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The ex PM of Australia got headbutted yesterday by a man who is called "Astro Labe":

Astro Labe, 38, of North Hobart, said he will tell the court his impulsive attack on the Liberal MP was motivated his longstanding dislike of the former prime minister.
He said he had not intended to cause embarrassment to the same-sex marriage cause, which he supports.
“It was nothing really remotely to do with that. It’s just about Tony Abbott — the f***ing worm that he is.
“All it was is I saw Tony Abbott and I’d had half a skinful and I wanted to nut the c***.
“I want to divorce myself [from the same-sex marriage issue] — not because I disagree with their stance — but this was nothing to do with that. That’s just my personal hatred.” Mr Labe admitted he had a same-sex sticker on his jacket, but that was a coincidence.

He said he had been drinking at a Hobart waterfront hotel when he saw Mr Abbott walk past. His version of what followed was almost identical to the story Mr Abbott told on Thursday night.
“I was like ‘Tony, Tony’, I kind of trotted up behind him. I trotted up behind him, ‘I just want to shake your hand and just went bang. Kind of missed it. Gave him a fat lip. He got off pretty lightly.
The barista and bartender says he returned to the pub and had a couple of shots of scotch.
He said he would apologise for his actions when he appeared in court, but his opinions had not changed.
“I’m an anarchist, he’s an evil c***.”

Probably not a good idea to say all this to the media, or to indicate that he's unapologetic.

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Suspect in robbery to sue good Samaritan that took away his knife in a brawl and stabbed him with it.

Meanwhile in Australia, a farmer has had his legal guns taken away after pointing an unloaded one at an armed home intruder.


Flap for takeoff and a long takeoff roll...  ;)

I think Hog was asking about the F35 and ejection seats?

The U.S. Air Force’s Technical Airworthiness Authority completed an internal report on May 1 and the experts concluded that the F-35’s ejection seat will not be able to save pilots in rare cases.

Specifically, the seat might not work properly in “off-nominal” conditions – when the jet is out of control. The F-35 Joint Program Office choose not to spend more money and time to test how the seat will work in those conditions.
Testers at the Pentagon are also worried whether the polymer cockpit canopy might hit the pilot during an ejection. By design, the canopy will jettison and shatter when the pilot bails out.

Stunned holidaymaker spots can of Stella in the COCKPIT of Jet2 flight coming home from Alicante

 ::) Quality article.

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your narrative's failure to recognize the role that corporate oligarchies have played in the history you're relating makes your description somewhat tame.

You could say that businesses and foreign forces absolutely played a role in the fall of the Qing dynasty which directly led into the civil war. The businesses and merchants naturally sided with the group that didn't want to redistribute all their shit (which they did after the People's Republic of China was established). The Japanese imported their own businesses and citizens into their occupied territory and used some brutal production techniques (eg Benxihu Colliery). Following WW2 the Soviets dismantled the industrial output (factories, machinery, etc) of the areas they occupied and sent it back to themselves. The merchants/businesses fled to Taiwan and Hong Kong following the communist takeover, partly leading to the development of those countries.

The KMT government economically imploded following WW2 and their measures to help the economy were (eg outlawing private ownership of gold or foreign currency) unpopular and their failure led to increasing dissatisfaction in the populace. The government leaders and officials were also regarded as incompetent, corrupt, and thieves both by the populace and foreign powers.

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« on: September 19, 2017, 01:55:59 AM »
From what I can tell they let China fall into communist hands post WW2. There was a pro West/US dictator there who, of course, we stabbed in the back.
Not that simple - bear with me while I explain the clusterfuck that is the Chinese Civil War (or skip to the bottom):

The Chinese Civil War began (~1920s) with the collapse of the Qing dynasty, the formation of the Republic of China (ROC), and the rise of warlords, but early on both the communists (CPC) and Kuomintang (KMT) were supported by the Soviet Union and were in government together (which was dominated by the KMT). Eventually the KMT split into factions and purged itself of communists (because it was concerned by soviet influence) and went back to fighting warlords. The communists started open warfare with the KMT, the KMT fought back but struggled with the terrain and internal issues, and eventually caused the Long March (massive retreat by the communists deeper into the country over difficult terrain away from the east which was controlled by the KMT) by the remaining communists.

Then Japan invaded. The KMT refused to ally with the CPC because they viewed them as the greater threat, and throughout WW2 they still fought each other (despite attempts by the US and USSR to get them to stop).  The communists' guerrilla attacks on the Japanese won them support compared to the KMT's biding time to build up forces to fight Japan. So following Japan's surrender the Soviets basically occupied a large chunk of the territory held by Japan, and took weapons and materiel from them and handed it to the communists. While the Soviets were meant to give the territory to the KMT, they instead secretly let the CPC get into position where they could occupy it themselves before the KMT could. The US at this point helped the KMT by airlifting their forces to try and stop the communists from taking over everything the Japanese left, provided their own forces to guard strategic locations, and provided training/finance/weapons to the KMT.

All out war resumed between the KMT and CPC, with the communists having built up significant strength during WW2. They beat the crap out of the KMT, eventually forcing them to retreat and lose territory. Stalin wanted the CPC to stop following the KMT and to form a coalition government but Mao ignored that, formed the People's Republic of China, and chased the KMT out of their remaining territory. The KMT retreated to a variety of places (eg Burma), with the only area to remain in KMT control being Taiwan.

