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Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
October 26, 2010, 12:01:29 AM
Quote from: ringthane on October 20, 2010, 11:48:31 PM
Knapp had a caller (sounded like a complete pothead) on his Nick Redfern show that tried cracking a joke based on their last names -- Red Fern, Georga Nap.

Knapp's response (mildly ticked off): "That's hilarious. Do you have an actual question for the guest?"

Snoory fans probably cried because Knapp was so mean.

I heard that caller...since Noory got on there the level of consciousness of the callers has dropped dramatically. Then to add fuel to the fire he lets them ramble on and on about Nothing. Knapp and Bell know how to handle these callers, what Punfart does with them I can't say as I don't listen to his garbage anymore, I suspect if he lets them talk about Jesus he'll let'm talk all night.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
October 10, 2010, 05:30:33 PM
Quote from: ArtBellFan on October 10, 2010, 01:00:05 PMSince I don't listen to snoory I didn't hear this first hand but read it on another forum, apparently snoory says he doesn't read the books, that he randomly opens to a page and learns everything he needs to know about what it said in the book.......duh I am an avid reader and have collected over 2000 books on many of the topics and guest Art has had on over the years and long before I have heard of Art Bell and I can tell you I can't just open a page and know what the book is about.  Now I wish I had the ability to put a book under my pillow at night and wake up the next morning knowing every word in the book..

What a joke.

Noory is a BS Artist and a Lame one at that, but the one thing he did that was smart was he did everything he could to gain a high profile when he first took over the show. He attended all the conferences he could, he wrote a failed book, actually Bill Birnes wrote it, he made himself available for all the History Channel documentaries he could, so now it's hard for C2C to fire his ass and he knows it. Punbutt attempts to do the same thing with to a degree with all the blog crap on C2C's webpage on the weekends, then I suspect he's the one who keeps refreshing his show webpage on C2C so it's recorded as one of the favored hits, he used to make offhand remarks about Noory and Bell when he didn't get Noory's job, he would have turned it into a religious show if he had his way cause you could see this coming, someone at C2C must have had a talk with him. Last Thursday's show was another outstanding Noory Screwup, he had a 'Newager' of sorts on and asked him "what is the Light", here's Noory asking this guy this question and Noory's Failed attempt at a book was entitled "Worker In The Light", my what a short memory he has he can't even remember what his own book was about...lol Then there were times when he'd brag about his dead aunt Shafica who was well known in the psychic community, she was also a friend of Ingo Swann(father of remote viewing fame), Noory would always try to link her with Ingo as being 'Lovers' all the time, this went on for years until I informed Noory that Ingo was a confirmed homosexual and had been for years, funny you don't hear Noory talking about that anymore...lol On that same show he has Erich Von Daniken on and needless to say Noory made an ass out of himself with his foolish questions. These guests are required to submit a script/questions to the host, the host then explores the question until it's rung dry, not Noory though, he can't expand on anything, you can always tell when he leaves subject matter unanswered and moves on to the next question, Noory is the only host on C2C that does this because he doesn't know how to interview. I find this unbelievable that they're paying him 400 Grand a year for his amateur drivel, it boggles the mind. I never could figure out why he flys between St. Louis and California doing these shows, whats that all about.

I'm a streamlink member but I pick and choose Noorys shows depending on the guest, I don't listen to Punbutt at all, I just delete the download every morning, never miss Knapp, Knapp and Bell can make a show out of nothing.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
October 05, 2010, 02:15:09 PM
It's obvious Noory doesn't read any book the guest has authored, you can tell by the flow of information, he would be lost if the guest didn't provide a list of questions to be asked. This list of questions is always required of the guest, this all came out when Punbutt kicked Maurice Cottrell of the air 2-3 years ago. Punbutt and Knapp do read the books, thats always been evident, Punbutts problem is he drags you agonizedly through a recap of everything that has been covered after every break.
Snoory just made the statement, yes talking about himself again, he says "that little mind I had when I was 1 1/2 years old is the same little mind I have today".

It's about 1 hour and 40 minutes into the show.
Quote from: exC2Cfan on March 17, 2009, 01:04:34 AM
I absolutely LOATHE and DETEST Jerome Corsi. He never mentions it on C2C--all he ever talks about is Iran, Iran, Iran (ZZZZzzzzz....), but this slimeball Corsi was instrumental in swiftboating John Kerry. He contributed to the defeat of John Kerry, who would have ended the insane military adventure in Iraq, and instead helped to elect (NOT reelect) President Moron which meant four more years of war and thousands more American soldiers lives uselessly lost. Jerome Corsi has blood on his hands. He tried to swiftboat Obama, but it didn't work. When Corsi went to Kenya to try to dig up dirt on Obama (how pathetic) and instead became gravely ill, I was hoped he would die a slow and painful death, but no such luck.

