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Random Topics / Edward Snowden/Citizen Four
April 28, 2015, 09:38:16 AM

swedish tv on english ,,, 1.h 48 m ,

About spy  over world any people any people are a target OFF hidden secrete  spy softwar , 


Dox. When Edward Snowden under the code name Citizen Four in January 2013 contacted the filmmaker Laura Poitras was the beginning of one of history's greatest revelations. This is her film about what happened hourly then when they met and spent several days in a hotel room in Hong Kong.
Can be seen to the island 27 May (29 days left)


Every people are a target off  .....
You are not so free humane ,,
U;S state have for much power some are hidden from people ... any were pn is planet ,,,,

spies on everyone,, looking and hurt others; U; S addicts and consume their power,,,

In say it Game over U.S. CIA ::::: obema

People must fight back and take civil power back to people under the open public control,, Freedom

Do not Fuck whit Me Gabor into,,,, Sweden)))

fuck shitt send to white house ,,,,,,,

Gabor support is man ,,,  Edward Snowden

Dont fuck whit me ,,
I be fucking angry ,

why ...

It our blue planet  ::
It our home to not only for U.S arm or CIA NSA  ,,,,,,,,,

8) 8) 8) 8)

IT my friend ,,,  Edward Snowden ,,,

He are good person  ,,,,,,,,

play is videos , it good ,,, to know true ,...

Only you can ,,, take action ,,, together ,, we fight for freedom
Random Topics / 1968/1971 Edward Snowden
April 23, 2015, 12:42:50 PM
1968 ,, 1971


Dox . Edward Snowden was not first. In March 1971, broke eight ordinary Americans into one of the FBI's office . They stole quantities of documents that proved the systematic surveillance of citizens. Despite an investigation involving the FBI never managed to find the burglars . Now they tell their story for the first time .

2 old women in U:S . Are going to some political start asking  , about the economic crisis

Shirley is 90 years old and Hinda who is 83 years, tired of all the talk about the economic crisis in the United States. They want to know what actually caused it and if the solution is indeed increased growth. Armed with courage , humor, curiosity and permobiler they travel around the US for answers .

It on english  . is tv vidoes ,,, about


Random Topics / MERY CHRISTMAS NEW VIDOES from me
December 25, 2014, 03:29:49 AM

new vidoes from GABOR IN SWEDEN
IT me on vidoes,, some singe for you ... ))))
in english

in swedish


In the evening awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize Right Livelihood out where one of the winners is the whistle-blower Edward Snowden. SVT broadcast live from the ceremony.

It is the biggest revelation in modern times. He told me something not known and it has created great turmoil between different governments. Among other things between Brazil and the United States, after it became known that the United States monitored the Brazilian President's Office. Then there were several large deals that never was, says journalist Sven Bergman, who worked with Snow Dens revelations and reviewed surveillance in Sweden.

From, his father E[size=78%]dward Snowden[/size]
I am proud that he valued integrity higher than money,


free tv on svt.se


here you can see  5 different videos about  Cosmos and coming more ,, be 13 videos ..

Part 1 of 13. Milky Way. How did the universe? Where is it going? Is there life on other planets? The major issues are at the center when the legendary series Cosmos 1980 received its sequel. Cicerone on the journey in time and space is the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Today landing is spacecraft Rosetta on comet

Sometime around 19 o'clock tonight swedish time
see  directly live from is web page  from control room for pacecraft Rosetta

It coming happen to day ,,, try go for landning ,,, is


have travel  in 10 year from 2004 is probe
Someone who knows

What year has been the most remarkable activity of UFOs or other oddities?
Was  in 70s more than 90 Unusual 80s 2000s ?   

or was under war world 2 ... start ,,  showing up  more ufo ,,, wean we start fly airplane  more and more ,

I am born 1975 ,,,

I have too see ufo wan was  18 or 19 age old in sky in evening  in Sweden ,,..

what every ,,

i  looking after  some year ,, not like other year  .

I am listing on is pilot from usa ..his story ,

Published on 21 Mar 2013
former KC-135 pilot narrates a story about a long takeoff towards the Gulf of Siam in 1973 while at U-tapao Thailand during vietnam era. Crew had lost water thrust augmentation system and were too heavy for normal takeoff.


