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Asuka Langley:

Have I told my SARS stories?

Back in 2003 I was in Toronto attending podiatry school when SARS hit.  I was having some bouts of PSVT(Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia) medical speak for 1)unknown cause 2)area of the heart ABOVE the ventricles 3)fast beating heart(approx 230 bpm).  I would awake in the AM with my ticker was flailing about in my chest, it was alarming.  I would get dressed take the elevator down to ground, and walk across the street to one of 8 hospitals located in downtown Toronto, the Emergency Department was literally less than 200 feet from my front door. 
I'd present with my healthcard(the key to all that free healthcare) and the triage nurse slipped on the pulse oximetry to one of my fingers and it showed good O2 saturation of (97% is good esp. for a smoker-non smokers are usually 99-100% as they don't have the carbon monoxide from partial combustion of cigs competing for those binding sites of my hemoglobin. Carbon Monoxide or CO has a higher affinity for hemoglobin than oxygen or O2 does.
The nurse says OK take a seat so I stand up and turn and begin to walk to the waiting room when I hear Mr S-alphabet-hog could you please follow me.  I was in a trauma room within minutes of walking into Emerge.  IV's started a few round of Adenosine, a drug that is given in 6 or 12 milligram doses via IV rapid push.  There's a nurse with the adenosine syring screwed into an IV port, another nurse with the IV bag in her hands and another nurse with a big assed what looked like a large 60 milliliter feeding syringe loaded with saline(literal size of a turkey baster).  Adenosine has a half life of 6 seconds, so if they inject 100 milligrams of this drug into you, in 6 seconds 1/2 of that 100mg or 50mg has been metabolized, in another 6 seconds there would 25mg left and then 12.5mg ad infinitum.  Because of that quick half life, they have to get the drug to the necessary receptors BEFORE it is metabolized.  On teh count of three, the nurse squeeze the IV bag of saline, begin injecting that horseload of saline WHILE nurse 3 is injecting the drug. Seconds later a "crushing" feeling occurred in my chest and the nurse were coaching me along "You're doing fine, it's OK, keep breathing."  Then all was fine again.  My heart is still racing away at around 230 bpm.  Doctor says, ok reset for a max dose of 12 mg adenosine.  The whole idea of adenosine is to momentarily stop the contractions of the heart, then when teh adenosine quickly wears off, the normal autorhythmicity of the heart would take over and resume its beating, hopefully back at Normal Sinus Rhythm or a normal heart beat/rate.
So we went for the 12 mg shot and it worked, as I heard the bu beep, bu beap, bu beep: which is an artificial, representation of your heart beat that is emitted via speakers from the telemetry equipment so that everyone in teh room can hear what your heart is doing, well that sound stopped and the  crushing sensation was magnified,  then after a few seconds instead of getting multiple "bu-beeps" per second, the sound returned to a much slower "bu-beep" "bu-beep" and the screen said Normal Sinus Rhythm. I was fixed, at least for the time being.

In one college semester I was in the Emergency Department 13 times, each time for 3-4 hours.  I always had Gross Anatomy and Physiology from 8-11:30 most mornings of the week.   Not an ideal situation for a student.

There are electrical "pathways" in the human heart, these wires that line the inside surface of your heart conduct electric impulses are different rates of speed, well I was born with a few extra wires(congenital abnormality).  So they had to book me into their Catheter Laboratory for surgery.  This is where they injected my groin with local anesthetic, the using a scalpel they cut around a blood vessel for access, then they feed these 4-5 wires from the groin up into the heart.  This was all viewable by me via a screen hooked up to a fluoroscopic scanner. I could see the wires as they advanced through the blood vessels through my abdomen, ahead of the advancing wires, I could see the bifurcations where one vessel woudl split into two vessels, well whenever the surgeon would push the wires up into these bifurcations, most times the wires just dont slip through, he had to push and it would hit these y's and wouldn't advance any further, well I could feel that small collision between the wires and my blood vessels.  He would then pull back slightly, twist the wires and then advance them.  Eventually I could see these wires in different areas of my heart all moving around with the movements of my heart.
Surgeon said, "OK, now we're going to do start the Electro Physiological Study(EPS) so that we can identify the extra pathways so that we know exactly which ones to burn away.
Then he placed his hand on a dial and turned it.  My heart rate went from idle(about 70bpm) up to 180bpm in half a second. Then everyone left the room and my heart was sped up and slowed down for the next few minutes.
Surgeon came back and said that he was going to start the actual ablation procedure now. He adjusted one of the wires in my heart and warned me that this might be painful.  I heard a click under the table, it was the surgeon hitting his foot pedal to turn on the microwaves that were burning away my extra heart wires.
As soon as I heard the click from the foot pedal, I felt something in my heart as he held the pedal down the sensation went from discomfort to pain, then I heard the release click from the foot pedal and the pain decreased right away.  I really wanted to rub my chest or something, but I wasnt allowed to move.  The whole point of this is to use Radio Frequency or RF energy to create scar tissue on these extra heart conductive pathways as scar tissue doesnt conduct nerve signals.