Is that the same John Kerry with the 3 Purple Hearts?
Quote from: Mordred478 on March 15, 2009, 09:10:36 AM
            Yes, there is also that excellent website called Black Vault, started by a very young man who's been interviewed on C2C more than once about it. At least, this is what my ailing memory tells me. The truth might be that a very young man started a bakery selling steak 'n' kidney pie.


Ya....he was on that show with Snoory that aired a couple weeks ago. As I recall he started that website when he was 15 years of age. He's grown into a nice looking young man now, I'd say mid 20's. The ATS website is a good one but from what I've noticed it has slid a little from what it use to be. John Lear had some blowout with the moderator's last year and left the board, he had quite a following there.

If you like ATS you'll go nuts over www.projectcamelot.org and www.projectavalon.net

These people own both sites and travel the world interviewing whistleblowers for the most part and try to be thorough and and qualify the interviewees. They have many interviews posted in many formats that some will literally blow your mind. They have forums, one I know for sure is by subscription but you can read the posts.
Archive of Old Threads / Re: Dell <R.I.P.>
March 17, 2009, 12:46:40 AM
Quote from: Mordred478 on March 15, 2009, 12:31:17 PM
equalled only by rough, rough jail sex.

Man...that can't be good.

Myself I've always had good luck with any name brand computer I've bought at Best Buy. I've probably purchased 6-8 of them over the years, all Sonys, HP and one Aptiva as I recall. When I've purchased sound boards, graphics accelerators, ram, if there was an incompatibility problem I've always been able to return them with no questions asked. I just purchased a HP laptop to replace a Sony Laptop and it runs like a dream. My Sony desktop which I've had longer than any of them still run flawlessly after 5 years, I can't find an excuse to replace it. One thing to bear in mind at Best Buy, don't ask the sales people any techie questions cause they're generally full of shit, do the techie research yourself. I'm surprised about Dell, they were always pretty good. One guy told me his son bought one of those $300 laptops for school, he said they were junk.
Quote#1 - Rollye James - 3.80

Rollye James is good, I always felt she should have got in there at least before Punnett, I think what held her back was she doesn't have the "radio voice" the producers always look for, Snoory has this "radio voice", too bad he doesn't have a brain to go with it. I guess Rollye's enjoying some success with XM/Sirius Radio and as I understand her contract prevents her from filling in on C2C.
QuoteAnother issue I have with these guys is George Ure's bio, which sets off some red flags. Namely:

- MBA ... typically one would acknowledge their alma mater, not claiming Ure is making up his MBA, but would be useful to know if it was from Harvard or the American College of Distance Learning

- News Director in Seattle from 1970 to 1983 / SVP of an "international airline" ... I have no problem with him not identifying the "major software company" he's just done work for - that's proprietary - but I question why he wouldn't cite the TV/Radio station or airline he worked for?

- Website - for a guy using very advanced software his website doesn't look that great.

But I could be too cynical ... I am totally sold on Gerald Celente, though!

A college education provides you with the rudiments along with some nonsensical study, the real education is after graduation, it becomes a whole new world out there. An MBA get you more loot, a Phd gets you a little more but not that much with the exception of a few occupations, this all depends on your field of expertise. What always amused me was Bill Clinton being called a Rhodes Scholar, he received a Rhodes Scholarship but never finished. I've read Ure's newsletter every morning for the past 8 mos or so and he's left little doubt in my mind he's an intelligent man. Ure is primarily an economist whereas Cliff High is responsible for the Webbot. Five random samples of predictions would not provide an accurate assessment of performance in their predictions. They both have stated they are not always right and in many cases they have said they hope they're not right.

Gerald Celente, like him or not is what we need more of in this Country, he's a Crusader doing his best to ferret out the Truth.
Quote from: chinadarkness on March 16, 2009, 05:23:58 AM

truth filter could be William Jefferson Clinton, a paragon of truth and dignity.

Yeah! The only man to waltz around the Oval Office with his pants down around his ankles lookin for his next BJ...lol

Quote from: RecoveringNoorholic on March 14, 2009, 06:39:26 PM
Thanks much, this is interesting stuff. In her interview she referred to an organization or a group, as in a singular, that this private society is trying to keep things a secret from - do you have any idea to whom she was referring?

