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Random Topics / Re: Sex Pig Harvey Weinstein
« on: Yesterday at 01:16:46 PM »
"Now, Media Equalizer Co-Founder Melanie Morgan has come forward as well, recounting her own experience with the onetime comedian, liberal radio host and activist. Morgan’s disturbing encounter was sparked by daring to disagree with Franken during an August, 2000 edition of ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher."

Glad to see you only took over 17 years to come-out in the news with this, Melanie.  What, wasn't 2008 timely enough?

The 2008 United States Senate election in Minnesota took place on November 4, 2008. After a legal battle lasting over eight months, Al Franken from the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) defeated Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in one of the closest elections in the history of the Senate.
Yes one of the closest elections that Frankin won after 15 recounts and 1000s of ballots turned up in pollsters trunks and other non suspicious places. What a laugher. Frankin is and always has been the biggest joke in US Governemnt history. Anyone who defends that boob has zero cred.


Lmfao!!! Who doesn’t love that ‘ol political satire.
And now for the satire...

Politics / Re: Zimbabwe coup?
« on: November 16, 2017, 05:02:41 PM »
I nominate Berock Obama as Zimbabwe's next president for life

:( not bad. Having a Nobel Prize winner as Commander in Chief would be quite a feat for Zimbabwe. And he’s already got plenty of experience photoshopping birth certificates getting around the citizenship requirement so the Zimbabwanese Citizenship requirement for president won’t be an issue. Let’s hope Kenya is ok with it.

Random Topics / Re: Sex Pig Harvey Weinstein
« on: November 16, 2017, 12:01:54 PM »
Priceless! Absolutely priceless. The pain the dumbfuck lemmings have been going through for over a year now is just classic. Have fun leftwing losers. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 15, 2017, 11:21:56 PM »
The D-rats are out attacking Trump's Asia trip.  They have some nerve. 

When it was their turn, their foreign policy was a complete shambles.  A failure.  A complete failure.  There is not one single friend or ally our relationship with is better because of anything Obama did.  Not a single trading partner.  In eight years.  He seemed to go out of his way to alienate most of them.  Every enemy we have - Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, ISIS and the Moslem terrorists were on the move and unchecked during his dreadful regime. 

Then the Ds decided to run one of the main archetechs of it - Secretary of State Hilary Clinton - for the big job. 

These people might as well have given North Korea the nuclear bomb (Bill Clinton's shit presidency), and now the same with Iran, and they have the gall to criticize Trump now? 

And where is the fake news media to point all this out?  Oh, right, the fake news part.
God bless those keyidds.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:38:50 PM »
His trip to the Orient was a grand slam. Confirmed by the fake media’s ignorance of it.

Cankles... poor walking skills.
Left, right, flop ...

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:31:32 PM »

The real question is: “in McConnell a demokkkrat?” May as well be. Anti Trump. No repeal. The “largest tax cut in history” that increases taxes. Good job butt head.

It’s time to find real leadership for both houses...

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 15, 2017, 02:07:32 PM »
The man just never stops giving. Amazing that a white supremacist would take time out of his busy schedule to fight for the freedom of 3 shoplifting black Americans. The 45th President of the United States, and liberty warrior, Donald J Trump.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:05:19 AM »
“A dog named “chief””. Who are these racist owners and who are these racist racists reporting this?

This is an offensive offense to the indigenous native peoples.

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:02:28 AM »
Ha. But Democrats normally, and politicians generally, are allowed to "evolve positions," and "change narratives" and "not remember." Though, in cases like her and Billary, the age, mental, and possible drinking issues lend some credibility to "not remembering" what they said years ago or positions firmly taken (formerly.) But, still, good stuff. But this won't change committed minds who consider politics a new religion and people like her their messiah or guru.
In order to figure out what makes the demokkkrats “evolve” just follow the votes. It’s like the old saying, you get more votes by letting illegal aliens in and allowing them to vote illegally, than by closing the border and letting only Americans votes count.

Funny since she and Boxer rode in on bubbas coattails in 92,
Republicans went from having half the votes in CA to having half as many votes as demokkkrays. But those 10 million illegal aliens have nothing to do with it of course.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:56:13 AM »
Forbes released it “30 most influential members of the media under 30”, and of course, they’re a bunch of nobodies with no influence whatsoever. Well, there was one, little hugh Hefner who was handed daddy’s company to run into oblivion.

Mark Dice shares with us who these future media moguls are. Pucker up. 😄😄😄😘

"For 28-year-old Andie, who chooses not to identify as a specific gender (and uses the pronoun they),"

According to the so-called “pro science” left, our sexuality is predetermined at birth, but gender is a choice. God bless those goofy bastards. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The Michael Decon Program
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:04:02 PM »

Ken Shamrock's PR told me they didn't feel suitable, to be on a "Controversial show". Then I was referred to as a "shock jock". Alright? Didn't know this was the 90's.
Damn that’s a shame. Some show no ones heard of canning a guest no ones heard of. And you are?

