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This is the place to discuss everything related to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Here is your fair warning - spoilers ahead!  If you don't want to know the plot or anything that happens in the movie, stop reading now!

Otherwise, what did you think of the movie?  Did it meet your expectations?  What did you like about it?  What didn't you like about it?  How do you feel now that this is part of the official Star Wars canon?

The countdown to May 26, 2017 and Episode VIII begins now!
Hey everyone - I'm in a pool where we make weekly game picks each week of the NFL season (straight up - no point spreads, etc.).  I thought it might be fun to track everyone's predictions here on BellGab as well for anybody interested.  In addition, feel free to share any news, information, or insights that you might have for your local team, or any teams you follow closely, as that might give people like me added info to help in their NFL pools or fantasy leagues.

Remember to post your Thursday picks prior to kickoff on Thursday evenings, and your Sunday / Monday picks prior to kickoff on Sunday mornings.

Here are my results so far:
Week 1:  12 - 4
Week 2:  4 - 12 - tons of upsets -very low average score for all participants in my pool
Week 3:  13 - 3
Week 4:  10 - 5
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