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Politics / Re: James O'Keefe - Project Veritas.
February 20, 2023, 04:55:49 PM
Twitter Live follower count. Will they fall below 1 million by tonight?

Random Topics / Re: Any Good Jokes?
February 19, 2023, 12:32:45 PM
Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
February 14, 2023, 12:59:58 PM
Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
February 14, 2023, 12:38:17 PM
That was a weird turn of events. I can't say that I am totally surprised.

On an unrelated topic, you might find this interesting.

George is still going on C2C? I haven't tuned in for a long time. Still the same guest rotation?
OMG! I forgot all all about that show. At least you could 'GONG' them to make them stop.
I was blissfully unaware of that show. I guess there are enough people who seek attention good or bad. This trend does not bode well for society.

It makes me think of Kurt Vonnegut's Short story, Harrison Bergeron. Kinda prophetic in a way.

Normally, I would not feel comfortable laughing at someone for lacking skills, except when they do this to virtue signal. It reminds me of the American Idol show when people would humiliate themselves driven by ego, or maybe on a dare.

Who knows, it might make the Olympics more entertaining. 

Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 28, 2022, 02:00:05 PM
Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 24, 2022, 08:16:57 PM
Quote from: Dr. MD MD on December 24, 2022, 08:06:06 PMAnd I didn't even mention all the insider trading and the two years of medical tyranny.  ;)

But I'm doing my best to have a merry Christmas and hope you are too. It's blizzard conditions where I am right now. I hope it clears by tomorrow afternoon. I'm supposed to travel. Worst case scenario, I'm prepared to make dinner here.

Yep- if Santa really had a naughty list of politicians, he'd run out of paper.

I'm sorry to hear about your weather conditions. We were hit with it yesterday and lost power for a few hours. Thank goodness for those 'problematic' toxic men who when out in that storm and made the repairs.

I hope conditions improve and that you are able to travel safely.
Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 24, 2022, 08:10:30 PM
Quote from: Juan on December 24, 2022, 07:39:11 PMMerry Christmas everybody, including you commies, Marxists, and Wokesters.

Merry Christmas, Juan! Commies, Marxists, and Wokesters- Now you've done it!

Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 24, 2022, 08:01:36 PM
Quote from: Dr. MD MD on December 24, 2022, 07:44:06 PMI wonder if people during the American revolution were allowed to talk politics or if it was verboten on holidays? The people currently governing us have caused massive inflation that has made us all poorer while they have secret, backroom deals with our enemies making them rich, have been selling us out to globalists for decades and are running a money laundering scam in Ukraine that's bringing us to the brink of nuclear war but, yeah, talking politics is probably the greater evil here.

I didn't mean to imply that you could not talk politics at all- I just meant on this thread. I agree with what you stated above. It is depressing. Let's face it, half the country is insane or so conditioned that they refuse to challenge what the rest of us see happening.

The revelations made by Elon Musk on Twitter should outrage the masses, but they'd rather call it a conspiracy than admit to being wrong.

I have to back away from those sites for a bit and just wanted a little breather. I don't support censorship so please, carry on as you wish. It's all good and I still like you.

Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 24, 2022, 07:19:56 PM
Doc-thanks for posting Russel Brand's video- he has a way of expressing his views in an open and entertaining way.

We hear about the war on Christmas every year and maybe people can just choose to not participate. There are those who always look to be offended or view everything as racist or phobic or 'problematic'- as long as the media pushes those stories, it will continue. Maybe a separate secular winter holiday would solve it. Religious people would then be able to reestablish their traditions and practice them as they see fit. This may encourage discrimination on the part of some people, but it would also expose the double standards applied to different religious groups.

Sadly, too many churches and Christian organizations have embraced the woke agenda. The Salvation Army lost my longtime support after they peddled CRT. After I read more about the organization, I found another charity to support.   

I don't know about you, but i find myself changing my approach to Christmas. I send out very few cards and would rather call friends and family instead. I made gifts for my daughters this year. I enjoyed that more than shopping for gifts, hoping that it was something they could use or a style they liked.

A less commercial approach may be a good way to go.

