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Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by Kidnostad3 on Today at 08:48:43 AM »
OK, is it Trump doing this or people in the Shadow Gov. and Trump is powerless ??
This is total bullshit and obvious buildup to trigger RUSSIANS.

If you read that memo/document in the link you would agree that even I would compose more intelligent text with my English that sucks.
WTF is this.. 'potentially' -or you have the solid info on it or you don't, -what is this guessing shit game ??
It's a baseless pretext to engage Russians into military confrontation.

"White House: 'Another chemical weapons attack' potentially planned by Syria's Assad"
Published time: 27 Jun, 2017 02:47

*The White House is warning Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and military of “a heavy price,” as the US alleges “potential preparations” are under way for more chemical weapons attacks.
The Trump administration insisted the US is there to “eliminate” ISIS.

"The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children,"
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in a statement Monday night.
"The activities are similar to preparations the regime made before its April 4, 2017 chemical weapons attack."

"As we have previously stated, the United States is in Syria to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
If, however, Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price."*
../more info in the link/

..this latest bullshit "WARNING" is no good in my opinion, they are itching for pretext to start big War there.
Vey disappointed with Trump.
Do you really think that Assad would use chem weapons after last "attack" (that was not convincingly proven by The US or others at all to be done by Assad forces)
I call this a fake news, bullshit provocation, a lie.

I'll wait to see the evidence. 
It would be interesting to see how one would go about interacting with it. I'll give you that.  ;)

Very interesting, to say the least. The first peripheral for the Altair wasn't a mouse, a keyboard, or a printer, but a radio.

It seems a chap by the name of Steve Dompier (proud owner of serial number four) was programming his Altair (which was done in octal by flipping tiny switches on the front panel) and happened to have a radio playing nearby.  When he flipped the "run" switch to execute the program, his radio started emitting tones; these tones were generated by radio frequency interference from the computer caused by the timing loops in the program.  Fascinated, he figured out what tones approximated notes on the musical scale and, after eight hours, had written a program that produced music (or as Dompier put it, "music; of a sort").

To help put this event into perspective, Dompier was doing all this in 1975, a time when there were no pocket-sized computers, no ready-made desktop computers, and relatively few computers of any kind.  If you were a scientist or engineer working from home, you might be lucky enough to have a dumb terminal on your desk allowing you to access a mainframe your employer owned.  Assuming you were one of fortunate few, your employer was not likely to allow you to write programs for fun.  For the most part, if you wanted access to a computer, you had to work for the government or the kind of corporation that was large enough to have the money to buy one.  Needless to say, with computers being so rare (and so expensive), you did what they wanted you to do with it, not what you wanted to do with it.

What I'm getting at here is: 40 years ago, the idea of owning your own computer, to do with as you wished, was a tremendously exciting and compelling one.  What made the Altair so important was that, for the first time ever, anyone who had $400 could send away for a complete kit that would allow them to build their own.  Indeed, enough people were excited by the thought of owning their very own computer to bring MITS' bank account from a negative balance to $250,000 in less than a month.  In 1975, a quarter of a million dollars was serious money and that was income generated by the mere idea of the Altair, shipments of which would not actually begin for some time.

So Steve Dompier not only had a computer of his own, he now had a computer he could program to play music.  For anyone looking on at the time, it must have been like watching Blériot climb into the cockpit to cross the English Channel in 1909.  Needless to say, when he showed up at his local computer club to give a demonstration, the room was very, very quiet.

Through the miracle that is the Internet, you, the reader, are now going to get a chance to sit in that same room and hear what the members of that computer club heard 42 years ago:

Daisy was, of course, the first piece of computer-generated speech synthesis and it had been played in a demonstration at Bell Labs a decade and a half earlier.  This occasion in 1975 was different: this was someone playing music on their own computer, not a computer someone else owned that could only be accessed in a laboratory.  For the people sitting in that room, their world was changed forever.

And the Altair story did not stop there.  Soon there were third-party companies offering peripherals for the Altair, peripherals that allowed it do things such as:

Take pictures (just like that smartphone in your pocket does today):

and process video:

Most important of all, the Altair showed the world that there was money to be made, not only in building computers, but also in building devices to plug in to those computers those allow them to do the things that private individuals (not governments, not corporations) wanted them to do.

