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I am glad you weren't any closer, Jason. ;)

Thank you so much Starr.


Now you will probably see this becoming their most popular items ordered there for the next month or so. It's weird but so is human nature. Just glad that guy is gone.

This post really activated my McNuggies, glad you are safe bro!

Thank you friend

Damon said you are a veteran.  What branch did you serve in?  My Father was in the Coast Guard, one of my uncles was Navy, and another in the Marines.

Thank you for your service, Jason.

Wow. Thank you so much for that & the awesome photo friend. I was in the Army. Please thank your Father & Uncles for their military service from me too.

Just saw these on . . . (a failed YouTuber) thread.

Good on ya, Damon!  I love your line to senda.  "If ya don't know how to make lemonade, fucking google; 'how to make lemonade.'"  Priceless! ;) ;D

I agree my friend Bright Shining StarrMountain.


Thank you so much friend for making these videos.

it's been bandied about in the Falkie thread but any chance of a Collab with the guy from Pittsburg?

I doubt it.

I have been doing some MRE reviews that I'm pretty proud of. Here is a laid back review I did with my Niece Taylor that is over a half hour long.

Flavored coffee or regular?
regular coffee black with no cream or I had in this video of the coffee that was sent to me from Panama.

I love sushi too.

Jason what type of food do you like the most and what type of food do you like the least?
I like meatloaf & burgers the most. And hate stuff like butterscotch & cottage cheese.

Jason do you enjoy Japanese food like sushi
I tried it once. I didn't really care for it..

Jason, I do really enjoy your videos a lot. Please keep up the good work.

Thank you so much friend.

;) :-*

I had Herrs ketchup flavored potato chips for the first time today. Have you done a review of them? I didn't even know they sold them in this country. I thought they were only in Canada.

Yes I have friend back in November of 2014.

What does Senda have to do with people from Pennsylvania? He's from Pittsburg, California. He should own it instead of being a fake wannabe. Mr Callum is the true Pennsylvanian. And a talented YouTuber.

Thank you

Here is a comment my friend Heather left on his video for anyone who is interested to read it before he deletes it.

Holy Christ, George sure likes talking out of his ass.

And I wanted to thank Tony Talant for telling me about this on facebook. I love the comments that people left defending me that George of course deleted.

Chefist and I have been talking about flying out to the Bay Area and confronting/meeting up with the man. All documented on video of course because George Senda is a habitual liar and would claim that I physically assaulted him. I'd like you to go if possible, and Chefist and I will pay your way. Would make for great content for your channel, Martinez Tonight, and my blog. ttys.


Thank you very much for the invite. But I will have to respectfully decline I wouldn't be able to do that I have too much going on here. But thank you anyways.

Hey my Legion,

It was very cathartic for me to call in tonight and let loose on him. George Senda is a coward and uses the internet to attack people. But, at the end of the day, I'm a 2 hour flight away from his shit talking ass, and like I said tonight, we can handle this in a civil manner on the show or I can fly up and document the confrontation on video. It's up to him. I'm looking forward to his next show where once again I will call in and try to get clarity on the matter.


I can't wait for your next call. I'm glad it was cathartic for you.

Your calls were interesting and entertaining Jason.

Thank you.

Greetings Good Sir,

 Mr. Callahan, will you be calling in to George's show tonight to get to the bottom of all this mess he's saying about you on the internet?

Surely if he can drag your name through the mud all over the net, I'm sure he's man enough to explain his actions on the phone tonight if you do decide to call in. I'm also posting this at his thread so he gets a chance to see it. Thanks Jason. Be well and congrats on your growing fan base.


Thank you friend. I did call up twice & messed with him a little. I know you were upset with him & I don't blame you.

George will be George.  Good song for him.

So very true friend.

I wasn't going to mention him on this thread but look what he just commented on his latest video......

George Senda3 hours ago

For the Jason Callan ass kissers out there, I am a Conservative Republican & patriot & long before there were Communists, Americans wore beards like Presidents Grant, Lincoln & Garfield. To say I look like a communist is stupid & for the record, Jason Callan started displaying the American flag AFTER I started displaying mine so as in so many things, he is copying ME * NOT * the other way around, so QUIT lying & accusing me of copying him. I never even heard of Jason Callan before the evil Six Weeks of Manure In His Mouth informed me of him & Callan has copied my hair style, clothing & videos AFTER I did mine !

He is truly delusional & nutso whacko.

This song is for you.

Reviewing Little Caesars Brand new Smokehouse pizza.

Victor & Paula were kind enough to send me money to go into my Amazon account & this is what I got.

They live in Spain & here is a photo of them.

Not to sure why it is a collaboration.

It is cool to see people promoting each other but wouldn't a colab mean you both work together in a video, even if editing you together is needed?

I enjoyed both videos but I would not call them collaborations, just mutual promotions.

Believe me, I would have loved doing a video with her in person.

I'm really glad you liked it though.

Congrats Jason on your collaboration with Meredith (ettuandyou) she's a hottie and has a great personality!!

I'm a coffee freak, but where can I puchase said coffeee at?

Do you have a link? 

Great job and congrats on your collab with the beautiful Meredith!


Thank you so much. I agree she is a hottie.

Here is a link to the coffee:

Love your honest, laid back style Jason!

thank you friend

Great coffee reviews Jason!  I liked your George Steele tribute too...he was great.

Thank you brother. I agree he the best.

So happy to be  doing a coffee collab with none other than ettuandyou (the lovely Meredith Karcher) who lives in Canada.

Here is her video.

And here is my video.

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