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Radio and Podcasts / The Osbournes Podcast
April 21, 2018, 06:53:27 AM
Talk about paranormal.  ;D

"Take a ride with America's favorite Rock N’ Roll family as they reminisce about the Emmy Award winning MTV series, swap stories with their most fascinating friends and catch up on present day events. In this ten episode podcast, Jack will lead Sharon, Ozzy and Kelly on a wild, unfiltered and unpredictable journey filled with laughter, love and everything it means to be an Osbourne".



Have you watched Jack and Ozzy's World Detour show? It's actually pretty interesting, if you can figure out what Ozzy' saying. He's quite big into history, which was sorta surprising.
Some member named (&!$#@!) sent me a PM, yelling at me for stealing his personal avatar. I was under the impression when I created my profile back in March that any of the avatars listed as options were free to use. Is that not the case? Because he not only b--ched me out about it, but I don't see the avatar in my profile anymore.  How was it even removed?  If it wasn't ok to use, why was it even an option?  :-\  And why wait this long to say something?  >:(

I've since uploaded my own, thanks.  But really...  why are you given options to use if you don't have your own pic, if you can't use them?
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