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Technology / Re: Cheapest Service to Host A Web Site?
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:43:57 PM »
You can host for free at but I don't know exactly what the stipulations are. I have been using it for about 3-4 years for a personal project and have had no issues at all with the free service. Not sure what the monthly cap is, I have very little traffic if any, and I use it for writing and testing code.

It's got a typical file manager with sub-directory support. It also supports javascript, CSS, html, etc... as well as various multimedia. Plus I think it has FTP support even with the free service. I usually create files on my own and then upload them to the directory. But it's like a sandbox, no blog-template-horseshit, but a true open web server with good support just like in the old days when internet was fun and versatile. I have never paid a cent or have been nagged to upgrade to paid services either.

It might be worth checking out, at least for a transitional period while you shop for a less greedy provider.

I don't like how Scroogle and Bigbrotherbook and Narcissist-Press have killed the sovereign web server in recent years. I preferred the internet when there were more independent/unbiased networks providing hosting services without reliance on mega-conglomerates who these days only let you build a homogenized template based on a bloated heap of shit that scrolls down into infinity while thriving on instant gratification notifications via comments, sharing/forwarding, etc.

Random Topics / Re: Ruin a band's name with one letter
« on: September 08, 2017, 10:43:25 PM »
The Cunt -- Love, Dreamtime, etc... Ian may mail it in these days, but if 3 pumps ain't enough for her then that's her problem.
The Southern Death Cunt -- Gothic rock band from the UK before shortening their name and becoming possessed by Steppenwolf after choosing Wham!'s producer. This information is certifiable.
Blue Oyster Cunt -- "It seemed to me, you lived your life... with a cowbell in your cunt." - Elton John live version sung at memorial for longtime friend and fprmer manager of Blue Oyster Cunt
Ice-P -- Original Pisser, The Yellow Iceberg, etc... He also wrote/released 99 Problems But a Piss Ain't One 25+ years ago so fuck you Gay-Z you fake piece of shit.
Public Enema -- Fear of a Brown Planet took the world by storm in the late 80s, but when the follow-up It Takes a Toilet of Millions To Plunge Us Back came out the shit really hit the fan ten fold. They toured with Anthrax and in Europe with The Sisters of Mercy. More dangerous and rock n roll than many popular rock bands of the time, no liquid plumber or hair metal band could do anything to stop this relentless force of pioneermanship which was literally working within the same walls as Run DLL, Klayer, Blenn Danzig, and Joy Orbison in his final days of life.
LL Cool P -- "I'm going back to Cali... to pee again, to pee[*] again" (repeat 4 times but on the 2nd and 4th stop here [*]).
SS Decuntrol -- Grumpy band from Boston, appeared in official Misfits 'Braineaters' video in 1982.
D.O.H. -- Canadian punk band from Vancouver, managed by Homer Simpson at the insistence of Chuck Biscuits.
T.L.O.L -- Funeral March... giggle to death... repeat. Band made appearance in Suburbia in 1984 where they didn't think violence at the shows was particularly funny.
AC/D2 -- Rock n roll Astromech Droid from Australia, but actually made and assembled in Britain. The lil guy is also the only remaining original member of the band.
Howlin' Bolf -- Blues singer with possible cock in mouth.
Bo Diddler -- Juju, just smell his fingers. The proof is in the pudding.
Jew Order -- Blue Monday + Black Friday = Bizarre Love Ponzi; Financing available via mass social networking and Netflix[TM] rating points system in conjunction with major credit card and certified iPlop app.
The Marbelettes -- Legendary girl group who did better version of a Beatles song than the actual Beatles. Eben wib marbles is der mouf dey''d still pwob kik de beebles affes outta town.
Marvis Gaye -- The Freddie Mercury mustache gave Marv away a long time ago. Marv you are a big bag of fruit, we knew this ages ago.
Concrete Bronde -- Japanese/Engrish version of Los Angeles based 80s-90s gothic rocking folk rockers who like to sing about moonlight, vampires, and numerous girls named Kim, Caroline, Wendy, etc.. and who knows maybe Joey had a pussy too. Johnette Napolitano may not have ever been the numba one fucky but she is a close 26th or 27th for sure.
Boner M -- Hitmakers of Raspoontang, Rivers of Bonerlong, Ma Boner, etc...
Starshit -- Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the video; 33.
The Exploided -- Combustable punk band from Glasgow, New Jersey. Keep your distance and stand back.
Monster Fagnet -- Potentially doubling as a website URL as well as a band name, this stoner rock band recently resurfaced with more gay monster activity, positive and negative polarity, and analog equipment.
Buran Buran - Russian version of the American space orbiter helmed by Simon Lebon who flew a successful test flight which resulted in a lunch invite at The Kremlin. Though, when the Soviet Union collapsed funding was cut and the band's record label ceased to exist. Years later the vehicle was destroyed when the hangar in which it was stored suddenly collapsed in on itself. The Coast Guard couldn't save any of the original acetates and ultra-rare demo tapes which were also stored in the hangar building. It was a total loss.
Thh Specials -- Mentally challenged group who make fake reggae music in England. 2 sing and 8 others just stand there like a bunch of Oreo cookies. Not full-retard, yet special enough to take the short bus. If they debuted 15 years later they would have been wearing tracksuits and flat visor baseball caps and been covered with unoriginal tribal tattoos and sports logos everywhere.
Pornishead -- X-rated band from Bristol UK who sample and scratch outtakes of old porno albums.
Nina Fagen -- German opera singer turned punk singer turned opera singer then punk then vaudeville then showtunes, then punk opera. This jewish faghag is about 82 years old and still has the pipes as well as some (possibly scientifically created) dick sucking lips.
Steve Bai -- A grand wizard of guitar sorcery who is long married to Ibanez. He is a guitar legend despite the absence of a single notable album of his own. He is 63% gay in Japan according to Rotten Sustainerpots dot com and also has a signature superstrat that doubles as training-luggage. He appeared in The Karate Kid IV with Jamie Gertz, Joe Morton, and several other colored people from the deep south where it's just watermelons and rock n roll all day long, everyday, eternally - forever!

