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Random Topics / Re: Music
« Last post by Rix Gins on Today at 03:40:43 AM »
Politics / Re: Fake News...
« Last post by Taaroa on Today at 03:26:34 AM »
Quadrant online editor laments that Manchester blast was not against the ABC

So the short of it is that someone for an online magazine wrote an article saying that if there were any justice in the world that a bomb would go off where a particularly toxic/controversial tv show is filmed (it's always causing some form of drama - this is only an abridged listing ) and that humanity would be no worse off without the panelists. The TV network is now playing up their victimcard and trying to make news by saying things like the article was reported to the federal police (similar to the FBI) and that they'd be consulting with security experts, while quoting their own staff about how 'scared' they are.

Random Topics / Re: One Hundred Years Ago
« Last post by Rix Gins on Today at 03:25:42 AM »
Jazz musician Jimmy Hamilton was born on May 25, 1917.


Jimmy Hamilton and Harry Carney, Aquarium, NYC, ca November 1946. Photography by William P. Gottlieb.  By William P. Gottlieb -, Public Domain,

Random Topics / Re: MrHippie's Crunchy Granola
« Last post by MrHippie on Today at 02:39:50 AM »
Johnny Cash & Melanie - Silver Threads & Golden Needles
Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by gnooryblows on Today at 02:05:48 AM »
i would actually get gay with trump, he's that awesome
Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by PB the Deplorable on Today at 01:59:23 AM »
By the way, between Obama's spying, the hacking of Hilary's unsecure server, and Hilary and the DNC colluding to deny Sanders the nomination, there is much reason for the Fake News Media and the other Democrats to distract from all that by piling on Trump.

There is no evidence of any wrongdoing by Trump to date - despite all the investigations and every reporter in the western world turning over every rock.  But there is an enormous amount of illegal activity involving Bill, Hilary, Barry, and the DNC - well beyond what's been mentioned here today.  Behold the power of the press.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Noory Sucks! - The Definitive Compendium
« Last post by Morgus on Today at 01:57:40 AM »
Wow the guest sure shot down regular caller Bill the AAA from West Hartford and his dream of men on Mars...
Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by PB the Deplorable on Today at 01:54:53 AM »
Remind me again how many years it took for "what Obama was doing" to come out (and do you really believe that it has ALL come out? I think if they dig, there will be lots more.)

So, what makes you think that they are disclosing their law breaking in real time now?  Have you seen the dozens of new bills put in place to protect your privacy?  I'm guessing the answer is no... It is "business as usual" for those collecting your phone conversations and "metadata."

You're still comparing apples to oranges.  Obama was lying to the FISA court about what they were after.  There is no evidence any other president has done that.  Obama was ostensibly claiming to target foreign operatives, but was really after what is referred to as the ''incidental'' portions of the conversations - the US citizen on the other end of the call (which was Trump and his campaign).  Even if he had reason to believe the US citizen he was spying on was guilty of a crime - because that person is a US citizen there is a higher bar in convincing a judge to order a wire tap.  It's a different court, and a different process.

Obama then went on to pass the information gathered among all intelligence agencies, where he had his toadies in place to make use of it.  After all that, it seems likely it would also be passed on to other accomplices of his who would benefit, like, say, Mrs Clinton and her campaign.

Obama then went on to leak damaging info to the media, to friendly members of the Congress and their staffs, and who knows who all else. 

No other president has even been accused of any of this.  The information gathering is completely different from the usual NSA collection - needing to go through the FISA judges and all.  In other words, Obama committed a felony, and was illegally ''interfering'' in the election.

Like it or not, the NSA collection has been ruled legal.  What Obama was doing is not.  But, you know, just lump it all together and accuse Trump of something.  Business as usual.
is this guy one of the great heroes of the 21st century?
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