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From the other night. Wow. Pray for Marcus from the Nederlands who is protecting his bar owner friend who is being extorted for 40K Euros and is loosing weight, calls about him being "dangerous to the police," etc. As a "security man" he knows how to fight and is an empath and now the police are harassing the old people who he lives with since Christmas. He was put in a mental hospital and drugged. But now he is back home. (Keep in mind that Moroccans etc are allowed to run amok in places there- my editorial comment.) He works for the "very secret, worldwide, very small network" who knows about the end-times and "even the police don't know the line between good and evil." Norry offers advice "I wouldn't go there." But Marcus knows "who he is in the Bible" and can prove it with "two documents." He is "totally against violence" as per his conscientious objectors statement previously (they had compulsory service requirements.) Gideon is his "job description." He is busy with a documentary. He can prove it. He has filed some "revelations" and "has seen things from the present and future and his connecting the dots." Norry says "convince them you are psychic...but not go over...." "reign in this people but don't go over the edge with these people, I know how they are."  ;D Now a caller about college hazing but "will get into it next time" and a story about a guy's neighbor shooting a bee hive with a shotgun.

Classic Jorch response while he was talking to Markus who literally deteriorated over a 5 minute phone call to the point I thought the next thing I was going to hear was cops busting the door down and putting him back in the mental hospital. Poor guy.

But anyway as Markus detailed his tale of woe at some point he informed Jorch 'I am harassing the police' to which Jorch replied 'Good for you Markus'  ;D

I have words.  It sucks and is just cheap entertainment, maybe worth free entertainment at a Happy Hour bar, but no more.

free entertainment at a Happy Hour bar? he's off key but now I listened again and for the most part he's singing in tune. BUT he's a special kind of awful - he sounds like the Cowardly Lion's If I Were King of The Forest with the hilariously over the top vibrato but my favorite part of the Jorch Noory singing experience is the phony sophisticated accent he puts on  I CAWWWWWWWWN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUUUUUU  - TAKE MY HAWWWWWWWND ;D

Worth every penny. Go for the paranormal, stay for the awkward lounge act.


It looks like George Noory's latest scam: Cyber doc! Read the header on this site and see if it makes sense, which it didn't to me. Rambling, nonsensical illiterate nonsense:

"George Noory talks nighty about healthy living. Now, if you feel sick get immediate diagnosis and if necessary, a prescription to get better, sooner."

What in the world? Did that site learn English from Tonto? Is this a direct Chinese to English text translation? What in the world? Yeah, like any sane person would trust their health and life to anyone who wrote the above in "trusting" in the name of George Noory?

oh yeah nothing can go wrong there lol

doctor exams and treatment over the Internet,  at least with all you have to lose is your dignity


Wow, not only the Nobel but also nominated for the Pulitzer.

Daniel Estulin is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been nominated for both a Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Peace Prize for his investigations into this subject which has been shrouded in secrecy for decades.

of course the truth comes from RationalWiki, the anti Coast2Coast

Daniel Estulin (born in Vilnius, Lithuania, August 29, 1966[1]) is a Lithuanian-born-migrated-to-Canada-and-later-settled-in-Spain crank and conspiracy theorist, who likes to rant about the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.


Did Jorch really introduce this Bilderberg conspiracy guy as a Nobel Prize nominee?


So Jorch attended the college graduation not of his daughter but of his grandaughter -  i guess if he's in his early 60's that makes sense. Most of the people I know married and had kids older, Jorch's brood are like my parent's generation, get married young have kids young.


Oh this Jimmy Church is such a condescending fraud. An elderly man calls and asks the question all reasonable people ask, why with the entire population having cameras in their pockets/hands don't we see incontrovertible evidence of UFO's?

Church responds the way all frauds do when skeptics challenge them, attempting to make the skeptic look like the irrational one. 'Oh man, I don't what you want man. Just a year ago there were over a thousand of us at Joshua Tree, we saw the lights, there was a film crew from the CBC filming, I don't know what happened to the video ....... ' Of course the video of the sighting hasn't been seen, it's pure crap but Church implies they got it and it's mysteriously disappeared

He's so annoying, I need to count how many times he repeats 'That's what I'm talking about' like an idiot per show. I expect he'll discover 'off the hook' soon. 


James the Caller (southern drawl) : Aren't all these extra-terrestrials just fallen angels?

Jimmy Church: Great question James, great question.

Remember George Noory stating on his "Open Lies" -- I mean "Open Lines" -- that he was some standout baseball player in school and sought an athletic-collegiate scholarship for his self-professed skills. Despite the fact that Harvey S. Lowery High School from 1965 to 1968 has no record of Noory playing any sports, let alone being "sooo good" as he claimed he sought a tryout for the Detriot Tigers of Major-League Baseball at the time.

