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Started by pate, August 01, 2022, 05:33:37 PM

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The Mojito

This one is either Cuban or Puerto Rican (as far as I can tell anyway).  I was first introduced to these fine beverages at the French restaurant I used to sous chef at.

The classic version involves a sprig of fresh mint (some sort of special variety native to the island), sugar, half of a fresh lime (juiced), rum (white/clear), club soda and ice.

You will need a muddler and a glass, of course.

Into the glass put the mint, some ice, and a spoonful of sugarUse a muddler to crush that stuff and release the mint oil.  Add the juice and remnant of half a lime, a jigger of rum, more ice, and 4-6 ounces of club soda.  You can add more mint for garnish, an umbrella, or whatever.

The version of this that is served in The People's Free Democratic Republic of pate differs by the use of Peppermint, Peppermint syrup (one full jigger), and Spiced Rum (brown).  The highly skilled PFDRp bartender also uses only glassware that has been stored in the freezer for at a minimum of 3 hours before the drink is prepared.  The spiced rum used is Admiral Nelson's:

...because he outranks Captain Morgan and the civilian Mr. Meyer.  Probably any rum will suit, whether it be white or spiced (brown).

These are delicious, refreshing, and welcome if one is experiencing a months-long heat wave in excess of 90°F;  as we are in the MidWest (and other parts of God's country).

I think this is a somewhat refined variation of common Navy Grog (Nautical Shore);   it is also recommended as a prophylactic against scurvy:  should one need a strictly Medical or medicinal reason to consume this wonderful elixir.



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