It goes without saying that Apple Computer made considerable contributions to the personal computer industry and I did not write any of this to make light of those contributions   Rather, I wrote this in aid of pointing out that Apple Computer was riding a wave that was started by the Altair, that's all.

They're an interesting footnote to the whole story, at best.

It's true that, despite my best efforts so far, "footnote" might still seem appropriate to anyone in 2017 who wants to sum up the Altair's contribution to personal computing in a single word.

However, when I mention that Steve Dompier's demonstration took place at the third meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club, that the first meeting of the HCC was convened to demonstrate a working prototype of the Altair, and that Steve Wozniak is on record as saying he found that first meeting of the HCC so moving it inspired him to build the Apple I*, perhaps it is possible that a different word entirely might suggest itself to describe the Altair and the impact it had on the world of 1975 that helped to make the world of 2017 possible.

*iWoz p. 150: "After my first meeting, I started designing the computer that would later be known as the Apple I. It was that inspiring."
I don't know but I think that StupidG lost enthusiasm in his voice at some point of this segment
I think he was reading our comments, ha ha ha

StupidG is a great name for Noory. He should branch out into rap music at his stage shows and call himself that.
Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by Kidnostad3 on Today at 07:58:00 AM »
CNN is falling apart ;D

Three CNN journalists resign over fake Russia story

Scaramucci, Scaramucci will you do the fandango. . .

Radio and Podcasts / Re: RandomCast - A Podcast
« Last post by Radio⚡Activity on Today at 07:29:16 AM »
so if you want to join the live chat you'll need to go here:

Is there a way to get into the chat without registering an account and giving up personal information?
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« Last post by Juan on Today at 06:45:56 AM »
I do wonder if Heather's ever heard of Hank Siemers, whom is reportedly having relations with Melania.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Random Topics / Re: th'ONE I have a BAD NEWS for YOU-You are SOL.
« Last post by brig ☕ on Today at 05:30:29 AM »
he said that for BellGab to have full financial /sale/purchase/ value the original laptop must be included in the sale package.
(((He))) said that I must receive that laptop at the time of submitting final payment to MV.
brig, I hope you kept all the bubble wrap that the laptop was mailed to you in.
And one note of Warning brig, don't try to instal some spy viruses on it, because I'm not Falkie who doesn't have money and just runs his big mouth, I will sue your ass if I find any spy viruses on it.

When time comes for you to mail that laptop to me you can do a 'good bye' video same as you did 'unboxing' video.
Sorry brig but without that laptop my (((lawyer))) said that BGab is not very valuable entity it's just one of many forums on the net.
Start saying goodbyes to that laptop brig, don't get attached to it.

Love th'ONE

As the One chosen by MV to have posession of the original laptop, I'm afraid you are SOL. sorry.

Praise MV!
Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« Last post by brig ☕ on Today at 05:20:03 AM »
I think this is the angriest, most deranged rant of his since episode 793. Guess Erinn won't be getting a thank you note, huh.

A Classic for SURE!

George deflects from the fact that he begs for donations which he might or might not claim to his Supplemental SSDI case worker, by yelling and screaming, accusing people of not believing he's disabled.  There may be one or two people here on bellgab who don't believe he's disabled, but I think most of us do believe that he is.  I believe George knows what he's doing wrong, by using YouTube videos to ask for donations, while collecting Supplemental SSDI if he is not reporting the gifts and the donations to his case worker.  If he's reporting his gifts and donations to his case worker, then he is doing nothing wrong at all. Supplemental SSDI is different from regular Social Security disability, in that regular Social Security is something you paid for out of  your paychecks all your life.  Supplemental is for people who didn't work long enough to earn it.  I've even seen Supplemental be given to people who worked off the books all their life.  Personally, I think that needs to be changed.
Would be great if his mother knew about BellGab and this thread (dedicated to her Stupid son) ..and what we really think of him...

Oh, I'm sure everyone George knows has heard about it...  His granddaughter used to lurk here, maybe still does

Picture of the damaged engine from an Air Asia X A330 which had to return to where it departed in Perth. Some people are questioning why the plane didn't divert to Learmonth (which was 200nm away), but the fact is Learmonth is an empty airbase 20mi from the nearest town with no maintenance available, hotels for passengers, or even border agents. In Australia the airports capable of taking a widebody airliner are few and far between - eg the nearest divert options for a flight from South Africa to Perth are Adelaide (1328mi away) or Learmonth (755mi away).

Video below is of the same incident.

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