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I have been to other countries at least 50 times, Mexico on south, and have met many people who use THEIR EARNED MONEY to purchase food...
they care for themselves and family...
they are PROUD to earn their way...


what's next ?
the FAT CUNT SENDA presents...
a "remote food review" at the local "soup kitchen" ?
an idea...
since "The Guy from Pittsburgh" is taken...

"George" had better hop on "" before it's too late !


what's next ?
the FAT CUNT SENDA presents...
a "remote food review" at the local "soup kitchen" ?

Maybe you should pay for a subscription for Hello Fresh for George.
are you sure ?
with all the home gourmet delivery services available today...
perhaps it would be wiser to suggest paying for ALL of them and let the FAT CUNT SENDA let you know which one meets his expectations first...
before committing to a lifetime supply...

just a suggestion

Therefore easy available abortions lowers the amount of people that will grow up poor, hungry, malnourished, abused, uneducated and probably end up as stupid and irresponsible as their parents. Thus slowing the cycle.
I have been against both abortions and euthanasia...
but your argument is "bringing me around" to at least reconsider euthanasia...

I propose since it is late to abort the FAT CUNT SENDA...
we begin by euthanizing the FAT CUNT SENDA !

that frees up a domicile and 4500 calories daily for a contributing member of society !
PLUS ALL THE MEDICAL RESOURCES FREED UP FOR deserving contributing members of society !

How dare you suggest that a life long observant Jew should be forced to attend one of your Christian brainwashing ceremonies in order to be allowed to eat! ;)
you, Sir, bring up an interesting point !
by the way, where are all the jooish FREE HELP in California for an "observant jooish person" (that the FAT CUNT SENDA is) ?

he should be seeing a Rabbi and plead his CONS, SCAMS and GRIFTS !
(unless, he is afraid of being "outed" as a MUSLIM DEMOCRAT LIBERAL !)

anyway, most Jewish people I am familiar with are VERY intelligent and would see him for exactly what he is...a WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT FAT CUNT SENDA !

senda that moldy, yeasty smell just might be coming fm under your fat folds.  How long has it been since you've washed your fat pad?
surely you are NOT insinuating the "foul odor" ever present inside Casa Senda might be eminating from the FAT CUNT SENDA'S FAT PAD ?...
I (and the FAT CUNT SENDA) had NEVER considered that...

you, Sir, might just be onto something here !

now, I am wondering IF Lysol (the go to FOUL ODOR ELIMINATOR) has FINALLY met its match !


a better idea ...
wait till the FAT CUNT SENDA prepares his "famous" half thawed turkey for thanksgiving...
wait until he consumes it:..
put HIM in a field with painted numbers...
(sell bingo numbers before hand)
and see what number he blows his shit storm on

lucky winner gets 20%
he keeps 20%
20% goes to the kitties
40% goes to MV

An abundance of new kitties have arrived. right on time for Christmas I see. I am hearing new names and how timid they are, but slowly becoming used to him he says? Is this true?

Am I hearing this right?
the FAT CUNT SENDA is jooish !
but the average Jewish person sees him for what he is !
and the average Muslim...well, let's just say they wouldn't even think of helping a FAT CUNT like SENDA !
that leaves only generous Christians to Con and Scam !

so, yea...Christmas is prime time to Beg, Scam and Con !


how stupid does the FAT CUNT SENDA think everyone is ?
all he has to eat ?
and he is getting FATTER all the time ?

It looks like he is well fed. Is he eating cat food too??
well, he probably finds it (supplementing his "meals on wheels") necessary to eat a bowl of dry food and probably 2 or 3 cans of wet food to hit that daily 4500 PLUS calories needed to maintain his MORBIDLY OBESE 567 POUND FAT CUNT SENDA BODY !

Senior center luch every day, probably as much as he can eat, Meals-on-wheels every day, food stamps.  And he claims he doesn't have enough money from his check to buy enough to eat.