Ya gotta love the world of amateur night podcasts.

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: November 14, 2017, 01:23:49 PM »

I only listen to Rush / Savage / Levin - that's who I like and they are all on the same station one after another.  I only listen when I'm in the car, and that isn't much during the day becase, you know, work.
Love when Savage talks about restaurants he goes to. Few months ago he was bitching because he couldn’t get an real Prosciutto. Hilarious stuff. I like when he goes into random topics.

Levin is good for more insider legal commentary.

Limbaugh is just funny and uplifting. Always an optimist. And he’s got the media down to a T. He knows and owns the MSM. It’s good stuff.

if you download limbaugh's podcast, the average hour is about 33 minutes long with bumper music/commercials/news cut out.  is there any question as to why terrestrial radio is dying?
His format is pretty standard of political talk radio. Show starts at :07 after. 1st break around :21. Then back around :26. Break at :30. Back on at :34. Break at :46. From here you can leave. The last 10 minutes incorporate some story of identity theft that’s actually a commercial for life lock.

It’s actually genius. He’s constantly changing things up, how he slides live commercials into his show. And the rest follow in his foot steps. He is a radio genius.

I listen to various FF podcasts during Limbaugh. Pretty much catch the opening monologue of each hour, switch to FF podcast from :23-34. Then from :46-07. I respect the need to advertise, and they can respect my need to not listen to it.

Coast to coast is worse. They slide the :20s ad slot in around :10. And that’s when the show starts at :07.

Limbaugh will change it up again. He constantly does. Forces locals to move their boring worthless “news breaks” which I can’t stand. I’d rather listen to commercials then locals read leftwing news headlines. It’s entertaining to see how it constantly changes to stay ahead.

Random Topics / Re: You're all a bunch of kooks!
« on: November 13, 2017, 05:07:53 PM »

Flubs and Antardes finest moment. 😄😄😄

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 13, 2017, 03:20:44 PM »
Realistically ..... will Trump run or win a second term ?
Has the U.S.A. ever been this politically polarized ?

Yes. Obama: “screw you John McCain, elections have consequences”.
Yes W: Blamed for a hurricane. Blamed for making up Iraq’s WMDs when they had been confirmed for 40 years by a helluva a lot more national security agencies than 17. “Bush lied people died”. Etc...
Yes Bill Clinton: Bubba
Yes George HW Bush - “the Iraq war will kill 500,000 us troops” Barbara Boxer
Yes Ronald Reagan - “aids was his fault. He wants ww3” etc....

The most and only time the country has been unified since Jimmy Carter: (and that was because the country was unified against Jimmy Carter) was for a few weeks after 911 when everyone, and I mean everyone, had flags on their cars etc...but we knew it wouldn’t last. A few weeks later demokkkrat memos were leaked that talked about W’s 90% popularity, and they better do something about it. A month later the longshoreman leftwing Union at the port of Los Angeles went in strike, shutting down the largest port on the west coast and bringing the economy to a halt on purpose for several weeks gong into Christmas.

It’s neat when you live through reality and make mental notes of demokkkrat shenanigans so you can know when they try to rewrite history with their lies.

Nothing Trump could do would bring the left out of their psychotic breakdown. If unification is so important they can call off the fantasy collusion investigation, walk across the isle, and work with Trump and Republicans to MAGA. They lost, and elections have consequences. Right?!

"Earlier today, I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces. Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors." Bill Clinton - 1998

The guy who collected, cleaned up, and digitized the Van Halen ZERO album caused Van Halen to do one last tour! You might convince Art to do some new shows by doing this. You'd be a legend!

Art might even give you some of the shows from 87-90 when he was just a local broadcaster!
Stumbled across that a few years ago. Great stuff!

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:31:19 PM »
Romney and Bush weren't ''too young'', their world views were wrong.  Not as wrong as, say, Obama's, but wrong. 

Domestically, it's about vision and principles, not age.  In foreign policy it's about national interests. diplomacy, and when to use force - some of that comes with experience, but not all of it.

”Presidential” is about presence, personality, gravitas. W was too young. Romney was too whimpy. Clinton was too bubba. Obama was too amateur. HW lacked charisma. Carter was a joke. Nixon was too Nixon.

Reagan’s age and experience gave the country the feeling he’d take care of things. And he did. He put America first. He stood up to our enemies. He restablished our presence in the world as the superpower. And got the economy back on track by putting money back in the hands of the people through lower taxes and lower interest rates.

