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Whatever the hell is going on in this thread, I don't condone shooting people - homicide -- without due process. Or self-defense. God, this site scares me. I'm done. Whatever issue there is, it lies with that Missouri Sheriff's Department and not some gun-carrying person bent on shooting people on-site. On-site!

Woa. boy! This site sucks! I no longer associate with it! At all! Leave it to the law! The law!

I resign from this mess! A real mess! Stay away from it! i will. Read these posts, and decide your part in all of this! I'm smart, and I'm out!
From what I researched, state law in Missouri:
Concealed carry:
Missouri Statute 571.070 (8/28/2007) says that it is unlawful for a felon or adjudged incompetent Person to have possession of any firearm (including concealable firearms). Violation of this law is a class C felony.

Missouri Law Exempts the possession of antique firearms, as defined in 18 U.S.C. Section 921, from the provision that specifies a person commits the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm if he or she is a convicted felon possessing a firearm (Section 571.070).

Missouri Statute 571.121 (8/28/2007) says (a) you have to carry permit with you when you carry the concealed weapon and if you don't have it with you, it is not a crime, but you can be fined up to $35, and (b) director of revenue issues a driver's license or a state I.D. with a CCW endorsement that reflects that you can carry concealed.

Now, Mr Vandeven states that people who are criminals are obtaining concealed-carry permits. That should be investigated, all, if true.
Quote from: anagrammy on August 13, 2011, 07:29:31 PM
Thank god for the rule of law. 


Not quite, in America. So much for what "great Americans" describe as as the "rule of law."

Sure, such can take the "law" into their own hands. Deciding to execute people because they don't like their haircuts. Or executing people because they don't like the shirt or baggy pants they're wearing.

Next thing you know, "good Americans," you'll feel justified for executing your neighbor because his dog craps on your lawn. Or executing anyone who blocks your parking space one night.

Where will it end, huh?
Quote from: Michael Vandeven on August 13, 2011, 08:27:14 PM
I do not mean to suggest that I personally should be the one to summarily exact punishment upon these creatures. Nor do I mean to suggest they should be denied due process. What I DO mean to suggest is that I think certain sex crimes should be capital offenses. I totally support the execution of child molestors. I see no value in feeding, housing, registering, or monitoring these people.

Sent from my Droid X.

Mr, Vandeven, in all respect, if these people have indeed committing some crimes it's your sheriff's department that is allowing to have convicted felons to own firearms, which is a violation of Missouri state law. As I found out.

Feel free to post the name of the Sheriff's Department of whatever country of Missouri that's allowing convicted felons and convicted criminals to hold concealed-carry firearm permits. I'll be glad to investigate as a journalist.
Quote from: Michael Vandeven on August 13, 2011, 07:21:38 PM
Yesterday I went to the sheriff's department to renew my conceal-carry permit. Things were different this time, though. I was astonished by the unending the stream of sex offender creatures meandering in to register themselves. They all looked as creepy as you'd expect, and they invariably smelled like urine stained, green shag carpet. Just put a bullet in these fucks and be done with it.

Sent from my Droid X.

Mr. Vandeven:

I understand your frustration in this matter. But please now so many Conservatives brag on and on about protecting the U.S. Constitution and "the word of law," yet feel they they have the rights to execute people without due process.

I know your feelings. But such who claim to defend the U.S. Constitution can be among the first to violate it in the name of patriotism. Please think of that.

Our world cannot become "The Ox-Bow Incident." Such is lawlessness, sir.

No disrespect. Just the darn U.S. Constitution, in which so many people decide it applies only if it's convincing.

All Americans should believe in due process, not heat-of-the-moment murder in the name of "doing the right thing."

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ian Punnett
August 13, 2011, 07:38:58 PM
I feel I understand Mr. Ian Punnett. He needs the money Premiere Radio Networks pays him. He sold out.

Mr. Punnett has his reasons. I respect that, although I don't agree.
I didn't listen to the program, but just heard that posted sound byte in which Mr. George Noory "suddenly" realizes that people have to watch what they say on air. Sure, that didn't keep him and his Fox-Sports Radio buddy Tomm Looney from basically convicting people who use three names as being assassins and murderers.

Now he's careful? After defaming some good people? What a joke Noory is. He's never offered an apology for his blunders and dumb theories, no matter how many good people get defamed.

