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--- Quote ---ZZZZZZZ is run by intelligence contractors. It is completely compromised from top to bottom.

They enforce a clickbait-style narrative to reduce politics and philosophy to cheap entertainment, making you bitter, cynical, apathetic, and paranoid with no tangible, positive goal in sight.

They use outright censorship and AI-driven bots to detect and drown out any voices going against their agenda.

They are trying to establish this place as an 'alt-lite CNN' to make you go back to sleep. See below for proof.

The truth is that almost EVERY internet forum and chat platform is the SAME WAY.

We are being cornered systematically and we have NOWHERE to speak our minds

They infiltrate moderation positions, they hostilely take over ownership of websites, and they send swarms of bluepill AI bots to forge a false consensus that we should sit around here doing nothing while our people are being burned away from the inside by this insane XXXXXXX society.

They are taking over everywhere, they are taking over everything. Forgot about YYYYYYY already?

STOP tolerating this bluepill bullshit. If we don't do something soon we'll have no way to break our people out of the spell. We'll all be doomed to be mentally disabled XXXXXXX slaves FOREVER.

The goal is to keep you unmotivated and apathetic by bombarding you with irrelevant garbage, and above all, to condition you to believe that effective activism is a passive affair, eg: posting online, showing up at a rally and yelling a little.

Any message that might lead to you thinking about improving your circumstances or questioning the narrative is targeted.

Their five main strategies:

1) Delete the message outright and make a deflective excuse without reasoning

2) Flood the conversation with bots/shills posting negative comments and "entertaining memes" to try to manipulate you into a "good mood" to accept the shill's rejection of the subject at hand

3) Flood the conversation with stupidity to try to make the subject unpalatable or otherwise associate it with stupidity

4) Make replies that roughly agree with the original message but add in some element of insanity, eg: "esoterism", "meme magic", random murder/destruction to try to associate the message with mental illness etc.

5) When all of the above fails and the people reading the message start to believe they are participating in a censored and astroturfed discussion, the site's moderators and/or the shills under them will start acting childish and stupid in order to appear as "just some idiot" and not the paid shills and actual AI-driven bots that they are.

Simple fact: Censorship of honest speech is 100% XXXXXXX. The truth does not fear competition from mistaken beliefs and lies, because it stronger than any mistake or lie. Truth is the primary tool and weapon of Aryans in everything we do.

The solution is simple: anything that isn't remotely intelligent should be ignored/deleted/persecuted. It's not honest speech. Lies and stupidity are attacks more than they are speech.

This means you have to give up memes and popular slang. You have to give up namecalling. You have to give up incomplete responses with only your opinion. You have to take it upon yourself to read more and have more complete answers to political questions.

And most importantly you have to vocally reject people who fall below standards of rational thought in their expression. Study the 'List of Fallacies' infographic, etc., at take it SERIOUSLY.

The bots have won the social media/image board game. We have to move to higher ground.

In this society, everyone who can't move to the higher ground is worse than dead. They are being driven insane into a deep, eternal slavery.

Never forget, it is XXXXXXX that is funding this nightmare.

It is some of our own people of our own race that are betraying us to this XXXXXXX living hell.

This entire society has become a trap with no long-term opportunities for rational, sane people. We are going to be destroyed utterly with our brainless husks laboring for XXXXXXX until we no longer can serve them better than machines and AI and then they will annihilate us.

--- End quote ---

It's probably just another lone gunman.




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