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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: April 30, 2017, 02:34:28 PM »
Go suck a moose, you hoser.

hey take off eh

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: April 29, 2017, 04:38:59 AM »

I too am not a Tarantino fan. I do like Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown and think they are both excellent, but outside of those I find his movies boring and hard to sit through. I think he had production credits for True Romance and Killing Zoe, both of those were really fun.

One of my favorite 'westerns' was the original Westworld.  Yul Brynner was absolutely great in the roll of the cold, calculating, gun-slinging robot.

"Sloppy with your drink..... Get this boy a bib."

Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:11:50 AM »

Random Topics / Re: Albrecht, has decided to no longer use an avatar
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:00:38 AM »
It's the ultimate in individualism and possibly the most anti-commercial thing a user can do in this narcissistic age of Internet. No more slavery.

Random Topics / Re: United Breaks Guitars (and Senior citizens.)
« on: April 24, 2017, 01:28:56 AM »
I'll just stick to my car.  Put it on cruise control, turn on the radio, and relax.  I'm usually in no rush and I don't have to put up with the TSA and cattle car treatment.  Plus, I don't have the additional expense and some jerk trying to sell additional charges for a rental car at the destination.

LOL remember Steve Martin and Edie McClurg in Planes Trains And Automobiles?

I don't have a car anymore. I use Subway or bicyclette for daily commuting or local travel. I live and work on the same street so it works for me. When I go long distance I have to use rail services. I may get another car by the end of the decade, it depends. It's very dense where I live, and parking is an extra $100-200/month. Plus I go through 3-4 bikes a year and replacing those is frustrating enough. I don't want to be replacing glass all the time. My last car was always getting broken windows or keyed to fucking hell when it was parked on the street or in public lot. Plus there is snowplow guy to worry about and my ungentrified neighborhood has tight streets. Snowplow guy doesn't leave a note. Snowplow guy takes the front end right off your car and keeps on going. Snowplow guy ain't paying for that fuckup! Snowplow guy is 5000.

Random Topics / Re: United Breaks Guitars (and Senior citizens.)
« on: April 23, 2017, 04:55:38 AM »
I used Amtrack last weekend. No guitars were broken, and no concussions were sustained. I feel like I am missing out.

Norry is meeting up with Doc Wallet this weekend in Toronto.  For fun there will supplement Sundays and autopsies performed by Doc Wallet on dead PremRats.

If you are in the Toronto area stop by and report in.

i read your post and then looked up the location of the event, and it's a few steps from where i am currently eating pizza. i wasn't even planning on stopping here but unplanned things led me off course and i ended up here eating pizza and reading bellgab. i had to shop at the nearby rabba before i went home and the one on simcoe street pissed me off recently so i chose the one on front street because its also got pizza across the street and i haven't eaten anything all day and this location is least likely to have a worldstar incident happen.

there are no such things as coincidences.

i don't work tomorrow but the last time sNoory made an appearance here it was in excess of $100 to enter. i think VIP was $500, and for a little less than $300 you got to ask him one question. no idea what fuchs, wallet and $noory expect. a bunch of infomercial ppl on an all-star snake oil convention tour. i'm not willing to put any money into their pockets, their whole existance is a business model and they don't need the money.

about five years ago an ex of mine got a cannister of tangy tangerine powder from the *nf**ars store, but the (russian-pol) jew cunt wouldn't even let me try any... so fuck tangy tangerine! and dr wallick too! also fuck dave noory and ben fucks. fuck them all!

Corsi is probably the worst guest in the whole talk circuit. He makes Gerald Celente seem like Malachi Martin.

The GBU intro was the best theme going into both bands that I've seen. Though was topped by the Jello Biafra tape (DK) intro into a Megadeth show. Awesome.

Jello's spoken word with NWO commentary over top of Black Sabbath was actually the lead-off track to Ice-T's 1989 album called The Iceberg.

Megadeth is touring with Ice T and Body Count this year. Apparently Mustaine guests on one track of the new Body Count album that came out a few weeks ago.

If you think Shut Up, Be Happy is cool, check out Jello with Ministry... They were called LARD and had several full length albums with similar Orwellian themes.