The main reason he was able to get these things implemented is because he’d been anti communist/liberal/progressive for 30 years. So selling his beliefs for him was easy. He wasn’t selling a message given to him by his “handlers”. He was an outsider. The northeastern establishment hated him. In these last few areas he and Trump have a lot in common. If Reagan were alive today he’d respect Trump for taking on the leftwing establishment, and have a good laugh at how he is plays them like puppets.

If he were alive today Reagan would be appalled at how often the republicans go after their own. 11th commandment.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:23:57 PM »
Very few seem presidential, until they actually get elected.
The only “presidential” president we’ve had in our lifetimes...Ronald Reagan. Romney had potential, but he’s still a bit young. The dems have been a joke. W was way to young. And that’s that.

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts - Citizen of the year!
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:18:17 PM »
GQ announced their highly anticipated “citizen of the year”!

So this brings up the question, who will Time magazine’s man of the year be?

Who it should be:

No ones had a bigger impact on our country, especially the psychotic left, than Vladimir J Putin. After all, he put Trump in the White House.

Runner up of who it should be:

Who’s had a bigger impact on the country this year than The 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump.

Who It will be:

Because Time is leftwing and is still praying something might come of the collusion fantasy, they will do their best to keep it in the news by choosing Robert Mueller. An unimaginable selection, typical of the left’s choice of man of the year.

Runner up of who it will be:

In a predictable attempt to associate the overwhelming amount of harassment, rape, pedophilia done by the Hollywood & Demokkkrat left, Time will choose the “the white man” to try to label all white men as the evil culprits behind the unwanted sexual advances. The photo will of course have a bunch of beer drinking Trump voters as though theyre the disgusting leftwing scumbags who’ve been destroying lives with their sexual advances for decades.

It’s a tough choice, the last 2 could come down to the wire. The deciding factor will be, which cover advances the agenda more.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:52:28 AM »
I obviously don't believe that.  Convince me

No thanks. Convince me they would’ve inspired the same support as Trump. They won’t even fight to overturn Obatardcare. You think they would’ve fought to beat Hillary? It would’ve been the same ol same ol Republican establishment reach across the isle while the depnokkkrats nail them in the keister.

Curious what you think about the new tax turd. It’s an establishment special. Funny seeing the mindless lemmings here gloat over the fact it raises taxes. They should be loving it but we already know they’re too stupid to think for themselves. There’s still hope for you, but it is diminishing. Your answer here could be important, choose wisely.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:26:52 AM »
McCain and Romney lost because they ran shitty campaigns overall, and because they didn't run on conservative principles.  Which made sense because they are not conservatives.  You have no way of knowing how anyone who didn't run would have campaigned. 

The pollsters who said none of these people could win, were the same pollsters who also said Trump couldn't win.

The fake argument has gone something like this:

- Only ''moderates'' (like McCain and Romney) can win the general election
- All Rs in DC are the same - a bunch of McCain and Romney-like Rinos
- Because the ''moderate'' Rinos keep losing elections, and because all the DC Rs are the same, we need to choose Donald Trump in 2016 - ''only he can win''

None of this was ever actually true.  Trump won because he ran on a conservative platform.  I believe the other conservatives would have run stronger than Trump had they also run on immigration, border control, and Obamacare repeal, and there is no reason to believe they wouldn't have.  And they certainly would be running a more competent White House now.

The sad fact is the Electoral College has turned against any Republican.  Florida is now going from a tossup state to a blue state with the Puerto Ricans moving there after the hurricane.  As awful of a candidate as Hilary was, she won the popular vote and would have won Michigan and Wisconsin, and probably Pennsylvania if she had campaigned there, which would have given her the Electoral votes needed to win. 

Trump was no wildly popular candidate.  2016 will go down as a year of lousy choices.  There was no great groundswell for Trump, a core of drones, and a bunch of people voting against Hilary.  Since the election he's gone out of his way to alienate everyone not part of his 20% of the country core group.  How do you think that plays out in the 2018 by-year elections?  The 2020 elections if the Ds run someone who's not detestable, corrupt, or insane? 

Trump isn't saving the only alternative to the ''progressives'', he's destroying them
They would’ve lost to the Hillary machine.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:41:04 AM »
I assume this is a response to ''He should never have attacked his primary opponents, lied about them, smeared them, distorted their records.  These are now permanent enemies, and rightly so.''