Dan Mulcrone4 months ago

I was a KC-135A navigator in the same timeframe at Utapao..  Water injection lasted 2 minutes-I gave the 10 second warning for water run out.  Flew the KC/EC/NKC/C-135 for 12 years.  I must disagree with Paul J. that the -135 was"unforgiving".  I found it to be one of the most forgiving!  Dan
Not coming joking in is ,,,
Like to have lite serous comment , about is ..
I have is evening me self seating listing on Linda Moulton

For me it interesting  hear what she saying
Linda Moulton Howe on Ebola, cattle mutilations & UFO history

Is person for me Linda .
She is unknown to me,
I've never heard of her in Sweden

Linda Moulton Howe, born January 20, 1942, is an American investigative journalist and documentary producer-writer-director-editor.
My other kids Simon are born in same number .... 20 day
20 November he born 10 days after me ))  10 November.
I like number , days ,, year m what are is mean ,,,, deeper meaning ...
Over back to  what she talking about ,,, Linda Moulton ....  ufo ebola
I say hold time,,,
Never can be sure what are true or what not are true ..

I wonder why Africa ,,, starting  ebola ,
why ufo not doing in Europa ?  or other place white more rich countries ?
I wonder have ufo  thinkning ,,,
Are we a Zoo for ufo something `?
Are we a lower species ufo looking dawn see our life life

What every  what are true ..
I like what saying it make me  more interesting , ebola

MV have you talk whit here some time ?  Linda Moulton  ?

I not sure if  are ok link to mp3 files on ufoship webpage  .. i am listing on ,,,
I was listing on talk show ,,, in chat  room

No caller in phone are quite in talk show .
When they say the number . peopla call . later no people call.
After have laughing finish his friend MV in show  ,, hihi ;D :D ;)
I am in seating think,,

I have found my  microphone !! hihi :P :P :P :P ;D No caller ...

Why not start the A team speak serv using
People from any place off is world can coming talking .

use the password and found your microphone serv
We have Internet,,

We have definitely stop using mobile cell phone.
We Have stop calling,,
( I am sorry i was lied hihih ))

I am love is sound talking use before old time MV ,

We have no microphone
Random Topics / Hello from sweden ,,,, Gabor ...
November 05, 2014, 05:17:06 PM
Here you have my funny English,

I AM BACK ;;;; )))

Maybe you not understand my English ,  ;D ;D ;D

Dont worry every unknown people ( I not know )  .. you are not alone ,, 
Because i not understand life too ...

Aline have same problem . ))

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

were are my post card MV  ;)
I am still waiting on your post card ,,
I have found microphone  ,,,
I have not found is post card ...

Your first web page are still in my mind ... MV ,,,
It really place in my brain ,,,

I am back...

How are remember me ,,, off  is big wolrd  and is big space ,,

I say hello to every life out off is planet too ,,

How knows what are true ))

If are some hidden life on moon Ufo on moon or if scan internet and reading too     

My post card .... )))

I am seat waiting for your postcard
You was get my for some year ago ))

I am look at tv now Usa Obama in stockholm

call me fast  ,,,, read your pm . viber

So much some happen last time ,
we have a lot of talking  no microphone not need any more )) hehe   4 year ago i think

I am your eyes in Sweden , )))
her we can talk about games
I have 3d glass electric from geforce 1
First real 3d glass have power from 1990

´Hello any moor like  is game .

Red dead redemption  old time ))) 

my name in is world on is game  xbox live Gabor034se  wild west
I play Lord of the rings . ( are free to play ) Blackdor are my charter namn  level 44 .
ask me about serv i play  on ,  pm

I have age of cona .  games  can be free in next yers to play
my charter sleep in many yer now . he are on level 60

I have play eve online too.
Take for must time to earn eve isk money in is game .

i am collect  many system over other  games
item over  light gun

nes jap
nes usa eruopa
snes  world jap usa eruopa
gamecube eu
wii eu
Ps 1 world jap usa eruopa
xbox world jap usa eruopa
xbox360 eu

I am happy whit ebay use is every day look after were cryza fune item for game

give moor freedoom ,

child like to learn shoot duke light gun nes


not any moor play game on my new or old mobile

Only use my new mobile to most save hypnoses mp3 files . put heads for ear ,

nice  too fly out  use soul .


