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Archive of Old Threads / Low Key Troll Award
June 20, 2018, 08:48:09 PM
Vote / Nominate here.

You don't see them trolling, but they are there.
Vote / Nominate - include a link
Archive of Old Threads / Best Parody Gif
June 19, 2018, 08:51:52 PM
Vote / Nominate - include image if you can
Archive of Old Threads / Best Avatar in 2018
June 19, 2018, 08:51:09 PM
Vote / Nominate.  include a screenshot if you can while nominating
Vote / Nominate
Vote / Nominate
Vote / Nominate the poster we missed the most over the last 10 months...even if they posted during that time frame but you wished they did more (lonevoice).
Archive of Old Threads / Best Show of 2018
June 19, 2018, 08:43:22 PM
Vote and nominate the best show of 2018.  This is for any medium: podcast, radio, youtube, you name it.  Not episode but overall.
Archive of Old Threads / Epic Meltdown by any Means
June 19, 2018, 08:40:59 PM
Vote and nominate any meltdown (open ended) by any medium that may or may not connect to BellGab.
Archive of Old Threads / Epic Meltdown in a Thread
June 19, 2018, 08:38:38 PM
Vote and nominate any post that either started or finished an epic meltdown in the last 10 months
Vote and nominate for who you think is the People's Choice in this thread
Archive of Old Threads / BellGabathonâ„¢ 2018
May 27, 2018, 11:51:24 AM
Let yourselves be duly noted by the creation of this thread that the Bellgabathonâ,,¢ 2018 is happening at a date to be announced soon (Probably in August).  It will take a village to pull off another successful 'thon so if you want to contribute this thread will be the planning space for it.

We will form planning committees here and assign tasks to be completed.

First committee to be formed is the voting categories.  I need 4 people to join me (first come first serve) to define the different categories we will be voting on.  We can do some of the same as 2017 but new ones are welcomed as well.

There will be several honorary statuses awarded this year.  The BellGab.comâ,,¢ Hall of Fame opens its doors for the first time and will be inducting 2 members this year!

BellGabber of the Yearâ,,¢ will be awarded by a special select committee rather than voting this year.  We will still have the People's Choice BellGabber of the year but the select committee's choice will hold a spot in the HOF on our memorial stone.  Great news, (Redacted) is busy right now designing the stone!

Use this thread to recommend other committees or if you want to host a segment in the show.  Like last year we will have up to 4 hours of live show with 30 minutes segments hosted by anyone that would like to sit in the chair, groups welcome & you can use your time to take calls, promote your website or podcast...whatever you want.

Don't forget the main purpose is to make this website some money so we look forward to your pre-show donations and live show donations.  Be sure to add a note to your donation that its for the BellGabathonâ,,¢ 2018 so Liberace knows this undertaking is worth the effort.
Post your nomination of the BellGabber of the year.
Post your nominations here
same as the others...I am doing this on a phone cut me some slack
This thread is for nominations for the best female poster on BellGab in the 2016-current timeframe.

Please post your nomination and if desired a brief description of why.
This thread is for nominations for the best thread created on BellGab in the 2016-current timeframe.

Please post a link to the thread as well as a brief description of why it should be considered.
This thread is for the nomination of the best use of an image or YouTube video as a reply in a thread.  Please link to the thread.

I will create a poll to vote on a winner.
This thread is for nominations for screen names that have made the best use of an avatar photo in their profile.  This is roughly for the time period of 2016-current.  This does not have to be their current avatar so please give a brief description of why you nominated them if it has changed.  Otherwise it can speak for itself.

I will experiment with adding a poll to the top with all names added. Please only add a name once.  Self nomination is encouraged but please put a sock on the door so we don't walk in on you.
Radio and Podcasts / BellGabathon 2017
March 29, 2017, 08:59:59 PM

Coming Soon!!!

The first annual BellGabathon will be happening in April.  It will be a chance for original content producers from the board to come together and show their support for the forum they all use and love.

BellGabathon Hosts

the always monotone - themudking
the always sassy - jaz

with many special guests and speakers during the event.

We are accepting segment submissions now.  If you would like to have a dedicated spot on the show to discuss how BellGab has been a part of your life and how much it would mean to you if others were to donate to the BellGab.com mission post in this thread to get a conversation started about it.

There will be two panel segments:

1 - How to start a BellGab related podcast

2 - Reasons people post on BellGab and the reasons they leave

We will also have an awards ceremony. Categories will be  focused on 2016-to current posters / posts.  We will have polls soon to allow for voting.

