:  Quayle suffered a significant meltdown.  He cracked open like a clam hungry for Sea Monkeys.  Quayle essentially said Ian didn't have knowledge about the subject, at which point (or was it before?) Ian mentioned the mistakes made regarding Y2K.  I noticed an almost OCPD aspect to Ian's repeatedly pointing out that Quayle was off what Ian believed was going to be the agreed upon topic.

If you have access to Streamlink, run to your nearest CD BURNER and save this show.

I assure you, such a CD would be far more entertaining than the "JC CD" being pushed via After Dark subscriptions.

It could very well be one of Ian's last appearances on C2C, depending on the fallout from the Quayle camp.

Did I say fallout? 

(reaching for the lead umbrella - shades of Uncle Horus)

Christ on a green Apocalyptic horse!  Quayle's knee jerking had me laughing so hard I ejected my glass eye, the one with Edward Teach's seal serving as an apt if not precisely circular pupil.

It wasn't paranormal talk, but it was entertaining radio.   Pure energy.

(then again, I can be a rubber neck at times and the Quayle train definitely jumped the tracks)

Black Beard's (Edward Teach) Seal:

It's my belief after listening to both the weekend shows that Punnett had a motive behind his stance against Mr. Quayle.  First off, I'm in no way saying that Ian doesn't believe what he put forth as a more optimistic view of humanity and society.  However, and it's just a theory so take it with a gram of salt or whatever you seasoning of choice is, he may have been steering greatly away from entertaining the whole Y2K scenario idea because of some of the problems that plagued C2C and Art after the actual Y2K failed to turn in to an apocalypse.  I liked how he represented the skeptical side of the argument but it seemed even more then that to me.  Like he was uttering a verbal waiver - C2C and more specifically it's host Ian Punnett, ME, do not share the same beliefs as Mr. Quayle (or Uncle Horus). Which does say something about Mr. Punnett's journalistic integrity. Heck, even during Sunday nights show, he gently questioned/challenged some of the claims made by the former polygamist Irene Spencer regarding the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

As far as Mr. Quayle went, I liked some of what he was saying (after sifting through all the sandwich-board proclamations) but he seemed to fall into the same old apocalyptic trap - Believing that things which may come true in 20 - 30 years WILL come true tomorrow.  And I agree, after reflection (My initial reaction was "LET THE KOOK TALK!"), that Ian did well in his efforts to bring balance to the discussion.

Quote from: PhantasticSanShiSan on April 21, 2008, 04:31:55 PM
  Like he was uttering a verbal waiver - C2C and more specifically it's host Ian Punnett, ME, do not share the same beliefs as Mr. Quayle (or Uncle Horus). Which does say something about Mr. Punnett's journalistic integrity.

Interesting theory that didn't occur to me and definitely possible.  If true, Ian should be in no danger of being ordered to pack up his Mr. Microphone.


I do notice a bit of an - for lack of beter term - edge to Ian these days than before.  I guess, without even thinking about it much - I've chalked it up to personal pressures.  He is, after all, in his last lap towards ordination, and having watched a couple of friends do it - it's not easy. If you have not observed this, the best analogy I can give is imagine a doctoral program where they want not only your heart and mind, but your SOUL. The icing on the cake is that you are - more than any other profession I can think of other than maybe various forms of theater - at the mercy of other people's ideas of who you are, and how well pleasingly you portray that.

So - busy with that, or just more busy that he used to be with radio fans (I'm sure you all know he has another show) he no longer tries to answer all/most of his e-mail (a self-expectation I think was unreasonable to begin with)

I've written off what I've seen as small bouts of "more irascible than thou" to just general pressure of work, family and school.

I could be wrong - maybe he's just sick of the whole thing. I'd have to listen to his AM show (something I almost never have time to do) to see if I heard the same "edge" or not to guess if it's c2c - or just "Ian's Life."

As for his weight - I think that was a BIT snide.  We all have our weaknesses.  He did say recently that he'd started an exercise program and in his "old Ian" theology-based humor (which I do find funny - but then liberal theology is kinda like a hobby of mine - so it may just be ME) that he is praying daily for the rapture just so he won't have to do one more abdominal crunch.

So - if he is no longer worthy of c2c - well - maybe maybe not.  But as you judge him personally, remember that he has a wife, two teenage sons, two jobs, and his theological internship to get though.

For my own pleasure, I do hope he snaps out of his semi-funk soon, though.


Quote from: admin on April 06, 2008, 04:52:35 PM
bullocks, i say. 

I almost don't care about the context.  Anyone with the balls to respond to ANYTHING with the phrase "Bullocks, I Say!" deserves my undying respect!  LOL

Unless George Noory does it, and then he's just an arse as always.

Gotta keep on topic after all


Yep have to stay on topic......since I don't listen weekdays I have to rely on others who do.


Ian would do well as a fill-in for Larry King but not C2C.


