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I wonder if he had a dream about eating a flatbread pizza the night the iPad went missing.

I just overnighted him a gift. To his P.O. Box, of course.


I'd put my testicles on an anvil and smash them with a sledgehammer before I'd donate to his iPad replacement fund.

RIt must be exhausting to be George.  He seems to sleep, nap, and rest a lot. Those seem to be his natural state.  He has the eye of the sloth.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Amy On The Radio
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:22:29 PM »
What a talk tease.

Hey falkie, is it possible that the iPad is just stuck to your back? I always have loose change stuck to my ass and I'm not as big as you.
I think Falkie is large enough to generate enough gravity for items like iPads or small animals to stick to him.  I'd like to visit his apartment to make some scientific measurements but my shots are not up to date.

It seems a little strange to me that someone would come in and just steal an Ipad, with all the stuff George has that would be much more worth their time, and worth taking such a risk over.
I hope the intruder was up to date on their shots.

Yet sleep will not come.   He will be up all night worried that the Stalker will return and give him the good old Chief White Halfoat treatment.
He will never rest well again as long as he resides in the Senda Pad.   Poor bastard............
The bacteria will watch over him.  The filth and squalor he lives in would cause someone who broke in to leave some cash.

He should get a mirror and a friend to see if it is in the crack of his ass.  He may find some missing kitties too.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: RandomCast - A Podcast
« on: June 18, 2017, 04:26:45 PM »
Spider bite?  ;)

Beware of spiders. I say this now seriously! I'm no longer doing that stuff in tshirts or shorts. Good luck on the sell and/or finding a new place. Hope you are on the upside of the deal.
I'm in the northeast so there are no dangerous critters.  That won't be true once I relocate.  Night all, it was nice to get out of the Falkie thread for an evening.

I'm calling it a night shortly.  I'm getting my house ready to go on the market this week and need to do repairs and clean the basement.

Why can't the guest remote view the audience's waning interest?

I thought this guest is a remote viewer.  What's with all the slumber party talk?

Indeed. The story of the trolls who manufactured the USB due to Loki's prank is a story unto itself!
He'd have to reboot himself with his Boots of USB Slaying..

He could legally change his name to Doctor Hoagland.  Isn't that sort of what Robin did?

Yes he is doing well, just wish I cared more for the guest.  I admit there was a time when I preferred his show to Art's. 

Did Robin drug him?
Out of the box and into his broadcast chair.  After the show she'll drag him back to the box.

When did Hoagie start letting guests speak?

I forgot how fun BellGab can be.  I'm glad I'm still awake for this.

Law enhancement, viagra for cops.

At least he doesn't have hind feet

This is like the Bugs Bunny shut up shutting up gag.

Leave already.

Bees bite?  When I was little I was strapped in a car seat on a bumble bee.  My poor bum and hand from trying to get it out from under me.

Sure, why not?  Noory soon will have a healthy colon hour...or so it seems he's going in that direction.  ;)  ;D
My goldfish has been swimming upside down at the top of the bowl for a couple of weeks.  Not eating much and loosing weight.  It color has gone somewhat drab.

I was diving off the coast of Florida near Jupiter and got into a total white out caused by a sponge spawn. Totally freaked me out.


What was that language Hoagie was speaking?
Braaps.  It has a little less than 20 words.

Can I call in to the RCH vet hour?

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