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Salman Rushdie Stabbed

Started by AC400KICK, August 12, 2022, 03:26:05 PM


The formatting of the site might lead some LEOs or readers to think the assailant was a poster on the this board. Hopefully this is simply a formatting error and we are stabber-free. I wonder how quickly the DA will release the actual stabber guy back to the community as a part of general bail reform and concerns about racism and worries about cultural acceptance.  Hopefully he is being allowed halal meals and visits by some Imam during his likely brief detainment. :-X


Quote from: pate on August 13, 2022, 11:53:48 AMAfter he gets freed, maybe he can get a gig in the John Hinckly Jr. Band:



I predict some epic albums but the band will be broken up quickly after dedication disputes over to first track listing: ode to Jodie Foster or one for the Hidden Imam down in that well. Also, there will a Joosish music producer and company blamed for financial malfeasance and albums not selling and, the distribution problems, and possible fatwas/rantings/poems issued via a vanity publisher.


Years ago I read his "satanic verses." It took probably a year to slog through it, and in the end, I happily agreed that there should be a fatwa. Not for the contents of the book being offensive, but to ensure that he does not publish anymore books. I simply want to save the environment by not cutting down trees to publish a book guaranteed to induce a coma and make one wish for an early death.

*That said, it is too bad. This type of attack (like the Charlie Hebdo attacks) will actually lead to people guarding their speech and avoiding subjects. Allow me to be as offensive as possible.


You did better than me.  Many years ago I found a copy in a bookstore and started reading it there. I made it two pages before I put it back on the rack.

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