I find Ian sort of infantile, and his jokes are aimed at 10 year-olds aren't they? He wants to keep everything light and fluffy, even subjects that are deadly serious. For example, last Saturday he wanted to do a show on 'the new survivalism' because he read an article about it in the NY Times. He had Steve Quayle on the show, who takes this stuff very seriously, but Ian didn't want to look at the doom and gloom aspect of survivalism. The reality though, is that people are thinking about survivalism these days because they are scared SHITLESS. They see what's happening in their country and they are worried for themselves and their families. Ian didn't want any discussion of that. Well Ian, not everything is neato and keeno - grow up already.


on this board there appears to be a growing consensus of members who say ian punnett isn't up to par (anymore).  if that's true, it's unfortunate to hear.  i haven't listened to coast in a LOOOOOOOOONG time.  why?  because i'm just not interested in being bothered with it anymore.  if art's on the air, it's a different story.  bottom line is, i'm an art bell fan, not a coast to coast am fan.  period, end of story.  that said, i haven't had an opportunity to hear ian's purported decline for myself.  say it ain't so.  of all of the fill-in hosts, he and rollye james are the only two i've ever been able to accept.  generally, i find most hosts are like verbal melatonin when it comes to discussions of the paranormal.  i can't explain why, either.  it's highly ironic, because while the topic is inherently fascinating, most people fail to capture any of the excitement that comes along with the subject.  see: jeff rense, as an example.  his show is bore-fest 2008, as are almost ALL others of that nature.

to summarize:  i haven't heard ian since halloween, but if he is beginning to stink, it's a shame to hear.  i always liked him.

I don't know. I think he wants to represent a more cerebral-spiritual version of C2C. He needs to get guests that fit his niche/genre. But I'm not really saying anything new here.


BTW George Knapp hasn't disappeared he will be on this Sunday interviewing Bruce Maccabee, why he wasn't on this past Sunday I don't have a clue he didn't mention in his email to me, only who is upcoming guest is, sure he will tell us Sunday night. :)

Quote from: EvB on April 21, 2008, 08:20:15 PM

As for his weight - I think that was a BIT snide. 


Humor is not always pretty and rarely empathetic.  I don't really care about nor judge Ian's personal life, health, seminary, children, etc.  I don't wish to be unfair.

However, by the same considerate roasting token, in light of my participating on a site titled coastgab.com, the snide bovine is already out of the barn - so to speak.  Everyone and everything is fair game.

Having said that, I generally don't make such personal remarks unless I like someone. (think of me as Don Rickles Lite.)  Believe me, if Ian were to show up in my area at an all night restaurant (as he has been known to do), I would be first in line to buy him breakfast.

Ian is a big boy (in more ways than one at present) and can take it.  He is, after all, no stranger to speaking in a jeering manner and tossing the occasional supercilious remark at whatever he deems ridiculous - be it guests, callers, or ideas.

On the offhand (very offhand) chance Ian were to peruse this site, such comparisons to a more spherical Elton John might provide much needed motivation for those Rapture (rupture) defying crunches.

(I believe the real problem is the sedentary lifestyle of school and broadcasting combined with age ... I seriously doubt Ian is a glutton.)

The most current photograph I have seen was of Art, George, & Ian together.  Hopefully it is completely outdated and Ian has even now already headed off Black Cardiac and his gang at Artery Pass.

(I really do amuse myself)

Ian can repair his physical situation.

Unfortunately, barring a brain transplant, George Noory apparently can not cease with the sucking.

I almost disintegrated my radio via bird-shot with a Winchester Defender shotgun last night as I listened to the inept interview with Clifford Pickover.  One of the brightest minds on the planet being interviewed by one of the dullest.

Dr. Smith of Lost In Space, said it best: "Oh, the pain."

As far as my apparent indignation toward Ian not acknowledging my letter, I quote the irrepressible Foghorn Leghorn:

"I say, I say, that was a joke, son."

(I have considered posting the Ian letter on this site, but don't know if I can justify it as a valid topic versus it being just another projection of my at times malignant narcissism.)

Camazotz, brotha, you don't only amuse yourself. And I do believe that "Don Rickles Educated" would be the apropos tag for your genre of humour. Your show of humility is commendable, but "Rickles lite" doesn't quite do you justice. I'd even be inclined to say a cocktail of "Don Rickles/Dennis Miller on LSD & Speed".


Quote from: Camazotz Automat on April 24, 2008, 05:30:08 PM
...in light of my participating on a site titled coastgab.com, the snide bovine is already out of the barn - so to speak.
Quote from: Camazotz Automat on April 24, 2008, 05:30:08 PM
On the offhand (very offhand) chance Ian were to peruse this site...

response to quote number 1:  point well made.

response to quote number 2:  don't be so sure about that.  i happen to know for a fact there is at least one coast to coast host perusing this site and getting a good chuckle out of it all.  sorry, but i've promised not to say who.  sweet christ in a dunking booth would i love to say who.  oh... one more note... i have reason to believe the afore mentioned host has done more here than just casually read all of these artistically crafted posts from the sidelines.  take from that what you will.

george noory sucks.
just thought i'd throw that in as a random act.

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