As far as his quote that it "throws off his whole system," what he is referring to is called "reckless disregard for the truth" in mass-media law. I didn't get how that applied in the sound byte I heard, but I've heard Noory make references that would could bring Premiere Radio Networks under civil responsibility for their words. Like Fox-Sports Radio, too.
I envision a YouTube parody of George Noory. Somewhere out there, there's someone that looks like him -- or can with proper costuming and makeup -- that can learn to imitate him for what I'll call Joke-To-Joke AM With George Noory.

As long as you use original material, it's considered obvious satire and fair comment and criticism. Because Noory is a public figure, he can be made fun of. Which should be easy. I feel we all need a Noory impersonator! Ha! Ha! I'll be glad to write the material! Ha! It's an easy parody! Ha!
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Have you been Hannitized?
August 11, 2011, 10:36:50 PM
Tonight, I heard a replay from my local affiliate with The Sean Hannity Show.

Today, Hannity -- among his b.s. lies -- claims to be some handgun marksman and a gunfighter.

Hannity is a fake and has a belly full of hot air. He lies nonstop, and fools believe him? And his lies?

A fake American, and a true disgrace to courage in America, and mankind. Hannity is nothing but a loud-mouth, deceptive wimp! Who's afraid of this own shadow!

Ha! Ha!
We can use ration and reason and write until we're blue in the face.

The thread title says it all: "George Noory Sucks!"

He sucks! He's a joke to radio! A real joke! But he thinks he's serious and intelligent! Ha!
George Noory claims to have been a reporter? Ha! he'd have gotten his behind sued for defamation of character, and reckless disregard for the truth in any major U.S. daily newspaper as I worked for in those years.

Noory is a craphead. If he'd ever turned in a supposed story over to me as an editor that he'd write, I'd fired his worthless ass like a cannon. Then pitch a fit in the newsroom and warn my staff about being socially responsible.

Noory has never grasped the concept that socially responsible journalists and historians identify people by their full names and addresses to avoid confusion with other people with the same first and last names, and noting town or city of residence.

Noory would be sued. And sued big. Exposing a newspaper open to a civil lawsuit it can't possible win. Damn fool! He is an ignorant fool. He's just someone who sits behind a microphone. mouthing off.

One day, all, Noory will broadcast a defamation of character or reckless disregard for the truth statement that will get Premiere Radio Networks sued severely!  Severely!

That network will have to settle, because it will lack the evidence needed to proceed with a trial.

Noory is a fool, and one day he will cost Premiere millions of dollars for his foolishness.
I just listen to George Noory's current Coast-To-Coast AM when I need a good laugh. Can you believe Premiere Radio Network is serious  about this program?

I write satire. But nothing is funnier than the mess that is Premiere Radio Network's Coast-To-Coast AM.  That program is a joke, and a true insult for real Americans who do and think for themselves. Yet, these people take others' money for that crap.

Now, who's being the real Americans now? Not these people. Worthless profiteers seeking personal gain off dumb listeners. Dumb people who pay their money to manipulative guests!

As far as the supposed "science advisor" "Dr" (in quotes) Richard C. Hoagland, I'll note that his obvious, basic flaw is adopting "The Enterprise Mission" as his flagship.

Hoagland apparently can't create for himself. Who else would someone copy the works of the late Gene Roddenberry on which to build his reputation? Referring to varied Star Trek episodes every time he attempts to discuss "real science."

Looking at Hoagland's shameless mess of a website, I can see he decided to "lift" the fictional works of science fiction (Star Trek - The Original Series) as the basis for his credibility.

Real, true and intelligent scientists do not use science-fiction as the foundation of their "work." Star Trek was an insightful, intelligent series. But it's fiction. Not fact.

When Hoagland ever thinks for himself -- not taking concepts from others -- he will be a 'real scientist" in my mind. He seems to lack the gray matter to discern between what's real and what's not.

He's made his name on his nonsense. I haven't been involved in science my entire life not to see that. But he can simply fool people who don't know better. But he succeeds at that, but not with me.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Noory's New Look
August 10, 2011, 12:37:42 AM
Let's all note Mr. George Noory's obvious, "went to a good salon in Los Angeles at the cost of Premiere Radio Network" hair coloring!

