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Thank you Billy Joe Mulgreavey.

Jason can you do a review of the latest star wars movie that will be coming out in Dec.

I would love too but it all depends on the weather. We might be getting our first major snowstorm in about a week. I hope we have a mild Winter here.

Nothing was stolen, the cops did have a very quick responds to the 911 call. The POS was still in my place when they show up. I was out of town so the cops called me about it. I quickly headed my home when I got the call. I had a friend to secure my place because i was in Sacramento when that POS broke in.
He is being charged with
01    FELONY    PC 460(A)>2012    BURGLARY>1ST DEGREE (NEW EFF. 4/12)
01    MISDEMEANOR    PC 594(B)(2)(A)    VANDALISM LESS THAN $400
and for     VIOL-PROBATION

I hope they throw the book at him

Im doing good too. Two weeks ago I was not a very happy camper. Some dumbass broke into my place. I was not home. my neighbors called the cops and the cops did arrest the guy who broke into my place. He is in jail now. The cops arrested him as he was trying to leve my place. Unlike Mr Senda, will not blame any bellgabbers for the crime. My neighbors are cool and are my friends. We all have BBQs every month and no one has gotten sick unlike Falkie. Falkie if you cool with your neighbors maybe you will not get sick by eating their food and the cops would be called if some yahoo tries to break into you place.

Jason I hope that you had an awesome thanksgiving with family and friends.

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving.
 I'm really sorry some piece of crap broke into your house. I'm glad he was arrested & hopefully nothing was stolen.

I have a request about a movie:

Have you seen thus?  If so direct to your review of it, otherwise GIMME!

You rock!

Yes this movie is a classic I should def review it.


here are some of jason's latest videos

Thank you for posting these Brother.

Hello jason how are you doing??

I'm doing really good my friend. Sorry it took me so long to reply.

Hope George liked his empty Ipad box! Are you going to send George something soon, OLG?

Jason is so blessed to have generous and appreciative fans...Is George?

Thank you. I agree I am blessed for so many wonderful fans & you bro.

That is awesome JC!

Thank you buddy

I'm in a movie. Here is the trailer for it.

I'm in a movie. Here is the trailer for it.

The legion is so Strong & I love you all. I am blown away by the massive amount of packages I received Today.

Your taco video rocked!

If one was to emulate you and do a Mongolian Yak fueled steppe-cheese RussiaNachOithentico vid, have you any vices and suck?


I'm glad you liked the video.

Check it out everyone. I have my own T shirt available thru    & here is what the shirt looks like.

Jason have you done any food reviews on chinese food. also do you reviews on beers too?

yes I have friend.

I am doing good too. I was on the gabcast last night jason.

I am glad you are doing well. I bet you did an incredible job on the gabcast too.

I really like the turkey loaf idea. What is the brand? The cranberries are the staple I have had every year since I can remember, even if I had to bring a couple cans to nicer gatherings where whole berries were on the table. Result: The whole berries barely touched, the jelled cranberries from a can were gone!

Bellgab at this point can use a few more quirky traditions at this point such as Thanksgiving in July, LOL.

Thank you for what you said. The turkey loaf was from the brand Festive & I bought it at Walmart.

Hello jason how are you doing

I am doing really good friend.


I guess Amazon is gonna own everything soon. But the news about food prices coming down that Jim mentioned towards the end of his video will be good news for consumers. I don't know where he is buying his milk at 5 bucks a gallon is outrageous. I always thought Jim Cramer looks like Louie CK.


These videos were pretty amazing. Good job buddy.

Here is another collab I did with JKMCraveTV. There is a lot of humor in this one.


Very nice scenic videos. They look great friend.


Jason here is some star trek news

Thank you buddy. Here is another Star Trek video that I made. I hope you like it.

Thanks Jason. Life is short. I always have a great time where ever I am and who ever I'm with.

I'm glad & your right life is too short.

So happy & Honored to meet fellow youtube food reviewers Joe & Julie Mueller from JKMCraveTV.

And here is a photo that Julie took of Joe & I at my place.


I love Kanas. I'm big into history and oddball stuff so go on lots of road trip theme vacations.

Some Kanas high lights from a trip there a few decades ago ..Home where Jessie James was killed... Wizard of Oz muesum... Largest ball of string.  ..Could buy a whole town in Kanas for an unbelievable inexpensive amount .. Stopped by Mad Mad Markums place and talk with him a bit. Amazing grass lands with weird rock formations.

Going on another road trip after Memorial Day and will be passing through Duluth/Superior..I'll check to see if the Tiger Bar is still in business. LOL

Wow. I hope you have an awesome Time.

Jason are you going to do any reviews of different types of BBQs? As we all know that the summer is coming very soon.

Hi Friend. I have done reviews on bbq food & We just had a bad storm.

& here is a review of some bbq I just had a couple weeks ago.

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