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Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 12:29:42 PM »
This thread slows down to a crawl when Pud is away.

Sorry, guys. Looks like we're stuck with each other.  At least when we found out our "exit" was another Russian scam for "diminishing the influence of the United States" we were smart enough to drop it. I wish a lot of other people would get a clue

Is the #Calexit Campaign Supported by Russia?
There are ties between the Yes California campaign and an "anti-globalist" Russian group that has received funding from the Kremlin - Snopes

Editorial: CalExit mastermind prefers Russia? Really? Explains a lot
... the founder of the movement, Louis Marinelli, has been living most of the time in Russia. He’d even set up a sort of embassy for California there, in space contributed by the Russian government. Marinelli is reported to have raised money for CalExit from right wing groups in this country. It appears he’s all-in on the Russian ideal of diminishing the influence of the United States, which removing California would do. If his fellow-travelers in the secession movement try to revive it later, they’re going to have a tough time overcoming its origins.  - San Jose Mercury News

I didn't want you to go anyway since I was born there.

Politics / Re: Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News
« on: Today at 03:50:19 AM »
Jeeeze, have you heard yourself? I can only imagine you and the other victim blamers are single and celibate and haven't had a relationship with the opposite sex.

You know don't you that Ailes was fired because he abused women and covered it up to the extent that the HR department was considered a pointless entity to complain to? Yes? O'Reilly's first complaints came in thirteen years ago, and nothing was done. Or since, until yesterday. Fox aren't normal when it comes to dealing with such matters.

And that isn't because the rest of the world are employing 'liberal' ideals. They're employing common human decency. Why should anyone go to work knowng they might have to take unwelcome advances and a career fall f they complain or rebuff? Or do you think its just an occupational hazard and is an unwritten clause in tbe contract?

I was merely commenting on facts.  I  was not talking about whether I approve of how Ailes and O'Reilly conducted themselves around women.   I would never follow their example.

FYI.  I'm married for 20 years, this October.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: Today at 03:40:32 AM »

If you erase Pud's numbers, those go down by about a third.

Flying 3000 miles to see Jorch.  Ughhh!  I might do that to see ELO or Pink Floyd but Jorch? 

Better pronunciation too

lol.   Indeed!

George seems kinda sentimental about Linda tonite.  I'm getting that "Dream Lover" vibe.

I actually like that one.  Bobby D is alright with me.  But yeah, I catch your drift. :D

I swear he asked Linda these same two questions last time, and the time before that:  "Where do you find your stories?" and "What drives you?"  He barely talks during these shows but still finds ways to be redundant.  ::)

LOL. I know.  I'm convinced Siri could replace Jorch and we would have a greater variety of questions.


Maybe these are songs from George's glee club days.

He could at least play good French bumpers.  I'm trying to think of one but I can't think of one now.  Not sure if this one passes muster but it is the closest I can get.

WTF!  Another bad song.  This is 'Murica, Jorch.  Go to France if you want play French bumpers.

So bigfoots can shapeshift and travel interdimensionally .. but given the reports, they apparently can't take showers or get a decent haircut.

lol.  I know right .  Of course maybe their sense of smell is different and to them, dirty smells good.

That would cause me to leave too. Sounds unsettling.

It was very unsettling. It wouldn't have affected me like it did if I had experienced something like that before. This sounds stupid since we are listening to Noory but at the same time, I felt an overwhelming sense of evil.  I've never felt anything like that before either.

I have had it happen a few times. Not with aliens. I attributed it to God. Noone can ever tell me otherwise. I just knew. I wish it happened more often to tell you the truth.

In my case, I believe it was a member of God's opposition.  I was investigating an allegedly haunted place in St. Augustine where a murder took place. An old sports bar that had mob connections but had been abandoned.  I skeedaddled as I was by myself and it was night.

People talk about hearing God or the Holy Spirit and I would love to experience that but so far, no dice.

Hi sweetie. Quelque fromage. Can't you just see Linda rolling her eyes during these bumpers?

Oh god, yes.  Thank goodness this latest bumper was good.  Always liked Joe Jackson. :)

I get really suspicious when a guest says that aliens contacted them and spoke to them in their mind. Sounds too much like schizophrenia to me.

Yeah, I know what you mean.  The thing is I had it happen to me one time. Just the one time.  I second guess myself but it happened.  It was strange.  You don't actually hear it with your ears but into your mind comes a voice.  In my case, it was a mocking laugh.  Scared the shit out of me.

Jorch must have been beaten on a daily basis in the boys restroom by the cool kids in his high school.  Too bad it didn't help any.

lol, I know.  My parents had far hipper tastes in music than Jorch and they were like 20 years older.

These hybrids, hubrids or whatever they are are not good.  LMH needs to get off this notion that the aliens are here to help us. Budd Hopkins knew better and Jacobson does too.

Just now snuggling in for The Linda Show. Turned on just in time to hear Vive L'Amour. Cheesy, slimy Jorch. Back to the porch

Hi, TL.  :D  Yeah that tune had me gagging.

LOL.  Even Linda is praying for Lady in Red after that Jorch selection.

He is such a white-bread square.  He's the sort that beatniks and greasers used to make fun of and crack jokes.

Intruders was a great read.  Really freaky story.

What the hell is this gay song?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Alex Jones
« on: Today at 01:32:03 AM »
The kids were with him and now they will be living with her, so I am sure he considers it a loss.

Hope it doesn't screw up the kids.

Yeah, they have a tough road.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Alex Jones
« on: Today at 01:31:03 AM »
Joint custody doesn't really sound like losing to me but I really don't know the details.

The children are to live primarily with his ex-wife.  From what I've read AJ will only get visitation for a while.

Not sure where the problems are being seen with the bees. I have had 4 different hives I have had to deal with in my home in the last two years.

I've seen lots of bees this year too.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 01:16:31 AM »

Russia Hysteria Is Making US and some Brits International Laughing Stock"- Chomsky

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: Today at 12:59:35 AM »
Yeah.  I caught that the other day.  I wonder how much detective work it would take to find out who's kid has MS or some other shit that would be covered by Ocare and not the Repubcare.  I don't trust pols.  Anybody that wants to be a politician sucks cock by choice.

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