Be Merry and give the politics a rest for a bit (at least until Monday).

Merry Christmas, Pate! Have yourself a little holiday electro swing music.
Random Topics / Re: Any Good Jokes?
December 24, 2022, 10:36:33 AM
Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 23, 2022, 07:31:29 PM
Merry Christmas, Doc. A little Christmas music to set a happy mood, I hope.


If There Were No Winter
Random Topics / Re: Any Good Jokes?
December 23, 2022, 01:27:55 PM
Quote from: Rix Gins on December 23, 2022, 12:00:28 AMOh, that's a good one.  Yes, I like it and it was well worth the wait.  Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Rix! I'll be sure to share a good laugh when I find it. Big holiday hugs!
Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 23, 2022, 12:26:30 PM
Quote from: Laser on December 23, 2022, 12:50:16 AMWelcome back, from wherever you've come from and to wherever this place is going. We need all the old blood we can get to keep this place alive.

Aww, you're so sweet, Laser. I agree, I'd love to see more of the fun loving old crowd back. Let's hope those here and away are all doing well. 
Quote from: Rix Gins on October 13, 2022, 02:34:54 AMFrom the Any Good Jokes? thread.

Hi Rix - Here's a joke you might like.

Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals, kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several members did not approve of her extra-curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence.

She made a mistake, however, when she accused George, a new member, of being an alcoholic after she saw his old pickup parked in front of the town's only bar one afternoon.

She emphatically told George and several others that everyone seeing it there would know what he was doing. George, a man of few words, stared at her for a moment and just turned and walked away. He didn't explain, defend, or deny. He said nothing.

Later that evening, George quietly parked his pickup in front of Mildred's house............. and left it there all night.
Random Topics / Re: Winter Holiday Thread
December 22, 2022, 07:49:40 PM
Wow, It's nice to see you guys keeping this thread going, sort of. I hope you are all keeping warm, healthy and of good cheer.

This may be too long of a video for some of you but it is an enjoyable autobiographical story by Truman Capote, A Christmas Memory.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
September 06, 2022, 11:36:46 AM
Wow, I just checked this thread out of curiosity and sadly, nothing has changed with some members. Dr. Saad sums it up pretty well.

Politics / Re: The Left
September 05, 2022, 08:49:30 PM
Quote from: Jackstar on September 05, 2022, 06:49:53 PMA sight for sore eyes. The glitter in the darkness of my world. Probably not my MK–ULTRA Monarch controller.

Oh, but wouldn't that be awesome! *swoons with happiness at the notion* And the holder of the sacred icon Avatar of Patsy Stone, who I must point out as both a female and a Knight of Columbus, outranks me on basically every level.

Welcome back to the beginning of the end. I wish I had more to offer you than this: *shoves bag of needles at you* quick, I need some dirty DNA and evidence of hardcore drug use in these in these. I have no way of getting access to these substances —standards— but the moment of truth is coming up swiftly, and I really only get one shot at this:

I want all this to look good for my adoring public. People have legitimate expectations at this point. I literally don't know whether or not adrenochrome is used with a needle when getting high, or a pipette or a turkey baster or what? I don't want to let anybody down.

I need answers, pyewacket, and I need them now.
Nice to see you, too, Jackstar. I'd like to help, but PR really isn't my forte. (That was Eddy's job - I just wear Chanel, smoke and drink. I had to give up the rest.)
Your line of questions are probably better directed at certain political figures and their family members. I hear that one in particular has loads of experience and a laptop full of examples. There are probably even some 'royals' who could help, too.

Best of luck with your endeavors, sweetie darling.

Thank you, Juan and Dr MD MD. It was a pleasant surprise to see BG back. I missed all of you!
Quote from: paladin1991 on June 19, 2020, 10:05:25 PM
Any new jokes kiddo?

Hey, Paladin, I hope you and your loved ones are all well.

It's getting harder to tell what is or isn't a joke these days. I'll see if I can find a few, plus it will give our resident lefties something to complain about.

Karen meet Tina (It's a NY state of mind)


Lastly, Happy Father's Day to all you guys blessed with that worthwhile and sometimes, thankless task.

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