Following are his primary opponents (cut/pasted from Wiki).  Please tell which ones are ''crony criminals who've been gaming the system for decades and pissing in the face of their constituents'', because I don't see a single one who particularly fits that description.  In fact all but Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson would certainly have run a more competent White House than Donald Trump, and those two would have at least been more dignified and less embarassing.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas
former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida
retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson of Florida
Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey
businesswoman Carly Fiorina of Virginia
former Governor Jim Gilmore of Virginia
Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
outgoing Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana
Governor John Kasich of Ohio
former Governor George Pataki of New York
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky
former Governor Rick Perry of Texas
Senator Marco Rubio of Florida
former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin

If you meant McConnell, McCain, some of the other Senators, and the House leadership, yeah maybe - but the choice is providing leadership and getting the agenda passed, or doing what he's doing and ending up with a failed presidency and a permanent Democrat majority.
These people would have run with their dick between their legs as soon as the DNC/Media unleashed the tsunami of bs when they became the nominee. Just like Mccain and Romney did. They’re all the same. That’s why they lost and why Trump won. The country didn’t need, and didn’t wasn’t another worthless pussy in the White House. Just finished 8 years of that.

Your hatred of Trump has made you sound naive.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:22:47 PM »
That's right.  But we can bite off some big chunks in four years. 

The first year is the most important, the time to get things done.  Year Two is off year primaries and positioning.  And not taking risks.  Year Three is a good year to pass legislation as well, but the party holding the Presidency tends to lose seats in the off year election and the Senate is already a problem.  The way things look to me, there is a very good chance both houses are lost in 2018.  Year Four is an election year and no legislation of substance gets passed.

Well, that important First Year is gone, and no useful legislation was passed.  Nothing.  Not ObamaCare repeal (?!?).  Not immigration.  Not border control.  Not worthwhile tax reform.  Not downsizing the budget.  Nothing.

And if you think the Ds are going to hold what they have, at best, you aren't reading the tea leaves correctly.

I'm tired of hearing about Hilary.  That's right, she would of sucked, and the present situation, no matter how poorly it's being done, is better than that.  But that's not good enough.  Not by a long shot. 

And frankly, all this was predictable and predicted.  Trump's a blustering blowhard with zero substance - that didn't change just because he won an election
Obviously there are issues but the Republicans are more to blame than Trump. The rinos who’ve held up addressing the disaster that is Obamacare. And now the joke of a tax plan they’ve put together that is a big nothing burger.

Lowering the corporate rate is obviously good thing. It will stimulate the economy and create jobs. Increasing personal income taxes to make up for it defeats the whole purpose. Then trying to hide the increases in the shell game they’re playing is an insult.

Plus it paves the way for Demokkkrats to easily reraise the corporate rate if they’re ever to move from being worthless shitbags and get back in power. Because we all know that’s the first thing they’ll do if they acquire a majority.

As for what the Demokkkrats and their lemmings have to offer now, it’s comparable to the evidence of Trump/Russia collusion (jack squat) minus this great video on evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.

Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« on: November 12, 2017, 02:25:48 PM »
Swamp drained, ObamaCare repealed, much of the federal government reorganized and eliminated, the federal judiciary miscreants replaced with judges who follow the law, tax code reformed, border controlled, vetting in place to deny non-pro-western Muslims entry, large majorities of Americans rejecting ''progressive'' Democrats and soundly defeating them in off year elections, media flat on it's back, disgraced and discouraged, and the same for leftist professors and institutions.

Did I miss all that?
Gonna need a 50 year plan to reverse the last 70 years of communist takeover of our education and media industries. Trump has been in 9 months, 18 of of which he’s been dealing with illegal wiretaps and corrupt investigations. How would things be going if Hillary had won? Or any of the other Republican establishment candidates who are afraid of their own shadow. The Demokkkrats are a laughing stock right now, no matter how many irrelevent district seats they keep. Not gain, keep.

Next year they have the vast majority of seats in Congress/Senate up for re-election. They have to run the table just to stay even. And let me tell you something my friend, I know that table, it’s a good friend of mine, they’re not going to run that table.


Politics / Re: Hillary Clinton
« on: November 12, 2017, 09:41:15 AM »
The e-mails were on every HOP and TOC they went through the moment she hit the Send button. You can't scrub an e-mail off a server. They are on every server it went through (many in foreign nations hostile to US intervention). The Laptop is an icon, nothing else. Stupid bitch didn't understand how e-mail worked and hung herself out to dry with her own stupidity (a lot of guys in Benghazi too). With her now having no chance of winning another election or having any influence again, and owing the Saudi's Billions, she's is just one DEAD BITCH! I don't give a damn who you are! You lose 2 Billion of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, and you're not going to walk away from that. She will count herself lucky if they don't kill Chelsea, or her grandchild in an "accidental something."

"Here is a pill. I'm going to walk out that door and you're going to swallow it in one hour Hillary. If you don't, we will erase your DNA from this planet forever. Good Day Madam."


Hillary’s bath time.

Random Topics / Re: Crappy fast food guilty pleasure.
« on: November 11, 2017, 07:34:46 PM »
You wanna see something really scary?

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