Actually there are two organizations by name, the names are similar but I'm not sure if they are connected or one and the same. You have the La Sanch in Perpignan and the La Sang in Gerona. The fact that they exist is well known in the local area but I don't think members identities are, in fact the locals know they are not to be screwed with, don't get me wrong here they aren't like the Mob or anything like that, in fact they do host a festival of sorts every year.

I get the feeling just from her style of conversation and timbre that she wasn't talking about one of the "usual suspects" that you always hear the likes of Alex Jones, et. al. prattling on about and typically question the real-world existence of with an arched eyebrow,

No, nothing like that at all. If you go back to Saunier Berenger there was speculation that he was in contact with the Hapsburgs, the Hapsburgs I think are part of the famed Illuminati.

but more an esoteric organization as private as this guardian group, the names of whose members probably aren't household names.

True. In her friend Jose group there may be members who reside outside the area like in Great Britain and etc but from what I remember they would be very few and these groups have very few members from my understanding. I don't think it was ever mentioned if Jose was a member of the La Sang in Gerona from what I remember, his group might even be a third group. According to Patrice Jose was the caretaker of certain items used in rituals and would have to transport these items back to Mt Canigou from time to time. As you research this you'll find more towns, villages, landmarks involved in all this. On Mt Canigou at certain times of the year they would perform a ritual that would open a portal that only the initiated would dare venture into, the gist of what I got was this is where the initiated would create whatever they create. If you don't meet the criteria of an Initiate you could easily die or never come back. Besides your mind and ego being in the proper perspective your physical body must also be, it's a dangerous deal to be sure, you'll learn all this as you delve into it more. I highly recommend you get a copy of Bushby's book The Secret In The Bible and this will bring many things to light for you, and NO it's none of that "Love n Light" bullshit either...lol

I've got to say out of all the esoteric, historical and supernatural stuff I've research in the past 30 years or so this is one of the most fascinating subjects I've looked into. These Secret Organizations have existed and have been written about since the ancient Egyptians and they exist today, what they are doing must work, there could not be that many organizations or people in history willing to waste all that time on something that didn't. What plays into the geography of Northern Spain and Southern France are the magnetic grid or leylines of the Earth, also the power points of negative and positive, mountains or huge stone structures are crystal in one form or another and produce energy. Gonna bail now...don't wanna write a book here...lol
Quote from: exC2Cfan on March 14, 2009, 01:58:21 PM
He's a babbling idiot who can weave grand and elaborate constructs about time, space, God--you name it--out of absolutely nothing.

I had to piss away money on three of his books to find that out.
Quote from: RecoveringNoorholic on March 14, 2009, 01:52:14 PM

(2) an earthquake in the Pacific Northwest in the first part of December did not seem to transpire (ATF they explained this as being an "economic earthquake" but that doesn't explain why it would specify "the Pacific Northwest" --- unless they were talking about Washington Mutual going under but that was September)

As I remember they stated an earthquake in the heartland, many took this to mean the Madrid Fault. I watched the Feds Earthquake Map and it showed a series of small earthquakes in the St. Louis area and the Knoxville areas during that time.

In their predictions they mentioned that there would be some high profile figures vanishing or disappearing. Then one person mentioned to me that could have been the three pro football players that disappeared in the Gulf of Mexico a couple weeks ago.

These two guys never did claim their predictions were always right on and that sometimes the event still happens but it's been misinterpreted on their part in reading their data. The three events I've been waiting for is the collapse of the Stock Market in July, they just recently said the Market would rally back up which is the stage it's in now according to them. They said there would be a crossover in Gold Prices and the Market, meaning gold would soar past the Dow Jones Ave., this would probably happen during the July Collapse. They also said the Summer of 2009 would be "The Summer of Hell", they said this last September and as recently as a week or so ago, I caught their interview on the Jeff Rense Show.
If for any reason at all Punnett took over the show it would be a matter of time before he established his own format and we all know what that is. I've seen changes in Ian vs subject matter and I would suspect he was counseled by higher-ups to change his ways or there was no need for him  or destroying the original format of the C2C Show. If Ian were given the show, somewhere, sometime when he would feel the time is right he would take the show back to the way he had done it in the past. He would beatup guests, debate the subject matter rigorously until it fit him, kick guests off the air all the while spewing his religious bent. Punnett is the only person who has hosted C2C and pushed his religious crap on the audience. I would rather listen to Snoory for 7 nights in a row than to listen to Punnett for 1 hour. If the opportunity came for Punnett to take over the show and he swore up and down to Premier he would never push religion again that is utter Bullshit!