Archive of Old Threads / console + games + online game
January 28, 2011, 12:00:17 PM
what games are you like
what console are you play on t day


i am play lotro.com The lord of the rings online
my charter are Black Dor level 37 captin

i play on is console snes and nes wii xbox 360 PlayStation 1

we use English on all game .
we use gun zapper .
My boy 3 yers old like to fier kill duke .

I paly star trek star wars

I bay game from all place in is world

use memory card system no on snes from jap

I bay to family Lord of the ring to snes console ,
We can play 4 player on is game mult tap.

i am collect games have nice profile on eBay i use .

What do all these unknown people.
What will you do to day? 47 guests

what is you who are guests who are 47 guests inside,

Well done MV
several more in here

I gabor 34 years from Sweden

were are you from unknown guests eople ?

Archive of Old Threads / We can creata a space ship
January 14, 2011, 05:38:11 PM
Why not build a real space ship for people of  is planet
not for army spy  no politic

only a  free economic

We can try her first ,
To have  nice serous talk about good idee ,

Why not start  on planet 
Have ghost show , make money for .

I write moor later ,

Wen are any people like is .
Feel for have a long serous stabilize talk and many years chat forum talk  for future


Were good idee if you want to try use yours English ))

ship back retro 3 from ebay moor difficult use support

Next time i can take pay pal if need  moor quilt help good servis

bay other console nes snes chip region free real original  product

love English and pey pal eBay ufo hahah

use English word

I like to call any ohter humen can talk english

any want hahah )))


look  on movies read about word letter
Archive of Old Threads / 24/12
December 24, 2010, 07:29:39 PM
War in Sweden social war and economist .

were good system for old system to use hehe

hugg from me   i am in love now

play nes supper sega  hehe

 - god morning

- have are you

- I don't no

- why not ?
- my brain have not wake up

-  i a se

- I am feel joke mod to day

- nice to hear from you agien

- let st sing to day

- we have snow

- i have to day bay  nes  8 bit . try to bay is game north and south ,

- and to day i have bay  mafia II edition fable II and Borderlands edition  game of years xbox 360

- i am still sing wen write

- and i look on deadwood and  too Californication

- i feel were happy to day

- game over , now are my mun closes

low  for space

is were old e mail write  in English

what are you feel or think about my language in is English word letter

have difficult are to understand is language , i have create ))

never gate any reply
Yes want suport help you , first i want to send is letter ,

pless wiret out i paper giv to Doris , 25/12 ,

Hello Doris
Think you ned time to read is letter.
wiret out i paper .
I am not so good wiret in english, I try ,
if you can under stand my letter . , I hopp ,for pace ,

Hello i am from sweden Gabor csonka 32 age old . hav a gril frend johanna .
hav a father from Rom and mother from Budapset, born in sweden 19 75 .

I hav never befor se you or yours namn .
I found you after i hav dawnload a movis to day ,
Your namn wiret not in sweden news papper about you or yours fight dream
Your namn not say in sweden Tv .
I am were happy after hav se your namn about your fight,
I wiret were often about real problem community,
I a feel ,
Is world not talk open about real problem ,
I think fear for talk about real feel for pace big mony .
How us big mony for pipol .
Not for bay new wepon .

Are moor diffult for me wiret good english .
No problem for me to read english or .
( I wiret only in sweden launge in my Bloog ).

The are same problem in sweden too . About sell war fighter to other contry .or lower cost for hospital in sweden .
Sweden ar not so good contry . longer ,

Many pipol in sweden not feell good , moor moor diffult get a god life in a pace . moor druges moor sex traffic moor mafia , black mony .