Ha! Look at Noory's hair! If that isn't fake black color, nothing is! Nothing like older guys whose features are aged, then have someone dye out all the grey on their heads. Thinking they look younger! Such men look ridiculous!

And obvious! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Yes, that may even so fake as be some wig, too! Ha! Ha! Too obvious, whatever that "thing" on his head is! Ha Ha ! He looks like he's wearing some animal on his head! Ha! Ha! Ha! I hope Noory doesn't to the zoo looking like that! The keepers might think one of their "specimens" escaped and planted itself firmly on some visitor's topside! Ha ! Ha! Ha!
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Mark Levin, The Great One
August 09, 2011, 11:52:46 PM
Tonight, after tuning out Conservative Radio for a year, I heard the The Mark Levin Show promo brag that he is "The George S. Patton Of Talk Radio."

What? Some guy sitting behind a microphone is some war hero? What? A disgrace to America, and a shameless insult to George S. Patton himself. Did Mr. Levin gunfight -- and defeat -- Poncho Villa's henchmen personally in the dusty streets of some Podunk Mexican town? When he was a young man as a member of the U.S. National Guard? As George S. Patton did? No! No! Levin has some nerve!

Mr. Levin is a fake and a dumb braggart that rides the coattails of great Americans and tries to fool people into his nonsense and baloney.

I know better than to ever claim to compare myself to George S. Patton.

So much for being a true American. Despite the speeches.
I will never forget Mr. George Noory the scientist, who stated that music is the one thing that appeals to all creatures, citing those who snake-charm cobras with fluke music.

Mr. Noory doesn't know -- in his scientific wisdom -- that all snakes are deaf. They lack external ears, and cannot perceive airborne sounds, human voices or music. The reason all species of snakes and monitor lizards flick their tongue in and out is because it's a sensory organ that collects air samples, then transfers it to a gland in their brains for analysis. Specifically, detecting any changes in air density. Like movement from external sources before their eyesight can register it.

It is not the audible music, but the movements of the snake charmers that the cobras acknowledge. I can't wait for the "great" scientist George Noory to "write the book" on living things of this world. He can start with the dinosaurs and work up from there. Ha! No doubt, it will be co-authored by another "great" (junk) scientist, "Dr." Richard Hoagland, and God-only-knows how many of the credentialed guests and bogus "advisers" who are clueless as the day is long.

Only fooling listeners that are dumber than they are. If you can imagine that!

I write comedy and satire, but nothing is more hysterical than the supposed seriousness of George Noory's Coast-To-Coast AM.

Ha! Ha!
George Noory Sucks! There's no reason to have any further information. He "acts' like a journalist, a historian and a scientist when he has no such experience. Any program who would employ "Dr" Richard C. Hoagland as any adviser is its own parody.

What a shameless joke Coast-To-Coast AM is today.

George Noory Sucks! Enough said, all, in the English language! Another late-night infomercial posing as intellectual thought! Don't make me laugh at this garbage posing as independent, American thought!

I will never forget the incompetence that is Mr. George Noory. When he stated about snake charmers, and music has some soothing reaction on all things.

Mr. Noory is no scientist. All snakes lack ears, Mr. scientist! They are deaf to airborne sounds, human voices and music. Dumb ass! The reason snakes -- including cobras, which I once handled -- flick their tongue in and out is because it's a sensory organ. The cobras respond to the charmer's movement only, not his music! They can't hear it!

A snake absorbs an air sample, and monitors changes in air density. Especially movement around it. Displacement caused by movement. That sample of air is registered in a brain gland called the "Jacobson's Organs."

Kind of like a smoke detector. When Mr. Noory said that on air that night, I realized his grasp of science -- Like Dr. Hoagland -- can fit on the head of pin, and leave room to park the reptile house at the Bronx Zoo.
I no longer listen to the mess that's become Coast To Coast AM. After reading my email inbox, and the CoastZone newsletter, now you know why.

I read nothing but a description of junk from Dr. Richard C. Hoagland. Junk! Garbage.

And Premiere Radio Networks airs this trash without shame. What a bunch of losers.

What do you call a radio program that airs trash, rubbish and garbage without shame? Coast-To Coast AM, with George Noory.

