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I can't help but to think that George is banking on an abundance of brilliance from this guest to help make him seem a little less dull.  Here are some questions that we can expect not to hear Mr. Potato Head asking Nyquist to answer.

"Jeff, in your weekly column titled 'The Post-American Apocalypse' you wrote "We have not taken seriously Joseph Schumpeter?s joke that modern capitalism is merely the decaying form of Feudalism."  Isn't there more truth in the statement than there is intended comedy?

"In that same article you hinted at globalism and expressed doubt over the possibility of cultures to meld easily under hopes of economic stability.  Do you think that progress towards globalism by governments before the people are willing will ultimately lead to the failure of more than global economists schemes.  Could this actually spark a larger fire, one of a rebirth by blood you spoke of?

In this weeks article on your website you wrote, "We look around today and see two faiths locked in mortal combat."  You see those two faiths as socialism and capitalism.  I read into that as you seeing the Republicans as the capitalists and the Democrats as the socialists.  I don't see the real battle as one in regards of economic policy.  Isn't there more danger in overlooking and underplaying a real problem that is unregarded by either party; that being extreme reliance on debt by our ever growing government?   
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