George Knapp or Art Bell are the only alternatives if Snoory should ever leave.

At this point in time there are no alternatives...just George Knapp!
Quote from: Nboy on March 14, 2009, 01:31:07 AM
You left out the part where he claims to have been granted visions of WHOLE Christian families hung to their deaths on telephone poles.

You're Right about that! Reminds me of some of the stories that came out of Vietnam.

Didn't George ask him if he was ever threatened or in so many words did anyone ever want to beat his ass?

I know for One I'd beat his ass in a heartbeat, this guy just pissed me off while peddling his religious bullshit too.
"What if we had Advanced Technology...NOT ET Technology, but Advanced Technology?"

Here's another...
"Show us with words what your laboratory consists of"
...meaning of course don't tell us...just show us...we wanna see the WORDS!

From the 3-12-09 show with guest David Sereda.
Archive of Old Threads / Re: Snoory Heads Up
March 13, 2009, 11:01:25 AM
Quote from: RecoveringNoorholic on March 13, 2009, 09:46:19 AM
Did anyone hear a couple months ago when GN was grandstanding all the weight he'd lost? It was for his SciFi special that never seems to get off the ground, he said he went in to tape, then he went home and lost 10 pounds and when he came back to tape they were like "George, you're going to look like a different person on TV!" I was just like OMG.

There's an easy answer to that one...it's called COLON CLEANSER! The producers would only let him take one tablet, if he took two he would disappear...lol
Quote from: RecoveringNoorholic on March 13, 2009, 09:39:30 AM
>That woman on the portals in Spain, Patrice Chaplin.
>I bought her book and have been doing more research
>on the subject, Man...what a ride thats been so far. I'm
>just glad Snoory didn't get that interview.

I've been hesitant to buy her book because of the way Ian sold it, i.e. the book is a heavily censored version of the radio show. Is the book worth it? Also, what other research have you been doing on the subject? I thought this show was one of the most fascinating in a long time.

Her book was great as it added another spoke in the wheel to all the Rennes LeChateau mystery, alchemy on the spiritual level, when reading the book you have to remind yourself she's a writer by profession and the clues come slowly throughout the book. My latest round of research came from just doing a Google for Patrice Chaplin, it opened up more info I hadn't seen before. Regarding this area of France and Spain there was a woman I used to be in contact with that moved from Florida to this area and she told me that it was common knowledge that there are/were practicing mystics (alchemists) in the Pyrenees for hundreds of years. There's another book out by Tony Bushby entitled "The Secret In The Bible" that unlocks more information than I've found anywhere else, it explains the ancient Hebrew alphabet and what Tarot really is, it's a mindblower and I've read it 3 times now in the last six months. Bushby has written other books revealing biblical history for what it really is and exposing the frauds we've been taught. I've read 4-5 of them and could only question 3-4 points in the series, religious types hate his guts. This whole story steps back to Saunier Berenger of Rennes LeChateau fame and the alleged treasure of King Solomon people claim he found, I never thought he found a treasure at all, what I've always thought was he found was the secret of turning base metals into gold. This sounds like a far fetched concept but my question has always been why have these tales been written about and practiced for so many hundreds of years. There was a Roman Emperor, one of the Caesars sometime around the birth of Jesus, who rounded up all the alchemists he could find and had them all executed, the reason being they were destroying the economy by the influx of gold coins. Then there's the story of China invading Tibet, whats there besides nothing, why the execution of monks and destroying monasteries, story goes they wanted the secrets of changing base metals into gold among other things. The stories are endless and there's always Truth in some fiction...lol

This is the latest source I've found, it hasn't revealed much new to me but it may to you, it just reinforces much of what I've already learned. There's quite a bit of info there.

Quote from: 11angeleyes11 on March 12, 2009, 07:01:25 PM
Well let me tell you what is become of the website per rumor, it is going to be introduced next Tuesday, on St. Patricks' Day,

You could be right, the last couple of days during mid day I've tried to get into the streamlink files in past shows and it's been nearly impossible. I figured they were uploading all those old programs Snoory's been talking about.
I don't even know where to begin on this SOB. He's a Soothsayer, Prophet and Dickhead. This asshole was on tonight in the second hour and according to him we're all in the Cosmic Shitter and there's No Way Out! He says Russia's been on a quiet full alert for some time now ready to take advantage of any military action in the world, not to fight but to occupy. Then he's got the Chinese Army being shipped in to the US in these storage containers and dropped around the country for a surprise attack. This could happen maybe as they have tons of these empty containers piling up at the docks because nobodys buying any imported goods. Then there's the port in Mexico the Chinese use alot, and the NAFDA or whatever it is Highway that runs from this Mexican port all the way into Canada. This guy was throwin so much shit at Snoory it was unbelievable.