Screw Coast-To-Coast AM. That program is so far out of it these days, as to defy my mind as true, independent thinker. What a disgrace to radio that program is. In our country, and the entire world. The entire world!

That program has become trash. And appears darn proud of it. And insulting the intelligence of those who can best build a better world.

I'm done venting. Ha!
Quote from: jmart on March 29, 2011, 02:13:50 PM
Anybody know what the music is in the ad for Coast Cast?  Driving me crazy.

I don't tune in anymore, and I've yet to heard of Coast Cast. If I could find an audio of such an ad online, I might -- might -- be about to figure out the music.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell Quits Coast
March 31, 2011, 06:08:50 AM
Let me offer my views on this post, and talk-radio in general. Like I say, I have nothing else to do but think. And think for myself.

And, by referring to George Noory simply as George, instead of Mr. Noory or just Noory, indicates a degree of familiarity to me.

Since there's another host named George, Mr. Knapp, I'll deduce something here. In the program's circle of influence, Mr. Noory is simply referred to as"George," while Mr. Knapp is simply referred to as "Knapp." Am I close? Kind of like a newsroom. Only the higher ups are referred to by their first name, while everyone else is identified by their last name.

Quote from: IvannZ on March 30, 2011, 03:57:07 PM
I am a concerned C2C fan from the likes of folks who are out to scrutinize the great and talented George Noory
See below quote about ratings and followers. If that is true, why are you concerned? And concerned about what? The members of this forum hardly make or break the program's ratings, and are a small, insignificant percentage of its listeners.

Also, if the host you mentioned is indeed "great," he should be beyond the scrutiny you cite. It hardly seems logical, if someone is so exalted, that anyone should be taken aback by what others say about him or her? I may be some nobody to all the "Big Shots" out there, but I know who and what I am, and what they think or say of me matters not. If such would make themselves transparent to all, as I do, then we'll see who and what they are. Do they?

It's simple: Don't let the bastards grind you down, as my father advised me many times in life. And I admit I often didn't follow such true advice. As I should have.

Quote from: IvannZ on March 30, 2011, 03:57:07 PM
You are in much jeopardy from being able to accomplish your goals to oust George from his host duties.
What kind of jeopardy, may I ask? From who and from where? Some of our everyday lives are jeopardy. These forums hardly represent any harbinger of doom in my existence.

This is the United States Of America. It is a land of fair comment and criticism. That's what makes our system viable, when other nations were built with leaders suppressing views that opposed their own. Now, Mr. Noory has decided to become a public figure, and should be big and aware enough to know that such, even obvious satire of himself and others like him, is part of "the glory" of that situation.

If such people are indeed great, why would they need people like you to defend them? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

I will share a theme I learned in life experiences and world travel about civilizations: No one needs the support of a single person to gain popularity or power. All such need to do is discredit -- or eliminate -- those who oppose them. It's that simple.

Quote from: IvannZ on March 30, 2011, 03:57:07 PM
  So I believe I am going to add a new thread here called George’s Corner.
That thread title sounds like something someone involved in broadcasting would create -- geared towards children. Disney Radio comes to mind.

Quote from: IvannZ on March 30, 2011, 03:57:07 PM
  This will be where all the supporters and fans can say how much we appreciate George and then list your best aspects and qualities you like about him and the show
If Mr. Noory has legions of loyal followers, as you state, why do they need a thread on Coastgab?

Quote from: IvannZ on March 30, 2011, 03:57:07 PM
  George has high ratings and many loyal followers
Admittedly, this is what every program needs to survive. And it's probably the main point of your posting.

The only people who give a hoot about ratings are networks and advertisers. Listeners themselves should know that. If you don't associate with those at Coast-To-Coast AM, or Premiere Radio Networks, why do ratings matter to you? This is more a discussion on the program's integrity, as related by a number of members who know it well. And feel it should stand for something, especially when so many others things don't.

Please know I'm neither Conservative nor Liberal. Right now, I side with neither. I was a Republican up to roughly two years ago. It was talk-radio and the philosophy from that side that caused me to abandon them. Why? Ratings.

People like Rush Limbaugh get high ratings. High ratings. Does that mean such as him are right? Does that mean such as him can do anything more than just talk? Absolutely not. Higher ratings increase the chances that more people will patronize its sponsors. Higher-rated programs, then, can charge advertisers more for airtime. Increasing revenue.

