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George educates us about email spam today.

Imagine...a scammer making fun of another scammer....the irony didn't escape the Great Big Guy! 


Wow. I hope you have an awesome Time.

Thanks Jason. Life is short. I always have a great time where ever I am and who ever I'm with.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Bella-Haven is Live
« on: May 23, 2017, 08:25:59 PM »
Thank you Sredni. Looks like a lovely day. Coffee?

And some flowers..  I so miss the ol days of the Haven.. when dreams of Art, Hoagie and Nancy/Rosie filled the night.. Special times when kindness and love dominated the haven

The genius of brig...

George with make up..  eh!

I was thinking more along the lines of an appearance on "Shark Tank" and offering 5% of his company for a cargo shipping container, 5 acres and a Prius.

And then there is this.. who is really in the tank? Are we looking out or in?

Actually, Diogenes was a kind of proto-Senda. Lived in a tub, covered in his own filth. Even used to jerk off in public, albeit not Starbucks.

Again... you and YP so much envy..

George is merely pointing out that we are living in a dystopia

His name is 'Hawking'. As if the poor little bastard doesn't have enough problems, some wanker on BellGab fucks up his name. Said with love and respect.

SV thanks for the correction. Love and respect you too...but .. Its funny to some of us Americans that you Brits are so jealous of us because we can rule the world and at the same time support a true artist and genius like Senda so he can thrive and entertain the world-and the universe

It's super sheer, I can't even see it!

That my friend is your limitation... for you can not see that George is onto something cosmic ... A true genius walks among us... He is like a combination of Steven Hawkings and Aristotle. The wisdom of the ancient ones with an invention for the future!

Only someone that has devoted his life to studying all aspects of the paranormal, the ancient world and modern one could make such an invention

 The "Falkie cat-litter Funnel"  The mystery of the past has been revealed! Behold.... the Self Propelled "Falkie Funnel"


the sheer genius of Senda is amazing.  He is a cosmic innovator. Move over Mr. Fidget, Senda's in town!  Now Noory must have the Big Guy on as a guest as the one and only creator of the Falkiefunnel!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:36:33 PM »
From Art's Facebook:

"The President is knocking it out of the park so far on his trip! I still have very high hopes (as we all should) for a Man who granted, speaks his mind in any given moment with sometimes mixed results, but I'll take that every day of the Week compared to what we have had"

I think the problem is that his head is too big for glasses.

Not a problem, found these oversized glasses on the internet for $1,295.00

I find myself returning for the new usernames...Bobby McPuddButter n Happier Times...lolz!  ;D cracking up!

Aren't they all Foster Brooks?

All is well, he is still alive and unharmed.

Thanks brig for posting this update video I was on pins and needles. Glad to see the Big Guy is still with us.

He still hasn't made the big announcement!
Could it be about the mattress move with Sweet Kathy and Ratty Patty? George is a bit of drama queen and enjoys keeping us all in suspense!
"The Master"... working his fans!

He needs money for new glasses.

I don't think I'm going to live blog this.

Wow! was just watching the Live YouTube video. George was banging his new keyboard because it wouldn't work and said he was going to make a big announcement .. He got real mad and smashed the keyboard which may have triggered a small explosion. No more George Live feed. Hope the Big Guy is OK? Maybe it was an intentional Cliff Hanger?

Last we heard George was going to move a bed.  Sure hope he's not stuck in a box spring somewhere. 

Should Falkie be "laid out" in his red shorts ?
Shoes or NO shoes ?
as in some ancient civilizations some important men were also accompanied by many virgins (sacrificed), should a bunch of starving stray cats be rounded up (not sacrificed) and tossed in the casket before the lid is closed for the final time ?
ANY other ideas ?

Ideas...I'm not giving up on George's dream of becoming a YouTube SUPERSTAR!

I understand your concern about his emenient  demise if The Very Big Guy doesn't get his ballooning weigh under control SOON! Hopefully your funeral posts will wake him up to the many problems associated with morbid obesity


Seraphim27 could help George and Jason with a diet plan and we could all offer words of encouragement​ for their weight loss progress.

Need!!! YouTube videos from the two Super Stars of  their diet food choices and weight loss progress...


I wonder if Senda will give us a video about Roger Ailes? Since his world view comes entirely from Fox News it would be only fitting to hear one loathsome, pervy fat bastard talking about another one.

Pffft.. take your dumb chit any opportunity you can make to spout your elitist nonsense over to the political threads ..

Please respect the purity of George's thread!