Dave is so lazy that he's not even phoning in his questions anymore. He's testing out a new voice-bot that just spouts random non-sense from the snoory sound board. That fucker is off in a bar somewhere tossing back a few pints. How would anyone know the difference ?  :o

LOL it's like when The Great Gazoo cloned Fred and Barney so they could go bowling while the 2 clones went on a double date with Wilma and Betty. All night long the only responses out of them were "Yes, yes, yes." and "No, no, no.", until eventually Betty and Wilma became suspicious of the 2 clones. I don't remember the rest. I tried to link to YouTube but no such clip seems to exist. The Google Police probably block Hanna Barbera stuff now because there is a ton of shit no longer on there.

I think a skilled soundboard hoodlum could conduct C2C better using a sNooryboard better than the actual Noory himself could. There is no variety at all in his responses which range between one sylable to a short sentence.

I caught a piece of Ed Dames the other night, what a phony. Whenever I see the word RV in relation to him, I think recreational vehicle. I bet that asshole has a few RVs and a place to park them all.

Random Topics / Re: The Onion Is Not Funny
« on: April 20, 2017, 03:36:43 AM »
I find that Crack'd or Cracked... the cool defunct magazine that became a website of revisionist history articles in meme format written by trendies. The website content, videos, etc... are completely produced by PC liberal hipster douchebags. Some of them are all-out disinfo agents too.

The Cracked site does have it's moments but overall it is similar to The Onion in the way that the producers all seem to come from the same egg. I made the mistake of watching videos on the Cracked channel at YouCensor. The commentators, the staff, the panels, etc.... Jesus, you should see how these self-righteous smiling spacehomos look and speak. They all talk like teenage girls. I am not one to judge another by how they look or speak but in this case these people are certified idiots and sadly that is not my opinion but is scientific fact.

The Onion/Cracked/The Daily Show/Jon Stewart have made a career out of twisting real things into satrical punchlines, yet they mock true conspiratorial history. 25% of cracked seems to be thriving off of urban legends and conspiratorial debunkery.

Fuck these two-faced cocksuckers. The whole lot of them belong in boiling pits of sewage.

The Onion also have a physical newspaper that circulates in pizza shops in this city. I personally haven't seen one in about 2-3 years but frequently used to glance at it while waiting for my order to come up. They sat in a metal rack and there was usually a small stack, I think it was either monthly or bi-weekly, about 10-15 pages folded over, with about 50% smaller dimensions than a standard newspaper.


Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: April 20, 2017, 02:56:51 AM »
Miley Cyrus still lives and Freddie Mercury is dead where is the justice in that?

I am on a queen music kick listening to a lot of there old stuff under pressure with D. Bowie sound track to Highlander.

Queen were great and had so much good stuff. Under Pressure with David Bowie was amazing. I never heard the Highlander soundtrack but know a song or two from A Kind of Magic were from that movie. I never actually saw the movie but remember the Princes of the Universe video with the movie scenes in it.

The rest of the post below is just an opinion of mine and my view of the final 3 Queen albums.

Recently I have been listening to A Kind of Magic, The Miracle, and Live At Wembley double LP. I ripped these from CD somewhat recently so I kind of rediscovered these 2 albums and the live double disc.

I think A Kind of Magic was mailed in, as was Innuendo which probably contained a lot of material from numerous sessions spanning the last half-decade or possibly more. Plus the latter had some alternate versions of AKOM material, which were probably directly from the Magic sessions and sat in the can for 5-6 years. Innuendo is also filled with what come across as B-sides, recycled/unused material, and what I always understood to be solo material by Freddie. Many of the songs had overdubs as well as different or possibly/possibly not new recorded parts (Brian May singing a different mix of Who Wants to Live Forever for example). It's almost like Magic and Innuendo both had an EP's worth of material and they scraped the post-production floor to fill-in the rest of the albums to make them full length, but The Miracle album wasn't like that.

Magic and Innuendo have some really good stuff on them, but to me they are both incomplete products. The Miracle is the truest final album as nothing on that album seemed to be recycled, created with scraps from the production room floor, or contained tracks entirely produced with overdubs, heavy editing, or post-production effects.

The Miracle might be Queen's most interesting album. Even the album cover is strange. I think there is only one song on the album that I routinely skip, and that is track #9. I don't rate the remixed Invisible Man bonus track at all and pretend it doesn't exist. I think some of the bands best moments were on this album. I think all albums by Queen were nothing less than sub-genius.