All ratings mean is that people listen to such programs. Why? Because we have a society comprised of many people who seek direction from the "exalted ones." It's easier to have someone tell you what you should think, rather than molding your own views. As I do.

Our society revolves around it. Worse than that, it's dependent on it. Look at our entertainment, motion picture and television industry. Too many can't envision, think or create for themselves. The above-cited medias do that for them. Infinite complacency.

That's where ratings come in. Which, to me, reflects what I fear in my heart and soul: The increasing dumbing of the American people. Because we have media -- increasing by the day -- that "does it all for them."

Some of the lamest television programs have the highest ratings. Some of the best television programs ever done didn't get good ratings, and were short-lived because of that. Regardless of substance.

If everyone wants to become mindless and brain dead, does that mean you're abnormal for not going along with it? Just because "so many are doing it" doesn't mean it has integrity.

When I heard recent news-talk programs, all I heard was solely "talk" about U.S. history. Before the means of mass communication -- and ratings -- were in place. Specifically, about our roots. Lots of rhetoric. Lots of "ideals." Lots of speeches.

I'll offer an example from world history. Yes, there's a world outside of ourselves out there, but it represents human nature all the same.

During Nazi rule, the German leaders understood the power that radio brought to their means. Now, the message could be spread further. Into every home. To virtually every person.

It could be said, in a word: ratings.

During its rise and reign -- and even later during the collapse -- of the Third Reich, leaders like Joseph Goebbels (note: a PhD) both understood and exploited the concept of ratings. They got high ratings, all right. That they got! But, that does mean what they were broadcasting had integrity? Does an exorbitant amount of listeners means those leaders were right?

Does the message really matter if broadcasts have countless listeners hanging on its every word? And taking it as sound, simply because so many others are tuning in as well?

I'll note that I did indeed reply more with questions than commentary. But the initial post offers more questions than answers. To me.

Again, I have nothing to do these days but think. And I'm not among those that are dependent on others to form their own views. Whether I'm right or wrong with my analysis, I can at least cite that such is indeed my own. And not molded by popular thought, consensus, or what have you.

In the public forum of our ever-growing electronic age, some people want to have their cake and eat it too. The means for people to spread their message is increasing. But such must realize and accept the downside: The means to offer alternative viewpoints to that message is also increasing.

Cordially, and in all due respect and in the name of fair comment,

James G.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell Quits Coast
March 31, 2011, 01:40:56 AM
Quote from: morphiaflow on March 30, 2011, 02:09:33 PMMost telling is his "what would you like to hear on Coast?" post. THAT is the host fishing for subject matter. Make no mistake. This is either GN's biggest fan in the world, or it's the man himself.

I concur. It reads like someone having some influence on the program's content. I've addressed that "what would you like to hear on Coast?" here:


And if it's the host himself, he'd be best advised to post during the live show, showing he can post and broadcast simultaneously. And not during breaks, but while on-air. And not prepared ones, because members will post questions in real time to be answered in a prompt manner. Kind of like the ventriloquist speaking while drinking a glass of water bit.

We can even make it into some Coastgab game show, kind of like "Beat The Clock." Some of have nothing else to do but think.

I note, though, the posts could be done through someone else. Which it might be. That's no fun!
Quote from: Michael V. on August 11, 2010, 10:57:28 AM
i would love to grow marijuana for my personal consumption.  however, with the laws being as medieval as they are in some places (remember, i'm in missouri), it's just not worth the risk.  heh heh, i'd rather affect social change on this subject through other means.  :)

I remembering reading a few years ago on an Australian newspaper's website about such provisions now existing in areas of that country -- where people are allowed to grow their own marijuana for personal consumption.

The odd news bit? A rash of thefts! Numerous people were reporting to the local police -- yes, the Aussie cops -- that thieves were trespassing on their property, yards and gardens, cutting down and stealing their marijuana plants. Shame on that! Ha! Nothing like those "down under!"

"Police investigating thefts of citizens' pot plants"? Ha!
Quote from: IvannZ on February 24, 2011, 06:43:26 AM
What topics would you like to hear on C2C? If this were a request board for the show, what would you like?

