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online haters and trolls are onto his latest vehicle to bully people and have sabotaged his computer again ?
he was in his sofa bed screaming in pain ?
he was toooo stupid to figure out Periscope ?

might be ALL three !

I really don't think you were supposed to mention that...

But, yeah, it's a good question...  ;)

Hard drives eventually crash taking all data written on them to never-never land. However, you can extract some data but to do so isn't cheap. George doesn't have the upload speed to upload all of them to a cloud service never mind the cost.

I've never heard George mention having a raid array at Casa Senda but again that is something out of his budget unless he's pimping out the cats he constantly feeds. $90 a month to feed those cats he says. He must be buying the import stuff, that's a lot of mooeow-law....

I hope it crosses his mind to change his habits for a couple years, and spend his time and money on backing up his collection of YouTube videos before all is lost forever...

There might not be time...

It might already be too late...

YouTube Account terminations

When an account is terminated (usually from 3 strikes TOS violations), George now has 2), the account owner will receive an email detailing the reason for the suspension. Once the account is fully terminated, there is no appeal, everything is removed permanently.

I'm sure he has them all saved on a hard drive somewhere, No?   


Bateman, Please listen to Happy.  SURELY you know about the cameras etc  I wouldn't go near the place, unless MV asked me to.

and, by the way...
for a long time, I have wondered what a "SUSCRIBER" is ?

Suscriber is secret code word for sewergabber.

Hahaha, The Guy From PITTSURG with the latest news from his IPad...


Fortunately, cats are immune to human pathogens.

Yes, there's a bright side, isn't there?  ;D

I can only go with what Falkie has said so here is what I understand.

The cat was owned by a family but they moved away and left the pets behind. (I do despise people that do that).

The cat lived there for a few years being fed by Falkie and others and it became a free roaming cat. No longer domesticated but not fully feral.
However it has been living outdoors for years and at a minimum it needs rabies and distemper shots along with a check up. It certainly has fleas but that is easy to treat if you care for the pet but it has a chance of having FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) it is similar to HIV.

...and if the poor thing BIT Kathy....

Some can but not all and it takes a lot of patience.

You can not try to hold them until they initiate it because they finally feel comfortable. Most cats are not fond of being held anyhow.
Neither of them care about the cats needs they just care about how the cats make them feel.

If it's feral, it's loaded down with fleas and stuff, and I'm sure Senda didn't take it to the vet to make sure its not sick and that it's nice and clean before he gave it to Kathy. 

She was able to hold it by nabbing it from the litter box while it was taking a dump.

Also it bit her.

The poor thing probably misses it's real owners at the Hacienda.

He served his purpose. He just started believing it was him. No-can-do! ;)

MV would be my choice for a successful replacement...

but, well, say la vie.

...and teamed up with bateman, well, I can only dream...

Brigg you and I go back. We both built up Wells. I put Col. Shaffer on his show the first time. Don't let your brother bully ya. You're good people. ;)

Regrets, I've had a few...

No, we don't. Go ahead and tell that to your handlers in Moscow.

Yeah, I know, but I cut him some slack, cuz at least he recognizes our talent.

I have to give Senda some credit here for going on YouTube to try to learn how to set up OBS to do his live streaming.  Usually, he would never consider the idea that he himself might not know what he's doing.

The store is back with a few offerings so far. More coming.

Click the store link above.

I feel better already  :D

Yes,  Brig used to I think.   ::) I could be wrong,  :o but one thing I am not wrong about is Brig gave me her stamp of approval, and thanks to her, Mr Senda accepted me into the Fortress!!!  Of course that was when Dear Brig was still in good standing with George aka the Master.  I hope I did not bring up a sore subject, it's just that it was a simpler, happier time back then.  No mater what happens, I am grateful for the wonderful memories we have made here.  Friendship.

brig still does sometimes, because if she falls asleep, she has to wait who knows how long for it to get posted. :) That way, I can listen in the morning when I wake up to what I missed, then I delete them unless they're a keeper.


If he begs, I will accept him back into the BellGab family.