I wonder how much he does eat.  How many calories does it take a day to sustain 569 pounds?
and the calories ?

He could only put mustard on it because he is out of ketchup? Last we saw a few weeks ago he had a big container od pilfered packets. Does he put on everything? Perhaps Kathy's cooter was not bleeding, it was ketchup to make it palatable.
yea, I have been awaiting an update on Samsquatch's (slow Kathy's) BLEEDING COOTER...
(it's NOT funny...she could DIE from it ?)...
turns out...he USES ketchup, she "uses" Mayo...
must have been embarrassing when the ER doctor said "it's a NOT A BLEEDING COOTER BUT A KETCHUP COOTER"...nope...never seen this before"

oh well, typical FAT CUNT SENDA !

maybe SENDA can arrange an interview with Harvey Weinstein...
at his corner Starbucks (the one with the busty blonde adolescent girls...)
the FAT CUNT SENDA could share with Harvey the "art of twitching"

Kevin Spacey...Harvey Weinstein...
how long can it be before the FAT CUNT SENDA is accused (rightfully so) by Abram of all sorts of sexual assaults ?
Monday ?

who's career is dead, without ANY hope of recovery ?
Kevin Spacey...
Harvey Weinstein...
the FAT CUNT known as SENDA ?

Hello Senda. Only an imbecile opens a cardboard shipping carton with scissors. Ever hear of a box cutter or utility knife? You can buy them for about $5 at Walmart, Ace, Home Depot, Amazon, almost anywhere. I am shocked the star of the internationally syndicated Burgh Unboxing doesn't know this.
I actually prefer SENDA utilizing his "one and only Swiss Army Snaggletooth" to open his various items...

now, that is class..:

become a Hollywood liberal...

a suggestion would be to follow up with Kevin Spacey on "how to do that"...

Hey Falkie. I was thinking of ways that you can gain financial Independence without having to bust your ass for "the man" or by awesome scams. I realize you aren't to keen on gold panning with me but I think I have found your calling. It's a website called chatterbate. Basically it's pornish crap and all that but you Falkie, could class it up and be a big star! You would stand out among the mostly young and beautiful people doing the normal porn stuff by just being yourself. Big guy if you just sat there shirtless wearing your snappy red shorts you would get lots of followers and money. Falkie if you could also "make it twitch" you would probably win some awards.
but only IF he doesn't mention his "conservative politics"...
that was his downfall on SF Redbook...
that is the ONLY reason he has so many online HATERS and TROLLS


Exactly.   All those drumsticks plus 17lbs of Turkey bird.     He's gonna run afoul of that fowl and end up
blowing ass all over creation his SOFA BED again...................

that reminds me, with no "inspection" eminent...
I imagine the towels, sheets etc from his last blow out are still where he left them...
on the carpet by the sofa bed...
oh well, they are probably dried out by now and ready for this episode...

Ok, so..

I'll all caught up on Senda's health news..
it is a shame...
damn, the money the taxpayers of California and the United States are wasting on SENDA's "healthcare" could be better spent on...
paying for college for 5 people or
supporting a whole village in a third world country or
reconstruction of 3 homes in Houston or
purchase a mail order bride for Abram or
donate to Bellgab or
a barrel of money and set it on fire...

any of these would be a more sound fiscal decision, in my opinion !

That lying, grifting and abusive f*ck had the gall -- the pure gall -- to post this to that YouTube.

"ON THE TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTING." There's been a link between domestic abusers and mass shooters. There's a link between those who are not allowed legally to obtain guns and then trying to get them. There's a link between that guy's videos when people make some noise outside his flat, then goes into a rage and claims if it wasn't "illegal" for him to get a gun he'd shoot them.

Sick bastard. Sick and lying piece of waste that should be watched. Rage? That guy has nothing but rage, perhaps has a criminal record, perhaps was involuntarily committed for mental illness, and perhaps has a history of domestic abuse.