I must say -- as an independent and analytical thinker, that question caught my attention.

If you're not associated with the Coast-To-Coast AM program, why would you be seeking program-subject ideas? None of us have any input or weight in determining content. I must ask: Do you?

Please know some of us have more deep, insightful concepts earned through trying life experiences and intensive careers. Now, why should such as us "surrender our work" (and it's work, believe it or not) without any compensation or credit to ourselves? Doesn't the program have paid employees -- call them earners -- responsible for that?

Also note that the name George has six characters. Your user name also has six characters. Like Mr. Noory says often, there's no coincidences? (My user name has six letters, but totals eight characters)

Being a lifelong student of the English language -- and having a 30-year career in writing, editing, journalism and public-information -- there's a structure to your words, spelling and grammar I recognize. This is merely my conclusion, based on my experience and wits. It reads like someone who's in the broadcast industry. In one form or another. Probably college educated, and more than likely a broadcasting/television/radio major.

I can tell you're not in the print -- or written area. But I can tell writing is involved in a degree of what you do. But when I see a certain lack of punctuation and wrong words being used (although pronounced the same as the correct one), that's something I've seen in radio and television people -- those going through editors like myself before their words are printing, published or published. I also note numbers under 10 aren't spelled out per AP style or root English. I've seen that trait in broadcast people, because what they write is spoken, not printed.

Again, the notion of seeking program ideas from these forums "piqued my interest." Now, note the majority of broadcast people would write "peaked my interest."

If you do indeed work in some capacity in broadcasting or entertainment -- especially for a major network -- I will leave you with this. Some of us create big things. Big things. All the time. I do not watch movies anymore, nor watch or even have a television. A two-year ordeal that cost me a limb opened my mind beyond belief. Now I see further. A lot further than I ever thought possible. All I do is think these days. And sit behind this keyboard and write out what I envision. And that's all I do.

But the main things I learned is that our world needs to get better. After surviving what I did, and having to live as I do now in poverty. With one leg. I sought to dedicate my life to making a better world. And a better country. But, although I changed in such a positive manner, I can see the world didn't. It's called greed. It's called selfishness. It's called indifference.

It's called harm. Harm to such a wonderful world we have.

I get tired of having my work and material stolen. Darn tired. And, no doubt, falling back on my grasp of human nature, to assist the cheaters in gaining material things. And adding to their own prestige. Because they can't think, create and envision such things on their own. No matter how much they're "earning."

Note the word "earning" in quotes.

But, since I'm a generous person -- the kind people like to take advantage of -- here are a couple of my giveaways to consider:



I only have about 40 more of them "laying around."

In any event, anyone claiming not to be associated with the program couldn't use them anyway. Why? It would reveal such an association. Again, if there's no coincidences, such couldn't have come up with such ideas "by coincidence." Like I read in many network submission agreements, and the disclaimer on how the staff of such networks can devise an exact or similar concept "by sheer coincidence." What a world, all.

Cordially and in all respect,

James G.

Excuse if my typing isn't up to par tonight. The last ceiling bulb in my one-room flat burned out tonight, and I'm plunged into total darkness here. Nothing like using a black keyboard, too! So, forgive my typos. I have a small flashlight strapped to my shoulder right now so I can see! Ha And, having a 12-foot ceiling and only one leg, I rely on the staff here to change the bulbs as needed. Which they do.
Did anyone here submit anything to "Fantastic Stories" during that Coast-To-Coast AM campaign?

If so, did you hear anything back from it? If you were accepted, what kind of agreement and release did you receive from the program's producers?

Like to know.
I'm not sure how or by who talk-radio ratings are determined. Or if any surveys are conducted. I listen to talk-radio exclusively these days, but have only been requested to do music-format surveys and ratings.

I'm not much on having talk-radio program hosts also do commercials, using the show's own format to give it credibility. Now, I can understand hosts mentioning sponsors during the program -- as is done with Fox-Sports Radio. But when hosts, namely people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, use current events posing as news comment or analysis as cover to "lead into" sponsor endorsements, it diminishes the program's integrity. There should be a line between editorial and advertising. As I knew working in the major-daily newspaper field.

Maybe times have changed, but I haven't heard of advertisers buying space on the opinion-editorial pages. Sure, I'm not naive enough to feel some journalists may have some slant to support an advertiser. But, it's so blatant on some major news-talk radio programs these days, as to render things downright laughable.

