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he said that for BellGab to have full financial /sale/purchase/ value the original laptop must be included in the sale package.
(((He))) said that I must receive that laptop at the time of submitting final payment to MV.
brig, I hope you kept all the bubble wrap that the laptop was mailed to you in.
And one note of Warning brig, don't try to instal some spy viruses on it, because I'm not Falkie who doesn't have money and just runs his big mouth, I will sue your ass if I find any spy viruses on it.

When time comes for you to mail that laptop to me you can do a 'good bye' video same as you did 'unboxing' video.
Sorry brig but without that laptop my (((lawyer))) said that BGab is not very valuable entity it's just one of many forums on the net.
Start saying goodbyes to that laptop brig, don't get attached to it.

Love th'ONE

As the One chosen by MV to have posession of the original laptop, I'm afraid you are SOL. sorry.

Praise MV!

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: Today at 05:20:03 AM »
I think this is the angriest, most deranged rant of his since episode 793. Guess Erinn won't be getting a thank you note, huh.

A Classic for SURE!

George deflects from the fact that he begs for donations which he might or might not claim to his Supplemental SSDI case worker, by yelling and screaming, accusing people of not believing he's disabled.  There may be one or two people here on bellgab who don't believe he's disabled, but I think most of us do believe that he is.  I believe George knows what he's doing wrong, by using YouTube videos to ask for donations, while collecting Supplemental SSDI if he is not reporting the gifts and the donations to his case worker.  If he's reporting his gifts and donations to his case worker, then he is doing nothing wrong at all. Supplemental SSDI is different from regular Social Security disability, in that regular Social Security is something you paid for out of  your paychecks all your life.  Supplemental is for people who didn't work long enough to earn it.  I've even seen Supplemental be given to people who worked off the books all their life.  Personally, I think that needs to be changed.

The lack of moderation is a breath of fresh air. No forum needs a 'moderating team' - as I have seen this small band of losers self-referentially labeled elsewhere.

And Bell, while he posted here, was not even one of the 20 most interesting people on the board. A disappointment, frankly, in terms of his content.

Praise MV!

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: Yesterday at 02:25:17 AM »
Considering you can buy refurbished and used Kindle Fire 5th Generation tablets for next to nothing, I believe the anonymous gifter is having a good laugh knowing the level of frustration George is having attempting to make it perform at the same level of his beloved iPad. Are you getting this George? You sir, are being played.

Isn't it wonderful?  ;D

Hahaha no buses on Hoagie!  Hoagie is a bus-free zone.

No Senda,
No bus.

Roger that.

Dudes and Dudettes,...

Is this over your heads...

Are you telling me, as kids you never made an aluminum deflector; from an torrid ignition coil and a drive shaft...



Yes, and Yes.
I'm sorry Bomar...

This guy keeps saying "You Know". Very annoying, you know?

I know, Right?

What is that one, then?  A filled one, perhaps lemon, with glaze instead of powdered sugar?

I'm not telling.... 


Why does one not have a hole?

They only had 11 regular glazed left lol's.  It was that, or wait for a new batch.

Musk in an I HOP?  something a bit fishy?

I'll stick with Frankies, open 25/8

i think someone is bbqing here at near 1 am..and smells good

That might be me grilling an Italian Sausage sub....

dunno ...

He's back on live, guys.

All ye of little faith.
Shame, shame.  :P

too late!!!! lol

Never too late for Hoagie.

Yes , LIVE again... Hoagie is Back Baby...

I KNEW Hoagie could pull it together.

I'm not sure, but I think he might be live now.

We can't have anything nice.  >:(

I missed the show last Sunday, so I don't mind.

Shame on me, I know...

so far its the level of professionalism we have all come to know and love.

Praise Falkie   Love ALL

you weird and wonderful Brappsters.

Praise MV!

Oh. Now it begins.  ;D

Crisp, clean digital audio...

I think the "code" is in the baseline.  Listen closely.  Back beat and 19.5....Hoagie is so cunning.

I'll try to figure it out...

Dudes and Dudettes,...

