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Was this  your first online stop after release?  If so, I question.

Want to give him credit?  Please swipe to 1111-1111-1111-1111, and it will apply to his outstanding debt load?  Many thanks in advance from Norry.

Hmmm!  They were discussing an Instagram account last night. 

Saying, Bahhhhhhd,  Bahhhhhhd,   Bahhhhhd, maybe that is the ParanormalDateDom.Com tie in. 

I am just being an investigative reporter here. 


"Check out my clip-on horns!"

There are no coincidences; Norry's handle on this forum is GNorry, otherwise, GoatNorry.

Have you heard George Knapp's opinion on the Covid?  I heard that he thinks that this is the "real deal", or that is what I remember from one of his last shows. 

Little lambs turn into old goats.  The proof is before you.

I just got a drop!  "Gramper Pampers" is in pandemic mode.  I'll be simple now, just pick up a pack, or a case for your quarantine.  It stinks enough with the Covid, don't let your quarantine make your neighbors hit the street.  Keep it confidential, wear them responsibly.  Remember we are all in this together. 

A word from the wise, "It's just the nightly do."

Well, Norry, your intention experiment just gave us another 30 days of quarantine time. 

He wins the Raspberry Award for Worst Intention Experiment after the effects take place.  We all gag with disgust that someone that made a deal with the devil, from "Worker In The Light" conducts an intention experiment for the good of all personkind.

Just a week ago, ahhhh "It's just the flu." 

Question:  Why would Norry want to conduct a mass prayer with the followers of Coast if, "This is just a flu?"  I'm as confused on that as I am why the world is systematically being shut down and suppression is taking place.

I watched a YouTube presentation on the Spanish Flu yesterday and it illustrated to me why the government is taking some of these quarantine measures.  However, there is a delicate balance here.  It is not simply the flu and I have posted, I feel strongly opposing Norry's presentation of that on the air waves, too.  I do not think that there should be a Wuhan type quarantine.  Shutting all of America down is causing additional stress to the people, and that in itself will aid in the spread of this flu.  They are treating us like cattle going to slaughter.  This is also what they did to the Jews in Germany.  They took away their right to make a living, eventually segregating them to the ghettos.  I sense there is more to this than simply the flu.  I feel like there is a noose around my neck that is getting tighter and tighter as more and more restrictions are put into place. 

Norry, before you pray en mass for miracles, you need to get down on your hands and needs and beg for redemption.  God will forgive you. . .maybe.

If you do not this will be a life extinction event. 

Norry, before you pray en mass for miracles, you need to get down on your hands and knees and beg for redemption.  God will forgive you. . .maybe.

He needs to redeem himself first.

Soon, due to tightening health restrictions there will be further safeguards put in place.  Only allowed, will be health shows with Doc.
 Wallet and Ben Phucks.  All shows will be prerecorded in Los Angeles as Norry will be quarantined and the airwaves under a curfew.  The show will be broadcast from a bathroom in the broad open daylight.  If Norry is fortunate enough to get a domestic airline pass to make it to St. Louis, he will be mandated self-isolated to the cave as he is in a high-risk vulnerable age segment.  He will still be able to broadcast from the cave, but I have heard there may be intermittent hicks as he is engaging in wine therapy.

Note:  This is all subject to change at a moment's notice, the situation is fluid.  It is also rumored that Norry is hysterical that Vegas has closed.  His anxiety is overtaking him, and he ran down the runway at LAX to catch the last jet to Macau.   Macau, the China equivalent to Vegas, has just reopened after no new cases of the Corona virus have been reported in the last two weeks.

Stay tuned for Dateline updates.

As a consolation I guess I can listen to Norry, get wasted, and go on a wild-posting spree.

Rats!  The Paranormal Happy Hour has been cancelled, unless we want to do a drive through and have a designated driver in a multi-passenger van.

lol this idiot seems to be begging for a nasty case of COVID-19. what the hell does the SEASONAL FLU have to do with a brand new highly contagious novel virus that we know very little about? It seems he feels bad for the seasonal flu and wants the media to give it its due recognition as a killer virus. When HIV-AIDS appeared in the 80's was he spouting this type of nonsense 'Folks there are MILLIONS of people who have cancer, why are we hearing so much about this AIDS? Somebody has to put it into perspective and I'm the guy who's doing it.'  He said that tonight about ........ the COR-OH-NO virus, he can't even pronounce it properly. he has a small point but as always with him it's presented so poorly and awkwardly the point is lost.

