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Random Topics / Jamunda!
June 02, 2015, 10:41:21 PM
The idea spontaneously arose tonight after George Nori called in to the Gabcast that jazmunda might change his handled to Jamunda. What do you think? I like it! :'( 
Random Topics / TRIVIA CRACK locker room
May 08, 2015, 09:39:17 AM
How many people here are  playing TRIVIA CRACK? It's a free app forIOS or Android. I started about a week ago. One of the fun things is you can challenge people either singly or in groups, either random strangers or friends.
  My handle isCerdoGordo17.963 -- I challenge all BellGabbers!
  We can meet here to discuss questions.we have about the game.  There are questions that arise as One learns the game. Yet it is basically simple and you can jump in immediately and hit the ground running.
  If you are so inclined tell us your trivia crack handle here and we can have a huge group of friends/followers there to compete with. … as well as the random strangers.
  The main reason for this thread is to share trivia crack handles.
Random Topics / Trolling as "performance art"?
July 23, 2014, 07:57:59 AM
Trolling as "Performance Art"?

Trolling has long been discouraged and is usually disallowed becauseIMO it contributes to a gradual erosion of healthy social integrity and trust. When trollers treat people as objects, foils, and strawmen to be ridiculed or knocked down it's a blatant form of sociopathism. With no concern for the feelings of others.

Do you think trolling should be allowed on a social milieu under the guise of "performance art"?
(I should add that this issue has its origin yesterday on the latest "SpecSheet podcast where a banned member pleaded this case.)
Random Topics / XP support terminates March 2014
January 14, 2014, 03:32:16 PM
So what are all you XP owners going to do? (including me). I don't want Windows 8 or 8.1. Win 7 is slated to terminate January 2015 (but I imagine it COULD get extended since Microsoft is bungling Windows 8 ). So no sense getting Windows 7. My present hardware is a bit too old, it failed in two areas when I ran the Windows software to determine if it could handle Win 8 - plus I want to keep this machine intact for other older software I run on it. Not to mention the myriad custom settings after all these years. Or I could switch to a Mac. Or even come up on Linux. I have some versions but haven't played with them. Learning curves everywhere. Or should I just try to get by on my iPad? Dunno if it is robust enough to replace my big screen PC.

But aren't some of you facing this same dilemma? We're out of time!

Oh! Hey! I forgot one option: Keep using XP and ignore the consequences.  Well, I'm not prepared to do that. It'll be open season on XP malware-wise.

And I also omitted "sandboxing" and virtual machine (VMware). Anyone having success with these two? And will they be sufficient once Microwoft support ends?
   There was a caller on the Timothy Good Dark Matter program (open lines) of Oct 24th, 2013.
   The guy said he hid in an alcove in a cave when he was young and he was going to jump out and scare this gal. But when it came time to jump out an invisible hand pushed him back against the wall, pushing on his chest. And held him there. He was dazed, it was difficult to breathe. Turns out the gal had a .38 pistol, had it out and said later she might well have shot him.
   Secondly, 5 years later he was at a street light and the hand again touched his chest, made it hard to breathe again, and dazed him for several seconds. When he snapped out of it the light was green, people were honking behind him, he began to go and suddenly a semi sped through his red light. Had the caller not been delayed he would have again possibly been killed.
   The caller asked if anyone else has had this kind fo thing happen. And what was so special about him?
   Well, I'm here to attest a similar true story. When I was 8 years old my Dad and brother and I were out west in a mountainous area on vacation. We had come to a cliff face and decided to climb it to go in the direction we were heading. I went first. I climbed about 50 feet up a series of ledges and got to the top. Just as I straightened up to take the final step to a flat area on top I lost my balance. I was flailing my arms and I absolutely fell backward past the balance point. My Dad and brother were on the cliff face straight down from me. I distinctly felt a hand on my back... push me forward... back to the point of balance. And I took the final step onto the flat area. I have never forgotten this in my entire life and that was 57 years ago.
   And then again, when I was about 35 I was walking in a park in the city next to a golf course. I had spied a spot in a little glen where I was going to sit and eat some snacks.
   As I approached the spot, my eyes right on it, suddenly my body just froze in its tracks and I was unable to move. I was startled, not knowing why I couldn't move. Several seconds past. Then I could move again, but before I took the last step a golf ball whizzed down and thudded into the soft lawn exactly where I was about to sit.
   Like that caller I bet there are others of you out there who have experienced this type of thing. (Art refered to it as "the Iron Hand".
   Please describe your experience but ONLY relate TRUE stories please.
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