What a liar. Remember how he claimed that his school gave out two athletic scholarships for college -- and he came in third? Noory, high schools  DO NOT awarded such. The colleges do. They have personnel called recruiters that scout out and recommend high-school athletes based on what they read in the press or hear. Odd, you have no press on you and they sought you out anyway? Playing wiffle ball in the backyard against your mother -- who Noory claimed "taught" him baseball and had, in his own words, a "wicked fastball -- doesn't qualify you for some college scholarship.

Then I heard him state later he was a pitcher. Odd, Noory, you claimed to play second base. But not on your school team, from the archives show. I think he got himself confused with the actor Kurt Russell, a second baseman who I understood had a college scholarship for his baseball playing and had major-league potential as scouted but sustained a career-ending injury when a base runner tore his knee's ACL on one play in one game as Russell tried to turn a double play. That injury in those days wasn't as easy to "fix" as it is today. Hence Russell becoming an actor, instead.

Noory, you should have tried further. Instead of being real like Kurt Russell, who you might have "run into" by bothering in Los Angeles at some restaurant and trying to b*s your "shared experience" in youth ball-playing skills. And being MLB material. You should have claimed some "injury" Noory that excluded you from playing further-- even though the Harvey S. Lowery High School Polar Bears archive fails to list you playing any sports or being a a member of any squad.

Noory, you not only suck, but lie like "H."  Worse than "H," since he fails to note when he claims something, that can be checked. In this example, he failed. And failed badly.

Georgie was such a momma's boy. I love when he tells stories about his childhood where he pictures himself as a young Copernicus or Thomas Edison with an insatiable curiosity about science and the natural world.



she was so hot, passed away not that long ago.


oh yeah that's the mark of a good book, writing it in 3 weeks. my god the losers this show promotes.


poor Jorch, he's lost so many dear close friends, Alan Colmes, Casey Kasem, Captain Kangaroo, Charles Kuralt, Mr Hooper from Sesame Street - the pain this man has endured.


oh i see, an epidemic of mysterious deaths of 'holistic' doctors. Inspector Clueless Noory is on the case.

those evil bastards from Big Pharma and the AMA killing off our best and brightest pretend doctors. Where will we get our dangerously unsound  medical advice if they are all wiped out?!?!



grrrr - what did i do wrong? what's the code to embed youtube videos?


I love when 'Dreamweaver' is played as a bumper, all I can think of is Jorch hosting the Midnight Special rather than Wolfman Jack.


Most of the sold commercials on Coast are predatory with older people the prey. I'm listening on a San Francisco station and there's an ad that's been repeating trading on people's fears of ending up in a long term care facility. The info in the commercial is vague, they want people to call - it's a scam I guarantee.

I have had numerous encounters with dolphins while scuba diving. They are amazing animals. Once, in Belize, we were hanging out waiting for a possible whale shark sighting. You basically just have to float at a given depth blowing bubbles and wait for them to approach. A pod of 4 dolphins started circling below us and would dart back and forth. Looking deeper, past the depths of the dolphins, we could see the outlines of several sharks swimming around. I am positive that those 4 dolphins intervened on our behalf.

I worked for SAIC for 4 years. They have a contract with the Navy to work with the Dolphins that the Navy trains.

Neat. I wasn't even aware that the Navy had dolphins working with them.

I just read the Wikipedia entry on dolphin brain/intelligence, amazing stuff. 


Scientists believe dolphins do have a complex language but thus far they haven't been able to crack the code so to speak.

This Russian scientist thinks he made a huge discovery of two dolphins having a human like conversation - his peers think his work is seriously flawed.

It all depends on your paradigm. What if they used to have arms and thumbs and evolved into dolphins so that they didn't need to worry about finding shelter, rubbing sticks together to build a fire, and planting seeds only to have to wait months to see if they would have enough food for the winter?

Now they get to swim when they want, where they want, and even surf the waves without a board. No bills, no taxes, fresh fish. Sounds pretty evolved to me.

I'd think the fossil records would have evidence of that kind of seemingly backwards evolution.  Not sure how many animals lose body parts as they evolve.  Our ancestors did lose tails I guess.


We need to tinker genetically with dolphins, give them arms and hands/thumbs and see just how smart they are. 

#4 is the aliens describing humans

hahahahahha wow I'm worse than Jorch, went right over my head.


#4 is my favorite

Aliens made of meat. Aren't humans meat? I guess in the story the aliens are just slabs of meat, but somehow they built machines without having the ability to use tools.

Those creepy talking trees who threw their apples at Dorothy and her friends in the Wizard of Oz made me imagine as a kid aliens like that, intelligent but unable to move/travel.