So after bashing the media for sensationalizing and spreading panic over the corona virus what does he do? He catches his breath and launches into a sales spiel for Newsmax.  'FOLKS EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT THE CORON-OH VIRUS THESE DAYS. NEWSMAX HAS IT COVERED. FIND OUT EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ....... KILLER BUG ON NEWSMAX!'  and he's so self unaware that when he reads 'KILLER BUG' it doesn't even occur to him that it makes him a total hypocrite.

As Norry would say, "Good Point!"

Last night I listened to award winning George Knapp, an investigative reporter, who encouraged people that this virus is the real deal.  You need to pay attention and not be dismissive of it.  Praise George Knapp for his responsible comments. 

Now, contrast that with Norry who is dismissive of the actions taken to contain the virus.  "Well, it is not as deadly as the seasonal flu.  Listen to me for the truth and I will continue to give it to you on this."  He needs to be immediately removed from the air waves. 

He is entitled to his opinion and should be expressive, but I don't want to hear his unthoughtful commentary.  Personally, I feel that the actions taken are hurting his pocketbook and wallet.  No conferences and live show hurt the bottom line.  It's hurting a lot of Americans, but I would rather have overkill than have American killed unnecessarily for a lack of health care resources as they may become inundated. 

I noticed that several talk show hosts on PremRat syndication are towing the same line including Rush Limbaugh.  I think Norry is a part of that collective. 

Random Topics / Re: Coronavirus 2020
« on: March 16, 2020, 12:23:51 PM »
I've read and heard that the Vegas strip is going dark due to the Corona virus.  Better get your bets in before they shut down the tables.

Trump has declared Sunday for a national day of prayer.  I will pray on Sunday for Norry's redemption.

Ian was on last night.  I did listen for a while as background noise as I unloaded the crates of toliet paper.

I have implemented the following new personal pandemic strategy to avert Covid-19 as it regards Norry:

1.  No fantasies of  body hugging Norry, even in the mind's eye your thoughts may become a reality.  Due to social distancing, a faint from afar as Norry walks into the room will have to do.

2.  After posting about Norry, promptly use sanitizer, spray with Lysol, and bleach your hands.  That is dirty and can makes general virus germs spread. 

3.  A radio may be listened to as my ears have not gone into quarantine. .. . .yet.

This Personal Pandemic Strategy to avert Covid-19 is a dynamic document and shall be revised as conditions warrant. 

Be safe!  Do not get hot listening to Norry, reviewing pictures online, or reading old love letters.  That can be mistaken for fever, and that might get you  noticed and sent directly to the nearest FEMA camp.

He is at it again.  He gets an idea, and it is probably wrong, but he uses his guests to validate that opinion or outlook.  It is being done by him with Covid-19. 

Norry, it is a bioweapon.  You may not actually recover from the disease.  There have been some situations where that person could recover, but remain a carrier.  Some have contracted it a second time, and the second time is worse, they die.   There is an aids or HIV component, and the person is treated with antivirals.  Just like HIV, they must maintain that drug throughout the remainder of their lives, or they will get the disease again.  The drugs are expensive, and does our society have the resources to assume that cost?

There is the rationing of health care services, that is going on in Italy now.  Older people are not being tubed and left to die if they need oxygen.  By older that is over sixty.  They are on socialized medicine, but that could happen in America if the resources are stretched.  We really don't know.  Norry, is almost seventy, and if in Italy, if he contracted it, might just be triaged out.

There is just so much that is not really known, and the system can easily be overwhelmed.  Our country has less than a million hospital beds, and much fewer ICU beds.  In China there were more beds per thousand sick to accommodate the sick than America has. 

Norry, go deeper, it is not simply the flu. 

I pray for his redemption every night.

It depends on what you want to talk about if the subject matter may be controversial then your probably going to get further screened. Definitely was the case when I was first starting out calling in. But honestly don't like to talk about politics and try to stay away from discussing it as much as possible because almost always someone will disagree with it.

Maybe it could be described as interrogation.

I thought you might have Hoaglanded Peter Davenport.  That is the only reason I turn in some weeks.

Yes the partner, ; ;) ;) ;) ;) ;), I mean male producer is having hot sweats, mood swings, and refuses to take hormones.  That explains the distractions.

Speaking of the "hippy" generation in the interview I heard something like that was a time for sex, drugs, and rock and roll, spoken by the guest.

Norry, "I missed all of those."  Huh! Huh!

Did I really hear that?

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