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And second favorite is Steve, i forget his last name, weaves fantastic conspiracies from Biblical prophecy.  He's incredible and I think absolutely nuts, not a fraud.


aloha from canaduh

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« on: November 16, 2016, 02:30:25 AM »

In other words, everything about Hoagie is pure speculation.  His topics are speculative.  His theories are speculative.  His guests are speculative.  His broadcast schedule is also speculative.

at this point i think he a certified kook.

he was good in American Graffitti

indeed... and happy belated birtstol

Hoagy lives in a prime meteorite area. He should be out in the desert hunting for them. Bingo - bills paid. There's also gold in his area. Maybe he should tune up the accu-tron and home in on the frequency of the mother-lode.  :)

i don't think he believes in doing any kind of physical work that doesn't require sitting in front of a computer monitor all the time. at best he would have to pay somebody else to gather up the tortion cookies from across the land, except i don't think he has any money to pay somebody to do that. he probably also steals the morning paper from his neighbor (an 82 year old blind lady) and justifies it by stating that information must be obtained by all people.

i saw one fizzle out last night at about 2-3am. it was bright and then just dimmed right out before it made it to the horizon. i saw an actual fireball in alberta in 2007, it was 5am mid winter and it lit the place up like daytime.

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« on: November 12, 2016, 04:46:35 AM »
I own a GI Joe Infowars t-shirt.

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: November 12, 2016, 01:47:59 AM »
I've never seen the film yet though I have a couple copies of it somewhere in my house.

the movie starts up and closes out with 2 different songs of his. i was unfamiliar with his stuff too until that movie came out. i think it was 1994. the soundtrack was actually really diverse and plump. many of the songs buried in there are really vivid.

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: November 12, 2016, 01:03:16 AM »
I've yet to hear a Leonard Cohen song unless it was covered by someone else.

what about the natural born killers soundtrack? i think he had 2 songs on there.

we aren't listening

I'm unsubscribing from this thread. I'm unfollowing OSM on Twitter and unliking on Facebook. I'm deleting the OSM site from the bookmarks on all of my browsers.

Fuck you, Hoaxland.

I'm done.

yep he is indeed a serious fuckstick, and an unprofessional one too.

Can We Divert a Big Ass-teroid From Hitting Earth?  11.10.16.
I might have played around with the title a little bit. ::)

the video ended with "paint it white". they could coat it with nanopaint and reprogram it.

i enjoyed the movie deep impact.  couldn't stand that other more popular asteroid movie from around the same time.

Random Topics / Re: Stuff you want for Christmas
« on: November 09, 2016, 04:31:44 AM »
I'd put that guitar in the top 5 metal guitars list. Never played one, but they look nice.
Are the necks thin for Trump fingers like mine?

Out of curiousity what other metal guitars would you rank up in there?

To clarify, I said PL1660 but it is actually PR1660. Either way I know you knew I was talking about the Proline 1660. I started with a couple of paragraphs and then it went into this whole big thing below.....

It has a slim neck although I don't know how to classify it.  I think the frets are 'medium'. There are only 22 frets on the 1660 but they shred. The guitar can be played fast and with ease. Glancing at my limited notes here it has a "flat radius" fingerboard although I don't really know what that means exactly. The body is alder wood, and the fingerboard is ebony. Apparently some have maple fingerboard. I consider the guitar to be extremely fast, and is easy to play if you are ok with the shape. I think with Proline models marked the beginning of the traditional modern Ibanez headstock shape. If you look at a Roadstar II for example just a year or 2 earlier, the headstock is nowhere near the same shape as the ones on the necks of rock guitars that Ibanez put out after that.

If you like pointy guitars I bet you would love the Proline 1660, it was well-built and they sound as good as an ESP or Jackson.

They pop up here and there and go for reasonable rate if there is just a couple of minor scratches or small dents from wear and tear. Try and grab one, but if you do I would make sure it has all the original hardware. I have seen some with replaced pickups, bridges, and even neck replacement. Whoever did those things to those guitars is a serious asshole. The guitar is fine with stock parts. The pickups are not to be messed with. Make sure the V5s are intact if shopping for one of these.