Queen never sucked. Not a single album or phase sucked. The only thing that sucks about Queen are Brian May and Roger Taylor touring stadiums in a band that no longer exists.

RIP Freddie Mercury

Random Topics / Re: Where was your worst public bathroom experience?
« on: April 20, 2017, 02:09:30 AM »
I forgot I had this one too..... I think this one was from Union Station but I can't remember for sure. I opted not to use this urinal and went to another one. Or maybe I used another one then took the pic at this urinal before I left.

Not sure what kind of person does this kind of thing. Notice how they didn't even fucking flush the urinal.

This was taken back when Chuck Berry was still alive. It's quite possible that he passed by this location moments prior to my visitation.

Random Topics / Re: Where was your worst public bathroom experience?
« on: April 20, 2017, 01:57:38 AM »

Not sure if this was an accident or intentional or a bit of both. Looks like Anarchy to me.

Judging by my electrikal bootz I took this pic (actually 2 pix) some time around 2014.

Just launched the Winamp shuttle via KSCO 1080 Santa Cruz. I am expecting nothing less than being fully disappointed.

Why is Dave dropping "Coast To Coast" every 3 words in this interview? He speaks like he is finishing off a txt message. It's like he's not even there. There is no substance brought to the table. His responses so far have been "Yes!" and i think more "Yes!".

Only about 90 seconds in and the show already has a pasteurized taste to it. I already feel brain dead and exhausted.

I recently watched Death Wish II, then followed it up with Magnum Force which is probably my favorite Dirty Harry movie of the bunch.

Another good example is his giddily played arch-evil villain in "Cliffhanger".

Him as a villain in that movie was surprised me at the time. He was always nice and stuff in the roles I have seen him in, but in Cliffhanger he was like Clarence Boddiker in Robocop, a selfishly ruthless violently murderous villain. I went to the drive-in to see Cliffhanger when it came out, and it was a surprise to see John Lithgow play a total bastard like that. He also starred in the only truly worthy chapter of Twilight Zone The Movie and I prefer his over the one with Shatner.

My favorite Stallone movie (and by a landslide too). I think my first post in this thread was related to this movie.

"Go ahead, I don't shop here." - Cobra

Random Topics / Re: United Breaks Guitars (and Senior citizens.)
« on: April 13, 2017, 03:07:56 AM »
How is Cincy's airport the highest rated US airport? Is it based on convenience/hospitality? I have had layovers there and remember it being a puny airport with almost nothing to do. That is an interesting list of airlines though. Total Bastard Airlines didn't even make the list.

Happened to be watching this tonight, and who gets a shoutout at 45:59? Hoagie!

The clip at that mark looked to be from Jay Weidner's Apollo/Kubrick documentary which I enjoyed. Hoagland makes an appearance in that as well, misinterpreting 3M scotchlite arrays to be space needles and thrill rides. Bless him.

Random Topics / Re: United Breaks Guitars (and Senior citizens.)
« on: April 13, 2017, 02:54:55 AM »
I always assumed Air France was good...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: April 13, 2017, 02:48:21 AM »
I heard somewhere in time on my local AM station Saturday night. Didn't even know they were still playing it as I hadn't tuned in for years. I miss Hoagland the most. Listening him dropping a load of horseshit on Art about Martian cities was always my favorite. "Hey art, I have a guy from Ballsack Kentucky that found linear blocks using lasers to penetrate poof dirt and ice on mars." Man I miss this horseshit.

Balsac is in Alberta, Big Bone Lick is what's in Kentucky.....

Random Topics / Re: United Breaks Guitars (and Senior citizens.)
« on: April 13, 2017, 02:30:52 AM »
I use the train a lot. It takes longer but people are generally a lot more pleasant, and there are hardly any dindus at all on the whole trip which is great! Plus guitars don't get abused and you can even carry them on to the cabin even if it's in a hardcase and not a gigbag. On my last train trip I got an Ibanez Xiphos and a JRV Standard on to the cabin at the same time without any problem. They are the most akward guitars to travel with lots of pointy corners to bang. Plus I had a carry on bag thing. LOL. No staff harassed me or gave me a hard time about strapping and shrinking 2 axes like that together and pretending they were a single piece. After I was on I cut the shrink and tucked them both away. Airline bitch would spaz.