The ultimate goal of the BellGabathon is to generate enough donations to pay for the hosting and administration of BellGab.com for the rest of the year.  So please if you had thought about donating but just hadn't done it yet this will be a great time to do so.  Also anyone that is able to contact celebrities and broadcasters that have connections to BellGab please let them know we want them to join too!

Together we can make the BellGabathon the best circle jerk this forum has ever seen and give MV the happy ending he deserves.  If you won't help then who will?

Radio and Podcasts / RandomCast - A Podcast
November 27, 2016, 08:46:17 PM
So I've moved my podcasting rig to an all digital mixer and laptop.  In a quest to better perfect my craft I am going to do a series of shows randomly and about pretty much nothing / everything.  Enter RandomCast, a podcast that will not be regular by any means and will either be me rambling, music, or you calling in to steer me in a direction.  I'll record each 'episode' and if it's worth replaying it will be available for download, and always be on the black market to share and trade.

want to listen? go podcast.solutions/live or here: http://tunein.com/radio/PodcastSolutions-s268041/

when live you can use my main Skype line LiveShow 99 or call in 317-708-4500
Radio and Podcasts / Why So Technical
October 08, 2015, 05:25:30 PM
I am starting a podcast called Why So Technical with some friends.  We will talk about current technology, video games, and whatever else comes up.  Its going to be a group discussion and live calls are welcome.  You can join us tonight for our first episode in the ufoship.com/chat and listen or we will live stream a video version on YouTube's new streaming system.

Shows will be archived on YouTube, more info coming soon.

We will start testing live tonight at 8pm EST and probably go until 10pm.

Here is how you can connect to us:

On Skype search for 'Why So Technical Podcast'
By phone: 317-708-4500
Technology / Apple Music Service
July 02, 2015, 08:09:58 PM
I've been using Beats Music for almost a year and thought the service was ok, with a few flaws.

Apple totally screwed up the "family plan" migration process to the new app and service.  I have spent 2 hours already with support trying to get all my accounts moved over.

Anyone else using it?

http://9to5mac.com/2015/06/30/ios-8-4-apple-music/ - link sort of related
Join Falkie2013 on his journey of Wikipedia, self-discovery, YouTube, and self-promotion.
Technology / My new web tool
July 17, 2012, 08:22:56 PM
all my tech friends out there.  I've created a website to help anyone looking for their Public IP Address.  It's the place to go when you are in need of knowing where you are and what your addy is.  Check it out:


When you aren't sure the answer, ask the question:  What Do IP? and then you'll know.

I've tried to refrain from posting this but tonight I've decided it's time.  I loved AB back when he wore #23...hell I loved him when he retired and came back wearing #45...was really excited when he returned to form and started wearing #23 again!

But I can't get the feeling out of my gut that if AB ever really liked or was interested in the fan-base he created we would have been given a proper send off rather than a posting on a webcam that could probably rank as the equivalent of your girlfriend or boyfriend breaking up with you by txt message then saying "by the way you might want to get checked out by your doctor...just found out I've got a..." First your sad and hurt...then you're angry and worried.  If AB had a reason for what he did then fine...I can deal...but I can't help thinking that the current AB must be truly and completely done with us as a source of revenue.

The reason I say this is I just listened to the last episode of the Bruce Williams show thanks to Michael V. for the link in another thread.  Bruce did it right...he ended his show the same way he carried it for years.  Sure he talked about the good ole days and let us inside the production a little but when he signed off it felt good because you expected something, got it, and said goodbye knowing the product stood the test of time and survived with dignity the sadness of ending.  Art has never given us that type of closure during any of his many times leaving.  Maybe he isn't wired that way...I'll leave that to you guys for debate.  What I do know is that he knew the C2C "brand" was falling apart and rather than take a snapshot of the way it used to be and allow us all to mourn its loss together with a send-off show, he sent us a txt message and then later followed it up with a message (if he wrote it) that an 8th grader could have done a better job with creating allegories and double meanings.  From that day forward when I happen to listen to old episodes its been different, I envision him not as the guy who had "Art's Parts" and was clued into the multiple angles of our existence, but instead as a guy who was selling tickets to go on a cruise ship with special guests Richard Hoaxland, and members of the disclosure movement.  Don't forget to tip Ed Dames on your way out.

to sum up this mess of thoughts: AB sold a great product nightly for a long time and now that the product has no value he is more than content to live out his life without us.  I am not mad at him for this, it is his right for all the hard work he put into C2C.  I just hate the fact that I didnt realize the game earlier and because of that I scheduled an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to get something to help with this rash.

Archive of Old Threads / Woot!!! My First NEW POST
November 25, 2009, 07:21:03 PM

I am from the future of the future and have returned from the future to my own future to write this post in the past.

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