I heard this clown on C2C a few years ago and determined then he was unreliable for some reason. If you need a reason to go on Prozak listen to the second hour of the show.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
March 12, 2009, 03:02:15 AM
Quote from: danDNA on January 30, 2009, 06:07:56 AM
and knocks george noory the fuck out.


I remember that one and he's so damn right, thats what this show is all about.
Your assessment of Snoory is true to form, I'll bet he screws up everyone of those Expo's he attends. The only reason he's there is the peeps with the good info have to kiss his ass to get on the show so they can sell books.

Knapp is next to flawless.

Goldberg is always an annoyance and a walking commercial.

That woman on the portals in Spain, Patrice Chaplin. I bought her book and have been doing more research on the subject, Man...what a ride thats been so far. I'm just glad Snoory didn't get that interview.

I'm beginning to think they shitcanned that new website, that sample page they had up had Snoorys Mug all over it and it didn't look as nice as the one they have now.

Quote from: PhantasticSanShiSan on March 12, 2009, 12:18:03 AM
I don't know how recent it actually was, but last week I watched a show on cattle mutilations and she was the big cheese on the show, and yeah, she was definitely "cougared up" and looked like she had a decent bod, which shocked me because like MV, she always came across, via her voice,  as an old lady IMO.  Her face was a little "chewed-bootish", but I'd damage that  O-ring like she was the Challenger, if you know what I'm saying.

Check this out from wiki...


Howe was born in Boise, Idaho. She entered the 1963 Miss Boise pageant for college scholarships and went on to win the 1963 Miss Idaho crown and scholarships, and participated in the Miss America Pageant that year in Atlantic City.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Ian Punnett
March 11, 2009, 02:32:39 PM
Quote from: EvB on March 11, 2009, 01:13:56 PM
A Peace Offering for Boomer:


And, anyone who is a fan of John Lee Hooker should grab it too.  You have 7 days before the link goes dead.

Sorry...the only living things on this Planet I would consider clicking on that link would be George Snoory and Ian Punfart ;D
Dittos on the Poll for Guests. Art could make a show out of anything just about every night. Snoory is lost everywhere he goes and no matter what he does. What's boring beyond bore is his Open Lines, he attracts all these mentally challenged callers and let's them ramble on and on with nothing of any substance, when he does get an interesting caller he blows them off. The only thing funny about his Open Lines are those losers calling in from the Nightfartzone, these guys are brainless, if they have one I'll bet the spell checker on that forum goes NUTS when someone logs on there!
Quote from: Mordred478 on March 11, 2009, 03:08:31 AM
         For Prez, though, Jack Bauer is still my man.

Quote from: chinadarkness on March 11, 2009, 03:18:02 AM
People here love America, and Americans (politics not withstanding) and American foreigners especially are given 'red carpet' treatment.  My hat off to a once great nation ... a still great people.  Your country may well have fallen into the abyss, led astray by the lies and deceit of an evil and deceitful government, but the people of the United States of America remain a fine, noble, and generous people ... if not ignorant of their own circumstance.

Well said! If the Truth were known the people all over this Planet have great respect for one another. It's the damn governments, the leaders and the news media that create the problems for all of us.

QuoteDo the world a favour: Deport George Noory.   ;D

Thats a Tall Order. We know where his family origens lie but they won't take him back, something about his corrupted gene pool. The only alternatives at this point is to put him on a rocket to the Planet Nibiru when it enters the solar system, or to put him into one of these interdimensional portals with a one way ticket. He's like a virus, you can cover up the symptoms but you can't rid of it.
Quote from: Michael Vandeven on March 10, 2009, 11:10:37 AM
the last time i listened to a snoory show was in january of 2006.  i don't recall him mentioning this dead broad back then.  wtf happened to bring her into the forefront of his thoughts on a nightly basis like this?  jesus christ.

My first thought would be he never knew anything about her back then until some family member was cleaning out the garage and found her book. So now he sees he has an author who had a book published in the family. Now hes trying to make her famous and hang on her coat tails and give us all the impression that he's psychic too. Problem there all his psychic demonstrations on the air fall flat, like the chick who worked at the ATM factory...lol
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