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Art just said he'll be ready to call in in one minute...

Not cool Art .. to call when George was having a few buffering and Skype problems.

Any considerate caller would have called back when the minor technical glitches were corrected.

No Love for Art.. Today!

It just needs to be an hour show in the long term.   1st half all George, 2nd half he needs to take calls.

Yes.  Curtis, please help George out with this format!  George is a fountain of knowledge and needs a helping hand now. 

Oh, and one other thing. You're homeless and hungry. Or your rent is past due, utilities are about to be shut off. As for me, I'd turn it over to the cops and if nobody claimed it I think I would donate it to a worthwhile charity...(hint, hint).

True confessions.... After Mass when a very young kid I stole a jaw breaker candy ...never saw one before .. still feel guilty about it.

Man walks up to you and hands you a paper bag. Inside is $10,000 in small bills. Do you keep it? Turn it over to the cops? And finally, do you tell anybody other than your spouse about it?

turn it over to the cops and then tell my lovely wife about it.   

George has an awesome long term memory.  It's short term that is kinda scary.  Watching closely.  Don't think he would lie about the gift. 

George is lying, the money was sent and he cashed the check.

just thought of something terrible...what if George forgot?  Yikes.

What do you think good means?

It means everything is coming George's way!

Thinks are looking up for The Big Guy!

I can't look at his teeth when he squints and tries to read anymore.  I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

George is look good!

Greetings all! Anyone going to listen to Falkie's broadcast tonight? I'd like to say he's getting better but I'd be lying

Oh yes I'll be listening...waiting patiently for an update from the Big Guy. 

video break..speaks for itself.  I want to see Falkie's burgers on his George Foreman grill.  Bet they're better than this.

White doves, crow black, ... black, white ... is that racist?  Asking for "White" Crow.

Nothing to do with color..  It only takes one White Crow to prove that all are black is false.  Straight from Hoagland's mouth so it must be true.

Love ALL

White doves, crow black, ... black, white ... is that racist?  Asking for "White" Crow.

Love ALL

Live George Cast tomorrow night! The Big Guy called out The Marvelous MudKing and the Incorrigible Jazmunda for non participation on past episodes ..

Be there and be square!

Jackstar is in!

It's the best way to help out a buddy. Love is everywhere!

I'm with you Norm.. but I'm still going to check it out with our corporate Attorneys, Accountants and HR department first before 1099ing The Big Guy..

Love ALL

This must be episode one of the new season.

Apple Trees, Honey Bees and Snow White Turtle Doves.

I'd like to see a joust between Falkie and The Food Maxx Crone.  I envision them hurtling down an aisle towards each other, aboard the two fastest carts in Food Maxx, brandishing baguettes and using tupperware covers as shields.

I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Sadly, I don't think anyone will until after he removes all the cutter.

Clutter?  STFU.. Those are George's valuable collectables..

Grubb'ster​ once again you aren't paying attention!

George recently told me on a Mudking and Jaz Podcast that it was none of our  business.  He wasn't interested in selling his valuable collections of old computer software, Atari games and paranormal books on eBay. George is a shrewd operater .. He understands his collectables increase in value the older they are.. .. With the possible  except of my collection of 100 + year old Buggy Whips.. I lost a small fortune when I had to dump them on the open market..

Well, maybe it's Georges fault for being so boring these days.  :P

that's three praise MVs for you!

I feel so ashamed of myself!   :-[
Oh Grub, you obviously aren't paying attention.  We expect more from you.

The question of the day...did George get the bathroom floor cleaned? 

If I recall lots of filth scrubbing - shower, floor, head, stove and an amazement that no one wants to sign up to be his in home help.

Maybe George could make an application to move to a different apartment... Get a "fresh" start..

Are own pets a "right" .. Worried about the kitty cats


There have been recent studies that shopping for something and purchasing it - say, spending the last dime to your name on marked-down Halloween decorations - produces a greater dopamine rush than the act of using the item itself.

This is why you haven't seen Senda playing with his AppleTV since the day he 'unboxed' it.

You could give Senda one of everything ever invented since Cavemen, and he'd still grift.

Maybe George gets a dopamine rush by grifting.

What's your "rush" Hater?   Hating? Eh..


I wonder what kind of sexual harassment training George got when he was in retail.  He still seems to think its about sex and not power.

The Big Guy must be delusional from all the cleaning products. 

Praise Norm.

He is proud that he stole somebody's walker?

Can't believe the dufus called a bill collector to dispute a writeoff. "This says I don't owe you any money. Is that true?"

Yes.  It all makes sense.  STFU

Lean Pockets - 230 calories. Everybody wins!

Very wise..with lean pockets .. can drink more cheap gin!

I hope The Big Guy is reading these important life lessons.. about dieting and making the right choices

I sent George a donation a few days ago when I got my fat bonus check, but if Norm really sent him $1.5K, mine was pocket change.

Regardless, the fact that George mentioned needing another $150 for his iPad in his comment to me today sort of killed this gravy train. I was all set to be a monthly patron -- sort of like subscribing to a premium TV channel -- but now I think I'll spend my extra cash on booze and Hot Pockets.

I'm not the one to advise anyone about life choices.

But.. both booze and hot pockets does seem a bit extreme.. life is about balance.  Maybe pick one or the other...Eh?

Booze is more fun with less calories ...Just saying

Hot pocket .. 750 calories. @ $1.00 each

Cheap Gin .. 100 calories per shot @ $1.00

Gin brainier..

Hi WC.

Hi.  Don't let the misanthropes here get you down.  The light shines despite the haters best efforts. 

Praise Norm


Page 2,300 and we have nothing new from the haters...

Forgiveness is the one gift you don't give to others. Rather, it is the gift you give yourself, so you can finally be free.

George was truly appreciative of Norm's gift.

Hopefully George can gift himself forgiveness to haters so he can finally be free

Praise Norm

Yes. I have seen gas station bathrooms cleaner than that, the kind so toxic that you sort of stagger out of it.

A good vinegar and baking soda mixture and a brush is what is needed.  I'm sure George is taking care of it.

That was me, I sent George $1500 to help with his expenses, next week I'll send him another gift via PayPal. We've got to get him up and making more videos.

Thank you Norm from all of that care about George.
Very kind and generous of you.

We can all do our part.  To help George . acts of kindness too

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