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Couldn't listen to the show back then (grossed me out) nor do I want to now, but from what I recall this guest talked about how euthanized pets end up in commercial pet food.

Recent news 31 brands of pet food were removed from stores recently due to levels of pentobarbital (FDA doesn't test):

Dog foods pulled from shelves nationwide after ABC7 investigation finds euthanasia drug


Posted by Brendan Cook on his FB page... "Join Barbara McBeath, myself and Art Bell august 6th"
XM is being penalized because of the problems folks had with canceling SiriusXM. (Like after the Art Bell fiasco .... )

Radio and Podcasts / Cheapest way to sign up for Sirus/XM?
September 04, 2013, 07:10:46 PM
I know it's been posted somewhere but I'm disabled and don't have the energy to wade through some threads to find that info. Could some kind soul point me in the right direction?
Radio and Podcasts / Peter Wiseback?
April 30, 2013, 01:10:23 PM
Track 9, 10, 11 of this Mojave Phone Booth upload
have a few minutes of a C2C show with Peter Wiseback filling in for Art Bell. I don't remember him AT ALL.
Radio and Podcasts / How did George Noory get hired?
December 04, 2012, 10:33:57 AM
Seriously - does anyone know how GN was hired? What process?
Granted, he was a lot better at the beginning of his tenure at C2C, but he's such a terrible radio host it's hard to imagine that there was any in-depth scrutiny during the hiring process.

I'll probably upload 2003 & stop, since others are uploading the more recent shows (plus Noory).
Radio and Podcasts / Dave Rabbit
November 08, 2011, 08:08:16 AM
There's evidently a rumor that Dave Rabbit of the infamous USAF pirate radio station  in Saigon, Radio First Termer, was Art Bell.

...I can kind of see it but the actual Dave Rabbit came forward a few years ago.

Does anyone have this show? I've lost my recording, somehow.

Does anyone have any other shows from 1994? (I'm making a torrent of 1994 shows with single-file shows, tagged & with the guest's names spelled correctly.)

Thanks kindly.

1994-03-12 Coast to Coast AM With Art Bell Philadelphia Experiment - Al Bielek.mp3
1994-03-19 Dreamland With Art Bell Hidden History of Human Race & Animal Mutilations - Michael Cremo & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-05-27 The Best of Art Bell With Art Bell Montauk Project - Preston Nichols.mp3
1994-06-08 Somewhere In Time With Art Bell Ouiji Board Prophecies - Vance Davis.mp3
1994-07-04 Dreamland With Art Bell Reptilian-Human Connection & Bigfoot-Animal Mutilation Connection - John Rhodes & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-07-16 Dreamland With Art Bell Oregon Crop Circles & Future Trends - Michael Linnan & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-07-23 Dreamland With Art Bell OBEs - Robert Monroe overdriven.mp3
1994-07-30 Dreamland With Art Bell Shoemaker Levy Comet & The Great Pyramid of Giza -  John Zajac & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-08-07 Dreamland With Art Bell Cattle Mutilations - Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-08-14 Dreamland With Art Bell Jet Knocks Down UFO & Predictions - Sean David Morton & Linda Moulton Howe partial.mp3
1994-08-28 Dreamland With Art Bell Taos Cattle Mutilations & Alien Abductions - Dr Karla Turner & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-09-04 Dreamland With Art Bell 1700 Missing Cattle & Roswell UFO Truth - Kevin Randle & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-09-11 Dreamland With Art Bell Missing Cattle & Past-Future Lives - Dr Bruce Goldberg & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-09-25 Dreamland With Art Bell The Nature of Souls-Spirits & UFO Abductee - David Scott & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-10-02 Dreamland With Art Bell Animal Mutilations & Close ET Encounters -  Dr Richard Boylan & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-11-13 Dreamland With Art Bell Gulf Breeze UFO & See Auras in 60 Seconds - Mark Smith & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-11-xx Dreamland With Art Bell Immanuel Velikovsky Works & HAARP - David Talbot & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
1994-12-18 Dreamland With Art Bell Alien Abductions & 1971 White Sands UFO - Bud Hopkins & Linda Moulton Howe.mp3
Radio and Podcasts / Rollye James
September 09, 2011, 12:31:35 PM
Went to check her site and it is down....
I really enjoyed the Mel's Hole shows when they were broadcast but the later show (can't remember the year) kind of put a damper on it for me.

It was the show where Mel Waters said he blew the $$$ that the gov't (military?) gave him (for his property & the bottomless hole) on...


I remember my reaction was one of indecision. It was either the most terrible or most brilliant story ever.

Frankly I still can't decide. :D

The whole Mel's Hole saga was some great radio though.
Radio and Podcasts / Talkers Magazine
December 22, 2010, 05:53:22 PM
TALKERS 20th Anniversary Heaviest Hundred

2010 TALKERS 250

Art Bell is listed in the first link. George is not.

George is listed in the latter link, though.
Right now, the upcoming schedule lists tonight's guests and tomorrow's. That's it, and seems to be a pattern.

Do you think they have difficulty getting guests nowadays?
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