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Proposed Subject About "The Flying Dutchman" And Mariners' Tales

Started by James G., January 15, 2011, 02:10:03 AM

James G.

In researching the Coast To Coast AM archives, I find the program hasn't done -- correct me if I'm wrong -- a program about some phantom sailing ship that people have claimed to see, called "The Flying Dutchman."

OK. We need a mix of guests and experts here. Ones that could attribute such a phenomenon to optical illusions -- "double refraction of light," as what can happen in Arctic regions because of the ice -- to those who feel the phantom ship is of supernatural origin.

Then, I encourage listeners who spent time on the proverbial "high seas." To relate their experiences. On spotting some phantom vessel.

Have they -- or other experienced Mariners -- seen or experienced such phantom phenomenon sloops while on the ocean?

I just want to know about such a "ghost ship" phenomenon, and how that could be explained in the realm of science.

My thoughts on themed bumpers for such a subject:
The Most Prominent and apropos:
Ride Captain Ride (The Blues Image)

After that, something like:
Sloop John B (The Beach Boys)
Shakedown Cruise (Jay Ferguson)
Sailing (Christopher Cross)
Southern Cross (Crosby, Stills & Nash)
Come Sail Away (STYX)
Beyond The Sea (Bobby Darin)
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot)
Sailor's Lament (Credence Clearwater Revival)
Sail Away (Enya)
Sailing Nights (Bob Seger)
Sail On (Commodores)
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding)
Sea Of Love (The Honeydrippers)

...and so on...

I invite a discussion on such phenomenon in this thread. Coast To Coast AM listeners, how do we explain "The Flying Dutchman"?


Ian did a couple shows on high sea stuff, one on rogue waves, and one re: general pirating in 2010 with the recent wave of Somalian Pirate jackings.

However, while they may have briefly mentioned the flying Dutchman, they didn't get into it in depth - it would definitely make a great how

I would love a show on this (preferably with Knapp hosting) there's so many cool Mariner ghost and paranormal stories out there. One of the coolest paranormal books I ever had dedicated a couple of chapters to trippy old ship stories. I commend you on your idea man and wonder why with such an obvious topic C2C has never gotten around to this.

James G.

Quote from: GuerrillaUnReal on January 15, 2011, 04:52:43 PM
I commend you on your idea man and wonder why with such an obvious topic C2C has never gotten around to this.

I don't know for sure, but I'll offer my ideas.

Please refer to that thread where Michael V. vents his frustration about the way things are. And I agree. Too many times, us supposedly small people have big concepts, and we find ourselves against the way things are.

Insecurity. Greed. Indifference. I agree with Michael V. 100 percent. We can create and perceive nonstop, but that doesn't mean you'll ever get credit or compensation for your heart and soul.

Just tune into the junk and immaturity that's The Dan Patrick Show on Fox-Sports Radio. Such think we need material things, expensive automobiles, fitness models, celebrities or whatever to gauge our success in the human experience.

I'd be so embarrassed and ashamed, all, to have some restored 1967 big-block Chevy Corvette parked outside my one-room, miserable flat. Embarrassed to think that people are losing all they have because of the flaws of America, and I'd be small enough as a human being to think some manufactured item that lacks a soul is a measure of prestige. Or importance.

I would say one thing: Get that piece of four-wheel mechanical crap away from my doorstep! Now! I care not about how much someone paid for that "thing" at some Las Vegas auto auction! Get that piece of four-wheel mechanical crap away from my doorstep!

Before someone assumes that damn automobile belongs to me!

There's some people, all, who claim to want to improve this world, who are the first ones to condemn people like me.

I always admired Mr. Rod Sterling. He learned about life, terrible things and the human condition -- firsthand, and at a cost -- and saw further. But such as him aren't around anymore for me to work with. He knew firsthand the worst things fellow human beings do to one another -- and saw a better way. So much for that.

And like me, he had his vices. Sometimes the most gifted are most tortured. And that led to his man's early death. But what Mr. Sterling stood for will inspire others like me forever. Beyond the physical. mortal sense. And that's our measure of immortality.

I want nothing for myself. I get tired of hearing children posing as adults who think fame is something we want. I want nothing more than a better world, one free of greed, harm, indifference, selfishness, falsities, and abuse.

And, all I never fail to pay for that.

Sure, submit your writings and your concepts -- created from a lifetime of trying life experiences -- to "us." So, "we," the entertainment industry can take them, without credit or compensation to you, and make money to buy materialistic crap from your essence as a human being. And we're powerful, "important" media moguls with the high-priced lawyers to steal from impoverished, one-legged people in wheelchairs.

God Bless America?

Enough said. I'm tired.

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