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Program Idea: Exploring The Phenomenon "photosensitive epilepsy"

Started by James G., March 25, 2011, 08:30:00 PM

James G.

 Program Idea: Exploring The Phenomenon "photosensitive epilepsy"

This is a subject idea I submitted to the Coast-To-Coast AM program last October, but, as usual, never heard anything back. So, I throw this out to those here since these boards seem deeper than than program itself these days.

While "cruising" the Internet one night, I stumbled upon a phenomenon called "photosensitive epilepsy." And I admit it's something I never heard of before. Now, being 48, I remember the use of "subliminal advertising" years ago, which I believe used the brief flashing of images and text to instill a visual message to unsuspecting viewers. And, if I also remember correctly, it was eventually banned from television and film medias.

But, from what I read online at various sites, photosensitive epilepsy is different. And can be downright dangerous. And since such deals with alternative subjects, I feel a Coast To Coast AM  program discussing this phenomenon might fit the "Psychology & Mind" subject category.

Please know I do not have or watch television anymore. But I did for many years. But, in being away from it for two-and-a-half years now, I do see the difference in my mind and thinking. I rely on talk radio exclusively, where things are heard and not seen. And I fondly remember the significance of radio when I was a boy, and it assisted in molded my creative nature.

I feel too many visuals distract from the actual message. As such, I feel I have a better grasp of the words, concepts or heart of the matter being presented. Now, that's just me, and my view.

But, I've been around numerous people who do seem to become fixated by television. I've noticed how absent minded they act in life. How they seem to not be able -- or want -- to create for themselves.

Strange, Incredible "Pokémon Incident" Got My Attention
I found out about a strange case of "photosensitive epilepsy" that occurred during a Japanese television broadcast in December 1997. There are lots of information online about this infamous "Pokémon Incident," including this CNN article:


I have never seen any Pokémon material, and I never heard of this case before. But, the information about the incident got my attention. Why? It does seem "photosensitive epilepsy" is both a real and powerful phenomenon that reveals more about how our brains work. It could be an interesting study.

Now, I admit I didn't watch the particular Pokémon clip that posted online. Apparently, it was this brief bit that triggered the damage. Perhaps I will eventually, but how do I know I won't drop right over from it? Ha! Take your chances on that one, all.

I understood that Japanese broadcasting regulators required that clip to be modified from that episode for all future viewings. 

Theoretical Possibilities For Applied "Photosensitive Epilepsy"
Seriously, I feel "photosensitive epilepsy" could be explored further on a program with certain considerations -- and questions -- in mind:

Psychological Warfare: Could such actually be used by some to control or subjugate others? Could it be applied as a weapon, in some form?

If so, do any researchers have any evidence that the military or intelligence divisions have experimented with it? Again, perhaps as a weapon against unsuspecting enemy? If so, on what scale? What would be the logistics? Imagine such a display carried out from the sky directed over a wide range on numerous people below?

Again, this is just my theory, but I won't put it past people with resources or power to try it.

Possible UFO, Extraterrestrial Use
Often, I hear those who witnessed UFO craft describe certain lighting. Series of sequential -- perhaps flashing -- lights, including several colors. Now, is it theoretically possible that such beings are using "photosensitive epilepsy" somehow to perhaps mesmerize other beings? I know this sounds loony on my part, but welcome to the world of independent thought. I've yet to hear UFO researchers on the program bring up that possible tie-in to that lighting and "photosensitive epilepsy."

I know that's a stretch. But, I ask, note the stories some UFO witnesses -- and supposed abductees -- tell of the effect. Some relate an almost hypnotic, altered state. Some relate memory loss, or confusion. Could these beings both know of and employ "photosensitive epilepsy?"

In Any Event, Might Make A Good Subject Matter
In conclusion, I'll state I wanted to share this because I've yet to hear it discussed on Coast To Coast AM. Others may be like myself. Now, I admit I was introduced to the program in only early 2008. It may have either been done or the concept dismissed.

But, as I feel, this phenomenon is something significant. And it could be dangerous, as the "Pokémon Incident" proved. It was hard for me to believe before tonight that a mere visual clip on a television broadcast can actually cause mass effects as it did. And trigger physical ailments, nausea, and seizures among a varied group of people?

The vast majority of those affected, as I understood from online articles, were people who medical professionals described as not being susceptible to "photosensitive epilepsy." The, how could that have happened? Even though it occurred mostly in children, I understood it even affected adults, some being elderly.

Obviously, the phenomenon is both real, unpredictable and, unfortunately when misused or underestimated, seemingly downright dangerous.
NOTE: Again, I let people decide for themselves whether they view the original clip. I didn't take that chance myself, but that's just me.

ADDED SIDE NOTE: This is a nonsensical connection, obviously a coincidence. Roughly two days after I submitted the above concept, I heard Mr. George Noory state during the program that one of his staff members apparently had something happen to him at the studio. If I remember correctly, Noory stated the staffer was taken to the hospital immediately, but no cause was found of his sudden affliction. It was attributed to a possible anxiety attack. Now, I couldn't help but think at the time: Did he check out that Pokémon video and sustain photosensitive epilepsy?

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