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Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: Today at 04:01:33 AM »

Woo hoo. Another night with Knapp next Sunday. And with Paulides. Tonight's show was great. Thanks, good George

I know! I'm starting to think maybe it's Jackstar trying to get me to ask mv to bring back the ignore feature.  ;)

Why? Do you have some kind of special voodoo over mv (praised be his name)? Turbo mode perhaps?

Talking to yourself again? Time to up the meds and maybe consider electroshock.  ;)

Stupid faggot!  ::)

Dude. He has a serious crush on you

I think I forgot to put it here but months ago I watched Atomic Blonde the story was a little  convoluted but it was fun. Charlize Theron played a surprisingly good action star. There was a 7 minute fight scene that was a good a fight scene I have every seen that seems to have been done on a one shot

I really enjoyed that movie. Charlize was great in it. A serious kickass grrrl. I guess not that surprising after Mad Max. But she must have had to train for weeks just for that one fight scene. No CGI or fancy editing and no stand in.  Great fun

I was surprised to see her in The Orville a couple of weeks ago. Kind of seemed like slumming but I guess sometimes girls just wanna have fun

I saw "Blade Runner 2049" last week, along with the original, kicking off the package.  I'm glad I got to see the original once again. I wish I could say the same about 2049.  You're right, 21st, Gosling is just not leading man material in my book.  I assume Gosling meets today's criteria with his effeminate and non-threatening appearance.  He looks flat and seems to be sleepwalking through most of the movie, even as a replicant.  For that matter, most of the cast seems to be posing as actors, either over-acting, acting awkwardly, or, damn, I don't know what they're trying to do.  The one that really takes the cake is Jared Leto.  Gads, does he suck.  What a pretentious blowhard.  Pitiful.

The movie drags along until Harrison Ford finally appears.  Ford really shows his age, whether purposeful or not, but he puts the rest of the cast to shame.  At least the guy has some cojones or can act like he does, without coming across as a laughable phony.  The one seemingly decent actress is Ana de Armas.  Ironically, she plays the hologram "love interest" of Gosling.  The hologram acted more human and was easier to empathise with than the rest of characters. 

Sorry, I'd never classify "2049" anywhere near the original.  By today's laughable standards, it's passable, with some interesting scenes, but it's somewhat of a slow-motion mess, overall.  No one approached Rutger Hauer's performance, hell, no one even approached William Sanderson's qualities.  The best part for me?  Gosling dies shortly before the end of the movie, before the first pile of dirt is mercifully thrown on this disappointing miscarriage.

The pace was so ... slow. Dirgelike. Very atmospheric to the point of downright somber. The acting was somnolent. No spoilers but at the end, I didn't really care what happened to the characters. Sort of "so what". Very disappointing. Especially since Ridley Scott didn't direct but was involved I thought he would be able to capture the magic from the original

Just saw It.  Excellent horror movie.  Along with the first Conjuring flick, it is among the best horror films of this century and one of the best King adaptations maybe only surpassed by The Shining.  A great coming of age tale. It surpasses the tv version though Tim Curry did an excellent job in that adaptation. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I do indeed agree.  It had the feel of Stand By Me but with many real spine tingly chills.  I actually had a nightmare that night after seeing it. Although I guess that could have been the Kung Pao chicken I ate for dinner

Mr. Knapp and a bunch of UFO talk, life is good again (if only for a few fleeting hours).

  ^ ^ ^ this!

i am sorry..but every post you make has to be in the form of a Rickyism lol

Justice Warren. You gotta lotta 'splaining to do

Is that my rate?! I had no idea. You must be obsessed with me if you're keeping tabs on me and following me that closely. I'm flattered.  :)

Occasionally I cruise the latest posting summary to see if anyone interesting may be here to have a little chat with. I always see you and sweatypants. I move on

Allowed. You're hilarious! No, I have better things to do than to watch a bunch of pituitary cases try to brain damage each other.  ;D

Yeah. Like posting on Bellgab every 30 seconds. But it's nice you have a hobby that keeps your hands busy

the chargers are a few missed field goals from being 5-2

Always the case with those guys. They're usually winning until the very end of the game. Nice to see them actually make it all the way through. And how are you willy? It's been ages

Aww two games in a row the Jets should have won and lost  :(

I feel for Brandon Marshall. Left the Jets to be a winner with the Giants

Is football still a thing? I thought it was too racist for black people now.  ???