IMO the PR1660 sounds better than a mid or high level Randy Rhoads flying V by Jackson or ESP. Plus the pickups that come in them are the old V5 humbuckers that Ibanez used to have in their thrasher guitars of the early to mid 80s, and they have these chrome rails so they are somewhat easy to identify at a glance... but what I was gonna say about the pickups is that they are very hot, and they are just passive. They are totally amazing though, the sound is powerful and the distortion capability is like no stock pickups I have come across I don't think. They are very bright and loud and designed for maximum gain. It's a guitar for punk and heavy metal stuff. It is definitely built for distortion, heavy riffing, screaming leads. It has a 3 way switch and only 2 knobs. You can play Priest or classic era Slayer material or any kind of oldschool speedmetal leads no problem on one of those. You can also play blues if you want.  They are also very thrashy, heavy, powerfully good for rhythm, playing punk or whatever. If you like harmonics it is a superb guitar, it screams and wails like satan's whorehouse. It's very effortless to squeeze out harmonics on one of these you don't even need to try.

The guitar is the pre-lawsuit model. They were only made between 1985 and part of 1986, then were replaced by the 2660 which was produced in 1986 only and was even more of an exact clone of Jackson's RR and this caused Jackson to take Ibanez to court and that was it for the whole V/RR thing all together. There are pics of both guitars in a link at the bottom. The 1660 has a bolt-on neck, the 2660 was a neckthrough design, and instead of pearl dot inlays like the 1660, the 2660 had sharktooth style ones although I am not sure what they were officially called. The 2660 is more evasive, I have never seen one available anywhere.

It is my favorite guitar and I guess has become a hobby to collect them. I found a pink one in the summer. It took 2 weeks of talking/planning, then eventually 10 hours of travel to pick it up in the middle of literal fucking nowhere but it was earned and the trip makes the guitar fun. The current one I am shopping is longer distance and requires a translator. The seller wants to trade for an equivalent valued guitar, I have nothing to offer that I'm willing to get rid of and just want to pay cash so he can get whatever he wants but I don't know how it's gonna pan out. I think he is looking for a used high end ESP.

Also FYI, the DT350 (star shaped body) which was an Ibanez Destroyer (X-Series) made in 1984 and possibly 1985 has identical hardware/output as the PR1660 randy rhoads shaped flying v. I think the neck is the same too except it's enamel coated to match the body of the guitars. Anyways, the DT350 has the same pickups and classic Pro Rock'R tremelo system as the 1660, a floyd rose style bridge system which was discontinued and replaced by the Edge series tremelo systems in similar classes of Ibanez guitars from 1986 onward. In short, the output of a DT350 sounds almost identical as a PR1660. Same 3way switch/V5 pickups etc. Although I am not sure if the sound resonates through the body the same as the 1660. I have an ESP Alexei200 (RR shape with sawtooth inlays) and although it's got good sustain as well as being really nice sounding all around, I would say that the vibrational resonating is not like the amazeballz of the 1660... because even when not plugged in, the Proline V sounds very good somehow. It's unexplainable.

Also, there was a Rocket Roll version of the Randy Rhoads V but I can't remember the year it was produced, nor do I know model number, but if you search you will find it. At a glance it looks a lot like the PR1660. I saw one on the internet a few months ago for the first time ever while looking up info on a different Rocket Roll V that I own. It looks similar to the 1660 but there is an extra triangular plate somewhere down near the apex of the big pointy point. I don't know what that is all about, maybe it has active pickups and that is a routed out compartment for housing 9v battery. No idea I have never played one I just discovered their existence not too long ago but I would like to try one of those out. I have no clue what their value is. I have a 1982 Ibanez Rocket Roll II full sized V which is kind of a gibson style but a lil more sleek/modern looking edges and flush joint area... But it is the only Rocket Roll of any type that I have either seen or played. It sounds excellent and it is extremely hard to find. I really don't know a whole lot about those but it is a really interesting guitar. I found it by accident while searching for available PR1660s within a 10-20 hour radius of my house. I paid more for my Rocket Roll II than any other guitar that I own. I still have no clue as to what it's value is, nor do I for most of the other guitars that I own. I think something is only as valuable as another is willing to pay for it.

