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I'm new to this forum but if there are people here who have contact with ShayP off the forum they should check in with him to see if he's ok and if not see if there's something they can do to help.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

Cheers to all I've gotten to know over the years, and had fun with.  8)

...Be well.  :)

Where are you off to? Your post seems kinda ominous.  :-\

How does Jimmy Church do it? The competition to get random losers with concocted tales of alien contact must be so fierce. 'Barry' is quite the catch, he giggled 'heh heh heh' when he told Church that 'yeah i had a date once' at 18.

At least hook these people up to lie detectors, but that's too scientific I guess.

What a bunch of hucksters and jackasses the whole group of paranormal radio and podcast hosts and their guests are (not that any of this is new).

yep, grifters.

Talk radio landscape has become really sad, because the audience is older it's attracted predators looking to make a buck off their fears and frailties.

$3800/mo mortgage payment is large, means he's living in an expensive house. He may have quite a bit of equity in the home - which he doesn't mention.
I've never had a mortgage sold to another financial institution - how can they legally raise a mortgage payment by so much?

Sounds to me like he's living in a home that is too expensive for his means. Sell it and move to a smaller/cheaper house or condo or rent.  A $5500 - wtf - I replaced my central air unit 6 years ago and it was $2100 installed. My place was about 2000 sq feet. He must have a 5,000 sq ft home - again too expensive/big for an old couple. And he mentions an a/c unit that cools the kitchen and living room, he's describing window air conditioners then. This story doesn't add up. You either have central air or you have window units - nobody has both.


ahahahaha i can't believe he did that. expressing his condolences to a man who has just been diagnosed. only a complete social retard could do that.


lol listening to the beginning of the show newscast, Jorch gives the news about John McCain's brain cancer, noting it's the same cancer his sister died of, in this soooooooooo fake choked trembling voice. Then he passes on his 'condolences' WTF - you offer your condolences to those who have just lost a family member or friend. What an idiot.

I also remember when his father died he did the show that night or the next and I don't even remember him taking time off. Nor for his sister.


can't he be deported, i forget what country his father was from - Lebanon? Egypt?


His virtue signaling makes me sick. Any little thing he does that is a good deed and I suspect those are few and far between he has to find a moment on the radio to tell his audience about it, followed by some sanctimonious bullshit 'People are people folks, we should help each other if we can, that's what I do. That's just the way I am.'

Hoagie has a fan in Congress.

Responding to Farley's testimony that Mars appears to have once possessed a vast amount of water in its distant past, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California posed the rather intriguing question.

"You've indicated that Mars was totally different thousands of years ago," the politician mused, "is it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago?"

Appearing somewhat amused by the question, Farley responded that he was unaware of any evidence for such a scenario.

Lest one think that Rohrabacher inquiry was in jest, rest assured that the representative was quite serious and pressed the issue a bit further by asking, "would you rule that out?"

Farley's answer was, unfortunately, rather definitive as he replied, "I would say that is extremely unlikely."

How fucking embarrassing, a Congressman not being able to make a distinction between BILLIONS and thousands of years.  Who even cares if Mars had or has microbial life. It does nothing for us. Our solar system is a ghost town.  :(


Has Mortadella crossed over yet? How old is she anyway? 

Honestly when he does his little newscast at the beginning of the show and attempts a little commentary on news stories I feel sorry and embarrassed for him. The saying goes 'Keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot better than to open it and remove all doubt.'


oh brother, an astrologer. a male astrologer.

pulling out my charts, yup, he's a fag.


Imagine how bad he's going to get as he gets older. Radio is a career you can't fail out of.  Literally they stay on the air into their 90's. A well known NYC sports guy Bob Wolff just died at 96 or something and had been on the air working recently.


So I can't avoid him, after Batcherlor's show ends on KGO on comes Noory.

What an awkward tool, the first guest is a legit scientist, astronomer or physicist I assume. So Snorch thinks he heard a cat in the background, and rather than keep it to himself, he asks the guest 'is that a cat I hear?', catches the guest off guard for a second then the guest says 'why yes it is'.  Snorch never fails to come through with the weird rejoinder 'hey our next guest is a woman who talks to horses, you'll enjoy that, stay up and listen'.  Dead awkward silence. I can imagine the guest at home, it's 3AM in the morning, his wife comes downstairs and asks him if the radio interview is over and to come to bed because it's fucking 3AM. 'Yes it's over darling but I can't go to sleep now. There's a woman who talks to horses being interviewed by George Noory for the next 2 hours. I can't miss that.'


i give up - he's awful and so is the show. i'm listening to more OTR and John Batchelor, listening to Noory has become torture.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:15:56 AM »

I like George Knapp but please, 2 hours interviewing a woman about the mistreatment/cruelty to pack animals by an Indian tribe in the Grand Canyon is ridiculous. It's a worthy investigative piece for TV news that runs 10 minutes. He just keeps going over and over the same information,  it's a simple story.

