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Random Topics / Re: Coronavirus 2020
« on: March 18, 2020, 09:41:35 PM »
Senda must be feeling a twitch at the news of a stimulus package...


In this one, George speaks of seeing a lady doctor who doesn't believe he is disabled.  He is having her replaced because he has no confidence in her. 


OK, I was wondering when George was going to stumble upon the smallest of clues that his "disabilities" and subsequent benefits would fall under scrutiny. He feels so betrayed.  Delicious. 

I see people with real disabilities denied medications, therapies, and even access to affordable health insurance every day due to our states budget cuts to Medicaid programs.  Service providers like us are going bankrupt and closing down all across the country due to the financial strain.  People with REAL disabilities are being thrown to the wolves and George holds up one paw to the camera..... "It screams in pain and goes numb.". Clown.

Gabor is coming to America?  He's got a cute chicky raising funds to get him to SD?  Pancakes!!!!  Where did Senda go so wrong?


Sendy gets spendy.  He re-pawns some silver and gets himself a meatball at Subway.  Sendanomics 101. 

Broncos just scored... >:(
Watching from just outside of Lawrence.  Cheers Pate...hope the Chiefs turn it around.

This Prius #5 news is most concerning.  No more videos of George gliding down the freeway effortlessly, while hollering at Kathy.
He'll be regulated to slogging his way on the bus.  No more visits out to the treasures tucked away in the double storage unit. 
A highly mobile Senda is the *best* Senda.  Depressing.  :'(

I agree, but he doesn't have to be riding in a Prius.  Some of his best mobile moments were riding the bus.  I tried to convince him that he should create content by investigating local stories late like he usually does anyway, by riding the bus to the scene after the fact, and interviewing people in the area.  He was offended by the suggestion.

Saying prayers for his meal ticket friend.


George is no fool.  He's gonna have to see your bona fideeze before he can expect his largesse.  No Nigerian Prince nor Vegas flim flam man is gonna pull the wool over his bad eye.  Who  the hell do these hucksters think they are dealing with? 

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: July 24, 2019, 07:56:11 PM »
"Fuck the bonus"- Nick Randall, Bounty Hunter

Politics / Re: WTF Excutive Punk
« on: July 22, 2019, 12:19:30 PM »
Who do you think we learned it from? I can't quite place the accent. Maybe you can help me out with this.

Don't forget Fanny

Thin, washed, but might be a guy...yeesh.

Random Topics / Re: Famous Bellgabbers on canvas
« on: July 22, 2019, 12:01:22 PM »

Has anyone ever seen Falkie and the Man of a Thousand Chins in the same room together?

Politics / Re: WTF Excutive Punk
« on: July 22, 2019, 11:54:27 AM »
You should be happy that anyone is responding your nonsense at all. I am a true American and deny the metric system. Convert you question to Imperial units and ask it again. If I get bored later on, I'll provide you with the answer.

Does this disqualify me from your Mao's Mensa Membership? If so, I'm truly devastated.

What makes a "true" American besides denying the metric system? 

A favorite Falkie moment:

In this one:  Falks happens upon several bags of peppermint covered pretzel snacks and reviews them.  Of course, he doesn't take a bag of two, but grabs the whole stash from the FREE table.  He doesn't much like them.  One thing remains a mystery...did he give the remaining snacks to his neighbors?


Georges Ipad died and TMobile cut off his service cuz they didn't get paid...

What else can go wrong?

Why have none of you seen fit to help this poor unfortunate man with his electronic needs?  Damn you all!

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:36:24 AM »
Don't be an idiot. That's because that's likely to be their only meal of the day.

These are the kids who don't look forward to summer break.  Our district started a program in which meals are prepared for the kids of lesser means throughout the summer months.  The problem is that the meals cannot be delivered and many of the kids still go hungry.

If this is meant as some sort of pre 4th July trash talk then I'd like to add my contribution: fuck you, peasants. We celebrate 'Good Fucking Riddance Day' on the 4th too. Must be a coincidence.

We'd like to invite you over for hotdogs and fireworks.

You were doing so well until you fucked things up with your hillbilly spelling. It's 'hoards', dumbass. 100 lines on my desk first thing tomorrow morning, 'I must not spell like a retarded shitkicker.'

I nevir spelt to goode nohow....

I must not spell like a retarded shitkicker
I must not spell like a retarded shitkicker
I must not spell like a retarded shitkicker

May a hoard of retarded shitkickers pull a train on yer Ma, whoz prolly a hor...
May a hoard of retarded on and so forth....

But it would be the expensive, brand name dog shit, not the generic stuff.

Or the kind of dog Shi t someone would purchase a case of, leave it on the FREE dog shit for everyone table downstairs, the entire case ends up in Senda's apartment, Senda  reviews said dog shit, complains that it tastes like dog shit, but still hordes the other eleven cans.

So Aliencon was short two mentally challenged adults this year?

At least you've got to give the guy credit for taking responsibility for his mistakes.  You'll notice he didn't blame it on his ophthalmologist.

I'm glad they have you to count on, ole Ger. I'm looking forward to the next season with great anticipation.


Hey Chefist!  Good to see you, man!

Can you go on a Nantucket Sleighride on the west coast?

Senda quote:  "We're getting rid of this Prius!  It only gets 24 should get 64!  There must be something wrong with the battery or somethimg!".
 Yeah,  I'm surprised both he and Kathleen don't have to open the doors and kick their feet Flintstone-style to get the little shit box going.

The Prius must go straight to the junkyard after those two have been anywhere near it. The stains on the upholstery can't be lightly sponged away, and the toxic haze Senda leaves behind Rhim must put the Seinfeld smelly car epsode in the shade.

I have envisioned a ghastly Prius graveyard behind the Ferry Street Hovel Complex.

I wonder when the owners of these Chinese buffets are going to cotton on to the fact that all-u-can-eat is not a wise business strategy if you're within 200 miles of Senda and Kathy.

Well, science has yet to determine the outside range of a fourth-hand, bashed-in, fully loaded Prius.  And by fully loaded, I don't mean its amenities...I mean FULLY loaded.


He hasn't worked out yet that addiction and survival are not mutually inclusive.

And what of Senda and Kathleen's motivations for the buffet or smorgasbord?  A predilection? A penchant?

Well they are not so much Raccoons as Spawns of Satan that rob food from innocent kitties.

Senda quote:  "They are addicted to cat food."

Note the mail box that was installed there to facilitate the returns that Senda made of the toys that were delivered broken to him. This is the hovel where he resides...Mind your own business and STFU.

Life on Ferry Street is no fairytale.

That is actually rather profound BJM.   I think we may have an explanation for the fear and loathing of Amish at long last.

Yes, than and the fact that when you shake the hand of an Amish man, you feel the rough grip of a man who toils for a living. 

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