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Really looking forward to the fishing video!!!


I'm very happy that the problem of  George being able to stream, is no longer anybodys problem, or responsibility. George can stream whenever he wants now.

I think one of my favorite parts was where jaz called George on skype, and suggested he check the sewergab thread to see if people were posting about being able to view his stream or not.

Well we both did get named on the forbidden list.

Yeah, that kind of made it all worth listening to it!   ;D

It was impossible to engage George but he did toss out one of his lies.
As some know I am fairly knowledgeable in comics and Senda expressed an interest in a recent Shadow comic. So I told him he could get the info on it t Flying Colors in Concord.
He quickly dismissed it because "The owner chased Kathy out of his store just for looking at a book."

This never happened. I know the owner fairly well. He is Joe Fields and the store won the 1995 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award. He started Wonder Con, the biggest comic con in the Bay Area until he sold it and he started Free Comic Book Day. Joe is the most customer friendly in the Bay Area.

I really want to get George to elaborate on that one because there Kathy had to be doing something gross to get kicked out.

Another thing he keeps doing is blaming things on his old Fortress thread. I guess he thinks it's still private so that bellgabbers can't read all those posts. One of his friends should probably tell him that his fortress thread got melded with this thread, and everybody can read those posts now.

The other thing is how he likes to accuse people of things without any proof.  One day, he's probably going to accuse the wrong person of something.

Is there a way to see how many unique viewers it had?

I never saw the count get above 14 but I am sure people came and went, I did.

I'd like to know that too.

It was boring as hell.

George - whatever you're hoping to achieve with this gets stopped dead in its tracks when you take minutes at a time out to search for something on your iPad. At least refrain from doing this.

Yeah, I guess it's good tho, in the sense that George can always go live on YouTube if he gets lonely and wants to talk to someone.

He really hates you and a few other people brig. Did you watch my review.

Yes, I enjoyed your review Damon.

I'm just now listening to the beginning that I didn't get on live stream last night, and love jaz's call in on skype :D

i can't wait for brig's review video

I don't think there's really anything for me to review Damon, just a guy who used to be funny, who isn't funny anymore.

Too bad.

He threatened me :o so now I am asking if I can ask questions.  I am gonna drive him mad.

Well GOOD!  That will be worth staying awake for.

Oh I am so tempted to try to get booted.  I am pushing envelopes

LOL's.  That's the fun stuff !!!  ;D

I got to see MV's post in the chat!!  It's the last post on the screenshot :D

Praise MV!

I guess George doesn't believe in free speech.

I hope his computer doesn't over heat and blow up.

It's too bad his stream is buffering so much now.

George talking about 9/11 now. cool.

Poor Grub.   :'(

I find it fascinating! ...Learning a lot of stuff ... about things that I  never knew I should have cared about.

I never knew that a George resides in the third most expensive place to live in the U.S..
No wonder he is always short of cash.

I'm real happy for you WhiteCrow. Learning is always a good thing.

Nights in White Satin is Moody Blues George.

He just admitted on his stream that he guesses most of the views on his first show with muddy and jaz must have been all trolls from bellgab.

That's a little progress for George to acknowledge that his fans are from sewergab, but how is he going to succeed if he bans his fans?

Falkie's outta control, blocking me for simply asking a serious question about how much it would take to get him on MARTINEZ TONIGHT.  That's not a troll.  He's a pauper!  I wanted to know what his price is!  (Ironically, moments later he whined about needing an extra $50, and that's exactly how much we've raised so far on GoFundMe for his MARTINEZ TONIGHT appearance!)

I've donated money to him in the past, and given him thousands of dollars in valuable advice.  Can't believe he'd block me for asking that question.

Well, at least he has slightly over 10 listeners that he finds acceptable.  I guess YouTube view count isn't important to him.

Yeah keep it going .. George is having fun!


The new Truman Show starring The Big Guy

Well, at least this way, if he only has slightly over 10 viewers, he cant blame MV, or EODMike, or muddy, or jaz, or anybody else, only himself.

Too bad he blocked SnapT. I think if you type anything funny in the chat, he blocks you.  That's no fun.

SnapT was making me laugh.  ;D

Well, if he's not going to take calls, this is pretty boring for me, anyway. I can only speak for myself.

He pays $100 a month for it, it should be fast.

LOL's, well, he has 12 people watching it anyway.

I wonder if George doesn't have a very fast internet service?  That could maybe cause his stream to be buffering so much also.

We have 10 members and 28 guests are viewing this thread, and only (14) who are viewing Georges video.


Praise MV!

Oh, and George said he hate's how I post "Praise MV!".

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