I might put up an argument but I'm from Kansas so...  I'll allow, yours is a fine state.  I've been to the Dells once, very nice.  I used to spend summers with my Dad who was a grain hauler.  He would haul into Duluth (Peavey, Cap6) or more often, GTA in Superior.  Spent a lot of time in Superior running around the docks, watching the big ships come in.  I remember the smell of rot, the rough buildings and the rough people.  I preferred Superior because there was a movie theater nearby, the Globe, which sold books, magazines, back issue comic books, etc.  A cafe called the Tower, and a bar..the Tiger..The Tiger's Den?, something like that.  It had a couple pinball machines.  If the elevator was real busy, we might spend a whole day, day and a half there.  Good memories.  When dad flat-bedded, he would often haul into Milwaukee and Green Bay, so I got to see those cities too.  A very nice state.


I love Kanas. I'm big into history and oddball stuff so go on lots of road trip theme vacations.

Some Kanas high lights from a trip there a few decades ago ..Home where Jessie James was killed... Wizard of Oz muesum... Largest ball of string.  ..Could buy a whole town in Kanas for an unbelievable inexpensive amount .. Stopped by Mad Mad Markums place and talk with him a bit. Amazing grass lands with weird rock formations.

Going on another road trip after Memorial Day and will be passing through Duluth/Superior..I'll check to see if the Tiger Bar is still in business. LOL

(any dietitians / scientists out there that figure that ??)
(any cooks / economists out there that can figure COSTS involved ??)
Thank You

The two Big Guy's (George vs Jason) should slug it out making YouTube  videos about their massive weight loss from a Diet Coke/Pepsi , Butter and Bacon Diet.

Coming soon ...season 9...


I'm not being a troll by gaping at this video in slightly morbid fascination. I'm merely seething with jealousy as I sit here eating my 230-calorie Lean Cuisine Spoonful-O-Bland-MacNCheese.

DAMN, JASON! You just consumed my weekly calorie allowance in one sitting. That mountain of hash browns!

**wanders off to find a piece of lettuce**

(Sorry for deviating from the Falkie theme.)

Pffft.. Instead of Trolling the two Big Guy's you could offer dietary advice.. There is hope..  Jason displayed good common sense by ordering a Diet Pepsi!

Oh my did I ever get a laugh out of that!

From vault of George's Golden Oldies!

Obviously the Big Guy is making a political statement about China.  The question for us all is who is Big Bird ?  Given today's climate I'm not surprised George chose to speak to us in code. 

Love ALL


On our most recent Skype session the lovely Kathy did a nude Zulu wardance, threw those udders around both clockwise and widdershins, and climaxed (as did I) by bouncing them on the ground like basketballs. A half hour well-spent, and well worth the ten bucks and box of Twinkies.

Ho Hos.. Twinkies and Pink Snow Balls!

Oh my I can't wait to see the moving bed video!   Its great to see the Big Guy laugh again.  The T shirt is no doubt a secret code.  Maybe the Cookie Monster is involved in some area 51 event?   The suspense is killing me.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: May 16, 2017, 08:49:05 PM »
I think CNN's bullshit hooked Art years ago. When I listen to old shows he often refers to CNN as some sort of paragon of truth and virtue.  ::)

It's was fun tonight flipping back and forth between Fox News and CNN


Fox News:

More or less what I said. Apart from the iron oar dumpster truck, the sink hole and I missed out the cat named Squashy. I mean Pinkie.

Notice.. To the new readers of George's thread . This story is pure fiction .. Never happened .

Why make up stories?.. since George's marvelous life is already stranger than any fictional​ writer could imagine.

"The Pansy from Pittsburgh" ?

Dearest deplorable and brig.. unless George is openly Gay .. I don't believe it's considered correct to refer to him as a "Pansy"

back to George's little scrape, while hiking the Appalachian Trail I suffered a leg wound while using an axe cutting fire wood for a resident for money and supplies, treated it myself ! I coated the wound with live maggots for the next two nights and used plenty of clean stream water and soap ! I healed up just fine ! Back on the trail in 4 days !
George is just a Pussy !
(I bet he couldn't show his face in Pittsburgh, PA now ! Pittsburg, CA. yea, it's full of Pussies)

Yikes that's a nasty cut..

Maggots? Where would you find them on the trail?

For The Big Guy

Copied from WebMD

Using hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean an injury can actually harm the tissue and delay healing. The best way to clean a minor wound is with cool running water and mild soap. Rinse the wound for at least five minutes to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Bella-Haven is Live
« on: May 14, 2017, 06:57:35 AM »
Being a Mom... Having the most important Job in the World!


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