I have arrived...


Bomar!  Footstool!!!!   ;D

BRAAPS - 2 songs at once - lol   :)

OMG lol's I turned my browser and my Tune In off thinking I had two shows playing at the same time somehow.

Isn't the penny-ante scale of his con exactly makes him so worthy of denunciation as a con man?  :)

Show the fellow a mere lump of rock and suddenly it's alien apartments, Martian Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and God knows what else.  Likewise with all the excuses he has for his technical failures: the man can't bring himself to simply say, "I flipped the wrong switch" or, "I insist on using Skype, but refuse to take the time to understand how it works."  No: it's always this or that "dark force" that was out to shut Hoagland down.  ::)

Yet his con is so unimaginative, so uninspired, that he tries to bilk his victims in slow-motion at a paltry sixteen cents a day.  How cut-rate is that?

Honestly, Mr. Sixteen-Cents-a-Day is the sort of chap who gives con men a bad name.

Maybe that's what I like about him... Maybe he reminds me a lot of George Senda, The Guy from Pittsburgh...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Caravan to Midnight
« on: June 25, 2017, 10:48:37 PM »
Sorry, I misspelt the Beatle's name...

All I know is; Doc Miller is the Walrus...


Hey Bomar, no worries:

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 25, 2017, 10:28:07 PM »
why isn't he updating on the police investigation into his break in and theft, this is not you typical break in when thief enters your place when you are not there,
we/Falkie is dealing with a thief who /potentially/ is armed and ready for action-for violence to attack home owner, when you are entering at night knowing that there is someone sleeping you as a thief must be ready that the person if awaken might decide to fight you.
So normally you as a thief would carry a weapon/s/ with you.

Luck of any more updates in more details even showing video shots where the $4 was and where the Ipad was where he was sleeping is very suspisious to me that this is real story.
If he was (((smart))) he would use this to create whole 'documentary' with video as I described above to make it interesting to create 'drama' to create clicks on his youtube, but I guess he is not sharp or creative in his thinking how to put some effort, his ModusOperandi is *donate to me*
FUCK YOU Senda, put some work in it, engage me, -but so far you are only enraging me with your sincere arrogance and blown up EGO and self importance. 

Your stupid NewsFlashes are useless, I have radio for that, I don't need to waste my internet data to watch you repeating what everybody can get from radio or from much more reliable internet sources,..not like you are reporting Live from a particular location.

Get a different angle to you video-shtick and be humble and don't act that World owns you food and toys.

You could use your brake in and theft of Ipad and $4 to create interesting 'criminal' piece but you just farted few sentences hoping that people will rush to Apple stores to buy you a new toy.
Only toy at this time I can buy for you is a baseball batt, so you can fuck yourself with lazy uncreative freak.

You think that you are doing World huge favor by feeding herd of cats, yes cats have they place in nature, in human lives -but they are overrated- especially if you look how many thousands of song birds they kill every year, and we need song birds, OK cats will kill mice and rats but they will do that because they are hungry, if you are feeding them they will kill song birds for fun because they are bored and need exercise, there is very little meat on them.

So you making yourself so very special because you playing on human emotions that your cats will die from starvation is in my opinion pure bullshit scam to get donations.
If you are feeding your fucking cats feed also song birds that way you could bring bit of balance into the nature.

My favorite "line" in his news reports is "This just in off the wire".  I suppose he is hoping for Snoory to be listening to all of his "news reports" to get a mention on C2C as "their reporter" again.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Caravan to Midnight
« on: June 25, 2017, 10:25:13 PM »

The RAM was on, with Johnny B...

Doctor Richard Allen Miller...

I do not remember much; I just remember it was interesting, when I was awake...

And Johnny B. was playing "Beetles"...

Can't wait to listen to it again, ... that makes it; Ark Mid:53...


RAM was on Michaels program this week also I saw.  I will listen to ArcMidnight  in the morning with my coffee then Bomar.  If you say it was good, it must have been good.  I do like RAM a lot, but it's just that I've heard him so many times already.

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