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I'm in the minority in that I don't LOVE Louis CK, but he is generally recognized as the king.  To me, Burr is the king right now.  Eddie Izzard is also quite funny when he hit his stride well, if one can stand his delivery style.

Stand up Burr is funnier. But check out CK's show - it's an excellent,  surreal look at Louis' NY life.

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From the way things were being described on the day of the bombing (low level placement of the bombs, limb amputations and wounding), I was hoping it was a disgruntled marathoner/runner or someone bound to a wheelchair who was the culprit.

         That's the pilot episode for Law and Order: Bomb Unit, debuting on NBC this summer.

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Since comedians came up, I got quite a few I've checked out....
If ya like fat guys, check out Gabriel Inglesias, Ralphie May, or John Pinette.  Stoners have Doug Benson. Nerds have Brian Posehn or Patton Oswalt.  Joe Rogan is pretty good. His buddy Doug Stanhope is not for everybody, but if you like Louis c.k. I'd give him a listen.  Mike Birbiglia has some good ones.  If ya liked the Blue Collar stuff, check out Tim Wilson. George Carlin, Andrew Dice Clay, and Sam Kinison are all classics.  If ya like your comedy musical style, check out Stephen Lynch.  Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedberg both make you think to find the funny.  Ricky Gervais is popular as fuck in England. There's more out there of course, but that's the names I got off the top of my head...
BTW,  personally I think The Onion does have good ones.  I'm more familiar with the books they have put out rather than the daily website.

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I didn't think Carlin was nearly as funny in his last decade as he was before that. Brian Reagan funny for everyone.

I had never heard of Brian Regan prior to a few days ago, but after reading this thread... totally one of my new favourite comedians now. His act appears to be totally clean too. I love Carlin but don't want to listen to him when my 9 year old son is in the car.

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Bill Burr is funny. I still love Bill Hicks

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The world didnt get enough of Mitch Hedburg. I wish he was still around.

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We'll have to agree to disagree.  I don't know about you guys, but I found this freaking hilarious:

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It's not The Onion's fault it isn't funny; it's just that reality is so ludicrous that it is beyond the ability of mere humans to parody it. Hell, the nightly evening news reads like SNL's "Weekend Update". Just look at the main allegations of the major scandals - they're jaw-dropping. It's incredible to think anyone would believe they could get away with shit like they have been alleged to have done. (Of course it's worked so far, so who's the doofus, huh?)

When reality is already out of left field, you simply can't make it funnier.

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Right befor the Boston Bombing, a big screen movie came out.  I saw posters for it.  The poster basically predicted the Boston Bombing, as it had several men in a line and all mwere either missing a leg from tne knee down, or they all had one leg bent back at tbe knee out of view. I have tried to recall the name of this movie, but i cant even find the old posters online or anything.  Does anyone else remember??

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try or

or get bent>?

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I find that Crack'd or Cracked... the cool defunct magazine that became a website of revisionist history articles in meme format written by trendies. The website content, videos, etc... are completely produced by PC liberal hipster douchebags. Some of them are all-out disinfo agents too.

The Cracked site does have it's moments but overall it is similar to The Onion in the way that the producers all seem to come from the same egg. I made the mistake of watching videos on the Cracked channel at YouCensor. The commentators, the staff, the panels, etc.... Jesus, you should see how these self-righteous smiling spacehomos look and speak. They all talk like teenage girls. I am not one to judge another by how they look or speak but in this case these people are certified idiots and sadly that is not my opinion but is scientific fact.

The Onion/Cracked/The Daily Show/Jon Stewart have made a career out of twisting real things into satrical punchlines, yet they mock true conspiratorial history. 25% of cracked seems to be thriving off of urban legends and conspiratorial debunkery.

Fuck these two-faced cocksuckers. The whole lot of them belong in boiling pits of sewage.

The Onion also have a physical newspaper that circulates in pizza shops in this city. I personally haven't seen one in about 2-3 years but frequently used to glance at it while waiting for my order to come up. They sat in a metal rack and there was usually a small stack, I think it was either monthly or bi-weekly, about 10-15 pages folded over, with about 50% smaller dimensions than a standard newspaper.