There is a discussion topic on this site talking about the PR1660... about halfway down the page somebody posted images of both the PR2660 (1986), and the previous PR1660 (1985). I think their market values might be a little inflated. I wouldn't trust that shit one bit. Ones I usually see on Ebay are also inflated by a couple of hundred more than they probably should be. I am not sure I would trust Ebay to act as a price guide for items of any kind. Also, note the date of posts, they are 7 years old. The economy is worse and that creates an ideal time to buy certain items.

one more discussion page:

general overview of the Ibanez ProLine family tree...

i think i've been doing it wrong

try using the other hand.....

Random Topics / Re: Video Gaming
« on: November 07, 2016, 04:40:17 AM »
i found a vectrex near me complete in box with 10 games and 1 controller... seller is asking $1000 canadian.

i'm not in the market for that right now but that is an amazing package and looks to be in great shape.

Random Topics / Re: Stuff you want for Christmas
« on: November 07, 2016, 04:06:30 AM »
i'm trying to score a black 1985 ibanez PL1660 before december 8th. it's been a 22 year mission trying to build voltron but in 2016 all the parts are aligning. i collect japanese made ibanez flying Vs and X shaped guitars of the early and mid 80s. i have anxiety.

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: November 07, 2016, 03:57:17 AM »
janet reno, you were a pig.

This thread is a nonpartisan celebration. It is Abba co-existing with Black Sabbath, or Boba Fett playing checkers with Captain Kirk.

This thread is the cowbell and the morning coffee, as well as the appreciation of over a half century of science and technology, computers and operating systems, theater of the mind, movie references, memes, pop culture in general, as well as sentimental music of any kind to come out of the 70s 80s and 90s.

There is no clique here. There is no ass kissing allowed. There is no cult.

Being a miserable cunt is not permitted.

Slander is not advised.


i remember when silvia browne predicted the maple leafs to win the stanley cup in 2002 or 2003.

I'm back in my old habit of listening to Art archives every night. I especially enjoy the predictions. One guy, last name Turi who says he is 100% correct on all predictions, just predicted the  O.J. jury will find him guilty.
Ah. Make that 99% accurate  ;)

Are you guys still listening to Hoagie replays?

i have been listening to U7 all night. they just played the jill fax/area 51 pilot thing, possibly my favorite call of all time.

Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: November 04, 2016, 02:45:39 AM »

<chicago police scanner enabled>

No. not Ross Mitchell.

"Wannna heear soome braaaaaaaaps.....??" - Ross Mitchell

i dont know what rossy last name is, but he never worked on Arts show that i know of , he was bellgabber that did help Art tho.

ok i was talking about the guy who used to be art's announcer, definitely a different guy.

are those dindus doing that, or just belligerent sports idiots following the herd?

i bet the cops are exaggerating. i bet there is no more than 2 dozen people taking part.

when hoagie screwed over rossy and rossy decided to quit it was said that Art gave hoagie shit, then the whole prank call night gets blamed on Art, and we have a feeling hoagie never paid Art back for the studio equipment that Art bought for him

was it ross mitchel? i didn't follow any back history of the show until art quit in december. i didn't learn much outside of what was spoken on each of the 2 shows.

Maybe Amy would let him read some science news on the half hours.


and he left on bad terms, hes burned his bridges with Art and Keith

what exactly happened between art and dickster before they both left dark matter network?  i read on here last winter that art was pissed off at hoagland but i never knew what for.

hoagland seems to be the type of person who stays in your hotel, orders lots of room service and PPV pornos.... then leaves without paying the tab. he also takes all the soap, towels, and robes home with him.

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