I think the best Airline service I have received was with Delta.

The airlines remind me of subway commutes. It's full of arrogant assholes. Staff are assholes. Clients are assholes. These days everyone involved seems is an impatient megalomaniac asshole. It's a miserable way to travel.

All I know is that the train is pleasant. Nobody is ever grumpy. One time there was a grumpy fucker in our cabin on a 3 or 4 day trip across canaduh. I think he was probably detoxing because he had that imma-cunt-and-need-booze-now look on his face the whole time. That Edward Rooney post dog-chew/boarding the school bus kinda look. Other than that I have never experienced too much cuntyholeness while traveling by train, aside from maybe the odd drunken asshole who ends up getting the boot for smoking in between cabins in the crumple zone. Must suck to be kicked off in buttfuck Saskatchewan in the middle of Arctic winter when there is only 1 cross country train passing through every 48 hours. LMAO.

90% of people on planes are narcissists. 92% of people on buses are dindus. 73% of people on coach buses are wiggers and sons/daughters of wiggers, mildly retarded, amish, or dead broke. 99% of people on long distance trains are at piece with the rail.

Public transportation is gonna suck shit no matter how you cut it. I really do like the train though.

Planes Trains and Automobiles, what a great movie...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Missing Richard Simmons
« on: April 08, 2017, 02:24:20 AM »
I never liked Richard Simmons and as it turns out the guy was just a huge dickhead cosplaying as someone who cared about fat people.

I couldn't stand him growing up, but like C-3PO he grew on me over the decades. I do prefer C-3PO to Richard though, mostly because C-3PO was never fat, plus he had an off-switch.

This could also be a publicity stunt, since nobody watches talkshows or infomercials anymore, it could be his way of seeing how many people still care about him. I literally don't know what he has ever done aside from 1980s talk show appearances and 1990s infomercials.

I would have thought that he died years ago if I didn't read a couple of years back that he was living life outside of the public eye. No clue where I read that, but more than likely some corporate celebrity headline farm like when I used to use Hotmail and log out of inbox then be hurled into an index of celebrity headlines and worthless MSN lifestyle horseshit.

If I didn't use corporate websites I wouldn't even know who in the fuck most of these god damn goofballz are or what they are up to on a daily basis. I prefer not to know anything about famous/popular narcissists.

The TMZ, the spyGoogle, and the escapism superhero culture industry have taken the civilization hostage. Stay asleep.

Random Topics / Re: Star Trek Continues
« on: April 08, 2017, 01:37:54 AM »
Just to be clear though it's NOT a reinvention. These are hardcore fans who work in Hollywood. They've made it their mission to complete the other 2 years of the Enterprises' 5 year journey (they were cancelled after 3). The episodes are free and really nail the spirit and content of the original. I'm down with them completing their mission.  ;)

I have only seen the Lolani episode, but plan to check out some more episodes soon. I thought it was well done for being confined within production perimeters which they had to work. I thought they did a great job with the bridge props and sounds. To me it doesn't even feel like they are milking the nostalgia, and it doesn't come across as a tribute either. It's like an actual piece of work.

Star Trek Continues is more interesting to me than any recent/current official $tar Trek production.

Random Topics / Re: Video Gaming
« on: April 07, 2017, 06:24:47 AM »
That's what I meant. I don't think you can still buy them new. However, even used they're still going for over a hundred. When I see them starting to sell for half of that with a bunch of games is when I'll get one. My main reason for wanting it is just the extra stick.

I didn't relize they stopped Vita. That is pathetic. LOL. Are you sure they aren't still selling the Slim one? I only just found out a few months ago that there even was a lighter one. I might start accumulating games soon and worry about getting a unit later. I often see Vita games for what seem to be affordable prices. I know there are about a half dozen games I would be interested in, mostly game series that I have previously followed. Not sure what is beyond that. And I don't have any idea how open the Vita is. It never interested me to even go poke around online and see what people have done to their Vitas. With PSP the homebrew market was vast and there was excitement for it. With Vita it was like a funeral from day one. I don't doubt it is probably nice, but there wasn't the same appreciation like people had with PSP, DS, or 3DS.

