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I thought I would share this since this is an Art Bell forum.  I have had difficulty sleeping since  the Covid-19, some call scamdemic has began.  I stay up until the wee hours of the morning researching, tracking uncompleted unemployment claims, and seeing how much more martial law is instituted upon me.

Last night I slept good and dreamed.  I dreamed I was stuck in a skyscraper in a city I had never been to. I had went there to get away from my quarantine.  The skyscraper was glass.  I was there with some people in my past.  Somehow, I wanted to go home and that would require going through a small town, but centrally located on my way home.  There is an old grocery store that has closed, an IGA, is the name.  It was there that I interacted with Art Bell, he was alive and he owned that IGA.  He and his new Phillipino wife were going to open a Christmas store there.  He was stocking it and even held up a wreath that he was going to sell and showed me it.  He was healthy and happy.  The store was only going to be open half a day every day because he had other ongoing business ventures.  I talked and spoke to Art.  I am a fan, but I have never met Art.  Seriously, what does all of this mean?  Does anyone here do dream analysis?

Feel free to use this thread to include any dreams or nightmares you want to discuss, and offer any analysis or insight as felt.

Sweet dreams!
In keeping with a popular Bellgab mood, and the holiday season, what are you not thankful this season? 
Is there any interest in holding a year-ending or year-starting show of the Gabcast? 

It seems it has been a billzillion years since I have tuned into one and heard the gossip or rumblings of new and upcoming ideas.

I can't call, I sqeak, but I can listen and post.  Is MV still interested, are you interested?

Yes, it is rerums instead of reruns because I am on a moderately controlled celebration this weekend and I am with rum.  That could be with drink or company as in someone or both.
Random Topics / New Topic Marketing Research
May 12, 2017, 04:52:40 PM
Before I start a new thread on this I would like to know what anyone thinks about this topic.  Maybe I should have set up a poll?

I was thinking about a thread call:  "Dear Bellgabby" where you can post some questions and let the posters give you answers.  It would be like Dear Abby meets Satan.

Is this too "soft' for Bellgab? 
Random Topics / Bell Gab Joke Of The Day
May 06, 2017, 03:34:15 PM
This thread's purpose is to post at least one joke a day by any Bellgabber.  It can be naughty.  It can be silly.  It can be one you made up.  It can be anything, just something you find amusing. 

The stomach growled.  My mouth was watering in hunger. I saw on the marquee at Hardee's today the folllowing:  Big Bag $5.00.

With whetted anticipation of hunger fulfillment, I drove up to the drive-through and ordered Big Bag $5.00.  I gave the worker a $5.00 bill. They told me to drive to the next window to pickup my order.  There I was handed my Big Bag.  I wanted to open it so I pulled off to the side of the adjourning mall parking lot.  I had been given a napkin for my order.  My stomach growled again.  Eagerly I opened my Big Bag.  Nothing was there. I felt around, looked under the SUV seat.  Then, I realized I had in fact gotten what I ordered a Big Bag for $5.00. 

Courtney Cox came out recently and admits that she has had some procedures that she regrets.  She has now adopted the philosophy, "Just Let It Be."

So, has Norry had procedures?  Does he need a new makeover?  The Asheville Show is Up Close and Personal, maybe he has had some extra botox.

I have read that he had some procedure in Mexico and someone saw him all bruised up in an exclusive bar in an airport.  I am all for health and maintenance, but you know that you see some really baddddddd surgical procedures. 

Where do we go from here?  Art is not coming back. MITD is not my cup of tea with the current host.  And, Norry continues to suck stronger.

I predict that he will be gone soon.  Why?  Because he is "elderly" and Jimmy Church can be bought for the cheaps. 

PS.  I am not being age sensitive or making light of any of the more mature members of Bellgab.    Norry, was making a remark of how an "elderly" women had been calling him everyday since her husband died, as if she was that age, and he was not.  Wake up and drink your Boost, Norry, you are "elderly", too.
Here is the game plan.  Noory has hired BellGab to reinvent him and Coast.  Where do we begin?  What stays and what goes?  This includes Noory and Coast. 
This forum is probably one of the most lively ones that discusses Coast to Coast Am.  I don't count Facebook as a forum.  To me a forum is a message board.  Even this board is not solely about Coast, it is very diversified. 

I did a brief visit to the various forums and they are spooky.  No one has posted for months on some of them about Coast.  It is really sad and depressing to me.  I have read some of them over the years and there active forum communities that shared an enjoyment of getting together and posting while listening to the show.

Why is it like this?  Are forum or message boards going out of existence, losing popularity?  Is it because Noory just sucks?  It seems they have died a slow and untimely death.  I read the ghost of shows pasts and felt like  I was reading among the dust of dead shows. 

It is late, and I hope I am not haunted by posters who have ceased to post.  . . .   
Have any of you seen strange things in the clouds or skies?  This is a topic of the Coast to Coast site.  If you have pictures even better for your story.  It can be current or in your past.

Pssst.  I heard Noory down to four nights per week.
John Wells in the captains chair Friday and Saturday because he gets the ratings.
The Sunday night slot shared with George Knapp and Dave Schraeder. 

How do you call it?  Home Run or Sacked in the Fourth?

Politics / The Strange Lurking Of the Google Ads
March 01, 2014, 10:51:58 AM
This is a curiosity to me.  I have been receiving some strange ads on this forum that are just plain unsettling.

The most recent that greets me is a small bowl of macaroni and cheese, or it could be the offspring of that "caterpillar critter" between Noory's nostrils, but it is wormy looking.  That is all it is, and it states:  "Let's be alone together."  Then the blue button says "Dig In."  I am afraid to click.  I am not a risk averse person, but I am afraid of what I will find on the other side. 

Another one that I have have enjoyed is a website for single Muslims. I am not Muslim. 

Does everyone else receive the same ads or are these picked out special from the Google spiders to me?
I read this over the weekend.  He had been a guest on Coast about an alien that peered in through the bathroom window.  I think he was given a lie detector test, or they tried to take it.  I don't remember the details. 

He claimed that he had a portal at his home, and he has been popular on the conference circuit in recent years.
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