I was monitored for bleeding for a couple hours, then I was released to go home.  Well it ended up that I needed this procedure done again, he was conservative, just a tad too conservative. No problem, I'm scheduled and a few months later I have the exact same procedure at the exact same hospital.

This time though, SARS was well established and had killed people in Canada.  My Mom spent the night at a downtown Toronto hotel. Because of SARS and because her stay was related to a medical stay, she ended up getting a $300 hotel room for $80 IIRC.  People were afraid to stay in Toronto and the night I spent in hospital before my 2nd surgery was teh same night that the Rolling Stones were headlining a concert just outside Toronto to raise money for Toronto.  The concert was called Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto, but everyone called in SARS stock.

While I was staying in the exact same wing of the same hospital, things were much different.  ALL staff were wearing their Personal Protective Equipement(PPE) masks gloves etc.  And at the far end of the hallway, there was a room that had its outter and inner doors sealed in a fashion that made them akin to an airlock.  There was duct tape and transparent plastic sheeting all around this one room. Staff entering and exitting this room were in full PPE gloves, masks, eyewear, hoods, suppied airpacks, they literally looked like hazmat suits because that's exactly what they were.  Obviously a SARS patient or suspected SARS patient in that room.

I had a huge private room, with free TV/cable, private rooms and TV are usually extra cost, but they were NOT in this case.  I had a beautiful view of the Provincial Parliament buildings.
In the morning I went down for my procedure.  I'm wheeled into the Cath Lab once again, after being transferred from the gurney to the operating table. A nurse takes my gown and pulls it up exposing Hog's hog to the world.  She then began to slop this cold liquid onto my groin area using a set of forceps with a big piece of gauze in their jaws. She dipped the gauze into a kidney basin filled with this pinkish disinfectant. She slathered this pink sauce in a big circle on my body, about a foot and a half radius, using my penor as the center of this bullseye.  Yes, the sauce was cold, but this cold discomfort was replaced by an intense BURNING of my scrotum.  It's difficult to describe the pain using words. Just imagine shaving your scrotum, then tea-bagging your family jewels into a saucer of rubbing alcohol.
I said "Wow, that's a different experience than a couple months ago."  The nurse comments, "Yes, ever since SARS, all of our cleaning, sterilization and infection control protocols have changed. You have just experienced our new surgical prep protocol.  It's a little more aggressive."

After being released, I was told to report to my local Health Unit, which I did.  The nurses their told me to take my temperature every hour and to call them back if my temperature had risen at all.  Apparently fever is one of the signs of SARS, in fact, there was some sort of thermal technology used in airports to screen people en masses as they depart planes.  I think they are thermal cameras and anyone that "appears" to be hot and flushed are pulled aside for investigation.

In Canada we had 251 infections, 44 deaths with an 18% fatality rate.
In China there were 5,328 infections, 349 deaths   with 19 infected people dying due to causes other than SARS    SARS in China had a death rate of 6.6%.

Because of some nurses being killed, the College of Nurses of Ontario instituted the Mask Fit Testing protocol.  Every nursing student, as part of their clinical training, is required to have themselves fitted for a specific surgical mask.  Once your mask size is known, your workplace, at no cost to you, must have available an N95 mask in your specific size.  The N95 mask is specifically designed to trap certain micro-organisms instead of simple dust/dirt etc. 
These idiots running around with sawdust masks on their faces should really substitute, those masks for cellophane as it's much more effective in preventing death by coronavirus. Virae are dependent on their host being alive.

So when I went back to nursing school in 2010, I was required to have the mask fit testing done.  If it wasn't done, I couldn't take part in the Clinical portion of nursing school, therefore I couldn't be a nurse.  I think that almost all healthcare professionals in Ontario are required to have Mask Fit Testing done.

Mask Fit Testing-this is exactly what Mask Fit Testing entails.

"In late 2017, Chinese scientists traced the virus through the intermediary of civets to cave-dwelling horseshoe bats in Yunnan province."

Lee, I realize that you said that you were a bigger guy, but jeez, looks like you are slipping into a diabetic coma in that pic.  Slow down on the "soda" my friend.


Black tea and lots of hot peppers.


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