Moor diffult for new People to get in to sweden ,
Get in to a contry not are in war, lower cost for new People .
Are need help , for a good life in a pace day .
Try to stopp moor People get to sweden ,
Sweden are not open or so good for pace ,

Wen a People try seek in sweden , to day hard diffult get humbin right .
seek pace
seek new home ,
SEEK new street for creat a family ,
Seek works in a pace . when a work for mony to bay food ,
Contry hav a pace , to day ,
Not hav a pace in future.
Often are talk in is contry sweden lower cost for community,
I think many People bad feel , grow up .
Moor crime grow up . to day . moor druges .
Moor diffult get a work hav right pay . a right works-contract
People need help in contry hav pace , need help ,
To diffult to day a get help from drugs crime ,
Look on Paris Frankrike , war in community

--------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Many politician not show real feel for ceat real pace .
Mony talk moor hav community , lower cost for community.
Diffult get a job or works ,
Talk often nice word hav community in sweden help pipole , to work ,
--------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------
The are samme problem for all contry. over is world

Mony not real go to pace . only go to hav big mony ,

I hav diffult to found real humbin in is life time .creat frendship.
I think People do not like a wiret about real problem .
Diffult for people to creat real feel for frend for me ,
Wen i a wiret in my bloog or show for other people in internet .
I am open about what i think wiret in swedish problem in , sweden community.

Many people wont not talk about real problem in sweden.
I think hav same problem in USA,
Many people dont not want se try to understand problem , grow up moor moor problem .
what are go on in sweden . or in is world.
People in sweden want not give me a word after hav put up a bloog . enormously seldom . Or not want to wiret back too me.
I am rember a old president after war two say in US, in black TV )))
sweden tv show a document ,
about he is warn .
about us army , for get big mony contract.
He warn about USA Army in future . about big mony . hav get big mony .

To day are sweden were qiut. not critisize other contry hav big mony .

In day so dares not sweden that critisize usa any moor .
For line different civil crimes
Old time 19-60 70 .
So was sweden a country that daring critisize other countries and Usa too . mot any moor why think about mony , compy contract .
When one break laws against other people .
In day dances sweden after usa authority .
Much falseness in sweden in poltiken .
Thanks for you are still in life ,

I want to help you . support you .

I try to found a work local in city Tanum .
Not had any good luck found work , or get help from sweden community, to get a work .

I want to creat frendshipp to you ,.
I am reday fight for real life
for real community.
Work for people ,
work for real feel about honest to people , Time to creat honest politician ,
Time to dawn cost for politician to honest pay for 30 day work .

Wen you found moor low feel from moor ohter people,
You need to found a key to many people to creat feel for yours word .
I can help you .
I dont no haw
I get a jobs give me mony ,
I can travel, se you in , and talk to you ,
walk in stree and work for your dream are for pace , stopp war in ohter contry us arm.

I am were open humbin feel to other People .

If you feel hav time to mail , lear how i am are

Would be nice that learn feel each other

i understand why people fear scanner your body

your body are a war zon

Your body are a home

Your freak mined body are too your  company ,


hear about big new from  usa in sweden ))

destroy scanner get to fight for free )))

no  hands on my bode ))) only my lover have a hand my body 

I know

You dont know haha

try to  think about is  day 20/ 11

Are  were good day in my life

time was 14:30 on is day  20/11

Remember is day


what happen .

your  time to  think use your brain power
( send out telepathic )  ,
and use your soul to found out , what i am talk about

what happen is day in my life

Monkey are on move  i promess

Tell me all people use forum what are you do  on is time on same time ,

14.30 and day 20/11


any feel people special on is day ? 20 / 11 or have a good dream ?  or dream not can deltree from your brian


is old fight spear sword .
get in her to fight

creat your small village . later creat alians

my namn are gabor075 world 12


Politics / Wikileaks Megathread
November 19, 2010, 03:21:46 PM
what are you think about him ? and his work for free press over internet  ,

now are usa real after him ,

Are he a good or a bad soul in is wolrd ?


usa power puts tough demands on Sweden.
When the U.S. power would have indulged

the same as The Pirate Bay (blockade)
Economic war to stop trade between Sweden USA

Then it means that there is corruption in the usa

What do you think those living in the united states,

The same thing that caused the war between the U.S. Japan, is a great documentary in movis box
Pear Harbor The Directors Cut

United States threatened Japan. Befor war two .. the movie box really believe worthy facts which shows that

Those who are employed in the U.S. power seem to be o honest diplomats.

What do you think. what do you think about this Julian Assange
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