Random Topics / Re: Great Cover Songs
« on: September 08, 2017, 08:41:42 PM »

I am on day schedule now and only heard the first show plus the one where the guy got totally shitfaced throughout the show. But I see his lazy susan roster of 5 selectable guests has already gone through the cycle and JPF is back for more Zippo clicking, bong-hitting, and other fun stuff. I wonder how long until Robert Morningwood returns. Is he still banned? He was the emergency host and one night he got the boot and hasn't been mentioned since.

Braapz n Megadildo˛ to all.....

I think the USS Hoagler is confused. Sometimes he misinterprets data and he has made a career out of it. Or he could be aware that some of his matetial is bullshit but his 'work' and popularity must continue to thrive, so maybe he rolls with it knowing that it is indeed a surfable wave of bullshit. Maybe RCH is a meglomaniac. Maybe he is addicted to porno. No idea what his story is but I would say that he is either naive, or is a confidence trixter. Either way, he is not in a prestigious grouping.

I listen because I generally liked him on Coast and like many subjects it is great theater of the mind, not even a burden of having to agree or disagree with a guest or concept, but more than that (with the help of a good guest or host) to be in a sci-fi state of mind where you are open to possibilities or looking for reasons to be optimistic about science or future.

My introduction to actual RCH was way after I had already heard him on C2C for several years, but never on his own platform or giving a presentation. It was the innauguration of Darth O-Hole in 2008 and there was dust on the lense and many pics produced proof of ----- ORBz. That was my first ticket on the Hoagland ride and knew from that point never to take the guy seriously.

I thought this show was a good compliment to Art Bell, and early on it was kind of a continuation of a subject discussed on Art's preceding show (IE: moon hoax). After a quick bit the shows were not relaying to each other by content, kind of like Dave's split format with the front and back end having nothing to do with one another. At this point Richard seemed to portray himself as some kind of counter-culture science legend of streaming internet media. He was a little late jumping on that. 15 years late atleast, and subscribership has nothing but dwindled since he left Dark Matter. If he wanted to be a successful 'radio guy' with revenue system and healthy subscribership he should have immediately gone to an appropriate network after he violated his lease contract at Dark Matter. He didn't and chose Fred's little affiliate because RCH knows that soon or later he will start having many sick days because of booze/pot and internet pornotubes, and network is gonna put up with his 100-200 sick days a year and last minute show cancelations when satellite services and paid sponsors are involved.

8 month hiatus, abrupt end to show, no explanation yet still collects $5/month from charity givers. Re-emerges almost a year later, on another station and still no explanation. Talks to the audience as if they've stuck by him all along and still claims 152 countries are listening every night. At best he has 152 core listeners. Gwarenteed that people aren't just surfin on to this shit.

LOL @ 152 countries. The queen listens. So does Stephen Speilberg. And probably James Bond too.

19.5 is the real 42.

Just scored this 1982 Ibanez V recently. Missing original third knob and has a replacement on there but I will find a proper one later on. It also has a push/pull installed in the middle, I think the other 2 pots as well as the switch are original though. It is a classic era Ibanez axe but this one is modified with a Kahler tremelo system and locking nut. It came like that and I think was done a long time ago. Sounds badass though with the Kahler trem. This is my 2nd Ibanez RR-50 but this one has tremelo, unlike my other which is totally original parts and factory bridge. It needs a new set of screws for the pickup rings, and maybe a pickup swap at some point. The original Super 70 and V2 is long gone. No idea what these pickups are but the axe can scream almost effortlessly and pinch harmonics come through no problem which works for me as my untalented self doesn't really know how to play any other way. I will probably put some chrome covers on the pickups down the road. I have plans to work on this one a little bit and replace some of the little parts like matching screw sets for starters. Also, the strap knob things don't match, I will find a solution later on. Got plans for this one.