I especially remember Limbaugh harking on last year about how tough times are getting for Americans. Or how they must be losing sleep. The solution? That Select Comfort bed thing! Shameless. Or, when that woman asked Limbaugh's advice on how to use her tax refund, got the "buy the Select Comfort bed thing" bit. Further shamelessness. Perhaps such products are worth every dime, but let listeners determine that for themselves -- instead of trusting those they trust to tell them so.

Or Beck running off about the decline of the U.S. Dollar so many times. Then quickly offering some "Goldline," sponsor-driven resolution to his previous news commentary.

I'll conclude those "promo codes" hosts provide to listeners do go a long way in determining the sponsors' advertising effectiveness. To gauge what shows are the most viable, and what shows aren't.

Coast-To-Coast AM is syndicated through Premiere Radio Networks. There's a business. As long as people patronize its advertisers -- who continue to provide revenue -- things stay as they are. All I'd suggest is to tune out Coast-To-Coast AM entirely. Do not support its advertisers. Sure, the network will seek other sponsors, but eventually that well will run dry.

Again, I dislike the way Coast-To-Coast AM these days introduces, plays up -- or envisions -- certain disaster scenarios or catastrophes to suit its sponsors. That is among the reasons I gave up tuning into Mr. Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM.

I understand guests are not paid for their appearances. Then, for the majority of them, I conclude that isn't needed. They get a lot of self-promotion for little more than a few hours of their time. Sure, the program does have some credible guests, but I got tired of so many claiming to be "serving humanity" by taking exorbitant amounts of money from people for their "valuable services." Something is wrong there.

It's all about the power of belief. As long as people believe in the program, and more aptly support its sponsors, "the show will go on." Regardless of what we think.

A positive step is one I read in which Michael V. canceled his Streamlink account, and provided the parent company with his rationale for doing that.

Now, if everyone would do that, for example, it may not affect things much. Or it just might be one step in the right direction.
Quote from: onan on March 27, 2011, 08:26:14 PM

forgive the ignorance but why do I need skype?

I will answer that question with an agreement. It's only an accessory "if needed." It was something I added because others do use it, and some prefer that as a method of contact or "over-the-phone" interviews for contract work. I've not used it for that yet, but again I could if requested. And have it set up, adjusted and in place already.

Again, I've never used it for anything other than testing. So far. But it's here and working if I need it. That's all. I must say that its audio quality is some high-definition though, with the right headset. I figure you can just use it to call into Coast-To-Coast AM when you want to sound like you're either 50-feet tall, or perhaps God himself.

And, lastly, I like to "geek around" with software anyway. At least I may not use Skype, but I know what it is and how it works.
Quote from: haloedorchid on March 27, 2011, 07:39:42 PM
Oh my God, that would be hilarious.

In a word: Agreed.

I'm sure "Jason The Horse" is aware that believing you're a horse, and publicizing that, leaves room for fair comment and criticism. And a degree of ribbing. Which I'm sure he'd get on Petros And Money. I won't see that as being "out of bounds." Think about it.

Now, I do believe in degrees of reincarnation, but this guy really pushes the envelope.

When Jason was describing his sexual attraction to horses to Mr. Ian Punnett last year...

...this line came to mind, the brainchild of writer Mr. Woody Allen in his film Love And Death:

"But he that fools around with barnyard animals...has got to be watched."

Or, as I feel Petros would ask under such circumstances: "Where are you going with this?" Ha!
Archive of Old Threads / Re: My new Toy
March 27, 2011, 07:37:55 PM
I've worked with the Apple computers and the Macintosh in my career since 1986. I was in the "personal computers/desktop publishing" thing since its origins. I got my first home Mac in 1994, then one of those iMac G3 "all-in-one" things in 1998. Although I always used Macs at home, I did use Windows machines in my work, dating back to the dreaded "Windows 95" days.

Yes, Apple computers hold up. My iMac performed flawlessly nearly full-time for 11 years , before blowing its fly-back transformer in 2009 (the models averaged a seven years or so lifespan before a major hardware malfunction). So I can say they do hold up.