Hoagland has finally attained his lifelong goal: the one-day workweek.

Can we really blame him?  Let's all take a moment to just try and imagine the enormous pressures involved in showing up for work a whole two days in a row.

(Like you could do it.  Tchah, right.)

I'm sure I'm not the first one to think this after hearing Young Dick speak, but: he sounds exactly like the sort of squit who got beaten up in school a lot.

I think Dr. Robin is  looking for some young dick about now.

I honestly think I can remote view. I am in a hallway, it's dark, a second floor light is allowing me to find my way though, there is an antique telephone desk. I am pulling a drawer open. Jackpot, there's a flashlight. I picked it up, clicked it on, works. I scan the room quickly with the flashlight, it appears to be rather shabby. Ok going back to the desk drawer, see what I can find in here. Oh it's a bankbook, reading a name, yes, it's Richard Hoagland's bankbook. Now let's see the balance .....  - $78.33.


2 shows a week and he can't even manage to pull that off.  the dog probably. he's such a professional, it's surprising he's found himself persona non gratas even in the dubious world of paranormal pseudo-science media.  :o


I made this mistake keeping my dog alive too long when it was obvious she was suffering and wasn't going to get any better. Hoagie says 'if she wants to go that's ok' - uh, she's sick it has nothing to do with the dog wanting to stick around or 'move on'. dogs don't even know there's a choice, all they know is they are suffering.  :(


how sad, this is a man who once actually did know NASA scientists, Cronkite, Sagan, legendary sci-fi writers and here he is talking to some loser rendering models of Mars with cracked 3D software 'wow, look at that, it's a pump.'


lol that Martian rover has been on Mars for years now sending back high resolution images and not a sign of anything that a sane person would consider as a possible artifact of any past civilization.

feel bad for the guy, he can't get any real guests.

can't listen to 'Rocket Man' without getting goosebumps.

He said he was 21 at the time, so 73 now. 
I think the Springfield Science Museum was in fact a Children's Museum.  Hoagie controls the narrative of his history so well, that it's hard to really find out his complete background.  I still don't understand how he made a living for 50 years.

Yeah, he's old, but he's still got the juice.

it's possible but 21 sure seems young for a curator of any type of museum.

I recall both Hoagie and Art Bell are the same age, born in 1945.
So Hoagie was 20 years old in that radio broadcast they played earlier...

I really doubt the Springfield Museum of Science had a 20 year old as its curator. I've posted here before that Hoagie reminds me of an old Hollywood diva, bet he lied about his birth year.

Damn Hoagie's old. I thought that broadcast was from the 70's, it was July 14, 1965, 52 years ago. I doubt a well known science museum would be hiring anybody really young as curator. If Hoagie was 25-30 range at the time it makes him 77-82 today.  Hoagie's time is short.  :'(


'We've got a large audience, we're world wide on short-wave station KIYQ.'

Dream on Hoagie

Young Hoagie sounded like a Munchkin but nice to hear him sound normal and expert. He waited until the old radio guy Dick Bertel was off the air to repeat his NASA conspiracy to cover up the mountain of evidence of Martian civilization. I wish he had kept him on through that 'Dick what the hell happened to you? 50 years ago you were this bright young curator of a space museum, it was a pleasure working and knowing you but look at you now you're crazy as a loon.'

because is "translated" into telepathic form -yet it sounds vocalized.

the same way God talked to prophets?


I need Connie Willis or maybe even Linda Moulton Howe's help with this, my dearly departed dog didn't cross over and somehow his soul has been trapped in a scrap piece of wood.

In hour 1 of the 7/10/17 show at 6:05, after Howard Bloom had been dramatically holding forth on the prospect of N. Korea having a fractional orbit nuclear device and the dangers of any action against Kim Jong-un triggering WW III, Bloom concluded with "very scary stuff" to which Jorch replied:  "I love your perspectives Howard.  Very poignant." 

Hahaha this is what I listen for when I do listen. The obtuse inappropriate rejoinder, Jorch is the master. There are two causes for the Noory Rejoinder, one is he is a moron and the other is he is barely listening to what the guest is saying, too busy daydreaming about turkee sammiches and whatever else stupid people daydream about.

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