Previous to the Ibanez flying V I grabbed a 1984 Destroyer in Montreal for my birthday. I was really depressed and needed something to negate the midlife crisis. So I got these 2 axes. The Destroyer is a little beaten up but it is a DT-155, which was the poor man's version of the DT-555. Both had 3 Super 70 humbuckers, but the one I got had the dumbed down trem. This 1984 was kind of hard to locate. I don't use Ebay so it's easier said than done. I am just happy I have one and it's black. I was looking for one of these or similar model for a long time and this one turned up. The tremelo bridge looks like it belongs on a Fender or something, I don't know what Ibanez were thinking. The tremelo is definately a little wonky looking and I wish they just made this guitar as a hardtail design with a stationary Gibralter bridge or whatever Ibanez used on non tremelo metal axes around this time. I don't know how you're supposed to divebomb with a sad tremelo like this on a metal axe such as this. I don't think it came with a whammy bar anyways. It might be in the aftermarket case that it came with, I forget. Anyways I hate the bridge but love the guitar. The thing is a mean monster. Not comfortable to play leads on or anything, but fun and powerful, heavy sounding and heavy physically. All original parts, has original knobs and still has the boomerang shaped strap clips. This one is banged up a lot, it's like it was a prostitute for many years or something. The price was good but I had to travel to Montreal and back to get it. Je m'apple geeeee.

It's been almost a month sine the Rocket Roll II. Tomorrow is new guitar day. I need to chill the fuck out and work my life out and quit collecting I have no fucking life.

Random Topics / Re: How did you discover Art Bell?
« on: June 29, 2017, 08:43:03 PM »
I discovered Art Bell while driving a taxi in the middle of the night.

I may have had a couple of chupacabras and shapeshifters in my car before, as well as the goings on of stuff you aren't supposed to talk about. Art Bell was the only logical choice.

Hail satan.

When you have paid subscribership, the show should go an extra hour for those paid members. Like AJ used to do with overdrive.

The drunk guy thinks there's a dead primitive civilization on Mars that was nuked. That's interesting.  :)

He may even be correct.

I am literally hearing RCH hitting the water pipe and exhaling. All of the participants of the show are totally wasted. The caller is boozed up. I guess the first guest is on mute?

Jesus Christ this is brutal

I feel like the last generation that gives a damn about privacy...  :(

Privacy, but safety too. These ghouls stand in the middle of traffic. There are no brains. Their mind is a server node. It's a glitching generation. I got the one minute finger the other day. Green light, Ethiopian in the middle of the fucking intersection doing something on his fucking phone in lane 2. Not the fuck-you finger, the one-minute finger. Ponder that.

Hoagie's got a soft spot for those folksy girl ballads.

Starbucks/Emerging Artists comp...

Join club 19.5. Follow me on Facebook, but my music.  Lots of requests for me to act crammed into 10 of 15 seconds...

Who is the guy promoting Hoaggie (while promoting himself?)

Lots of endorsements for corporate data mining services. I was in a Starfux tonight and the health/fitness conversation between the 2 girls behind the counter was about 4-5 sentences long and contained the words: Facebook (x2), Instagram (x1), Twitter (x2) and some analytical app (x1). It was a typical experience.

Jethro Tull bumper.  Nice.

Do you like Slade?


"The great and terrible....





Okay.  I stepped away.  Who's this guy Hoagie's speaking to?

It's the Area51 Guy's dad.

wow is this guest boring, sounds very effeminate as well.

I don't mind the guest as much as the auto-corrects from RCH which cause speedbumps.

Only a radio show host as inept as Hoagland would ever try to claim that his programme "doesn't quite work" without pictures.  ::)

Real radio hosts have the ability to describe things.

One time in May or June 2008 Ian Punnett kicked a guest off after one segment and explained that if a radio host can not wing a 3.5 hour show off the cuff then maybe they are in the wrong business. I can't remember exactly what he said but it was awesome, especially after kicking the guest who wanted to answer no questions at all and insisted listeners buy his book to find out where his mind was at. An unknown pompous asshole of a guest got the boot and I am sure the show improved greatly.

Oh good!  I've been busy and haven't had much time for listening to shows lately.  Relaxing with a beer right now.  How ya doing?

Tonight is laundry and domestication stuff. Have to work in 4.5 hours and just got home from that hole 2 hours ago. 

I will admit that I did a little popping and locking while spinning in my chair.  :D

Cydonia II: Electric Boogaloo?

hoagland = auto-correct

auto-correct = derailer

derailing = normal

normal = hmmm

I'm trying to give it a chance but so far this show is Saturday Night Dead.  :-\

roger that

bumper music straight from 1990's fake-porno on cinemax

Page number = Illuminati Porno

He's live, but it's like listening in on a barbershop.

Historical Las Vegas Radio

He is live right now? Is it worth the headache tonight? My fuse is short and in general I have no patience.

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