Poor Trump puppets. Not allowed to watch football anymore  :'(  Sad!


And a big win for the Chargers!  It's not just the Anaheim Hills smokin' in LA. They wore their pretty powder blue outfits I like so much.  Matches my eyes

I heard it is pretty easy to get tickets too.

I'm not interested either. Right now I'm busy trying to score tickets to "Hamilton" in San Diego


Hey! Howabout my Rams! Finally a home team I can cheer for. And the rest of their schedule doesn't look too bad 


Hoagie and Amy need to get on the same schedule but alternate weeks so they can switch off not showing up

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Noory Sucks! - The Definitive Compendium
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:26:57 AM »
BG'ers are Jorch's favorites.  He lovingly refers to us as haters, basement dwellers, rat eaters, and other terms of endearment I don't recall.

Sorry IO. Didn't notice your post.  Yeah, we're mentioning the same comment. "Classhick!" - GNS

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Noory Sucks! - The Definitive Compendium
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:21:14 AM »
Assurance or pendulous warning.

Has Snorch ever mentioned Bellgab? No I guess he wouldn't would he. I remember him complaining a couple years ago "they say I interrupt my guests." I enjoy knowing he knows.

Never by name but he would by oblique reference. There was that time he mentioned  something to the effect that there was this group of "haters that sit in their basement eating rats". It was a specific referral to Bellgab. If memory serves it was after Art quit Dark Matter and we were waiting out another of Art's NC clauses. We were especially prolific and hateful in our GNS posts. Back in those days only one of Jorch's shows would elicit pages of very creative invective. Back when Bellgab was relevant

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: October 17, 2017, 08:13:14 PM »
We know.  ::)

There is no WE Dr. Mexican. That's why you had to name yourself twice; same with the beans!

Get a room, you two  ::)

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: October 17, 2017, 08:03:31 PM »
FIFY  ;)

The only politician more corrupt than him is Hillary. You really love the most corrupt politicians, don't you?  :D

Damn, Doc. Do you do anything besides Bellgab all day? I'm really worried about you

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:49:45 PM »
McCain with terminal brain cancer is still a hundred times smarter than Trump

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:10:14 AM »
And those words we love to hear. "I'll be back next Sunday"

Good night, Knappsters. At least those of you with a measurable IQ

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 03:37:19 AM »
The guest is pretty good.  Add "good George" and you have a great show.  :)

***I should add that I caught a bit of Connie yesterday and really could not believe how often she whored herself out for paranormal date- beyond belief, and all things "Noory."  It was beyond sad.

You notice Knapp refuses to do those? Guess then Connie has to double up. Help us Good George. You're our only hope

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 03:16:55 AM »
I'm really enjoying the Star Trek tech guy

Now, please continue the bitch slap a thon

Radio and Podcasts / Re:[Katzenjammer Typography &] George Knapp...
« on: October 16, 2017, 01:07:46 AM »
With you i am briefly because i can't get the audio,looking for Knapp's transcripts of show and story links about the apparent heaping pile of dung being promoted as the solution to the UFO qvestion.
Not much to hear or see now that the interwebby ting is getting the serious censorship ministry of truth install.
Not am i happy with all the pr*ck-teaseing witchy-seeming x-gender repartee.
Now i find myself seeming an cranky old poop,no thanx to Mr.Split-foot.
Not am i much attracted to the forum now,it's getting difficult to find the time to even skim a few threads.
Pretty soon,it's off to greener pasture forums that i might prospect for relevence towards my own agenda or interests.
Knapp and an few like him seem the last dinosaurs of the journalist myth.
PS:No Logo:
][ 7VF ][

And another interesting weirdo considers to meander off into the sunset. Even though you seem to blame the prick teaser but not the pricks. I hope you continue to check in occasionally

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 01:03:36 AM »
Nice coinshedensh. I just finished reading "Hunt for Skinwalker" last week. That's the book they are  talking about that Knapp co-authored. Really enjoyed it

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:52:14 AM »
I love ya, Tiger!  And, I am following your smart lead.  Take care.  And, by the way, I am enjoying the interview!  Good night!

Thanks, sweetie. Love you too. Have a good one. *This should get the little boys hot and bothered*

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:43:17 AM »
So you refute hating men that don't worship Satan?

And you still beat your wife? Ok. Signing off so I can be entertained by intelligent conversation without dumb distractions. Have a good evening, all

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:40:44 AM »
Tiger...admit hate straight men. Come on...we all know it.

You got me

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