This is definitely true since I did it by accident the first time through.  But then a FAQ I happened upon cautioned against it since you'd miss that cool boss battle with Endie.  So I went back to an earlier save point and let him live, so I could kick his ass later.

Haha that's great.  I so want to play that game again.  You're right about the easter eggs and such.  There's something about getting all the different kinds of snakes I think, and also collecting those little figurines hidden about.  Damn I've had two PS2's and each time I think I'm done and sell it, I end up wishing I had it back.

The Keroten frogs... There was one I could never hit during the Motorcycle chase sequence. I think there are 3 or more to shoot in that whole segment where EVA is driving the bike while Snake is in the sidecar, and one was always an extremely hard shot which I never could do. I can't remember if I got the one after THE FURY battle somewhere before you climb the ladder. Even with the GA-KO camo, I could never see where the stupid frog was. I used C4, grenades, RPG, anything.. could not ever find it. Refused to do FAQ. I played the game through about 8 times on the original release, then another 12 or so in the Subsistence double disc version but never did get all of the frogs, always came up 2 short, and always the same two. In Sons of Liberty I had the same problem with collecting dogtags. In the rerelease deluxe Substance version of SOL I didn't even bother to collect dogtags. By the time MGS3 came out I never played MGS2 again because I was so occupied with Snake Eater until the last days that I had a PS2. I would like to play both again, it's been a long time. 

Did you ever get the Tshuniko or whatever the damn thing was called? You trap it in the area where you battle THE FEAR and then keep it until the end of the game, then you get a reward for the next play through...

They should have made a stealth game spinoff focused on THE BOSS or PARA-MEDIC.

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« on: April 07, 2017, 05:44:14 AM »

Random Topics / Re: Video Gaming
« on: April 06, 2017, 06:40:32 AM »

Played the hd remaster of Snake Eater, and it's pretty excellent. Managed to get most of the outfits too.

Black facepaint... I forget what it did. But I think I used Spirit Camo in order to get Raikov and stash him into the locker. I think brown facepaint increased oxygen level for underwater swimming... or was that green... I can't remember. I do know that the zombie paint was my favorite.

Volgin and Raikov were gay lovers. If you watch the bonus vids on the PS2's MGS3 Subsistance disc, there are a lot of funny videos with gags and inside jokes. Did they put the Secret Theater mode into the HD collection? In one video, Raiden (from MGS2) time travels into scenes from Snake Eater and creates time paradoxes. At one point Colonel Volgin thinks he is Raikov (because his face is identical) and attempts to rape him.

And not meaning to be cruel in showing you this, but Konami is not focusing on proper games anymore. Just pachinko machines:

I just viewed this but am not sure exactly what I just watched. Is this promo for the JP version of HD Snake Eater? And what are Pachinko machines? Are they networked arcade cabinets like the ones they still do in Japan? The superimposed transparency resembles multiplayer cabinet or something.

I think Konami are going to crash the ship into the mountain. I suspect they already have. And Hideo Kojima left Konami a year or 2 ago. I think MGS is finished. The reviews for the last 2 "MGS" games were poor. The hack n slash with Raiden and the other recent not-Solid spinoff are such a niche offshoot that I don't know if they are even candidates.

I haven't followed much the past 5 or so years but it looks like the entire series has been beaten into the ground and the Konami/Kojima split is the cherry topping. Fans seem to be very displeased with MGS5, and MGS4 had already alienated people. I didn't play Guns of the Patriots but it's hard to ignore the negative feedback that game had. MGSforums was loaded with user criticism for many years and still is, and it's been going on a full 10 years since MGS4/PS3 and people are still bitter about that. It's like it was the turning point where a great thing started to go downhill. I don't know though, I haven't kept up with the series in a long time and haven't played any of the above, but people are not enthusiastic about any of the above MGS related games.

I couldn't finish Portable Ops because my attention span couldn't do it. But I played the MPO+ online mode and ranked very high and got a million headshots and earned a rank that only a hacker would have. I enjoyed MPO+ online, but the original core MPO and it's online mode sucked shit compared to the enhanced MPO+ suppliment. As a campaign, I was bored shitless through and through. It pains me to say that.

