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Archive of Old Threads / Re: You Got Fans Micheal
June 15, 2008, 10:24:20 PM
Not trying to be agurementative, but i would bet it is George, did'nt he send a letter or email once threatening a suite if the site didn't just stop!

I could be wrong but I wouldn't past this scum bag to have pushed clear channel to do something about it!

By the way I heard of shout cast while listening to the streamer when you said you were not making any money from the stream and that you were not
doing them any harm, well on my own personal opinion the only reason I would have to visit clear channel would be to listen or find out if art bell was going to be on the air, having said that, I wont visit clear channel when I can come here and listen to art bell reruns, because as I have said time and time again and firmly believe that I would rather listen to Art bell reruns every day than even listen to one show of old Mr sucks him self
Quote from: bcotx on April 06, 2008, 08:00:27 AM
I'm proud to have the honor to be the first to post here and say... I Like George Noory.
The shows ratings have gone way up since George became the host.
In my book, George is a First-Class act.

Ok to start with, the rattings could not have been higher as you call it, let enlighten you with a bit of brief History!.

The show was originaly called West Coast AM, it was started by Art Bell, in it's growth it was picked up by Over 600+ radio stations and it was
Art Bell that actually came up with the name Coast to Coast, the became syndicated and is heard literaly around the world.

Now go to C2C and look at the shows affiliates with George Norry and then look at the affiliates posted there for the week end for when art bell was
still hosting, it is still up there it literaly 25 to 1.

When Art bell left the final time a massive, by that I mean at least 1/4 of the shows affiliates left the show and were only broadcasting the show when Art Bell was on.

C2C IS ART BELL, you can't re-invent electricity, for example, regardless of your interest, Rush limbaugh, or, Bill O'Reilly, or, Howard Stern, you do realise that
when Art bell retired his total listening audience was greater than those three combined, on an average night the Art bell show for example had any where from
3 to 5 million vistors to his website alone, and it is an approx that the show had 40 million daily listeners and over 100 million fans world wide.

With just one coment from Art Bell, he could easily close down any site from the massive trafic he could send, never in the history of broadcasting has there
ever been any show that could sustain such a listening audience, C2C while hosted by Art bell was number one for over 10 years and remained there.
untill he left.

So unless they have re-invented a title above number One, it is imposible that George who Sucks HUGE DONKEY BALLS Norry, could possibly have had better or higher rating
since he took over since that title doesnt exsist.

                 I can't stand this George Noory any more, but there is absolutely now doubt that C2C exists because of the listening audience.
                 if we contact the show producers and even better the show sponsors threaten a boy Cott of their products as long as they sponsor
                 George Noory.

                 We may not be able to get Art Bell back, but we can certainly get rid of this George Noory by contacting your local station that Airs
                 that show, bombard them with emails, letters, call's of disgust towards GN and threaten to Boy Cott the show station, believe me
                 enough complaints, enough sponsors begin to drop C2C will feel our pain in there pockets.

                 I have listened to Art Bell God well over 12 yrs and this VOMIT Replacement has got to go!
Ive listened to art bel for over 13 years, as far George Noory is concerned, I quess one could say the proff is in the pudding HE DOES SUCK!!!.
I have given him the benefit of doubt but I could'nt take two years, for me it was more like 2 or 3 shows as it just got worse.

I for one was upset that the show ended, but in all honestly when I came accross The UFOSHIP.com, and saw that I could still here the show
that voice, I concluded that I disliked George Noory so much that I would rather Listen to replays of the Arts show over and over any day of the week.

You know Art always sad that he really disliked being refered to a legend and or why people who listened to him thought of him that way!!
Well Art like my self, I istened to voice or subject that I found very very interesting, and it was very entertaining, but it really became more than that,
because we listened for so long, that voice became like that of a comforting friend, and even when we didnt agrea it a really rare connection when you
that most people have long since lost trust in there world around, it rare to find some one you feel that you can trust and actually there company.

George Noory would really see high ratings to Coast TO Coast again with a very simple change to the show GET OFF!!! Bring back Art Bel or atleast
re-air the show you smuck because nothing can be more true than the URL for this site GEORGE NOORY SUCK.COM
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