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David Blume

Started by sociald, March 03, 2009, 12:43:19 PM


Snoory has on David Bloom talking about how he wants us to get off Big Oil and get on Big Alcohol. Like the last question George asked him was were he saw the price of gas by the end of the year.

He actually had the nerve to say $4.00 by summer and $6.00 by winter. I can almost guarantee you that it will not pass $3.00 (if that) per gallon this entire year. Blume must be smarter than EVERY economist out there. Basically, he is predicting that the economy will improve in three months and NO economist I have heard is predicting that.  There is a reason oil prices have fallen off a cliff from their high point and that is people drastically reducing the amount of driving they do and the economy in the tank.

Even during the high gas prices, few if anyplace saw unleaded gas selling for $6.00 a gallon. I wonder, will GN have the nerve when he has Blume on again later in the year or next year to actually challange him on his prediction when he is proven to be incorrect. I'm not holding my breath but I can always dream.

He also said the oil companies were way underpaying for ethonal or something similar. If I run a business and have a product to sell, I SET THE PRICE that I am willing to sell that product at. Of course, if you are an ethonal company, you are probably desperate to have ANYONE buy your product so you would be willing to sell it at a much lower price.

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