With Peace Walker, my PSP died early into the game and I aborted it with intention on restarting from scratch at some point at a later date, but that was 2 years ago now and still have yet to give it a proper playthrough. In general I had a hard time following that game too... Just way too much reading involved, and I am not a fan of that sketchy style of artwork. The crosshairs on the screen was the silliest fucking thing I had ever seen in a MGS game up until that point. I am almost scared to play any other MGS games at this point. I suspect MGS went the same direction as Star Wars, Terminator, or any series that used to have integrity but turned into silly franchised nonsense with a team of underachieving megalomaniac writers.

MGS3 was Snake Eater right?  Loved that game too.  The boss battle where you have to sneak up on that old sniper dude was one of my fave moments in any game, such a suspenseful challenge - and then I stole his bitchin rifle too lol!  The backstory was so cool even if I didn't understand all of it, not uncommon for Metal Gear games though.  MGS2 also had some very neat elements, but like others I was like "Where'd Snake go, and who's this blonde guy I'm supposed to be playing?"  Great stealth gameplay though, and graphics for the time.

THE END.. And his parrot... In an earlier scene in the game, you have the opportunity to blow his head off while he is in his wheelchair. I think he requires 2 headshots and if you miss one he gets cropped out and escapes quickly and the door closes behind him. If you do this I believe that his boss battle is replaced with the Ocelot unit in that one part of the jungle later on. I could be wrong but do know that I have killed him on the dock down by the river. It's possible that you don't get his weapon though. It's like the fake death pill in the prison cell. You aren't supposed to use that pill to lure Johnny into the cell, but haven't figured out how to escape the cell any other way. Back to the END, the battle with him was fun. That poisonous bolt that he would shoot, then you'd have to dig it out with a fork or whatever, otherwise you loose consciousness. Of all of the battles in that game, this might be the truest in terms of the stealth concept as well as utilizing the camo index. Later on during THE SORROW, you can see a ghost of him with his parrot saying "grandpa! grandpa!"

Also if you pause the game mid battle, or maybe save the game mid-battle then turn off console for X amount of clock/calendar time, The End dies of old age. It's possible you will not get the Mosin Nagant if you do this. I forget how to accomplish that, but Snake Eater has a ton of easter eggs like that. Even repeatedly calling people changes dialog.

With MGS2, The Raiden thing grew on me as I played through the first time. But it's almost like that character was designed to be hated, as if Raiden was the New Coke of MGS. I thought the game was so well done, that I looked past all of that. The first time I played it I was wondering when Snake would be back. I enjoyed exploring Big Shell though, and the boss battles were fun, although I don't know if I liked the villains in Sons of Liberty as much as I did the ones from MGS3. The original ending to MGS2 was to include the destruction of WTC and the game had to be tweaked at the last minute, as the story takes place later in the 2000s. I am not sure if the Solidus battle on the roof of Federal Hall was originally planned or this was part of the redo. I thought it was extremely weird to end the game in Manhattan like that, but then again that's where the story began -- With a false flag terrorism event. Tell me Hideo isn't an insider like Lucas and Speilberg and all these privvy people.

The game had shattering glass, shootable TVs, cold/flu... etc... different boxes with different purposes... Even shooting the birds was fun, call Rose after shooting seagulls and see what happens. Or call her while standing at a urinal. The easter eggs were all over the place. Playability in the game was much improved from the first MGS. I never did collect all of the dog tags though,  there were always 2 or 3 that I could not get for some reason.

Scissors 61.


Random Topics / Re: Video Gaming
« on: April 06, 2017, 04:22:21 AM »
I hear it's good if a bit strange. I'd love for a proper GTA game to be set somewhere outside America for once, and I think a Japanese setting would be perfect for it.

Started Sleeping Dogs a few weeks ago, but I don't really know if I'll return to it. It's an open world game where you play as an undercover cop in the Hong Kong triads, with an emphasis on kungfu style melee combat and combos.

They had London 1969 for PS1. It was just an add-on/mod, but it was an official product by Rockstar.

Random Topics / Re: Video Gaming
« on: April 06, 2017, 04:10:35 AM »
I still have never ventured into PS2 or 3 yet. One day there'll be an offer I can't refuse, I'm sure. I'm still lusting after getting a Vita when they drop in price a little more. I'm hoping the emu scene is as wide open for that as it is for the PSP.