It was then I switched to a home Windows machine. I did this for several reasons: More bang for the buck, more compatibility in my work (few of my prospective clients use Macs), more apps and programs I use available for it (more extensive programming and developers) and how the Windows OS these days is nothing more than a reverse-engineered version (or mimicry) of both the Mac OS Classic, and the Mac OS 10 and later.

If you can use the Mac OS, Windows is a cinch. Yes, Windows does have its flaws. You need constant security running. And you'll need to have the utilities to maintain nearly flawless operations. I've done that to this one, because decades of Mac use made me better at addressing Windows -- and its numerous issues. You have to keep everything updated (especially anti-virus), and Windows 7/64-bit operates well when it's tuned.

So far, I've have one -- one -- system freeze up. Those were common on the older Macs: Pointer freezes on screen, forcing a "hard restart."

I'd agree that Macs are more solid in hardware and software. But since I've programmed and troubleshot Macs for years on my own, I don't mind applying the "added measures" required to keep Windows running true. You have to someone of a "computer geek" to stand them, however.

Also, I still have the iMac. It's not really dead. It's hibernating. It's not extinct, but dormant. Kind of like some volcanoes. From what I read online, it's not cost effective to repair the fly-back transformer. I'm not a electronics guy, but eventually I hire someone who is. The "workaround" involves opening the case, disconnecting the internal VGA monitor, and attaching an external VGA monitor. That bypasses the fly-back transformer and allows it to boot and display through the other monitor. I do want to bring back the Mac...since it holds the Madden NFL 2000 game I played. Nothing like building a 14-0 season with the New York Jets, then losing the computer before the last two games. Ha!
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell Quits Coast
March 27, 2011, 05:25:11 PM
Seeing the supposed "evolution" of Coast-To-Coast AM in recent years, I feel Mr. Art Bell won't return because the program has taken another direction: Profit and ratings over integrity. Say what you want about me, but I'm the kind of independent, skeptically critical but optimistic thinker that Mr. Bell's approach fits well.

Perhaps Mr. Bell won't return because, simply put, the show doesn't want his "straight punch" style these days. I feel he's actually too much of a thinker to "fit the main mold" the program displays to me. While it once informed and opened true possibilities, Coast-To-Coast AM has become -- to me -- just entertainment. Good guests and plausible subjects are few and far between. That's why I gave it up.

Just like with some motion pictures, all it takes is one pioneering, solid, good "top box-office" original to spawn inferior, lame sequels. I see the current Coast-To-Coast AM as something like The Art Bell Sequel(s).

And note how often major stars who made the original great don't appear in the subsequent sequels. For whatever reasons. Yet, the series goes on without them, since the image and popularity is already established. Then sub-par plots and replacement performers take over.

While "fumbling around" on the Internet recently, I found out director George Miller began work several years ago on a fourth Mad Max film: Mad Max: Fury Road. Guess what? Without Mel Gibson. That I cannot see, or condone. Gibson is and will always be Max. It sound pretty lame, from I read online. The film is supposed to have 275 stunts? What? That's nearly a stunt every 30 seconds, if it's a two-hour or so movie! Who needs a plot, then? There's no room to fit one anyway. But for stunt players, it sounds to me the film should best be coined "The Great Australian Gold Rush."

From what I gathered about it, I create my own audio and visual mental imagery of such a film -- resembling a major-collegiate marching band falling down a flight of stairs.

A very long flight of stairs. 

Kind of like Coast-To-Coast AM these days. Lots of stunts make up for implausible or inferior story lines. It's about the "box-office" and "gross earnings," as such dazzle audiences with a lot of sound and fury.

It has, in a word and in my view, gone commercial.

Although Ian Punnett and George Knapp do quite often have solid shows, Art Bell is to Coast-To-Coast AM as Mel Gibson is to Mad Max.

Do I sense some graphic artist's "Art Bell pics that make us laugh" photo-manipulation coming on...Art Bell: The Road Warrior? I think he'd look cool tooling around in one of those blacked-out, over-the-top modified Australian 1973 XB GT
Ford Falcon coupes.

Also, as Mad Max's Falcon was to the films, Mr. Art Bell is "The Last Of The V-8 Interceptors" for Coast-To-Coast AM.
Sing along, children, as Tina Turner leads us:

We don't need the current show host
We don't need someone who always drones
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