But now, unlike even a decade ago, the radio guys have internet, drudgereport, etc to go for weird or update content and "news" so less having to come up with content. They even have documented "callers for play" system (not sure if still done) and even an Adobe system that can insert their voice into commercials etc if they flub it. Worrying because it could be used to fake stuff on higher levels (supposedly their is a digital fingerpint to prevent this, but sure there will be a hack.)

oh yeah, AM talk radio is almost a fetish for me, been listening to talk radio my entire life. None of my friends did, not that I know of anyway, they were listening to top 40 stations and then FM rock stations. I will listen to anything talk on radio and most of the on air talent are lazy hacks and that's become even worse with the Internet, that's all they do is surf the web and then riff on whatever they find and usually badly.

i don't follow radio industry news but it's obvious radio is a dying industry, i mean the radio we grew up with. I go to that TalkShowsLive website and just put on stations randomly. I've found personalities I've heard of for ages but never listened to, some I'm not sure if they have ever been on in my area or on some station I just don't listen to. Only so much time to zone out and listen to radio in my days/nights. I now listen to John Batchelor who has a pretty good show and Michael Savage who I'm still trying to figure out what he is - he's a performance artist to me, I have no idea if he believes half the shit that comes out of his mouth. His politics aside he is a master monologist.

What occurred to me recently as I'm listening to AM stations all over the country is how few real commercials are on these stations,  even big city stations, what I hear mostly is PSA's ad nauseum.  That has to be because they can't sell enough commercials to fill in the allowable time for commercials. And the actual ads I hear are for financial scams and the snakeoil crap advertised on Coast.

I have a bunch of friends much younger than me, late 20's early 30's, they barely know what AM/FM radio is let alone listen to it.  They listen to Pandora/Youtube for music and podcasts for whatever interests they have. It's sad to me, commercial radio is almost dead, about a century will be its existence.

When he had the 19th century gothic Lit. guy on, who was discussing Charles Dickens, George blurted out "Oliver!  Now that was a great movie!"  I was like really?  Forget actually reading, you couldn't even have spent a half hour scanning the wiki pages of a few notable authors and their major works?

I will say this though, I realized it the other nite.  George is the master at filling airtime.  Sure the content is mostly disjointed questions and lightweight observations, but he really is solid at providing a continuity of filler.  When a call drops or an interview goes off the rails he just plows on with random comments like a champ.  This sounds like a backhanded compliment, which it is, but it really is a skill in its own way, I don't think I could do it.

I say this all the time to friends when they bust on talk show hosts, sportscasters, comedians, anybody who is on air or on a stage. If we the audience/critics recorded our own conversations and listened back to them we'd be embarrassed or at least disappointed because we don't sound as glib or entertaining as we think we do.  It's a skill/talent, some people have it naturally but it can be learned, it's just doing it, getting in a radio or TV studio and doing it and learning how to feel comfortable talking on demand, filling air.  Jorch has been at this for 40+ years so that he's able to fill air time isn't much of an achievement. Why I say his talents are those of some veteran radio guy in a medium sized radio/tv market, the bar is quite low for that.

Writing/texting gives you a little time to form thoughts and sentences, interesting or funny or whatever, broadcasters don't have that luxury unless you're just reading the news off a teleprompter.


I almost felt bad for Jorch when he blurted out 'Hunter Thompson' as the author of To Kill A Mockingbird, it's not that he didn't know the author, he just couldn't pull Harper Lee out of his memory and came up with another author whose name first name starts with 'H', that happens when you get older, it's that he really has no idea who Hunter S Thompson is, it's just the name of a writer to him he's heard of.  Which is what I posted a couple posts up, he's intellectually lazy, probably hasn't read a book since college, only knowledge he has is the thinnest of a veneer and he attempts to fake it which is where all the 'Exactly''s and 'That's what I think too''s come from.


LOL who started calling him 'Dave' and why?

Jorch is so miscast as the host of an overnight radio show with the subject matter Coast delves into. He's a dullard, he has little intellectual curiosity, and he's lazy to boot. It's why he continually asks child like questions about topics the show has covered hundreds of times before, it's obvious he does no reading, and retains little of the knowledge learned on the show. To top it off, he's a boring human being, there's not an eccentric bone in his body.

What Dave Noory should be is the news director of some middle of the road radio station anywhere in the country, just reading the news a few times an hour and filling in on the station's morning and afternoon shows when the regular hosts are on vacation or sick. 

Or when the guest explains his entire life's work on a groundbreaking theory of the state of matter just prior to the Big Bange, the amount of energy required for the Big Bang the early creation of the universe, and George follows up with "What do you think about the Big Bang?"



What is the difference between this lady who talks to angels and a schizophrenic? 

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