I'm eyeballing Vita as well but will probably just buy a used one when the time comes. Plus there are multiple versions and I don't know what one is preferred and for what reasons. I think the original non-slim one was LED screen and the others were not(?) I am very confused. Anyways, I would like to play any Hot Shots Golf games that were available for it, as well as Metal Gear Solid 3 HD remaster thing which looked absolutely awful for 3DS.

I think Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2) is my favorite game of all time. I owned 3 different versions of the PS2 one. I also like the 2nd one a lot for PS2, which was the reason I got a PS2 to begin with. I played the original one for PS1 by accident when my sister in law loaned it to me. I was like 'uhhh.. no i dont think this kind of game is for me.." She was a little pushy but I reluctantly played it. It blew me the fuck away how great it was and how character development as well as a story like that could be told though a game. Previous to that I had only played Resident Evil (PS1) but the voice acting was hideous in those. MGS had actual life. Bad voice acting aside, those Resident Evil games were really great until they turned into shooters. I have only played the original trilogy for PS1, as well as Code Veronica for PS2 (which I never finished).

I have never really seen or played a PS3 or PS4. I would own one for the sake of continuing with anything related to Hot Shots Golf or Ace Combat games though. I love both of those series.

PS2 was my fave console of all time.  Some great games on that one.  And it played PS1 games too with the right memory card.   

PS2 was excellent, and is also my favorite console of all time. The catalog was amazing, there were so many awesome games. I originally had a FAT one and then it died or had disk read error and so I got a PS2 Slim. I liked how you could play PS1 games on it, but you did need to have a PS1 memory card to save any PS1 game progress.

The only things that I did not like about the PS2 were the fact that you could not easily copy data from memory card unless it was internally on the unit itself, between 2 memory cards. To copy savedata and upload it to a PC or file host takes serious skill to accomplish, even in 2017. The PSP easily plugged it into a computer's USB port and then acted as a portable harddrive, making gamesave data easy to backup, copy, transfer, share, etc. Doing this on a PS2 was not happening without some serious effort. Anyways, that was my only gripe about the PS2 and overall it was a great system and I wore my Slim out while I lived in the middle of the cold arctic Rockies in the mid 2000s bored out of my fucking skull.

I accumulated about 40-50 or so games, which I still have. Most of my dedicated playtime was dedicated to just a shortlist. I probably spent the most hours with Ace Combat 5, GTA San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 as well as the enhanced re-releases of both of those. The 2nd 2 disc version of MGS3 had an online mode, although it only lasted about 12 months. I also played Hot Shots Fore! a lot and it's online mode lasted about 5 years. SSX3 was another that I spent a ton of hours playing, it was an amazing snowboarding game and my personal favorite of the series, plus it had an online mode as well that was in service for about 2 years. I played MVP 2004 (MLB) a lot. I was a couple of seasons into my franchise mode. I was using the Chicago Cubs.

I haven't seen or touched a PS2 in about 9-10 years. I had to abandon mine in 2007 or 2008. I still have my 8 gig memory card though, and one day will continue where I left off. I owned/still own a handful of games that were totally unplayed. I never had time to play some of them and before I knew it I had no available PS2 console. It's literally been a decade already.

Crap, I think my original PSP has sat idle for years now. Have been meaning recently to get a new external hdd and to try backing up my games electronically and to give emulation a whirl, which I assume needs a running console at least for the ripping.

Do you mean ripping UMDs and then turning them into ISO or signed EBOOT?

Also, anybody know of a good way to emulate PS1 on a PSP? I think my most compatible PSP has 6.60 PRO-B or C. I have another one that came with M33 but I don't know if that is still useful in 2017. I am not too fluent with PSP hax culture as I have typically used official firmware on straight out of the box PSP slims, but signed eboots play fine on any unhacked PSP as long as it's got official 6.39 or lower. Most homebrew and emulators will also play without any problems, and this is why I have not previously explored CFW. I have a red God of War PSP that has 6.60 PRO but haven't taken advantage of the possibilities yet. I would like to play the original Resident Evil Trilogy and first Metal Gear Solid game on the PSP. I may just purchase them from PSN and download them on PC then transfer to PSP. PSP doesn't even connect to the Sony store anymore you need a PS4 or computer. What a pain in the cunt.

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