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I have no idea Starr what you are upset about. 

Last night I was home and bored out of my mind.
Nothing on TV or the radio was appealing​. Reading was to much like work. Generally I was feeling sorry for myself because I lived a jaded life and there was new or exciting to look forward to. Love ALL had become a meaningless cliche!

Then it happened .. phone dinged .. George was going Live! George was "gifting" the greatest gift of all ... his time

Yippee my life had meaning again. I could live vicariously through George's dreams!

I'm back!

Praise The Big Guy

Faith Hope Love

Life is looking-up again!

What a wonderful and profound avatar that image would make for some lucky bellgabber.  If George had not done his live YouTube Cast last night, we would not have that image to treasure, far into the future.

Thank the powers that be that no one questioned him having a penis.

Praise MV!

If y'all would disable the Ethernet CableCams™ on the nights he does a live show, he wouldn't have so much trouble with the buffering. Just saying.

They have nothing to do with it.

Ok, so I guess it's over.

Art just said he'll be ready to call in in one minute...

I know Right?  So George leaves the room while Art is calling back.  ::)

Please be the real Art....... Please be the real Art.............    :P

That Art Poster goes to this YouTube so...

Looks like Art is there asking if George is taking calls...

I can only hear 1 out of every 5 words. The rest skip out. It's like trying to translate a foreign language.

I saw him trying to turn his IPad off when you suggested it to him, but I think he just turned off the screen, which leaves the wifi connection still on.

He's losing his watchers, they are dropping off...pick it up George, entertain us....

I'm not surprised.  Maybe he'll figure out how to turn off his IPad, or at least turn the wifi off on it while he's streaming.  If he has a smart phone, he should probably turn the wifi off on that too while he's streaming.

I want to log off but I feel bad. 😕

I do too. I might just read the posts in the chat for a while...

maybe not.

Well that's all I can watch for now. I don't think he knows how to turn off the IPad, or even just turn off the wifi. I think he just turned off the screen, and I'm missing half the words with the buffering.  Maybe I'll listen to the rest tomorrow.  Thanks for asking the good questions Seraphim!!!

Oh yes I'll be listening...waiting patiently for an update from the Big Guy.

Should be any minute now...

I hope he gives us an update on the house cleaning project! Riveting stuff that.

It sounds like he was able to put the inspection off until Monday.  I sure hope he videos the inspectors doing the inspection.  I would pay to see that.

Oh sweet, dear, naive Briggy...we've all seen you on the dark web.


Just wait till next time I talk to MV on the phone!

Greetings all! Anyone going to listen to Falkie's broadcast tonight? I'd like to say he's getting better but I'd be lying

I'll be tuning in.  Dunno how long till I fall asleep tho...

LOL. But how will I prevent my toaster and all the lightbulbs in the house from getting infected? I'm also afraid the little cameras in my ethernet cable may start broadcasting me over the dark web. MV sells tickets to the dark web, you know. Senda said so, so it must be true.

Well, I have the Genesis Device.  I'll vouch for MV, that it's all in Georges mind...  ::)

Maybe somebody bought him a house?

...with some land.

It is not so.

He did not blow $1500 because he never got it.

He said he received a gift from an online friend, that gift was from TheErinnF. George only knows her as an online friend, he has no clue that she is Seraphim27.

If he ever checks this thread, which he says he does, he knows TheErinnF. is Seraphim27, because I remember asking that right here in this thread, and I remember Seraphim27 confirming it here in the thread.  As for the amount, I think you're right that the amount is an assumption, based on claims in this thread.  It might have been a lot more than that for all we know.

I'm shocked. A fat, useless slug that was gifted $1500 less than a week ago already blew through it? Say it isn't so.

I remember he said he bought a couple things, and put the rest, about $1400 I think, in a savings account.  It could be that the entire "poor guy" thing is just a big act.  Who knows?

Politics / Re: Jackstar Is Single Again (was: (Re: "Hey, Ladies"))
« on: Yesterday at 05:21:19 PM »

Still. It is safer here than on the Trump thread.     Looks like Rosie and Jack are slugging it out.

In the Trump thread?  On my way to have a peek. ;D

And its never crossed his mind that there are single videos on YT with millions of clicks that haven't raised a penny for the maker. They do it firstly to please themselves, and secondly on the possibility others might like it too. And almost all are far more educational than any he's ever posted.

I googled this at random. 337000 views.

I still blame Snoory for leading George to believe that he was special, with broadcasting potential.

The only broadcasting potential George had, was entertaining his bellgabber fans.  When he thought he had a chance with Snoory, he left bellgab, and stopped including bellgab in his videos.  fail/fail IMO.

It never ceases to amaze me how he thinks he's entitled to other people's money, as of right. Completely shameless, unembarrassed grifting. Similarly it never ceases to amaze me how some fool will pander to him.

 I can sort of see how someone who found his videos for the first time and hadn't read his history might throw him a few dollars, and call it quits. But those who do know, still send him money. What is the criteria for qualification to just hold out your hand and get hundreds of dollars?

 I'm asking seriously, because I have expenses that need fulfilling and frankly find it ludicrous they should be met by me. Other people should foot the bill and do so gratefully.

I think George believes that we should be willing to pay for the highly educational videos that he provides.  I could be wrong.

He's going to put an emergency kit in a backpack? Presumably he's going to then hike away from his hovel to wherever he feels safer? Hike? Senda?


Kinda sounds like a self imposed starvation diet.

After further thought, I suppose he's going to head for an emergency shelter where the food is. His emergency kit will probably include things like an extra IPhone and Ipad, along with extra batteries.

It was good to hear George give in depth analysis of Gotham Shield. He must have read my post at  It was sad to hear he had to ask for donations already near the beginning of the video, and learn that he doesn't have an emergency kit yet do to money shortages so soon after just getting a really nice donation from one of his bellgabber fans. I thought he said he put it in the bank, but it must be gone already.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 12:53:52 AM »
I know nothing.  LOL's

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 12:04:31 AM »
Be sure to ready your liquor of choice.

Roger that!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:56:10 PM »
Tonight's topic is "first world problems." So far a woman has had to air-dry her hair and a man can't figure out how to operate his printer. Top notch radio.

Alright, you convinced me.  Tuning in now.

If the grid goes down in Martinez, will George's LIVE video podcast become an unfulfilled promise?  Will the golden wedge of wisdom turn into a giant flying dragon?

He has batteries and a light to strap onto his head.  I'm sure the live video will go on, even if only to document the power outage.

Oh Ye of little faith!

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