When the Korean War broke out, the US stepped in with their own forces to protect Taiwan's independence and stop the spread of communism. That 'dictator' you referred to was Chiang Kai-shek and was involved in all this from the start, and continued to rule the Republic of China (now severely reduced in territory) until 1975 when it was taken over by his son. The KMT still exists as a major political party in Taiwan, and America sells weapons to the country and provides other informal support (and might possibly intervene in a war between the countries)

 tl;dr the Japanese invasion screwed everything up and made it a losing battle for the KMT despite help from the US, but the ROC still receives American support to this day.

A guy like that would have a pretty cosmic security clearance.  With a clearance like that, it is required to report having contact with any foreign national. Failing to do so will cost you your clearance.  Discussing/acknowledging a classified project with a foreign national will send you to jail.  Schultz may have died flying a Russian a/c, but taking about that a/c with a Russian test pilot I find unlikely.

What if it was part of his job to test the full capabilities of the aircraft? Arguably no one else knows the limits of an aircraft better than their test pilot, so reaching out to them might make sense in that context (and may even be required and approved for his job).

Seems like all this discussion and speculation about what was being flown could've been avoided if they had just said it was something like an F16 that he was flying when announcng the death.

Maybe it was a non American aircraft type?

Article is in Russian, but this is the gist of it:
Magomed Tolboyev, the test pilot for Soviet Buran space shuttle, said he had been in contact with the late Lt. Col. Eric Schultz a month ago.Tolboyev said he warned Schultz not to carry out a certain maneuver that Tolboyev had performed on a Russian aircraft. The type of aircraft and maneuver was not disclosed in the article.
“You’ll perish, you can not do what I do.”

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one of the best King adaptations maybe only surpassed by The Shining

I enjoyed The Mist adaptation from 2007.

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You prompted me to look...There are dozens!! A few of the ones on very beat up aircraft. Buccs, Tonkas,  Victor Tanker, Jag. Lots of Pavespike missions.

I suppose the UK doesn't even allow aircraft art anymore?

The Brits put some relatively risque nose art, including topless woman, on their a/c flying out of Muslim countries during the Gulf War.  I asked an RAF exchange officer (who flew Jaguars during the war) if he was aware of any offense taken/complaints made by the host Muslim nations where the RAF jets were based.  He said unlike the Americans, the Brits, who had a long history in the Middle East, didn't worry about offending the Muslims. According to him the Brits basically told the Arabs if they didn't like the way they did business, they'd go back home and let Saddam overrun them.  A far cry from the US requiring Christian chaplains to remove their cross patches/badges and changing their title to "morale officers".

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Brooms!  I want to see brooms attached to periscope shears. 

During World War II, American submarine crews, eager to showcase their many accomplishments, revived the practice. If a boat sank every target with which she engaged over the course of a patrol, the crew attached brooms to the periscope shears so their success, a “clean sweep,” was on display as they entered port.
In recent years, subs have displayed their clean-sweep brooms in a variety of contexts. When USS CHEYENNE (SSN-773), supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, put all the TOMAHAWK missiles she launched on target without any duds or failures, her captain determined that that constituted a clean sweep. Other boats, such as USS OHIO (SSGN-726, after her conversion to a guided-missile boat) and USS VIRGINIA (SSN-774) have hoisted brooms after successful Alpha sea trials.
Perhaps the most unusual clean sweep was achieved in 2000 by the Military Sealift Command (MSC), which controls most of the Navy’s transport and replenishment ships. When the Y2K bug prowling through the command’s computers was finally vanquished, an MSC crewmember proudly hung a broom from the yardarm of the flagpole outside the command’s headquarters to celebrate the virtual clean sweep.

Somewhat related:

The turbulance coming off the wingtips must have been quite hefty.

I don't think that's really an issue for the locations where the Hawks are flying, but the A380 is in a unique ATC separation class (Super Heavy) because it generates more wake turbulence than the Heavy class (which includes 747s).

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If I'm not mistaken, isn't it called graffiti when it's put up somewhere without permission? Not to mention that they're trying to garner sympathy for someone who 1) broke the law and 2) acted aggressively towards a witness of said breaking the law.

The RAF had pressurized Spitfires as early as 1941/42, Mk 7s designed to shoot down Luftwaffe Ju-86 (diesel engined) bomber/recon aircraft over the UK at extreme altitudes.

So what is the record?  Highest operational flight by a single piston engine aircraft?

Maybe operational is the key word, since the record for highest single piston engine flight was:
The highest altitude obtained in a piston-driven propeller biplane (without a payload) was 17,083 m (56,047 ft) on October 22, 1938 by Mario Pezzi at Montecelio, Italy in a Caproni Ca.161 driven by a Piaggio XI R.C. engine.

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Lock up your daughters

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Laibach's cover versions are often used to subvert the original message or intention of the song — a notable example being their version of the song "Live is Life" by Opus, an Austrian arena rock band. The Opus Dei album also features a cover of Queen's "One Vision" with lyrics translated into German under the title '"Geburt einer Nation" ("Birth of a Nation"), revealing the ambiguity of lines like "One race one hope/One real decision".

A B-24 on a bomb run over the Astra Romana refinery in Ploiești, Romania, during Operation Tidal Wave

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