Then has the gall to post this video like he is better than others. Then speaks of guns, which he knows nothing about, then claims in previous videos he wants to obtain firearms. Then have his friend take him to a firing range so he can learn about shooting guns. Why? What wrongs does he intend to do? It's claimed that rantings of psychotics needs to be watched online. What about this guy?

Claiming there are a lot of mentally ill people full of rage. Take a look at that guy in the video. He should be watched. He lies, cheats and steals. Then, like so many other mass shooters, thinks abusing women and others is "OK."

Why aren't people who claim "we" need to be vigilant in seeing the warning signs of sickos online not looking into this abusive monster? As he claims the recent shooter was rejected by all those around him who tried to help him or be friends. F*ck. The shooter was a person full of rage and paranoia. Who does that sound like? The damn liar doing the video? 

Sick bastard. Sick.
agreed 100% !
I pray for the kids out front talking...
I pray for the guy earning a living by doing yard work (running the leaf blower)...
I pray for anyone playing music...

(and yes...he has been committed for hiding knives under his bed at home AND domestic abuse AND stalking Kelly DD...)

I found or thought of a new part-time job for Falkie.  It will be fun and he will contribute to society.  No applications needed, and no interviews required.  Falkie can be an anonymous sperm donor. 

There could be Falkie twins and Falkie triplets and more multiple Falkie births.  He can even YouTube it!

Jump on it Falkie and donate, now!
I had actually proposed an idea for a side trip while on the road to AlienCON with the MudKing...

imagine the live video as SENDA is handed his "cup" and directed to a closet...

and the demand for the sperm of  a world renowned genius YouTube paranormal expert personality who just happens to love kitties.:.

damn, maybe a cup or two and BINGO.:.
his cargo shipping container paradise could become a reality !

ladies of bellgab...
better put your order in early, before the IPO stock increases dramatically !

sorry, but I couldn't decide...

Strange are tha ways of the Musings thread. Just a moment ago it was firing on all cylinders only to dry like a mayo stain in the sun, leaving us waiting for a new plot twist.
I don't know about everyone else...
but, I just enjoy typing...
...does that make me a bad person ?

Strange are tha ways of the Musings thread. Just a moment ago it was firing on all cylinders only to dry like a mayo stain in the sun, leaving us waiting for a new plot twist.
I don't know about everyone else...
but, I just enjoy typing...
...does that make me a bad person ?


the FAT CUNT SENDA just reported the FREE FOOD PANTRY will NOT have a FREE TURKEY for the FAT CUNT this year !

say wouldn't that money he spent on worthless shit last video buy TWO TURKEYS ?

anyway, someone needs to step up and send the FAT CUNT SENDA a turkey !

In his periscope livestream from this weekend, Senda says, “I made a mistake this month.” He goes on to say that he went “yahaa” with his games online....Mobile Strike and Domination. He says, “Before I knew it, I spent a fortune.”

So, perhaps some classic Senda grifting is in the works?
you mean you actually watched it ?

Spacey always gave me the creeps. Did he not for you? Some guys you can tell there's faulty wiring just by looking at them.

These people are paid to be things they're not, so we shouldn't be surprised when they're revealed to be phony in all aspects of their lives.
now I am wondering (just by looking at him...) if "faulty wiring" is the FAT CUNT SENDA'S problem ?

My reporters are also saying Senda is trying to get some acting work, to finance the container house and new car.

Senda is reportedly a trained performer and once was a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

More details on this development as they avail themselves.
assuming the FAT CUNT SENDA does purchase a shipping container home and Prius...
how is the FAT CUNT SENDA going to maintain ?
damn, he is INCAPABLE of even maintaining a 360 square foot government provided apartment by himself !

remember how disabled the FAT CUNT SENDA is ?

cleaning is WORK...
forget maintenance !

and, by the way...
who is going to hire a DISABLED FAT CUNT named SENDA anyway ?

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