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Can we please keep on topic in the Falkie thread?  Everyone complains when he is brought up in other threads but no one seems to mind shitting in this thread.  Thank you.

How very ungallant of George not to whip out his Swiss Army tooth and open The poor physically challenged Sweet Kathyís package. No bueno George >:(
We all Know Kathy canít gnaw through the packaging with her non-existent teeth.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: December 08, 2017, 07:46:48 PM »
...and you just know it's because of dicks like this who will go "B-but it's not technically smoking, so the rules don't apply to me!"

vvv^^^ Hypothesis confirmed. ^^^vvv

Shit,  I like Tim Hortonís coffee.  Now that Falkie does too I feel my fondness for it waning.

lol. what are you all doing? screaming at an old fat man that has nothing to do with you. I did the same back in the day, and still wonder why I wasted my time. You realize, one day he will eat one too many salty snacks and die. What will you do then? Is that win for you? Who gives a fuck if some old fat retard farts around on youtube. It doesn't affect you. I was bullying that man. Making fun of him. Thats all thats happening now. Do you really think that the city doesn't know his mother died years ago, and he still exploits her and everyone else?
Talking dumb shit on a forum accomplishes nothing. Be proactive.
Welcome!  Help yourself to some chips and pretzels.

Well, I tried, but I couldn't understand much of what she was saying...
I understood it to be an audition for the role of Gollum in a LOTR remake.

I canít unsee those teeth!  Or should I say I canít see those teeth that I should have unseen?  Iím in shock.

Falkieís voice oozes love when he talks about Kathy.  What a relationship those two have, kind of like an oyster and a pearl.  Well, the smell of a week old oyster with lots of irritation but nothing as beautiful as a pearl in sight.

Attention Bay Area Drivers:  Mary Kathy Got A Brand New Car.

Two cars and no money does not compute.  Got to love Falkie math.

Discussing Falkieís finances is like dividing 0 by 0, mathematically undefined.

Random Topics / Re: The BellGab "New Member" Meet and Greet!
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:27:22 PM »
just joined the forum this month... hello all  :D
Run before itís too late!

I see Hostage Corner is back.  Show us some black eyes if youíve been slapped around.

There is no doubt that the food he can not eat was left there.

Can you imagine offering Senda a plate of food only to have him yell at you "I can not eat this, go take it off then give it to me."

As the neighbor slides the offending food under some gravy.
If he did that to me he would find the food moist and salty when he got it back.

It must be tough to be George.  With all of those life threatening symptoms he refrained from going to the hospital. Not because of the waste of the taxpayers money, but because he knew getting home would be on his dime once they released the hypochondriac.  George never ceases to amaze every time he opens his pie-hole.  Perhaps next time he can refrain from eating food that was touching his kryptonite.  With George ďWhatís the worst that could happen?Ē Is not a rhetorical question to give one thought before doing something stupid,  it is the logical outcome from his foolish choices.

Random Topics / Re: Is MV still alive
« on: November 20, 2017, 08:12:10 PM »
A menu with a dozen varieties of turkey sandwiches.
Donít forget the molten pizza roll appetizers!

How To Use BellGab / Re: Search Engine Examples
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:10:41 PM »
Iím looking for that funny post with the great gif.  Any idea where it is?

Random Topics / Re: Is MV still alive
« on: November 20, 2017, 06:15:40 PM »
I hope he is...dear lord? what happened since the last time I was here?
This place has become a meat eaters fart in a vegetarian church.

You can get everything you want now delivered straight to your door, even produce.

No one is doing Falkie any favors by delivering him hot food. He really needs to be out in the orchards picking oranges or whatever the fuck you people have growing over there. Grapes?
Only sour ones.  Very sour ones.

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: November 13, 2017, 08:01:53 PM »
This place is starting to feel like a waterlogged corpse being fed on by a school of carp.

It would be wonderful if George gave his fans a cooking show of how he prepares his turkey and fixings.  I am sure he is quite a good cook.

I wonder, will the pineapples be added to the turkey?
If you were a real fan of George you would have read the entire thread and know George prefers his turkeys partially frozen.  At worst you are not a true fan, at best you are inattentive.  I hope your livelihood does not depend on your attention span.

Random Topics / Re: Mr. Spock's FishingGab Thread.
« on: November 10, 2017, 12:29:31 PM »
Has anyone done any fishing this year?
I went back to Newfoundland and caught a 10 lb salmon.

The Pittsburg Steeler received a few damaged cans so he nagged the company into sending him a replacement case and Thirty dollars.
Iím not sure how much lower this thread can go.  Perhaps George could start a new video series called Find the Odd Vegetable. It would be a video of George examining  those ďaccidentsĒ he occasionally has.

Random Topics / Re: Television Show Intro's
« on: October 28, 2017, 07:28:55 PM »

Does Falkie stuff his cats into Halloween costumes?

He dresses them as roadkill by sitting on them.

> I had told Kathy to mail me $ 2 so I can take the bus up there and reassure Tiny One and she told me this afternoon she was " too tired " to mail me the $2.
Is it wrong to feel good that I can do almost anything I want and wonít be stopped because someone is too tired to mail me $2? 

Iíve been wondering what Christopher Guest will call his mockumentary about this thread.  Iím torn between The Guy from Pittsburg? or Bewildered Why People Get So Wound Up About This Farce. I guess heíd need permission from Chefist for the former.

WhiteCrow, of all people Iím pretty astonished you would even say that here. Becareful sir, your true colors are revealing themselves. This was about bringing people together, here you are trying to initiate a divide & conquer routine. Itís not working sir, and I will not stand for this injustice on your behalf.
I think none of us participating in this shit show can claim astonishment or feign righteous indignation over anything that happens here.  If you are going to swim in the sewer you will get covered in shit.

I didnít notice the crockpot. I was trying to figure out if the brown smears on the bottom of his coffee cup were cockroach guts.
if someone took a dump in his kitchen it would actually spruce the place up.

I will be feeding eating Orangey in a bit and will do a video showing him to be fine tasty and not kidnapped.

Yup, not a single one. Most people would take that as a sign, but not George.
I would have gone but the lint isn't going to get out of my belly button by itself.

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