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I have long been a Noory detractor, visibly in the pre-publication era of 'Worker~~' (I can't even force myself to complete that obscenity), notably on Amazon.  That was where I became acquainted with our esteemed host and administrator, Michael Vandeven, drawn by our shared disdain for the dullard, GN.  So much for the presentation of bona fides; now for the setting of the stage. 

This impetus for this is being generated, in part, by the direction the topic has taken over the last several posts, specifically with regard to moop's post, wherein she pondered, "George Noory is a complete idiot and has dumbed down the show to the point that it's hard to believe it's so popular. Who's listening to this drivel?"  There upon Camazotz commented, "It remains a mystery to me.", although taken a bit out literal context, the uniting thread was the question of why is GN still there, and who's listening.  A day later lnrrgb effected a post wherein he stated his belief that GN "under a cloak in the disguise of a bumbling idiot...~ ~ ~ ~is using the illuminti's (Illuminati's) own game plan, and doing it so well, he does not even recognize it himself", an idea thoroughly and brilliantly rebutted by Camazotz.  Just how this all ties together is forthcoming.

Now, finally, to my point:  sometime back I posted, on another site (can't remember which), postulating that, under the genius guidance of Art Bell, C2C had been a bastion for free and open thinkers, a late night gathering place for those who understood that Project Bluebook was nothing more than a cover-up disinformation project of the US Government and that there really was something going on at Area 51:  that C2C was a beacon, a shining light magnet for intellectuals, up at those hours, who had a penchant for the arcane, the esoteric and the occult, with a good conspiracy theory thrown in occasionally.  I then theorized that, if you were of the hyperwealthy, the White Brotherhood, the Illuminati (whatever you wish to call them) , and wanted to bring C2C in line with the rest of the plan for global domination, what would you do.  It's much easier to control mindless sheep than intelligent, free thinking men and women, and the "dumbing down of America" had been going on for quite some time. What would you do to destroy the effectiveness of C2C, as moop said, to dumb it down, and not destroy the revenue stream that it represented.  It was time to deal with the estimated 15-20 million smart, educated, intelligent, free thinking listeners of C2C, to "dumb them down";  their solution, hire GN.

I agree with Camazotz; I don't think Noory is in disguise as a bumbling idiot, I have no doubt that he is one.   George isn't playing the part of a buffoon, he is one.  And that, my friends, was the balance of the impetus for the above.  I no longer listen...  I just can't.  I just wanted a platform from which to reiterate "George Noory Does SUCK!".  I feel better, now.
Two minor faux pas, but highly illustrative of Noory's thought processes, or lack of same.  Both triggered a "Hunh?  Say whaa....?" moment for me. 

1.)  In the introductory segment of the show George stated that "Coast to Coast AM is the world's largest radio program of it's kind in this country".   

2.)  A call-in was relating a sob story, the gist of which I don't remember;  at the end of the story however, George, in his smarmiest of tones, commented "Well, that's what usually happens sometimes".   
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