In that case, I will remain hopeful for a career in broadcasting for George in the future.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Martinez Tonight
« on: October 17, 2017, 02:48:35 AM »
I managed to get banned from his video chat

I saw that!  Bravo  ;D

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Martinez Tonight
« on: October 17, 2017, 02:27:45 AM »
Thanks everyone. Probably the best show yet, with George's live feed.

Have a great week, and remember to Keep it Twitchy.

I had a blast!  Thank You Chefist!

Not familiar with the term 'emil' Must be Russian I suspect.

Either that, or he misspells words the way he pronounces them...


Maybe that's why he usually says inbox...

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Martinez Tonight
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:18:18 PM »
Cool!  I'm here Chefist, listening to the tunes now.  THANKS :)

New from the DW...George fires back in retaliation!

the spreadshirt shop is using copyrighted images from my You Tube videos without my permission and is violating my copyright furthermore under california law, it is illegal to use images on a product without the express permission of the individual or individuals  involved California civil law civil code 3344 furthermore, the where in the world is the guy from pittsburgh

(a) Any person who knowingly uses another's name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, on or in products, merchandise, or goods, or for purposes of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of, products, merchandise, goods or services, without such person's prior consent, or, in the case of a minor, the prior consent of his parent or legal guardian, shall be liable for any damages sustained by the person or persons injured as a result thereof.  In addition, in any action brought under this section, the person who violated the section shall be liable to the injured party or parties in an amount equal to the greater of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) or the actual damages suffered by him or her as a result of the unauthorized use, and any profits from the unauthorized use that are attributable to the use and are not taken into account in computing the actual damages.  In establishing such profits, the injured party or parties are required to present proof only of the gross revenue attributable to such use, and the person who violated this section is required to prove his or her deductible expenses.  Punitive damages may also be awarded to the injured party or parties.  The prevailing party in any action under this section shall also be entitled to attorney's fees and costs.
the guy from pittsburgh shirt design being offered on your site has been stolen from my cafe  press store and no use has been authorized for me for on this site and as shown in the attachment he is selling has been photo shopped with my girlfriend's kathy's head on an ewok, thus violating the disney corporations trademark and copywright as well I hereby request that you delete this shop and turn over all proceeds from this illegal shop to me I have been producing videos on You Tube for 6 years as The Guy From Pittsburgh and/or George Senda, my middle name my videos also appear on the nationwide radio show website Coast To Coast Am as George Senda, The Guy From Pittsburgh I  WILL continue to protect my intellectual property rights against any violation of my copyright or trademark which is pending. I had an offending shop removed on Cafe Press that was selling the same products for this reason as well. thank you Anthony George Senda 815 Court Street # 786 Martinez Ca  The Guy From Pittsburgh ( tm ) on You Tube and my blogs and forum


Hello George,

Thank you for your email.

We are in receipt of your claim of infringement of your intellectual property rights.

Spreadshirt Inc. is a provider of an online platform, allowing our customers and partners to customize textiles with their own graphics.  Shop partners are solely responsible for the designs offered in their shops.  The partners confirm with the upload of every design that they are in possession of the intellectual property rights for the design. The designs and products are only produced on demand we carry no stock of inventory.

You can reach the responsible person via the contact details of their shop:

Spreadshirt has deactivated the designs and products which you have questioned upon receiving your e-mail.  This means customers will not be able to see the designs any longer.

Spreadshirt denies all allegations of liability in connection with products and designs found on its site and partner sites. None of Spreadshirt's statements or actions relating to these products or designs may be construed as an admission of fact or liability.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


DMCA Agent

WOW!  Maybe my mugs will become valuable someday then :D

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The Kev Baker Show
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:00:38 PM »
Hi bomar!  I'll try to keep an eye out for you here.

A classic from the past...Drone is going to capture Orangey, abuses Scotch tape and steal all George's cats...lolz!

Thanks Chefist!  That went perfectly with my morning coffee :D

George's real problem stems from his inability to shake a grudge and let bygones be bygones.  I suggested he reach out to Chefist in an attempt to work out their differences.  I really feel that Chefist would be willing to come down from the 31 to 35K he is asking for the domains and the (tm).  I also suggested the strategy of purchasing the domain to www.martineztonight and attempting a trade is some kind.  None of these ideas were good enough and I fear that George is turning into a mean, spiteful old man, the kind that sit on their porches and throw rocks at passing children for some perceived slight like stepping on their lawn.  Sad, really.

He turned into nothing but a mean old man when his dream about being a staple on Coasttocoast fell through.  He thought he would "show MV", and it backfired on him. The only way to recover from that is to crawl on his hands and knees to MV and beg, but unfortunately, I think it's too late for that now.

Hello brig, it is nice to see you and I hope you are well.
 George is upset that Chefist seems to have secured what he feels is HIS intellectual properties, the (tm) to theguyfrompittsburgh, the internet domain of same, as well as the domain  Naturally he blames his deadbeat subscribers and those he is/was in contact with for not sending him the $14 he needed to secure one of his properties and block the evil Chefist, AKA Crapist.  I took him to task for acting like a petulant child for his tantrum and his aggression toward his subscribers and support staff, letting him know that it is HIS responsibility to protect HIS intellectual property.  He became even more agitated and suggested that I shall I say this...have sexual intercourse with myself.  He then stated he could walk around Martinez and collect bottles to EARN the money needed to protect his intellectual rights.  I then suggested that I didn't believe him capable of protecting a cup of warm piss without someone doing it for him.  He took exception and now I am no longer included in the inner circle.  There is another who didn't like the way George acted but I will let him tell his side if he wishes to.  I can say that George's actions are now threatening the future of the funding efforts on GFM, and the trip to the woo con itself.  In fact, after George told me to go do that one sexually explicit act, I don't see GFM as GFMe, but as GFYourself.  I will say one last thing:  if George is going to finally take some personal initiative and self-fund his efforts, he better get busy...that's a lot of bottles he needs to collect.

Oh yeah, he makes the statement that he will be doing vids on a limited basis because he made a third-eye prediction that without him doing a lot of vids, this thread, and therefore Crapist and MV and I assume BG would "dry up and fail," I believe he said.  It was something along those lines anyway.

To be honest, Georges videos stopped being interesting, about a year ago.  I think it's been difficult to remain interested.  I blame Snoory, and the "retraining" of George to make his videos more "socially acceptable' in the hopes of gaining him more clicks, and consequently, more YouTube money. I don't think George ever increased his YouTube income by following these suggestions, and in the meantime, lost most of his fan  He may finally be coming to this realization, and he is probably depressed again.  I wish him well in his later years.  I'm sure he'll figure it out, and get back to doing his daily videos.  It's really all he has to do that's fun for him.
George lost his best chance of success, when he blamed MV for the fact that he couldn't figure out how to use the MV laptop.  Georges podcast with MV is an opportunity lost, that no other endeavors will ever come close to IMO.

If MV wanted to "revive" bellgab at anytime, all he would have to do is get back on the air doing a gabcast at least once a week, on a regular schedule.  At this point, I think it would take a while to build back up like it was, but I think it could still be done if he wanted to.


George starts out this one saying he's going to be doing videos on a limited basis. I wonder what that means? He really doesn't look well to me. 

If you read this thread still George, I wish you well.

Please post more, BC...

Pastor Big Chicken probably just reads, and shakes his head.  I'm sure he doesn't miss a post tho...

He's a good man !

Hi Brig...hope you have been well...things have devolved around here recently.

I been having fun indulging in some old hobbies Chefist, and listening to some internet live streaming shows that I love.  I'll try to check in more often, so you know I'm alive.

I thought George was going live early tonight.  No?

I have to assume with this recent development that George will be FORCED to REMOVE ALL REFERENCES TO "The Guy from Pittsburgh" ...
oh my, oh my...
will Falkie fire his "crack pro bono student legal team"...
for allowing this to happen ?

(imagine, if you will, a lifetime spent developing a "following" based on "The Guy from Pittsburgh"...
and the to find out you do NOT own "The Guy from Pittsburgh" LEGALLY...oh my, oh my...)

question: is "the Guy from MARTINEZ" available ?

I'm imagining him redoing all his YouTube videos.

Mean, I know.

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